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  1. Hey, My next event will be MARCHing up the Rankings, this event will be submitted for rankings to count towards the Malifaux World Series. It will be a 50ss fixed faction singles event using the iron scorpius format, (titles and non titles will count as the same master), this event will be hosted on the vassal lfg server which can be found here, https://discord.gg/QSApfr3ZMY, pairing for the tournament will be done via Swiss pairing and will be on bag o tools. if you would like to take part the sign up sheet can be found here, https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1rPE2nRoDs6OhOMValPEhcJdrQNNXzl0Ge1tZIHtR4GY/edit?usp=sharing_eip_dm&ts=61f45e81 The player pack can be be found here, https://docs.google.com/document/d/1il2cbVttAIQeahPROoF7JMxyjiDjEY1Q/edit?usp=drivesdk&ouid=109867526342766832778&rtpof=true&sd=true With terrain definitions available here, https://drive.google.com/file/d/1k9_Tt7Yp6vhH9hfz8qiKu-a8jmkI0Zsd/view?usp=drivesdk Sign ups close on Feb 27th at 23.59.59pm GMT. If you have any questions please drop them below
  2. I’m new to attempting to play Malifaux on Vassal. I have the program on my PC and have the Malifaux add-on already installed, although I may need to update it. When I get ready to sit down to play, I have no clue what to do. How does one set up strays and schemes? How does one go about hiring the crew? Any assistance one can provide would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I'm creating this thread to do a follow up of all the games and stats of the first Vassal World Cup, organized with a lot of effort by @dannydb! Thanks again buddy! I've been collected a lot of data and I hope to put everything properly structured here. So this post will have tons of changes in the following weeks. My idea is to collect also the lists played, so if you participated, please reach out to me by PM Context The Vassal World Cup 2020 is a team event run by @dannydb and designed to put together teams from different countries to play against each other and become the champions of the first Vassal World Cup. For those that don't know it, Vassal is a software that allows to play a long list of wargames online, between them, Malifaux (there is a subforum dedicated to it just here, so if you want to know more, pay it a visit ). Introduction (copy-paste from the player pack) The idea behind the Vassal World Cup is to showcase high level Malifaux play from various metas from around the world. Quite often a player might be at the top of their local meta or even a regional/national meta but will not be able to compete against players from other regions and nations. It is the aim of the Vassal World Cup aim to allow that. Other competitions I won’t limit the number of players in order to give opportunity to all level of players to play outside their meta however the Vassal World Cup I hope will be a showcase of high level play with the best players across the battling each other. I do recognise as well that Malifaux is a community and which is why I’ve chosen to run this as a team event to encourage players who may be competing against each other normally to work together in teams to battle others in other areas. While I’m aware that vassal is currently seeing an influx of use due to the corona virus limiting opportunities to play Malifaux I’m hoping that events like the Vassal World Cup will continue to run in coming years beyond the virus and it receives the same level of support it has so far once we have got though this difficult time. Schedule Round 1: 6th July - 19th July Group phase, round 1 Map: Desolate Wasteland Deployment: Flank Strategy: Public Enemies Schemes: Leave Your Mark Breakthrough Vendetta Runic Binding Assassinate Round 2: 20th July - 2nd August Group phase, round 2 Map: Crumbled Temple Deployment: Standard Strategy: Corrupted Leylines Schemes: Sabotage Take Prisoner Hidden Martyrs Spread Them Out Claim Jump Round 3: 3rd August - 16th August Group phase, round 3 Map: Welcome to the jungle Deployment: Wedge Strategy: Symbols of Authority Schemes: Catch and Release Let Them Bleed Research Mission Leave your Mark Sabotage Round 4: 17th August - 30th August Quarterfinals Map: Water works Deployment: Corner Strategy: Recover Evidence Schemes: Breakthrough Claim Jump Catch and Release Spread Them Out Leave Your Mark Round 5: 31st August - 13th September Semifinals Map: Lava lakes Deployment: Standard Strategy: Public Enemies Schemes: Assassinate Runic Binding Take Prisoner Research Mission Let Them Bleed Round 6: 14th September - 27th September Final Map: Misty hills Deployment: Flank Strategy: Corrupted Leylines Schemes: Breakthrough Vendetta Assassinate Claim Jump Hidden Martyrs List of participants Group structure Players per faction
  4. Given that there are a lot of people stuck at home. Is there an Official Vassal Module for The Other Side? Similar to the Malifaux one?
