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  1. Located in Pennsylvania Dropped the price a bit! I have a Misaki Boxset and Metal Hamelin crew I want to sale/ trade. I'm looking for brewmaster in trade. You can have both crews for a brewmaster Boxset and anything Ten Thunders like the Lone Swordsman, Komainu, Femented River Monks, Kang, etc.... Sale prices will be below. Misaki assembled and primed - $20 plus $5 shipping. Metal Hamelin crew w/ 8 rats, Hamelin, Obedient Wretch, 2 Rat Catchers, 3 Stolen, 3 Crooligans, Candy, and Baby Kade. All metal models - $25 plus $8 shipping Buy Both crews for $50 with shipping
  2. Currently looking for three of the crossroads seven, and a few other models here and there. What I'm after: Lust Gluttony Wrath Lady Justice + Scales The Judge What I have: Within reason I'm willing to pay for individual models, but trades are easier for me in general. I have an entire Hoffman crew that I'm willing to trade out as I no longer use him. I also have dayglow green pandora and a dreamer crew I may or may not be using in the future. Beyond that I have lots of guild, with some ressur and neverborn that could potentially be up for trade but only on request, as I'm not specifically looking to offload most of my models without good reason to do so.
  3. So as part of the whole "bonus model for Miss Anne Thrope shipping super late" thing that happened recently, I ended up with an extra Vintage Sonnia. I'm looking to trade her, and I'm not picky, so make me an offer! I'm growing my Guild collection, so I'll give preference to anyone offering Guild models. If you're interested in buying, I'm looking for around $20 CAD (yes, I'm in Canada). I do also play Infinity (Nomads and Haqq), so if you've got anything from that game to trade, I might be interested.
  4. Bought stuff I don't use a long time ago and want to get rid of it. Not enough time to play, honestly, so more interested in models I think are cool and fun. Southern Califnoria, USA; Pasadena to be precise. Make and offer, cover shipping. USA only. There is a mix of painted, unpainted, half assembled, nos. Ask for details. PICS: https://imgur.com/a/UrHRS HAVE Neverborn Starters for: Pandora, Dreamer Many misc. old metal models. See pics. Ten Thunders Starter: The Thunder, with nice custom bases Gremlins Starters for Ophelia, Somer Teeth, Brewmaster, Zoraida, old Somerteeth (unopened, with warpig), Mah Tucket (unopened) Burt, old Pult, new Pult, old Taxidermist, Haulers, Merris, Nightmare Golem, Gluttony, Piglets, Effigy, alt Gator About a third painted pretty well. (Special note: I have much more for sale and trade that isn't Malifaux. A few board games, Warhammer AoS and 40k, Wrath of Kings, LCGs, etc. If you want more info I can PM you or link you.) WANT All rulebooks except tiny manual. Ressers: Lots, honestly. I have the following, and am interested in anything else: Kirai, Nicodem, Canine Remains, Mindless Zombies, Necropunks, Transparent Bete Noir, old Graveyard Spirit; especailly interested in Alt McMourning and Nightmare Tara. Arcanists: Colette Crew, regular and Carnival, all models to make them good, plus any show girls in general. Pride. Alt performer. Neverborn: Puppets crew and accessories to make them fun and good. Outcasts: Hamelin crew plus extras, Night of Rat in particular. Again, with cool extras to make 'em fun and good. Additions for my Jack Daw box. TTB: Core book 2e. Supplement books.
  5. Hi! I would like to trade my miss Fire and alt Kaeris for alt Rafkin, alt Nicodem or/and alt Bishop from Black Friday bonus.
  6. Hello world! Just as the title says. I got the alt McMourning card in my black friday stuff and currently I only play gremlins. I would love to trade this away for something I could actually use haha. If someone has the brewmaster I would be over the moon but any alt card is good with me! (yes even zoraida)
  7. Currently looking to trade out my Hamelin crew, looking to get the Malifaux Starter box or around $70-80 so I can buy it for myself. I have all the cards for the crew minus one rat card that got damaged. Hamelin is partially painted, the rest is either bare plastic or based Model count: 1x Hamelin 3x Stolen 1x Obedient Wretch 1x Nix 4x Rat Catcher 4x Rat King Approximately 20 Malifaux Rats Prefer to part with most or all of the models in a single lot.
