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  1. Waldo

    Valentine 11

    this tormented might be having some regrets about being such a cheapskate…
  2. I couldn't find where the fan content thread is in the forum, so I posted here. Small talk in chat became an idea for creation 8s Sin for the Explorer's Society Meet the "Lie" - conférencier/entertainer of musical band (and maybe a new producer) The character's image was based on several ideas: - "Eighth" means non-typical Sin, so i can move away a little in some moments (attachment to music, only one keyword) - Lie's like Sin. No, I will not strictly follow the ideas of Christianity in this matter. Rather, I follow the thought that a lie is the same passion as anger, it is similarly possible to get deeply carried away from your own lie and the soul of a person also suffers. - I make révérence for M2E, where are all Sin's were been Tormentend, so I gave dual keyword for this guy - I gave him the attributes of punishment, torture for lying: the Pear of Anguish, the face torn apart by the pear, and the Mask of Shame. - And, of course, put it on in a luxurious, presentable suit of the late 19th, early 20th centuries Upgrade: The Mask of Shame Plentifull (1), Cursed, Shame - Tormented: This model has the Tormented Keyword - Mocked by the crowd: At start of this model Activation, this model must discard a card or cannot use it's Tactical Action's this Activation - Wash away the shame: At the end of this model Activation, this model may discard a card to get Slow and discard this Upgrade This model is a good boost for keyword synergy of Crossroads and Tormented, and for Society, who has a lot of Distracted and Poison condition, and some Burning too. Partially protects against keywords which stacked Poison/Burning/Distracted conditions (Brewmaster, McMourning, Kaeris, Reva, Ivan). Awesome for Tormentend - card discards, upgrade, card draw, etc. And maybe some synergy with Lust and Pride will be to strong... Of course, it's prototype, an idea. This is not a "perfect model for perfect balance". What do you think about it? Do you like it or not?
  3. Guide for a guide This time, I’ll handle guide writing a bit differently than my previous one. Instead of dumping all at once, I’ll add to it step-by-step, allowing for discussion in between. Since the crew has quite a few synergy effects, some themes will span multiple posts and aren’t immediately fully understandable when I first mention them. If you’re interested in playing Tormented (or have to play against him), I recommend coming back here from time to time and read future posts as well. I expect readers to have studied and understood the cards. I will cover the basics, but only go into stats and available actions when necessary. There are other guides on this forum for such. I’ll focus more on what isn't necessarily immediatly obvious and what you actually do with your models on the board. General Playstile Tormented is Ressurectionists’ premier bubble crew and has three legs to stand on: killing power, debuffs and card manipulation. While Tormented always includes all three aspects to a degree, trying to maximize each isn’t very viable. Both your stones and the AP are limited resources, which put a cap on that. Instead, look what works best for the scheme pool and opponent in question, focus on two aspects and do those well. While Tormented certainly is a bubble crew and gobbles up anything that’s getting to close to their circle of death, if you picked the right models, the crew can be surprisingly mobile. Schemes requiring a lot of movement are much more achievable than it is often claimed imho. This is my preferred playstyle, so you can expect the most information on that here. But they can only use common Interact to get markers down, so schemes which require a lot of those are better avoided with this crew. Aspect #1 - Curses Models: Jack Daw, Hanged, Guilty Curses are a huge part of Tormented’s toolkit, always part of their game plan and play into the two other aspects. The different curses are not created equal though. Let us take a look at them first. Curse of Injustice (Jack Daw): This is a solid curse. While Staggered debuff on positioning comes to shine in a melee crew only when combined with other deterrents (e.g. terrain), it unlocks multiple triggers for the crew and makes attacks against Mv easier. This is very nice, but imho what really makes this curse shine is “plentiful (5)” and the fact it is applied by a 3AP model that can survive being 8” close to multiple enemy models. Quantity can be quality. Punish the Wicked (Guilty): In my opinion, the strongest curse Tormented has. A bigger hand size and therefore card draw is good for anybody. Tormented is very card hungry. But, early in a turn, they often run in the situation to draw more cards than they have room for, though this might be a luxury problem. Sadly, it also has its downsides. First, it is the hardest to apply, because you need your opponent to play along and kill your Guilty. Second, the more card advantage you want, the longer you play down 5pts and one activation per upgrade in play. Forbidden Knowledge (Hanged): It is a great curse against models who need to be positioned correctly end of turn to score. Otherwise, it most often allows Hanged to cause more damage and usually does not stick around for long, because it's the only curse your opponent can get rid off without dying. Card manipulation Tormented always utilize is card draw and it is based upon curses. First, there is the crew’s signature ability, which lets you draw a card whenever one of your models damages an enemy with a curse upgrade. Second is Daw’s bonus ability to draw a card for every cursed enemy within range. This is hugely important for the crew. Tormented is uniquely able to use any card you draw, be it moderates/severes to win duels/inflict damage (like anyone else), weak cards are also handy to have for your own discard effect and even black jokers become great if you play Hanged. But though your card efficiency is great, you need a lot of them! Quantity means quality for Tormented. The question resulting from this is: How much is enough? In my personal experience, drawing at least a 2nd full hand is what you should get out of these abilities most turns. If plans go well, it will usually exceed this, but below that you will run into problems operating at max. capacity. One issue you will run into, especially in turn #2, is order of activation. Commonly, you want to active Jack Daw asap to hand out as many curses as you can, but then you won’t have room in your hand. Most crews do not care much about that since they can afford to just throw away their low cards. Tormented does not like that – quantity is key for them. Try to activate a model with (high) TN or a necessary duel first, so you make room for at least some new cards. After that initial push, you can space out your card usage as usual. Once you have enough curses out, you can activate Daw later in a turn. Aspect #2 - Discard/Execute Execute models: Jack Daw, Montresor Discard models: Guilty, Dead Outlaw, Hanged In my opinion, to go execute as a main mechanic, is a high risk/high reward approach. For obvious reasons it is great to just delete models from the board. But you must chew through resources, before you even get to do that. Assuming an average hand for your opponent, your first two discards won’t even matter much, as weak cards will be dropped first, only after that you start to apply hand pressure, and you start from scratch each turn. Soulstones at least do not come back once spend (unless, you know, Arcanists…), but the amount your opponent starts the game with is relevant here. If they have only 2 or 3 available, that