  5. Hi all Starting in February next year I'll be running the malifaux vassal league! This is a fixed faction, single master event. This is an event that players from your time zone will be playing each other till we have champions of each region. Then the top players from each region will fight it out for the chance to become Malifaux Vassal League World champion 2020 In addition I'm providing prize support for UK players. So an extra incentive to take part If you want more information please post below. If you want to take part please let me know your name, country and time zone and faction before January 31 Thanks and good luck in advance Dan b For more info please message me or join the malifaux vassal players on FB
  6. Hi, typed this up for someone on AWP but thought I'd post it in here too for those who aren't blessed with the gift of social media: This is (hopefully) pretty in depth but I'm not a real tech person and most of this came from trawling through websites and trial and error. I highly recommend getting a seperate mouse if you don't have one already. If anyone has any issues I'll try my best to help. Step 1 Download these three things: Crossover from the google play store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details… Vassal for windows: http://sourceforge.net/projects/vassalengine/files/VASSAL-current/VASSAL-3.2.17/VASSAL-3.2.17-windows.exe/download latest malifaux module: http://www.vassalengine.org/mediawiki/images/f/fb/M3E-Malifaux-v1e.vmod Step 2 Run the crossover app. Type "Vassal" in the search box, if nothing comes up then click on "install unlisted application". Select "installer" then select the vassal file. Follow the setup wizard but select "custom installation" when prompted and un-tick the "install a Java runtime environment" when it pops up. You won't be able to run vassal yet so go back to the main crossover screen. Step 3 Select vassal then there should be a settings (cog) button up in the top right somewhere. Select "install component" off the list then type "java" into the search box and select "Java 6" to install it. Follow the installer (pretty much just click next when prompted every time) but you don't need to run it when it's finished. Step 4 if all's gone well you should now be able to Launch Vassal!! Click "jump right in" if prompted. You'll need to open the malifaux module so select "file", then "open module" from the top menu. The malifaux module should be in "my computer" on the "y" drive, depends where you've got your downloads set to go really. Once you've found it, open it and you should be ready to go (after a couple of minutes while it installs)! Set up a user name & password and hit up someone on the discord for an intro game. I'm on UK time and am still working (even with lockdown) at the moment but there are loads of lovely people out there that'll walk you through your 1st game. The Chromebook screen is quite small so you'll need to mess arount with the zoom settings to get a layout that suits you but that's about it really> Like I said I'm no tech guy so I'll try my best to help anyone with issues but hopefully this should work. Best of luck and enjoy your malifaux fix, can't wait for the world to get back to normal and get toys back on the tabletop again!
  7. Talthar


    Can you attach upgrades in Vassal, and if so, how?
  8. The vassal mod hasn't been touched in a while, but I just wanted to throw out there that Barbaros base is incorrect. He's on a 30mm base and he's meant to be on a 40mm base. I can use the young nephilim's instead and just rely on the card for wounds, but just thought I'd throw this out there. Anyway, in case anyone is still looking at this stuff.
