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Found 10 results

  1. I'm looking to buy : - Peacekeeper (Guild) - Valedictorian (Ressurectionists) or the box "University of transmortis" - Killjoy (Outcast) - Stongarm Suit (Outcast) - Vanessa (Outcast) - Sue (Outcast) - Malifaux Child (Outcast) - Hodgepodge Effigy (Outcast) - Hodgepodge Emissary (Outcast) - Terracotta Warrior (10T) - Obsidian Statue (10T) - Scion of the void (Outcast) Preferably plastic assembled and painted.
  2. So I received my Vanessa box today, and I noticed something (other than my swearing once I got to the hand and ponytail). Her (1) Ancestral Blade is 2, but it's tiny! The ronins' daitos are bigger than that wee thing. Guess the sculptor and writers didn't talk that through, eh?
  3. I often hear people swearing by Howling Wolf Tattoo (and putting it on Vanessa), but I haven't really figured out how to use this one. The few times I have taken it I haven't used it, so I don't even take it anymore. Giving somebody 'Sister' just seems highly situational. It can give melee expert to a beatstick, but that's just exchanging 1AP for another, so highly situational. Aside from that, having the sister buffs on such a beatstick can certainly boost the damage anywhere on the board, but to take advantage of that I'd have to activate the Viks early in the turn which I usually don't want to do unless they're about to get smashed. So all I can see is that it looks highly situational, and being so I can't see that it's worth the SS cost and upgrade slot. I know there's something about not discarding a card to flurry, but given I'd just discard a low card anyway I'm not sure how useful this one is either... So, what am I missing? How is everybody using this one?
  4. I just got my 'Nessa, started gluing her together, and can't find no ponytail on the sprue... The picture on the back of the box shows a ponytail. Is it just missing from my box? Or did I already lose it? I don't see a spot for it on the sprue. And the Wyrd blueprint page don't show it either.... And how does this hand go on?!
  5. So I have two questions regarding Vanessa's Command Construct ability. Namely, is the "(1) Action" she can force the target to take limited to the 1 AP Actions on the back of the target's card? Or does this apply to any action the target can take that costs only 1 AP (e.g., have the target walk or take an interact action)? Secondly, can she use it to make Lazarus' use Assimilate? I'd assume that since it's a 0 action you can't take it, but I was wondering if there's any errata on this that makes it a little more clear.
  6. So I recently picked up some new Outcast models, namely the M2E versions of Vanessa, Lazarus and Killjoy. The models themselves look fine but a few things seem off. For one, the plastics look a lot darker than the other plastic kits I have; I also thought it was a little odd that Vanessa came with one of the old slotted bases. The real oddity is in the cards. Vanessa's card looks blurrier than the others and she has blonde hair in the artwork when she's clearly a brunette on the box. Killjoy's card is also clearly made of a different stock from the others and the color contrast is super dark; it literally looks more "Ten Thunders Orange" than "Outcast Gold." I was wondering if anyone else who picked up these models has noticed a similar problem. Is this just the way they are or is this a quality control hiccup?
  7. Hi such question that I dont know the answer. Can model make a healing flip when has maximum amount of wounds? This is pretty important for Viktoria and Vanessa players. Their skills says: "Fates Entwined: Whenever this model makes a healing flip, all other friendly Sister models in play may heal the flipped amount." This Fates Entwined rule pretty clear, but can or cannot the model make a heling flip when is not harm?
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