is great for you! But I rarely encounter that and even less so once opponents know they will face Daw. It will take some turns to chew through 7 to 9 stones. The last drawback: It enforces an obvious activation order. You want Daw and Montresor to go late and your opponent will know it. With Daw, that is usually okay, but often enough the game state requires to go against that. With Montresor I struggle to save him that long most of the time anyway. This sounds pretty negative and to a certain degree it is, but the point I want to drive home: Do not expect execute to go off, unless the game is in your favour anyway. You might ask now: “But discarding and spending SS is already beneficial, right?” Yes and no. As already mentioned, the first few discard effects will not hinder your opponent much. To stay within the Ressers perspective: Reva, with high card usage and hardly any card draw, suffers quickly from discards. Against her, discard is a serious consideration. But Molly will laugh at you, for her it is more a nuisance instead of a hindrance, thanks to her strong draw abilities. Therefore, you must take your opponent’s capabilities into consideration if you decide to make strong use of Tormented’s discard abilities or not. It is not a decision you can make in a vacuum, only at the table. Lucky for me, I like the models with discard abilities anyway and often take them for other reasons. This give me the potential to use them, even if I plan something completely different. This is a good situation for nasty mind games: “You really want to stone for an extra card? Neat.” “How big is your stone pool? This low already? Good to know.” “How many hand cards do you have left? Why do I ask? Because I want to know how soon I can execute your models.” I try not to be a butthead about it, but bluffing is part of Malifaux for me. The more experienced your opponent is, the less impact it will have of course. But most of the time I get at least some reaction out of them. Even if it is just them getting nervous or staying relaxed when being forced to consider hand destruction. With my favourite model picks it also is no lie, I could go this route if I wanted to. But I try to motivate my opponent to hold back and play it safe and instead plan to use different triggers/abilities, that benefit from my opponents being careful with their resources. I call that benefit without resource investment. tldr: Use discard is a threat, even if you never do it. Aspect #3 - Debuffs Models: Lady Ligeia, Drowned, Guilty Staggered is the most important debuff for Tormented. It is the most common one and, similar to curses, the crew can use many triggers, if the enemy suffers from it. In addition, slow is sprinkled in as another condition. Your range to apply Staggered is rather limited. This means, your opponent will be quite close to you when you can put it on. This puts limits on how much you can slow them down during early game, but at least it means they won’t get away easily. This is also why I noted only three models above, even though more models apply the condition regularly. Those can do it at range and therefore are the most attractive choices. Other than during list building, this aspect is simple but effective, so there is not much to say about it. Just keep in mind, which models need Staggered on enemy models to use triggers/bonus effects and which attacks are resisted by movement. Quick Notes “Torment” Crew Ability One of two main reasons, why curses are so important to Tormented: They generate a huge portion of your card advantage with this ability. It also often dictates your order of activation, so sometimes you must decide to skip the card draw to get rid of a model asap. But do not blindly rush to attack, instead always consider how to get more out of it. This is a general truth, but especially true here. For example, since Tormented tends to stick close to each other, you likely will have the option to attack with another model instead of pushing a kill with cheating a damage flip. Terrifying Models: Jack Daw, Hanged, Montresor Only a few models have this rule natively, but they are crew favourites. Check your opponent’s capabilities to pick models and upgrades with Ruthless. It is very likely they will use it to tech against Daw and there is not much you can do about that, except killing them before they can kill you. If you are confident, they cannot take many, consider running a terrifying list with investing into Grave Spirit’s Touch for your minions without terryfing. Conditions & Healing This is the most pronounced weakness of Tormented imho. Jack Daw can heal life on himself, but otherwise the crew does not have any heals. Same goes for conditions, which can make you struggle a lot against some crews. This can be solved by taking versatile/OOK options. In-keyword models Jack Daw Role: killer, curses, card draw His first card is pretty straight forward. It may be just me, but I often forget Disturbing Whispers, be better than that! Also remember: Due to Ghost of Malifaux, Jack Daw cannot body block, but if they move through him normally, they still need to disengage. A question you will encounter with him is: Do I use my Slow AOE or do I just kill one model? There is no easy answer, both can be a strong play. My general guideline is: killing a model takes at least 2 actions (per turn) away from your opponent and might give you last activation. But Slow can take away 1 action per model in range. TN13 is good, but will not go through with every model, therefore I take extra time to consider Whispered Truth once he catches at least 4 models and/or needs to slow down multiple models. Daw’s first turn usually consist of rushing forward and dragging something along with Drawn to Betrayal, to establish dominance over the middle of the board as soon as possible. Turn #1 (if possible) and turn #2 is used to apply as many curses as possible. Do not hold back and spend all his actions, if you have targets, you will need those curses going forward. If your opponent was nice enough to give you enough (now cursed) models close-by, you can start drawing cards. Luckily, Suppressed Memories both applies a curse and lets you teleport to your enemy – do not hesitate to spend stones! You better start drawing a considerable amount now, if you start turn #3 it might be still okay, but you will feel the difference. Upgrades Grave Spirit’s Touch: After getting a few games in, I was under the impression that you need this upgrade less, the more experienced you are with Daw. Blasphemous Ritual is wasted on Daw and after turn #1 he has other things to do with his bonus action. I returned more and more to GST though, the longer I played Tormented. The thought is true regarding his survivability, but if you can gauge his toughness better, it also means you can afford to be more aggressive with him, if necessary. Regen +2 also means you save up to two hand cards you could use well somewhere else. In short: While it is not mandatory, if you can take GST, do it! Killer Instinct: A worthy upgrade for Daw’s offensive, but I take it only if I require Ruthless, but then I do it gladly. Wasting a master’s action or cards for a failed terrifying check is rather bothersome. Loot their corpses is solid, if you do not need these markers for something else. Daw is deadly and can collect a few stones over the course of a game. The Whisper: It is well known how good Intuition is on a master and being the killer he is, Daw can even draw you a few additional cards. Despite this, Whisper is the upgrade I take the least. All three are good options, but I have found that GST ito be the better pick and Killer Instinct is mandatory against certain crews. If I take Whisper, it is usually because I