  9. Folks, I am pleased to announce the next tournament being held over at Thursday Night Malifaux Vassal facebook page ( https://www.facebook.com/groups/637935226371375/?ref=bookmarks ). This will be a 5 round, 50ss, fixed faction with a limited, growing, pool. Round 1 will be Wave 1 models and upgrades only. Round 2 Wave 1 and 2 models and upgrades. All the way up to round 5 which will be all available models and upgrades (including Broken Promises). Each round will last 2 weeks with you being able to play any time within that time period (not just Thursday despite the name of the group). This will mean the tournament will end 1 week before the UK national (18th and 19th November). If you're interested pop over to the facebook page (linked above) and sign up. It is a closed group, but only to stop advertisers etc. The rules pack can be located here ( https://www.dropbox.com/s/gz89fnc348kmbb7/Wave Builder Tournament.pdf?dl=0 ) Looking forward to seeing you all soon. Sean
  10. Using Malifaux's Vassal program and own personal experience I have compiled an excel document that lists all base sizes for all the miniatures so far. Each page is its own faction and it's sorted by size then rank. Hopefully, this will help those in the future? It was kind of a personal project but I was told it might help others. Please let me know if: I'm missing a character A base size is incorrect The number of characters is incorrect There are alternates Anything that needs to be fixed really I want to make this as accurate as possible. Malifaux Models.xlsx Thanks to Amdor for corrections.
  11. Hello, a friend of mine and I will start our Malifaux carriers on Vassal around christmas. We are for the next 12 month literally half a world appart and therefore we will play on Vassal. After watching a fiew introduction videos and playing around with the module, the technical side seems easy enough. Well done and thanks to everyone who contributed to that project. However, we really are beginners. Which map(s), strategies, schemes and size of crew would you recommend for us to start with on Vassal? Or what should we avoid for the time being? We're fine. I didnt expect it do be so easy.
  12. Had my first game with Parker tonight vs Gremlin Zoraida via Vassal. Deployment: Standard Strategy: Headhunter Schemes: Show Of Force Leave Your Mark Public Demonstration Set Up Convict Labor (Always) My List: (Took Leave Your Mark & Set Up-Fingers) Parker -- 4ss +Oath Keeper - 1ss +Scout the Field - 1ss +Tally Sheet - 1ss Doc Mitchell - 3ss Mad Dog Brackett - 9ss +Lucky Poncho - 1ss Hodgepodge Effigy - 4ss Hodgepodge Emissary - 10ss +Conflux Of Conflict - 0ss Ronin - 6ss Ronin - 6ss Sue - 8ss Gremlins: (Took Show of Force & Convict Labor) Zoraida -- 5ss +Hex Bag - 1ss Fingers - 10ss +Hide In The Mud - 1ss Survivor - 5ss Survivor - 5ss Survivor - 5ss Merris LaCroix - 6ss +Hide In The Mud - 1ss Sammy LaCroix - 7ss +Crystal Ball - 2ss +Hide In The Mud - 1ss Slop Hauler - 5ss Caveats (and excuses ) - I knew going in that I was playing Head Hunter and that all my ranged attacks would work against me, but didn't really care as I wanted to try out the crew anyway. I screwed up quite a few things, mainly in the way of forgetting draw card auras, gain soul stone on discarding an upgrade once, etc, but it's a learning experience. Reasons for crew selection: I only took 1/2 a bandit crew (Parker, Doc, Mad Dog) to ease my learning process as I knew I would make initial mistakes and already had all of Parkers upgrades to potentially worry with. The other 1/2 of the crew was just a test for Soul Stone/Card draw gain with models I knew functioned well. Ronin could self-sac to deny heads and gain me cards/ss. effigy could 0AP to buff Parker for SS gain and provide soft cover. Emissary could help boost my own scheme drops if needed, or feign Convict Labor as well as cast at range to ignore cover and pass out trinkets to make my models more effective (like regen on Sue and Companion on Doc). He could also 0AP to allow a mid turn card draw for the cost of 1SS. Sue could allow more card draw, and do his usual tool box tricks and anti-cast auras as needed (which helped vs Zoraida & Sammy immensely). I chose the upgrades on Parker that I did as I could burn 2 of them (for SS gain and use) while replacing them with his 0AP Five Finger Discount during the turns. I knew going in I was basically forfeiting Show of Force though with my lack of adequate upgrades, but as I had not taken Set Up once since it came out I said screw it. That, and I purposely chose Fingers as he can heal, change my markers to his (not a big deal for Parker to turn them back), and has a Chatty aura, so figured he would be around long enough and that