  8. Hello I have quite a few models for sale or trade here they are listed by Faction kind of. Most of the stuff I either fielded once or not at all most are painted from when I was pretty hardcore into it. Arcanists: Marcus Crew (Painted) 1 extra Razorspine Rattlers (Painted) Molemen (In Box) Metal Ramos Crew Old School and Alt Ramos (Based and Assembled) Plastic Ramos Crew (Assembled) Lots Of Arachnids (Assembled) Rail Golem (Assembled) Willie (Painted) Not Arcanists::: Doppelgänger (In Box) Alt Perdita (In Box) Metal Bishop (Painted) Metal Rogue Necromancer (Assembled/ Base coat) WANT:::: I would prefer $$$ through PayPal or Venmo also whatever is easiest for the buyer I am about to make a big move to the West Coast from the Boston Area so I would love for these models to find a great home. I also would be willing to trade for Shen Long crew box, Shadow Emmisary, Samurai, Lone Swordsman, Ten Thunder Brothers, Komainu, Izamu, Yin, Snipers etc... Honestly I am willing to trade for just about all Ten Thunders good with ether Shen Long (if I get him) or my Mei Feng. My my twitter is @shuadavis and if you would like to email me with inquiries shuadavis@yahoo.com is perfect I'd be shipping out of Maine or Boston depending on where I am at the time. Thanks and I look forward to my models going to someone who loves Malifaux.
  9. Hello hello Recently I purchased a box of Black Blood Shamans at one of my local stores; and within it was contained a blister with a translucent, purple Jakob Lynch with the accompanying upgrades and cards. I would like to sell him. I am not searching for an exorbitant price and I am also perfectly happy to negotiate. I am working on adding photographs as it seems that my potato devices cannot take anything better than a grainy picture. Make me an offer. -Mr. Sergio
  10. Hey everyone, Hijacking on of my old posts again! I have VS crew all built and upainted + Hans and a Strongarm suit again all built and unpainted Outcast general upgrades Arsenal deck and also the Wave 4 upgrades for outcasts: I am looking for the Marcus crewbox any condition and any extra beasts you have to throw in! Cheers for reading
  11. This pretty crew needs a home. I'd be glad to trade for an avatar or cash. I have Ramos, Rasputina, Sonia and the Viks Avatars. Please, message me.
  12. Would be great if it's shipped from the EU.
  13. Hey everyone, I have a Von Schill crew painted to a tabletop standard and from about Monday will be in possession of a Viks crew NiB (Waiting on the post man) and a university of transmortis box that I am picking up tomorrow! What I am looking for is the equivalent Colette crew boxed or built... Would be looking to do a fast turn around as I have a tourney next Saturday! If you need pictures or anything they are available on request Cheers, Aron
  14. Hey there Wyrd boards, I started collecting Malifaux around the start of M1E and played very hard. Too hard. I bought way more stuff than I was ever going to paint. Couple years ago around the shift to M2E the local scene dried up entirely and nobody plays around me anymore. Realized I still have a crazy amount of models that would probably be loved a lot more by people currently still playing. And admittedly I kind of miss the storage space in my closet that all of this is taking up. I figured I'd list it on the Wyrd boards before eBay, because you guys have always been great and passionate about the hobby. I'd rather my collection go to people who will use them. I have models ranging from the early army boxes, to Nightmare Editions, to Avatars, to the Ten Thunders boxes which is around where I