do not need KI and both Hanged already get GST. Lady Ligeia Role: aura and debuff support Ligeia’s debuff aura is the strongest reason, why it is dangerous to go into the Tormented bubble. Even when it combines with only occasional discard, it gets expensive for your opponent very fast. A single, strong model can get some cheats through, but if you have to deal with only one model, it generally is to your benefit as long as they cannot teleport out. Sadly, she also is not very survivable. Measure well how far she needs to be to cover your models and keep an eye out for models with longer (melee) ranges. Her Projected Voice attack is what she usually spends her action for other than moving. The damage is surprisingly solid for a Totem, but the important part is guaranteed Stagger trigger on blast. Her stat is rather low though, if you really need to debuff something with her, better plan to cheat for the attack. Since she prefers not to be in direct contact with the enemy, Talons is largely irrelevant – except when used on your own Guiltys. Montressor Role: utility, tank Montressor will always have things to do, since he can obey any non-master Tormented model. There is not much finesse to him, just look which models need an extra action. His attacks are solid and their triggers fit well to Tormented with the possibility for min. 3 and Execute. Noteworthy, he is a great roadblock with Terrifying, HtW, 10 Health and his Demise ability. I have found Suffocation and Hanging Ropes are nice to have, but usually not worth playing into them. My biggest “problem” with Montressor is keeping up with the rest of the crew. He has no native mobility option and therefore requires being pulled by other models, if he wants to make use of Cured To Watch until you established a good position for your bubble. Guilty Role: utility support Guilty decouple many of Tormented’s janky movement abilities from enemy models and their positioning because you may count them as enemy models. With this, they are an absolute cornerstone for the crew’s mobility and counteract the crew’s common Mv4. You will find examples of such plays with Daw or Hanged later in this guide. Whenever your opponent does not give you enough good target to curse and draw cards from with Daw, you can employ Guilty instead. As long as they keep 1 life, it does not have any drawback. What do you do with Guilty other than taking hits? They are usually the first models I activate during early game. They are one of the few who do not ignore terrain, so they need a good position to go straight forward during deployment. A perfect position for them is within 8-10” to the enemy’s line, so they can serve as jumping off points or retrieval targets, while they themselves are in range to apply Staggered themselves and/or can drop scheme markers. After you are done with your Hanged and Daw, Ligeia comes in and removes the curse from them with her Take It All trigger. Likely you will have to cheat a ram in, so you will not have more cards, but it can help with cycling through your deck. How many Guilty do you need? Sadly, I cannot answer that clearly. One is absolutely mandatory and you should not let it die quickly without being very sure you get one back asap with their demise/curse. If you play 2 Hanged, it is sensible to go up to two Guilty if you can afford it. It massively increases your ability to jump from one flank to another within a single turn and gives you the option to leave one of their curses on your opponent without suffering unnecessary control loss over your teleport capabilities. Hanged Role: mobile beater, occasional schemer I lovingly call my Hanged 10SS Henchman, as they operate similarly once you give them an upgrade. For me, they are the most important pick for Tormented, even though they are quite an investment. They give Tormented much needed mobility and I rarely leave without 2 of them. With them and Daw you can make use of every card in your hand, even the Black Joker. With a bonus action attack, they are a pseudo-3AP model and their usual attack pattern look as following: Safe approach: Toss the Noose + On your heel trigger on enemy, 1-2x Dead Man's Collar on enemy, Horrifying Whisper on Guilty (tactical retreat) Aggressive approach: Toss the Noose on enemy, Horrifying Whipser + On your heel trigger on enemy, 1-2x Dead Man's Collar The combination of Hanged, Guilty and Dead Outlaws is potent. Guilty provide a scheme marker, Outlaws hand out Fast and Hanged therefore become AP4 models with a huge threat range (up to >20” with 3 attacks). It is one thing to read about it and another to see how much ground they can cover. I will cover their movement shenanigans more in a later post. It is of note, that Hanged require either Guilty and/or enemies for their mobility. This means, the more models you kill, the less teleport options you will have. This means success in your killing game can lead to trouble with scoring during late game. Be aware of this and try not to avoid scheming until then. Upgrades While Hanged are good models without any upgrades, they turn them up to 11. Definitely take them, all of them are legit choices. GST: Hanged have solid defensive capabilities, but their Df4 will be felt sooner or later. GST helps you twice: Increased Terrifying means your opponent will have to dedicate a serious amount of resources to get rid of them within a single turn, as long as you do not run in front of a ruthless beatstick. If they do not, they will start to heal back up with Regen. My biggest reason not to always give both of my Hanged GST, is that they compete with Daw over it and I like to play my Hanged redundant with the same upgrade. Same as with Daw, Ritual is largely wasted on them, but the other two abilities are worth it already. KI: Prime models to give Ruthless if necessary, since Hanged can pick their target more freely than most Tormented models. Due to Plentiful 2, I prefer KI on Hanged and something else on Daw. Other than Daw they also benefit from the minion-only ability, which eases the necessity to stone for their teleports and often makes them double up as a schemer. TW: Similar to Daw, the other upgrades usually have a higher priority. But occasionally I take Whisper on them, if my opponent forces many Wp duels. Dead Outlaw Role: (anti) schemer, support It honestly baffles me, why Outlaws are rarely recommended. I guess a circular logic lies at the bottom. People assume Tormented is a pure killer and bubble crew, without any scheming potential and therefore do not take Daw when the pool involves anything other than murdering – which is not when Outlaws reach their full potential and therefore get branded as underperforming models and are not testes in more scheme heavy pools, strengthening the first assumption. Outlaws are what I consider the crew’s scheme runners. They are not great when compared to dedicated runners, but Run & Gun at least gives them the ability to move while they use their attacks at the same time. Their abilities also make them very flexible, and I usually try to squeeze at least one into my list and often take two, if the pool demands it. While Hanged can also drop schemes with their attacks, catching an enemy model at a suitable location is much more likely, when it comes on a 12” gun. Staggered and Slow also are much more useful at that range. Outlaws are the only in-crew source for Fast. They are the reason, why Guilty will always have productive activations, they can drop a marker to provide the cost. Naturally, it is better to destroy an enemy marker and get Fast on top of it! Even if Outlaws move away from the bubble, they can remove one marker for free each turn, putting Fast on themselves (it is not an attack action). Crooked Man I have