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Found 2 results

  1. Can a leader or henchman save against the sorrows ability or is it unsalable damage?
  2. Hey everybody, I have a question about the specific timings of abilities when they are nested within an Obey command. The Actions Causing Actions box (p. 38) states that "The original Action is not considered resolved until the new Actions are also resolved." This lead me to three questions: 1. If I use Obey on a model with Finish the Job, do I place the marker from that Ability if the target dies as a result of that action? For instance, Zoraida obeys a death Marshall to hit Bishop, cheats down the attack, triggers Bishop's Df trigger which kills the Death Marshall. Finish the Job then activates... who gets that scheme marker? The Placing Scheme Markers box (p. 39) states that "This Scheme Marker is always considered friendly to the crew of the model that placed it, regardless of who controlled the Interact Action." but only mentions (1) Interact Actions, so I would there assume that the marker would always belong to the model with Finish the Job. Obviously(?!?!) 2. Let's say I use Obey on an enemy model, and order them to Attack Brewmaster. I then Soulstone & Cheat the result such that his Df Trigger occurs. That trigger states that "After an Attack Action fails against this model, the Attacker's controller places the Attacking model anywhere in its deployment zone.". Would I, as the current "Attacker's controller", then place that enemy model in its' deployment zone? This is clearly worded, and since Obey isn't resolved until the new Actions are also resolved I would assume that you would resolve the trigger as part of the Action. I also double checked to see whether Triggers are always considered part of the Action according to the rules and FAQ. Plainly put: DO I GET PLACE TO THEIR MODEL INTO A DITCH, ON TOP OF A BUILDING, IN A TREE, AT THE FAR CORNER... AND THAT'S IN THE RULES? 3. Finally, regarding the proper timing of certain Ability types without a specified timing on the card. The Ability on Governor's Proxy states simply that "A model that kills this model with an Attack Action must succeed on a Wp 13 duel or be killed.". Now does this mean that if I Obey something to Attack and kill the Governor's Proxy, do I resolve that Governor's Proxy Ability as the Obeying player, as it is happening within the Obey Action? The FAQ (Q.15, 2) mentions timings, and states that "when the model is killed, which would be during Step 5 of the duel process (Determine Success, Core Rulebook pg. 33)". Since Step 5 is still a part of the Action, Obey will not yet resolve since "The original Action is not considered resolved until the new Actions are also resolved." meaning that you get to automatically kill a model with that 'orribly slow Governor's Proxy? Thank you for your feedback! Sorry this was so long and dense, I've had a lot of conversations in my local scene about this stuff and there is no consensus.
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