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Found 5 results

  1. Hi guys, it's me again, your friendly/frozen solid northern (proper North, not that just above London north) henchman here! I cordially invite you to try A Scottish Som'er. As it's such a rare event places are limited to 16, so please be quick. Som'er is in ABZ Games in Aberdeen Market on Saturday 20th May at 1000 (truly a one-day event as it is every year). It is a fixed faction event with a twist: Game 1 is 40ss, Game 2 is 45ss and Game 3 is 50ss. We will have prizes, fun and goodie bags, with a £10 entry fee. I will post up the Schemes and Strategies nearer the time and whip Kit into making me tickets, but PM me here or on Facebook if interested. 1. Ben Cairns 2. Sean Watts 3. Joe Taylor 4. Jonny West 5. Victoria West 6. Gareth Henry 7. Paul Campbell 8. Ian Lacey 9. Michael Arnott 10. Ross McGinnes 11. Collomn Pollon 12. Stew Allen 13. Martyn Nicol 14. Justin Matters 15. 16.
  2. Greetings one and all (even Gremlins). This is the post for the next tournament in Aberdeen. It will be held on Saturday 21st January 2017 at ABZ Games in the Aberdeen Market (same place as last time). Entry will be £5, and tickets will be available from ABZ Games website in the near future (http://abzgames.co.uk). It will run from 10-4.30 and there will be a light lunch provided. There will be prizes for 1st place, best painted and maybe more, as well as a draw that everyone gets entered into for random prizes, as well as the possibility of spot prizes. If all goes to plan then there will be a small goody bag each as well. That's the logistics out of the way, onto what counts. It is three rounds, 50 Soulstones per round and fixed MASTER. Game 1: 1030-1200 Game 2: 1230-1400 Game 3: 1430-1600 This leaves a little room for flexibility for late arrivals, slight overruns etc. It should also ensure that there isn't the same mad rush to get out like there was last time. If you are interested then drop me a PM (or Facebook me) and I'll add your name to the list. As soon as the tickets are live then I will update here and the various Facebook groups. Can I ask that anyone who is in a 'group/team/gaggle' together can you add that detail to your account here so that when I use the random generator to create the rounds then you won't play your mates (ask the guys in Two Guys One Paintpot(?) how to if you don't know). Folk from Aberdeen should list themselves as ABZ or TGR (debate it on Facebook!). Anything I miss will be edited onto here when I realise! 1. Ben Cairns 2. Stewart Herbert 3. Sean Watts 4. Stephen Bowden 5. Lewis Nisbet 6. Brendan Nisbet 7. Ewan Smart 8. Paul Campbell 9. Gareth Henry 10. Joe Taylor 11. V West 12. Jonny West 13. Callum Palin 14. David Gerrard 15. Ali Ferguson 16. Steve McVicar 17. Callum Sinclair 18. Jonathan McKeown
  3. So guys, in order to properly mark the tragic and untimely passing of the Governor-General, your friendly neighbourhood Guild Officer has decided to host a tournament. Places are limited, after all he was a private man, so tickets must be purchased ahead of time from ABZ Games: http://abzgames.co.uk/collections/events (they will go up in the next day or two). The details: Date: 17th September 2016 Location: ABZ Games (their shiny new store), Aberdeen Market, Market Street, Aberdeen Time: 0930 registration, 0950 start. Finishes at 1630. Cost: £5, tickets are paid via the above link. The day: Currently we are looking at 16 places, I will put a list here. This may rise to 20, space permitting, but that will depend on demand. I . It is a 50 Soul Stone tournament, fixed Faction. Painting is not mandatory, but preferred and there will be prizes for first, best painted, and hopefully a raffle. There may be a wooden spoon award (literally) and possibly extra prizes to boot. Wave Four crews and models can be used: if it is a 'proxy' (ie Allison Dade) then it must be an appropriate model, as per the normal Wyrd rules. your place in the tournament will be inputted into the rankings as it is an official Wyrd tournament. The schedule is: 0930-0950 (registration) 0950-1150 Game 1 1200-1400 Game 2 1430-1630 Game 3 1630-1645 Awards etc I will generate the schemes and strategies ahead of time and reveal them on the day. I will be the ringer to prevent any issues of odd numbers etc. If you can help with scenery then let me know please! I will answer any questions that I can, either here or on the Scottish Society of Malifools. Players: 1. Paul Campbell 2. Joe Taylor 3. Gareth Henry 4. Ben Cairns 5. Jonny West 6. Ewan Smart 7. Kai Young 8. Steve McVicar 9. Jamie Clark 10. David Laing 11. Brendan Nesbitt 12. Liam Watt 13. Curtis Slachmuylders 14. Stewart Hebert 15. Michael Rapley 16. Lewis Nesbitt 17. Ali Ferguson 18. Stuart Downie 19. Martyn Nicol 20. Mark Watson
  4. On Saturday, March 5th, I'll be running a 4 round 16 player Gaining Grounds Tournament and a 16 Player Henchman Hardcore Tournament at the Games and Dice Convention (Gadcon) held annually in Aberdeen, MD. This is the first year that Malifaux will appear there, and I'm excited to help bring the Wyrd-ness to the con! Gadcon's website is here: http://jestergamesmd.com/ Registration for the Con is required to attend, but both events take place on Saturday, so you can attend on a one day pass if need be. There will be an option for each event to be purchased ala carte, but there will be a reduced price for purchasing both. Registration for the Malifaux events are not yet active, but I will post once that option is available. Space is limited, and once spots are sold out, there will be no more! Prize support will be provided by Wyrd and by Bel Air Games, an excellent store for those in the Bel Air/Baltimore area! I highly recommend a visit!
  5. Hi folks, is there a Malifaux scene in Aberdeen? I head over for work occasionally and thought I could combine with a bit of Malifaux. thanks
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