never seriously played them, even do not own them. That might be due to them being hard/expensive to obtain in my area, but I have not missed them much. Their min. 3 trigger and blast Staggered looks appealing, but they are a bit too expensive when I could take cheaper options for the similar capabilities. In theory they combine well with Drowned, Jakuuna and Montresor, but this pronounces their price tag even more. While Malifaux Mining Law is unique and may be helpful in certain situations, I prefer to simply not pick schemes which would require their protection. But I would be happy to hear any success stories about them and which factors lead to it! Jaakuna Ubume Role: utility She is a control piece. Lure on stat 7 is great, especially when the enemy is already close to Daw and suffers -1 Wp. It has two main functions: Scoring control and pulling enemy models into your death bubble. This is especially important for a bubble crew, because scheme runners can potentially sneak past on your flanks. With her, you do not need to run after them to hunt them down. Be aware, while she has okay defensive capabilities, she is a bit squishy for a Tormented model. Do not leave her alone, she likes to stick to your bubble. This is also where you can benefit most from her bonus action aura, stacking with the other auras from Daw/Ligeia. Drowned Role: utility While Kirai can summon them wherever they are needed, Tormented have to actually move them across the board, to make use of their min. 3 trigger attack. Since all your mobility abilities for other models are single target, there is a built-in limit, which can leave Drowned behind. On the plus side they apply Staggered with a ranged bonus action and Projectile Vomit can both Debuff beaters who are brave enough to come close to your bubble or mess with your opponent’s positioning – a footprint of 6”+50mm covers a lot of ground, though it requires a suit. All in all one could say they are more of a control model for Tormented, instead of a beater minion, which is another reason why I usually take only one, as more are not needed for this task. Versatile & OOK models I have often read that Tormented plays in-keyword only. I beg to differ. Spending 25% of your points for non-keyword models might not always be necessary but is absolutely normal for Tormented. You can go up to 50% without running into major trouble. You just need to look out to include enough curses and draw sufficient cards. Bone Pile Role: heal/condition support, teleporting schemer Who played against me more than once knows, I am a fan of Bone Piles. Personal preference aside, there are very good reason to take them with Tormented, since they cover two of their main weaknesses: lack of healing and lack of condition removal. Against condition crews (e.g. Pandora) I like to take two of them. Even if their Throw ‘Em A Bone ability is not needed in a given turn, they still can shoot stuff from the safety of your bubble. In Corrupted Ley Lines they are my turn#1 Lodestone bearer. Move to the first strategy marker turn #1/2 and bring a 2nd model into position. Turn #3 you bury and therefore throw the Lodestone any distance to the closest model – the one you positioned to be in range to go to the next marker. Turn #4 you unbury at marker 3, all you need until then is a close corpse token. Break the line might also benefit from them, though it needs a few more resources. Shoot a scheme runner shoving a strategy marker, cheat for Dismember and bury. Next turn, you pop up next to them and, if necessary, kill them with the Pick the Bones trigger. Those are a few loops to jump through, so it will not always work, but keep it in the back of your mind. Gravedigger Role: utility/support I would like to include a Gravedigger more often, especially in combination with Bone Piles. Commonly, I cannot find enough free point for them though. In my opinion they should be central to scoring at least two of your strategy/schemes (e.g. Leylines + Research Mission) to take them in your list. Dead Rider Role: beater, utility I still have to find a crew, which does not benefit from including the rider. Its damage potential is not as needed as in other crews, but a mobile beatstick like him will nearly always find usage. Tormented specifically like to have another taxi and love to get enemy models pushed into their bubble. This combines very well with Jaakuna’s lure. Divide both on your flanks and your opponent will think twice to try to sneak around your bubble. Manos Role: utility, debuff As usual, Manos is a mobile schemer with Demise hate, who can also hurt stuff if necessary. But with Tormented, his Spirit Barrage is especially noteworthy. An 12” AOE Staggered trigger without TN once you have hit your original target is easily worth stoning and cheating for in this crew. The whole package he brings makes him a serious consideration, even when you do not need his Demise hate. Nurse Role: heal/condition support Usually, I prefer Bone Piles for healing/condition hate due to their offensive and scoring capabilities. Bedside manner is not as needed as with other crews, your models are quite tough on their own or your opponent is hesitant to get close to your bubble anyway. But it would be foolish to ignore their capabilities completely. Upcycling cards is never bad, multiple of her triggers work well with Tormented and if your primary need is condition removal and healing, they are your go-to model. Mourner Role: utility They are the only model to counter ruthless. Sadly, this great rule sticks to a bad model and only helps against melee based ruthless. The corpse can assist with an early-game corpse, e.g. for a Bone Pile teleport or focus pulse, but overall I cannot give them a recommendation. Usually, it would be better to simply safe SS for stoning to avoid damage. There might be niche cases though, so I regard them as a rare option. Necropunk Role: schemer As scheme runner, they were so good, they could be taken in any crew. This changed with GG2 and their new requirement for masks on their leap. But Tormented is one of the crews with enough card draw to still include them. While you want to avoid duels, their crews ability can draw you cards, in contrast to most other OOK options. Sloth Role: heal/buff support Sloth will always be a solid in an (mostly) undead crew! He might not be a priority pick for Tormented. Handing out fast is always great and might be worth the stones already, but it does not work on a few models (Jakuuna, Hanged, Drowned, Ligeia) and his heal drawback requires you to take another model to get rid of slow or limit it to tarpit models like Jakuuna (which you might be fine with). He can be a niche tech pick if you have trouble against strong healing. Together with Hanged, it becomes quite unappealing with a big footprint, but I have never run in such a situation. Student of Steel Role: offensive support Armour hate on a stick. Not a high priority pick, even against high armour lists, but it might make dealing with them easier. You can run into trouble getting the student into position, most your mobility abilities do not work on non-Tormented friendly models, unless you curse the Student. Jakuuna is the exception here, she can lure him along. Anna Lovelave Role: utility She is solid without any support and gets taken as a tech piece against summoners and flyers for her Gravity Well ability alone. She fits quite well into Daw's playstile, with two (!) debuffs auras, the chance to draw cards, reasonable toughness and offensive. Personally, I am a big fan of her Glimpse trigger, as it can send anything, that even Tormented might have trouble getting rid of, back to wherever your opponent has to spend actions to return them into a proper position.
