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Found 2 results

  1. So I've been looking at Master Queeg and Sanctioned Spellcasters am just not seeing why to use them. I went onto PullMyFinger and a lot of the Wave 3 models are just not in that much play it seems. I understand that Master Queeg is a bit of a Lucius knock off with his Put the Fear In 'em ability, but aside from that I don't understand what he brings to a crew. Which models benefit from his extra 0 actions? I can see the combo of using "Welcome to Hell, and I am Your Devil" and then walking next to a minion to 0 interact. Sactioned Spellcasters, I see mainly using in McCabe's or Lucius's crew, but again I don't know how they would work in a crew. If they were Cg 7 I could see pairing them with Mounted Guard for a quick Soulburst bomb, but without that they are late activation models with low ss cost and wound count. What am I missing?
  2. I know most people don't have the beta files and that things may have changed since the beta to release, but anyway the question. Gluttony can give out this condition: "Mad With Hunger: Whenever a Scheme Marker is placed within 6" and LoS of this model, push this model into base contact with the Marker, then discard it and this model suffers 2 damage. End this Condition after this model removes 2 Markers in this way." Let's say a marker is placed in 6" and LOS but the push gets stopped before hitting base contact with the marker does he still remove it? My instinct is yes because there is no verbiage to suggest that he has to actually reach base contact, but I was interested in what other people thought.
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