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Found 3 results

  1. Hi guys Forgive me for my ignorance but at the last event I was at this situation came up Vik of Ash got pulled into combat with Lilith a mature Neph and a young Neph I have 2 wounds left and spend a soulstone to get a and proceed to attack the mature getting the Whirlwind trigger off I take a wound for black blood and choose to attack the young next as part of the trigger would I be killed off before i get to attack Lilith or would i resolve the effects of the trigger first thanks for looking at this the TO ruled in my favour but i just wanted to make sure that i didnt do over my opponent
  2. Viktoria has been hired by The Man to oppress the workers and has proceeded to poking them with her swords. She is in base to base contact with Kang and Rail worker 1, Rail worker 2 is standing close behind Kang in range of Viktoria but not in LoS because of Kang's 40 mm base. Viktoria attacks RW1 and gets the Whirlwind trigger and attacks Kang, killing him. Can she now make a Whirlwind attack on RW2? I.e. do you: A: make a list of everyone to attack when Whirlwind goes off. B: make one attack at a time until there are no more targets you haven't already attacked, checking legality before each one. Edit: For reference Whirlwind: After damaging, take this Attack Action against every enemy model in range except the target. These Actions may not declare Triggers.
  3. Did we play this correctly; Vicky activates and is in melee range of the Dreamer and a DayDream. Her first strike kills the Daydream and triggers Whirlwind. The Daydream, before being removed from the board, gets to place a buried nightmare in base contact. I then unbury LCB and bury the Dreamer so Vicky doesnt attack him at some point (with more Whirlwind.) My question was this; if the Vicky was not in range of the Dreamer, and her trigger kills a Daydream, does the trigger not take place because there was no remaining model to attack - or is the timing of the Daydream killed/unburing a nightmare such that the trigger waits for a new model to be placed and for her to attack that with the trigger?
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