  4. There has been some discussion about Jack Daw on the forum and in my LGS (mostly thanks to me🙃) lately so I am gonna put what I learned about the crew playing about 10 - 15 games in m3e With him. I have a few games in with Tormented in Henchman Hardcore in as well and Montressor is quite good there but it is not what I will focus on here. Lets start with the one and only: Jack daw Df: 5, Wp: 7, Mv: 5, Sz: 2 Pretty average statline, the Wp 7 is nice but nothing special for a master. Undying and Injustice: At only 6 Wounds, Jack is the master in M3E with the lowest woundcount. Undying however allows him to discard a card every time he takes damage to change it to 1 irreducable damage. Note that this is not a reduction, the damage simply becomes 1. Injustice is the flipside of that coin. Whenever a tormented model draws a card, he can instead heal 1. These two abilities make him insanely survivable and very hard to kill. Injustice is quite tricky to get used to since you have to decide wether you want to keep jack up and running or you want to have more recources in hand. I generally try to have a full hand earlier in the turn. Later it usually starts to crystalize wether or not i will need to draw more cards or if I am fine with the cards I have in my hand. I do however generally try to give him another way to heal. Terrifying (12): His main way of defense. Whenever an enemy model targets Jack daw with an attack action, they first need to pass a WP duel Tn 12 or just dont do the action. This combined with Disturbing whispers, which lowers Wp by -1 means that the average model has to flip an 8 or higher to even try to hit Jack. This is less than a 50% chance to even try to hit. While they can cheat for it, that is the exact thing that jack wants, getting rid of your hand. Additionally if they do get through it, you just got rid of a moderate or higher card in their deck. While this does sound like a small thing, it will rack up with how many models with terrifying the tormented have. Torment: This is the tormented keyword ability. At the end of an activation, if this model dealt damage to a model with an upgrade attached, you draw a card. This has two parts. First you give out curses to enemies and then draw cards if you hit them. Seccondly, this makes your enemy think twice about bringing upgrades since you will draw from that. Also this gives you a natural advantage against any summoners since they will usualy hand out summon upgrades. Honestly I feel like this ability is underestemated. While on one model it does not seem like all that much, from turn 2 on i usualy draw between 3 and 6 cards a turn from this ability alone. Disturbing whispers: The Tormented often get refered to as a bubble crew. This is Jack Daws bubble and in my oppinion one of the stronger in the crew. It lowers the Wp of enemy models within 6'' of Jack. This means that most of your ranged attacks and some of your mele attacks are more likely to hit, your enemy is less likely to hit most of your models because of Terrifying and your pulses get better. While this does seem minor, it does pretty much kill 4 cards in your opponents deck or hand for every Wp flip they make. Now to his back: Dead Man's Collar: range 1 mele, stat 6, resisted by Mv. With a damage profile of 2/3/4 this is a pretty average attack if your opponent does not have staggered. I usually dont use this attack if they don't have staggered because his cast is simply better in that case because it gives them a curse. If they are staggered however, this attack becomes insane. First of it targets Mv. This means not a single defensive trigger in the game. Since they have staggered, this is basically stat 8 which is insane. They always have to discard a card and then come the triggers. On a ram it becomes a 4/5/6 damage profile which is crazy good. On a crow they essentially just discarded 2 cards or one card and a soulstone or you got rid of a model. This is also part of one of the tactics that I like to run with Jack. Bring a load of soulstones and get rid of their hand as fast as possible. Then towards the end of the turn, start spamming execute triggers with Jack and Montressor and kill those core models. I rarely use the Punishment trigger on this model unless I already kill their model with the base damage. If I need it, I go for Supressed Memories. Speaking of which: Suppressed Memories: range 8'', stat 6 with built in crow trigger, resisted by Wp. While the damage profile of 2/3/3 is not that good, thatt is not why you use this Action. This is Jacks way of cursing enemy models. The Curse of Injustice gives the model it is attached to staggered in the start phase and they now have the tormented keyword. This is everything you want. While not that flashy, they now have every single drawback you need on them. Why that is I will go into later. The built in Punishment trigger is awesome. Two things to remember here: Their cursed models are tormented and don't get to resist this and while it is awesome to get your own Models into position it is usually better to get theirs in the wrong position. The seccond trigger is On Your Heels and Jack shares this with his best friends the Hanged. This trigger is amazing and often worth stoning for. It can move you up to 11'' against a 50mm model and you are now engaging something usually in the enemy backline. Also, since you can use this while engaged, it is also an excellent tool to leave your enemies beaters somewhere they dont want to be or get Jack out of a tough spot. Additionally, this can also be used on your own guilty and you dont even have to give them the cuse because of the way their Guilty as charged ability works. Usually I use this in the first turn to get Jack 10'' forwards for one Ap but it is also pretty handy to get him out of a fray. Drawn to Betrayal: range 16'', Stat 6, Tn 12, Rst Wp. The first of his two bonus actions. I wish I could use those as normal actions honestly, they are so good. At a range of 16'', this pushes a Tormented model 6'' towards another tormented Model. Tricks like this are why I don't think that his crew is slow. While you will usually use this on your own Models, don't forget that it can be used on the enemy. It is hillarious to get their sniper into mele with this combined with a lure or two from Jakuna. Whispered Truths: pulse 3'', Stat 6, Tn 12. This action is insane and I try to use it at least once per activation after turn 2. If used in the right moment it can easily affect 3 to 4 models. They then have to do a TN 13 Wp duel (remember that they get -1 to Wp as well) or gain Slow. This means that you just got rid of 3-4 Ap generally from a beater or they have used 3 - 4 of their good cards. Even if this is out of their deck, with an average Wp of 5 (now 4) they need a 9 or higher and trust me, this is not what they want to use it for. Even if they flip or cheat to prevent the slow, Jack has 3 Ap so you can just use it again. This combined with Terrifying and other abilities similar is why enemies usually think that they are flipping really badly. They usually either use one of their high cards either out of their deck or their hand for this, which feels bad, or they fail it, which feels even worse. It's a lose - lose situation for them, or a win - win for you. Then, because that opression is not enough, they also built in a trigger to get you the tormented draw. On a crow, every Enemy model within 3'' with a cursed Upgrade suffers 2 damage. No