stopped. There are no real set prices. Make me an offer and every one will be considered. OVERVIEW All models are assumed to be unpainted and assembled unless otherwise noted. All models are metals from the Ten Thunders army box releases or earlier unless otherwise noted.I have a gigantic pile of M1E cards. Not sure what I have or don't have. If you want the M1E card with your model for some reason, let me know and I'll try to find it for you.Pics available on request.Discounts will be given for people who help me get rid of a lot of models.I will ship internationally, but all shipping costs will be paid by the buyer.Please don't lowball me into poverty. ;-; WHAT I WANT Primarily $$$. Only will accept over paypal. All prices discussed are in USD.Warmachine Models and related items. (Cryx, Protectorate of Menoth, Convergence of Cyriss only)Cool Sci-Fi / Cyberpunk terrain. I'm building a board and it's worth a shot. WHAT I HAVE Special Egg Hauler Easter SpecialWar Rooster Easter SpecialNightmare Edition TeddyNightmare Edition Dead Justice Box Guild Fully Painted Perdita Army BoxPerdita Avatar *Still in Box*Abuela OrtegaSamuel HopkinsGuild HoundGuild AustringerRyle RyleGuild CaptainGuild GuardLucius Box Guild Guard Female VariantGuardianPeacekeeperScales of Justice Arcanists Colette Avatar *Still in Box*Colette Army Box (Cassandra is Missing)Rasputina Army BoxRasputina AvatarRasputina Alt Sculpt (Still in Blister. No picture backing)SnowstormCoryphee DuetAngelicaMechanical DovesGunsmith (Female Variant)December AcolyteFire Gamin Resurrectionists Molly Army Box *Still in Box*Kirai Avatar *Still in Box*Kirai Army BoxNight TerrorsNecrotic MachineCanine Remains Neverborn Zoraida Avatar *Still in Box*Collodi Army Box Spawn Mother & GuppsSiluridLilithNekimaVarious Nekima bits excluding her body (Long Story)TucoDopplegangerInsidious MadnessZoraida AlternateZoraida Outcasts / Gremlins Hamelin Box Somer Army Box (Minus Gremlins)Ophelia LaCroix Army BoxSomer AvatarVon SchillBayou GremlinsPigapaultStuffed PigletsPigletsGremlin TaxidermistGiant MosquitoSlop HaulerJack Daw Ten Thunders Misaki Army Box *Still in Box*Jakob Lynch Army BoxMei Feng Army BoxBeckoners Non-Malifaux Model Stuff Malifaux M1E Small RulebookMalifaux M1E Twisting Fates BookSister of Battle Canoness - Warhammer 40kAssembled Tyranid Army - Warhammer 40kVarious Orks and Deffkoptas - Warhammer 40k3000+ Point Skaven Army - Warhammer FantasyIncredible amount of Reaper MiniaturesOOP Studio McVey Y'Sala and Darkness (http://i.imgur.com/x9Oz35Z.jpg) - $180 OBO If there are any questions feel free to post in this thread or PM me. I'll be happy to answer them. I will update the thread as I get rid of things. Thanks for the interest guys. Hope I can rehome some of these guys so they can once again die on the field of battle.
  15. I am looking for puppet wars teddy models. Preferably unpainted, but either way is fine. I have 40k orks to trade or I am also willing to paypal you for them instead. Lets make a deal!
  16. I'm not sure how I ended up with 3 Miss Ery, so I have 2 extra to trade. My current collection is mostly Guild, Neverborn and Resurrectionists, so I'm good on those. Make me an offer, and we'll see how it goes.
  17. I currently have a full plastic Rail crew, metal gamin and a rail golem for trade. They are assembled, mounted and only have a base paint applied And all cards and upgrades that came with the boxes. - Mei Fang - Kang - Totem - Three rail workers - Rail golem - Three metal gamin - All stats cards I'm am currently interested in trading these for plastic outcasts preferably leveticus or other outcasts but will sell.