my opponent wouldn't see it coming...and I was right on that. Match - The game ended a 6-6 tie that we called on Turn 5 as we were both tired and it was a fun game overall, so I was happy to end it there. Could have gone either way had we had more turns though. I'm not going to give a play by play of the game as it's very late and I'm very tired, though I will try to give a more detailed report next time I do one of these. First and foremost, I liked the crew. I didn't get the most out of Parker or Mad Dog, but Emissary with Doc beside him for +Flips from the Conflux upgrade kept my crew alive way longer than it should have been. Parker scored full points for Set Up turn 3 by first having Mad Dog kill something at range (drops a friendly scheme marker when he kills something), and then Parker hit Sammy to drop an enemy scheme marker, ending the activation by discarding 2 cards to turn nearby enemy markers to friendlies for the scoring points. Parker's ability to drop enemy scheme markers kept screwing up my opponent. I kept hitting his gremlins and dropping his own scheme markers near his Convict scheme markers denying him points due to proximity (my opponent lamented not taking Sammy's move markers upgrade). An uncontested Ronin on the southern part of the map ran up a flank to score 2 of my Leave Your Mark schemes (until Fingers said enough and ran like hell down to stop it). I thought the crew and the game was fun, but a head spin for me trying to not only keep up with all the multiple layers of card/ss cycling. It was difficult to not forget one bonus here, or to figure out which upgrade to grab there, though that will come with time. I found a strong need to balance which upcoming model/action is most needed as the crew is card hungry for things like moderate to high cards or discarding for abilities. This crew is definitely going to reward knowledgeable players who take the time to learn which upgrades/actions to use when.
  13. A little while back I did a tutorial for playing Malifaux on Vassal. Figured I would throw it up here as this seems like a spot people are asking for how tos.
  14. Experienced miniature gamer that has played Malifaux a hand full of times and would like to play every week or so via VASSAL. Looking to play in the evenings (Pacific time) during the week. I am not experienced with VASSAL though so may need a bit of aid there. Thanks.
  15. Got the 2e module yesterday and loved it. That said, not sure if the person maintaining the module browses these forums, but I thought I'd share a couple of quality of life recommendations for improvement: #1: Integrate measuring distances with the drag and drop for more precise and less cumbersome model movement (having to rely on auras kind of sucks). #2: Allow players to directly set the value of numerical fields (like Wounds, Soulstones, Conditions, etc...).
  16. Hello folks. Hope you can help. I've installed latest Vassal (3.2.16). When I hover over the link for the Malifaux module it says the link will take me to http://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/RodentFiles/M2e-v1_7.vmod but when I click the link I download a zip file made up mostly of .vsav "saved game" files and a folder of images. Should there be a vmod file somewhere? How do I get that? The Puppet Wars module seems to work OK. Thank you. Brass Monkey
  17. I'm starting a UK based Vassal league. The aim is to have a league based in the GMT zone for people such as myself who can't quite commit to games against people in the US due to those pesky job things. The league is open to other players outside of the UK, but I recommend that people who are outside of 2 hours ahead or behind GMT. There is a facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/1432794010373120/ There is also a registration form available through the facebook group in order to take part in the first league event. Please join the group and fill out the registration form if you are interested. We have some registrations already, but I would like to have a lot more. Registration closes on Monday the 8th of June