resist, nothing. Among Jack, the hanged and the guilty, I often dish out 5 or more upgrades in a game and this trigger usually deals between 2 and 8 damage. Fickle Tormentor: pulse 4'', no flip. Draw a card for each enemy model in range with a Cursed Upgrade. No flip whatsoever. Worst case you draw a card for a guilty in range since they can be counted as enemy and usually have a curse after turn 1. I however often find myself drawing 3-4 cards from this especially if my enemy plays a fighter crew. Remember that in a pickle, this can also heal Jack for insane ammounts in a heartbeat but I generally use other ways of healing for that. In my oppinion Jack is incredible as a master. While he does take quite some getting used to especially because of the wound situation he is very survivable and even if the enemy kills him, he usually takes so much to take down they will have lost an insane ammount of recourses. Important with him is in my oppinion to use him more as a utility piece than a beater. In general I use him as a feelbad for my opponent. If i have the choice between taking one of their models or slowing more than one or getting rid of their hand, it is generally better to minimise their options than to kill. With him you want to think how you can make your opponent have as little options as possible. Now for his Totem: Lady Ligeia Wd 4, Df 5, Wp 4, Mv 5, Sz 2. While her stat line is quite good for a 2 SS Model, she is usually the squishiest model in the crew. She does have some defensive tech and can survive a hit. But as soon as it is 2 hits, she is gone. Keep her allive. She is insanely important for the crew since she takes away your opponents ability to be sure of anything. Cheating is the strongest thing you can do in the game since it guarantees certain hits and you just double the cost of it as long as she is nearby. We'll get to that. Incorporeal: Her defense: She ignores any terrain and Models while moving and is unaffected by Hazardous Terrain. Also this reduces any damage she takes from attack actions by 1 to a minimum of 0. While this does help her live through blasts usw. It is not why this is such a good defensive tech. This can be used to get her out of line of seight and out of charge ranger of almost any model. Combined with Mv 5 this means that she can hide behind walls, inside of dense terrain usw. Use this to keep her out of seigth and move her into the bubble when you have started egaging your enemy. Torment: We talked about this with Jack. On ligeia, this will rarely be usefull since she rarely if ever attacks but hey, nice to have. Betrayal: This is the sole reason she is good. Enemy models within 6'' must discard a card to cheat fate. Want to get through terrifying and flip badly? costs 2 cards now. Want to guarantee an attack from hitting? Costst 2 cards now. This means that without carddraw, they can cheat a grand total of 3 times a turn. This is actually even with carddraw quite an accurate number since you make them discard with pretty much every model in your crew. If they use those 3 times early, they now have an empty hand, bring on the executes. If they don't, make them discard before they can actually cheat. Having cards in hand while your opponent does not is pretty much the most powerful situation to be in. You can guarantee your abilities to hit while they have to gamble on every single Ap. And even if they hit their attack, you can then cheat to cancel it. Insignificant: She costs 2 SS, what did you expect. Now for the flipside of the card. Talons: Rg 0'', Stat 4, Rst Df Not the best, but in a side case she could engage something that wants to sceme or something. WIth a damage profile of 1/2/3 never really something I want to use. Dont get her that close, she doesn't need the hugs, trust me. The trigger is kind of weird with Jack. On a ram, if the enemy has an attached Upgrade. They either discard it or suffer 2/3/4 damage and gain injured +2. This does seem strong but this is literally the only crew you don't want to get rid of their upgrades in. I have used it once in all of M3E to get rid of Ruthless on a Rooster Rider and I don't know if that was the right choice. You want the draws you get from those models for Torment and don't want to give them the ability to get off their upgrades. Projected Voice: Rg 10'', Stat 4 with mask, Rst Wp: Generally with Ligeia my thoughts go like this: Is she safe and are there enemy models inside of her aura? No -> Move her, often twice. Yes -> Use this. Target their lowest Wp Model, with stat 4 it usually won't go through, and hope for moderate damage. The builtin stagger is insane if you get it because Ligeia really does not need to actively do anything at all. So if you don't hit, too bad, doesn't matter. If you do hit, you just dished out 2/3/4 damage and have staggered one or more models. Ligeia is really strong. Your opponent will target her and you want her to survive, so keep her alive. Now for Jacks Henchman: Montressor Wd 10, Df 6, Wp 5, Mv 5, Sz 3: I think that this is the reason people think the tormented are a Bubble crew. He has a really good bubble for this crew, is very dificult to kill and deals damage like crazy. His main problem is that he is slow, He doesn't have a single trick that moves himself. Gone is that nimble from M2e. I usually try to use Jack to set him up turn 1 and then he just stands in the middle of the board and locks it down. Oh and how he locks it down. Terrifying (11): Same as with Jack. This provides quite a base defense for Montressor but don't count on it stopping anything. Hard to Wound: This is really nice as a defensive things since with his 10 Wounds it upps the number of hits he can take by quite a bit. Suffocation: Now we start with his bubbles: Enemy models with staggered that start their Activation within 6'' suffer 1 damage. This is nice in general since it is irresistable damage and is especially nice against hard to kill models. Hanging Ropes: This is incredibly good. If your opponent has condition removal, they first need to kill Montressor. His pull tricks combined with this aura is why opponents that are in the bubble will almost never be able to get out of it again. Torment: Same ability as always. I wont go over this anymore from now on. Every tormented Model has it. Demise (Eternal): This is the big one. Once per turn when Montressor dies, you can discard a card and he heals 4. Combined with the tormented draw engine, your opponent has to kill Montressor twice. That means getting through terrifying twice and then flipping with htw again. Also, if he died once this turn already, use Soulstones to keep him alive if necessary. Having your opponent almost kill him and then resetting the once per turn is amazing. Now for the backside of the card: Noose: Rg 1'', Stat 6 with built in Mask, Targeting Mv This attack is amazing. Stat 6 against Movement means that once again you are hitting at stat 8 if the enemy is staggered and while the damage profile is average at 2/3/4, the triggers are where it is at with this attack. The builtin Stagger is the most reliable way to dish out staggered in the crew and should always be the main focus to get out of Montressors activations. The seccond trigger is Excecute and Montressor shares it with Jack. This trigger I usually use later in the turn/game with Montressor and mostly to actually get rid of key Models or to get the last cards out of my opponents hand. Also this is quite fun in Henchman hardcore games where