  18. So, I found the original Gencon Vik and Ronin from the first run. These things are huge in scale, as noted on the forums, and I was thinking, "Does anyone really want these?" I really only wanted the student and Taylor from the box, don't really care for the rest, but if someone was willing to make the trade, I'd love a new Lucius box or something along those lines. Feel free to message me if you're interested or have any questions (I would also be happy to throw in the Blood Vik, though she has some damage. The feet were damaged being removed from a base, but some simple green stuffing could fix this.) (SOLD, PLEASE DELETE)
  19. Hi all, I have the Ramos box without Howard & Joss, which sits snuggly besides Hoffman at this time. So I have the following: Ramos 'isself. Brass Arachnid. All them little spiders. Everything is still on sprues and untouched, includes all the cards and upgrades, due to horrendous shipping costs note that I prefer to trade within the EU. I also have, mint in blisters: Arcane Effigy & the Large Arachnid. I'm looking for the following: Mr. Graves (M2E card not necessary) The Illuminated (preferably two of 'em, need the M2E cards) Yin, the Penangalan (M2E card not necessary) I'd prefer them still on their sprues.
  20. Hello, I'd like to clear out/trade some of my spare crews that I don't really have an interest in holding onto and pick up one that I do. Pictures are available upon request! If you don't like my prices, feel free to make an offer. If you have something else I might like, let me know! Haves: McMourning Crew (Body of Evidence box, assembled, unpainted/stripped, includes M2E cards, PENDING): - Mcmourning - Sebastian - Zombie Chihuahua (Lost the tail, green stuffed it in, price adjusted accordingly) - 2 Nurses - Canine Remains X1 - Flesh Construct (Also including the head from Mcmourning's tray, in case you might like to do a headswap). Please Make me an Offer. Wants: Oiran Dawn Serpent Dark Debts box Ten Thunders Brothers Anything else? PM me! Thanks! -DoctorWhat
  21. I know they are hard to find, but the one nightmare edition i really want is the Justice is Dead box. If any one has one opened or sealed, painted or unpainted they would like to get rid of (im not looking for a pro paint job that i will just end up painting over). I Can do paypal and have things to trade in on it like Malifaux, MTG, Heroclix, board games. I work at a large gaming store so its possible we have whatever you are looking for.
  22. I have for trade (unpainted and unassembled): Sisters of Slaughter (avatar) w/o card x3 malifaux rats w/o card x3 fire gamin w/card (1st ed) flesh construct w/ card (1st ed) I am looking for (any version w/ or w/o card painter or not): *want more *The Ortaga crew set *Pandora box set *teddy waldergeist x3 piglet war pig *railcrew box set x1 exorsist x3 pisterlero de latigo x3 gaki x1 shikomi x2 dead doxy x1 jaakuna ubume rafkin *willie tuco levectus box set *vanessa *x3 wastrel I have not really traded on here before but I will give it a shot. I don't really expect to get everything I want (obviously hehehe) but maybe you guys will have something from the list and want something from mine.
  23. Hey there. I have an unopened miss step and was looking to trade her for a new crew for my Resser playing girlfriend Molly. What I'd really like to be able to surprise her with: Molly (1st ed metal) & an unboxed University of Transmortis box set. Though I'd also be open to trade for: The Latigo Posse No Shelter Here
  24. Hello all, I have been compiling a list of things that I need to complete my Wyrd collection, as well as a list of models I would be willing to trade away if you are not looking for cash payment. I am currently looking for: - Vasyl the Bowling Vampire - Jack the Ripper, Lizzie Borden, and Eric the Red plastic sprue from the Evil Baby Orphanage kickstarter. - Easter gremlin War Rooster and Egg Hauler. - Gremlinette Hog Whisperer - Translucent Green Pandora crew box - Puppet Wars Lucius metal mini - I also am looking for m2e Hanging Trees cards if anyone is interested in selling or trading those. - In addition I would be interested in purchasing or trading for a TTB Kickstarter Voodoo Doll from the $225 pledge level If you have any of the above and are willing to part with them please contact me with a price or trade offer and I will be in touch shortly. I will be updating this soon with a list of things to trade but it will mostly be 40k stuff with a little bit of Warhammer Fantasy so if you arent interested in either of those then all I have is money. Thanks for looking/helping me finish off my collection!
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