  18. Phiasco and I are looking to organize a campaign league for a small number of players to run the length of the Nythera event (starting in week 3 at the earliest, obviously, since we're already under way.) I'm hoping to get 6 people who are willing to commit to one game a week against a predetermined opponent with a strategy and scheme pool defined (IE everybody is playing the same game, with the weekly event in place, so everything should be roughly level.) To counter the somewhat reduced growth people would see from limiting the number of games to one a week, the factions will put in place "Emergency Resource Allocation," a home rule wherein factions will receive 1 scrip per vp they acquire in game (as opposed to 1 per 2 vp) and all crews start the campaign with a bounty of their choice pre-purchased. Rules are still being written and finalized at the moment, but I wanted to take people's temperature on them and start gathering interest. Players will be responsible for scheduling their game with each other each week, and I'm still determining what exactly will be the consequence if people can't get their game lined up. We're North American Eastern Time Zone players, so unless you want to be up until the odd hours, probably best to stay within the North American time zones. Skype will probably be required for communication during the game. Obviously you need Vassal. It's meant to be a fairly light-hearted league/campaign (IE not super-competitive) so if you can't get your game in during a specific week it will probably just count as a double forfeit with no penalty/benefit for either player. Repeatedly missing will result in removal from the league and replacement with another player. I'm open to discussion on this point, however. Ideally, I'd like to have everybody using a different faction, so I'll keep this up to date with players and their faction as they sign-up. Edit: I've added a second ten thunders crew. Essentially, if they play in-faction their games won't count for the Nythera Event. 1. AWOL - Guild 2. Phiasco - Ten Thunders 3. Asrian - Outcasts 4. Tawg - Ten Thunders 5. Doctorwhat - Ressurectionists 6. onelittlethunder - Ten Thunders (again) 7. Bromerican Man - Neverborn 8. iamthefly - Ressurectionists Hit me up with sign-ups if you're interested, or rules suggestions.
  19. I was going to reply in the other Thread but it has been locked. It seems I am one of the people who cannot access the Vassal Mod. I have tried downloading it from the links people have provided, as well as going through the "Resources" link on the main Wyrd page. I wanted to try and give it a go tonight, anyone have any ideas? As Always, The Grue
  20. Hi All, I was thinking about creating a Puppet Wars mod for Table Top Simulator as a way to learn how to do some 3D modelling for funsies in my spare time. I notice that Wyrd published a Vassal mod for the game so I thought that maybe they would want to publish a Table Top Simulator mod with an actual artist doing the 3d sculpts (or using the ones they have already). Obviously I have no intention of upsetting anyone or causing copyright infringements, so I thought I'd open a discussion about it first before proceeding. (Note: If one does happen to appear, and I haven't received explicit permission from Wyrd to publish it, it's not mine, just to be clear.) Cheers, Asymptotic.
  21. Heya folks, David Pease AKA "War & Pease" here, available to teach Malifaux demos over VASSAL. I have been using VASSAL for quite some time and have taught many folks how to use the system. I'm in west Tennessee/Central Standard Time Zone, and am usually up late at night most nights, so burning the midnight oil is not a problem for me. I'm available 7 days a week in the evenings, but need a few days' notice to schedule a time to demo. I prefer Google+ Hangouts (David Pease), but will be able to use Skype (dezmo1218) or Ventrilo/Teamspeak if need be. Looking forward to demoing the game online for you. Please post below, email me (dezmo1218@gmail.com) or send me a PM if you want to schedule a game! -W&P
  22. will be doing a vassal demo on 12-0-4 3:00 pm MST if you have any questions feel free to message me or stop in and watch.
  23. I'm sure it is right in front of me, but I can't locate it. I 'thought' I saw a post for a December Malifaux Tourney, games were Saturday. Newbies were welcome to join. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you, Scott
  24. Doing a Vassal demo 11-28-14 4pm mst stop on by if interested in learning vassal
  25. Hey folks -- Is there anyone around willing to give a rank newb a Vassal demo or two? I have the app and the module installed, plus skype/teamspeak/ventrilo. Since I haven't finished up my first crew as of yet, I've still not played a physical game to date. However, I've read the rulebook and manual through cover to cover, and I've familiarized myself with the skills and abilities of the crew I'd be playing. I've also watched the last three Youtube vids "Voices of Mars" posted on his channel, with all the commentary and analysis from Mario, Alex, Mark and Joel. (*wave* if you guys post here on the forums ) My schedule is fairly wide open, and I'd of course work around my instructor's schedule as needed. Anyone out there willing to help out? It would be much appreciated! - Nikko
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