not many people bring more than 2 or 3 stones and will most of the time have to discard for it. The last trigger is Weigh down which makes the attack do 3/4/5 if the enemy has an upgrade attached. This is good but I only really use it if I flip a ram and the enemy is already staggered. Toss the Noose: Rg shoot 10'', Stat 6 with built in Ram, Rst Df If they are far away, just throw the noose. This attack has a good damage profile at 2/3/4 but once again nothing extraordinary. It always gives staggered which is really useful. Basically Montressor really does not like you moving. The built in Pull and Drag trigger pushes the enemy 3'' towards Montressor and often into that bubble they really dont want to be in. The delay trigger is also really nice, giving out slow on a crow, but I usually just take it as it comes up since I want the crows for executes and such. Cursed to Watch: Rg 10'', Stat 6, Tn 10 This is a handy Techpiece in some situations but i generally don't use it too often. It is really funny to use this on a Jakuna to Lure 3 or 4 times in two activations. Asphixiation: pulse 6'', stat 6, Tn 12 More tarpit from Montressor here. Deals 1 damage to every enemy model within 6 that has staggered and on a crow an additional damage to every model that has staggered. That means that on a model that has staggered and an upgrade, Montressor deals up to 3 damage to that Model without it ever making a flip. Montressor is generally a really good tarpit model and in my opinion the reason why Jack daw is seen as such a bubble crew. Of course that is a good reason. He is not the fastest to get to where he wants to be so he usually needs a bit of help setting up. Now for the base of the crew, the Guilty. Wd 6, Df 6, Wp 4, Mv 5, Sz 2 Already with slightly above average stats, the guilty are the punching bags of the Crew. I always take 1 to beat up turn 1 to get the on your heels triggers in and then charge into the enemy lines and die (in his activation in the seccond turn he usually has 2 wounds remaining). A seccond Guilty i sometimes to sceme with or to guard my backline since they can comfortably annoy most scemerunners in the game. They wont take them out but can keep them annoyed until someone else gets there. Hard to Wound: Nice defensive tech. Always nice to see on a 5ss model. Demise (No rest for the wicked): The reason the enemy does not want to kill them. The model that kills the guilty gets the Punish the Wicked Upgrade. As long as the model with that upgrade is in play, my hand size is one higher and the model gets a demise that when it dies, gives me a new Guilty. Guilty as Charged: This is the reason the Jack crew is fast and why it is as good as it is. This lets friendly tormented Models treat this model as enemy for the sake of Abilities, triggers and actions. This means that Jack and the hanged can teleport to them, all of the tormented can draw of hitting them if they have a curse attachend to them. The Dead Outlaw can drop enemy sceme markers of them usw. Basically when you look for interesting interactions and find a model that says enemy only, ask yourself whether or not you can abuse that in some way. Note however that this can not be used to blast off of the the guilty since they are simultaneously enemy and friendly. Agony: Rg 1'', Stat 5, Rst Mv With a damage profile of 2/3/4 quite good for a 5ss model and the fact that it is resisted by Mv makes it a potential Stat 7 attack. The stagered trigger is nice and I sometimes cheat for it but I generally like to use my masks for on your heels triggers. Feed on Grief: Rg 8, Stat 5, Rst Wp A little bit weaker damage profile with 2/2/4 but the fact that it gets a + flip makes it quite good. The heal rarely comes up but is nice when it does. I usually try to have them reposition better for my movement shennanigans rather than attack but it can be usefull. Share Guilt: Rg 8, Stat 5, Tn 12, Rst Wp Because the model wasn't good enough it also has a bonus action that makes your enemy discard. Also, and this is most often used against either targets of the hanged or models that come with opponents upgrades (ew, I know, those exist), they also get staggered if they have one. the Crow trigger is mostly usefull to get the torment draw in but if I have to cheat for it I only do that if I need to heal daw since i want to keep my crows otherwhise. The Guilty are incredibly good models for the cost of 5 ss and can take a few hits. If they die they often have already done their ss in worth and then the enemy also gets the best curse in the entire Tormented crew. Hanged Wd 8, Df 4, Wp 6, Mv 4, Sz 2 These are the main beaters of Jacks crew and they are really good. They have some rather unconventional defensive tech, which sometimes makes the enemy try to kill them early. While they can and will die, the enemy has usually put way more recourses in than they should have. While often people remark that their weakness is their Mv 4, I think that does not really matter since they are insanely fast models for reasons I will get into later. Terrifying (12): I have gone over this a few times now and not much changes with it here. It is quite a good defensive ability and 12 is a good stat for it. Incorporeal: They Ignore everything while moving and reduce any damage they take from attacks by 1 to a minimum of 0. This is once again a really good defensive tech since they can run through walls and models, but it also means that they will never block the path for allied or enemy models to move. Forever Doomed: This is one of the more interesting abilities in the game. This means that while fighting a Hanged, your enemy has no red and two black jokers in their deck and you have 2 red Jokers in your hand. It also means that if you draw the black joker, you just got a red one that is limited to one model. Attuned: Because it wasn't good enough otherwise, it also has attuned. This is usefull for triggers, especially on your heels, but also for defense, reducing by 2/3/4 together with incorporeal. Dead Man's Collar: Rg 1, Stat 6 with built in ram, Rst Mv Giving his best immitation of the boss himself, The hanged also can hit with stat 8 if the enemy is staggered. the damage profile of 2/3/4 is this time made to be 3/4/5 by the built in trigger that the enemy has to have an upgrade on for. Making the enemy discard if they are staggered is also pretty neat. The Tome trigger is nice but I generally try to stay away from sceme marker based sceme since the hanged are the only models apart from the gunslingers that can drop them without blowing an Ap for it. The stagger trigger is quite nice, giving you another way to slow your enemy down. Toss the Noose: Rg 10, Stat 6, Rst Df This time impersonating Montressor, the hanged also throws his rope. Damage profile of 2/3/4 is really nice and the automatic staggered is great. Now for the best trigger in the crew. On your Heels. This places you into base contact with the enemy at a range of 10'' which means that when targeting a 50mm Model it can place itself at 13'' - 14'' range. If there is no usable enemy model for this, no worries, just use a guilty. Horrifying Whispers: Rg 10, Stat 6, Rst Wp This deals out the Upgrade the Hanged have. While it is the worst curse the tormented have, it is still really nice since it is essentially free. The curse essentially says that the enemy takes 2 irreducable damage at the start of its activation and discards a card to get rid of it or the enemy discards a card at the end of the activation and you get to push it 3'' in any direction, usually towards your cluster. It also has two really good triggers. On your Heels is once again insane with a teleport range of up to 14'' and the mental trauma gets rid of more cards in the enemy hand or deals 3 damage. It often has the same effect as an execute although at a lessened effect. Enthropic curse: aura 4'', Stat 6, Rst 12 Because they need more utility and annoyance to the enemy, the hanged now also give the Tormented anti heal. This model will in total get rid of 2 - 3 cards of the enemies hand in an activation, can survive a lot of hits and can basically get anywhere where the enemy or my guilty are. I often use them to get a few hits in and dish out an upgrade early and then go after the enemy sceme runners, kill them and then sceme myself. Be carefull where you place them because if they end up alone, they are very slow and will not do anything for the rest of the game. Jakuna Ubume This is the seccond Tarpit in the crew. Jakuna Ubume is quite survivable and her lure is very bad for models with high movement which is generally a weakpoint for the crew. She binds into the second kind of tactic in the Crew which is playing around hazardous terrain. It is mostly on the ressers side and I take it usually when I see a big part of terrain in the middle that is not blocking. Wd 7, Df 5, Wp 6, Mv 5, Sz 2 Generally, Jakuna has pretty average Stats. Having 6 Wp is nice, but she does have only 7 Wd to a SS cost of 8. She makes up for this however with quite a bit of defensive tech. Vengeance: Jakuna is a ping model. She tries to make the enemy take damage outside of her own turn and then finish them on her turn. This anility ties into that. Whenever something hits her, she hits back. Serene Countenance: Her main defense. Anything attacking her has a minus flip to the attack. While focussing is a way around this, the enemy just used 2 Ap to hit once and took quite some ping damage in return as we will se in a bit. This ties into the rest of the crew since this way the enemy loses either the opportunity to cheat or an Ap to try and hit you, losing more recourses. Incorporeal: With her, reducing all damage by one is quite a big thing. She does not care as much about getting hit as other models and essentially gives you one of the damage she would take back. The fact that she can run through terrain is nice, but doesn't come up as much as with other models such as Jakuna Ubume. The fact that she is ignored by other models when moving is big however because her 50mm base can easily get in the way. Tear Appart: Rg 1, Stat 6, Rst Df Nice attack which, for once in this crew actually targets the enemy Df. Stat 6 is great and the 2/3/5 damage profile is slightly better then what Jack is used to. Her Mask triggers are great. You are comming with me is amazing if she is out of position or to get an enemy out of position. Also, since it moves the enemy through her aura, they take terrain damage. Stagger is nice, but usually if they are close enough to Jakuna, they should already be staggered. Feast of vengeance is great since it can restore half of Jacks health, but it comes up rarely since the enemy will usually try not to get his smaller models into engagment with Jakuna. Projected Voice: Rg 10, Stat 5, Rst Wp Really nice attack. 2/3/4 damage is average. But I often find myself focussing for the straight flip so I can cheat for moderate damage. the Blast is nice and pushing more then 1 Model around in range of Jakunas aura ups the blast damage to 2 and the damage profile to 3/4/5 which is really nice. Lure: Rg 12, Stat 7, Tn 12, Rst Wp Stat 7 Lures are amazing. Combined with Jakunas Drowning aura, this can even deal damage. This is the main reason to play Jakuna in Jacks crew since Models such as Montressor can be slow to set up in the middle and she helps a lot with that. Together, Jakuna and Montressor can essentially Lock down an 8 - 10'' Bubble in the middle of the board. Drowning Aura: Aura 3'', Stat 7, Tn 12 This is amazing. Every single of Jakunas Attacks has some way to move the enemy, which then doubles as a Critical hit trigger and since she has Serene Countenance, If the enemy wants to focus to hit her, they will take 3 damage if they deal damage just for focusing and hitting alone. I usually try to get it first turn and after that I will cheat if I get something under a 5. This is worth it. Drowned Wd 7, Df 4, Wp 5, Mv 4, Sz 2 Jakunas best friends are the drowned. The other model Jack shares with the Urami crew, this model is great. It is the slowest Model in the crew but it can be used quite comfortably as a flanker that maybe does a sceme or two and cuts off someone else. It is great at slowing the enemy by staggering them and being a general pain. Vengeance +1 Same as Jakuna, they hit back. This is the first of a few reason why they are Mele monsters and can easily ocupy Models much more expensive than their lowly 6 SS Riptide: All blast markers they drop are now Hazardous terrain markers. It deals 1 damage and gives Staggered, which is amazing. Note that when the enemy is affected by both this and Jakunas aura, they will take 2 damage, since this has 2 effects and therefore does not have the same effect as Jakunas Aura. Hard to Wound: Another great defense tech Combat Finesse: You do not want to be in Mele with this thing. You cannot cheat, it has hard to wound. You will almost always get weak damage upon which it avenges itself. Depths of Malifaux: It is essentially always on home turf. While not quite as good as Incorporeal, still nice since a lot of terrain does not matter to me. Anchor: Rg 1, Stat 6, Df Stat 6 on a 6ss Model is great and while this does sadly target Df, whith a damage spread of 2/3/5 this is a very good attack compared to the cost. The first trigger can make it 3/4/6 which is great but also quite conditional and the seccond trigger is amazing. If you have terrain set up, this will deal 3/4/6 damage, give out staggered and stunned. Their model now can do almost nothing. Projectile Vomit: Rg 8, Stat 5, Mv This is a great option. If there is an enemy Model that has staggered, this becomes stat 7 and I often focus for it since you really want moderate if not severe damage with this. The damage spread is 1/1blast/1, 2 blast. The blast is what you are going for with this action. It will give out distracted and Injured to the enemy models in blast range which is big. The first trigger gives you an additional damage, which usually is a nice bonus but does not do that much. The seccond trigger however is amazing. This means that you just hit maybe 2 models with blast, giving them injured and distracted and then you push even more models around, giving them staggered and 1 damage, while getting them out of position. This attack is amazing. Startle: Rg 8, Stat 5, Rst Wp This really rounds out the model. It does just give out staggered but is great if you plan to use Projectile vomit with it since now you can hit one model with stat 7 against mv, Usually this will be the slowest model and often hits mv 4 models. An advantage of 3 is big and nothing to scoff at especially if you focused. Crooked Man Wd 8, Df 4, Wp 5, Mv 4, Sz 2 Jakunas other friend. In my oppinion on par with the drowned in powerlevel but the ss cost that is one higher makes it that i don't take them often and more into heavy blasting crews or if the enemy has very fast models and i need to have jakuna stagger them. Shafted: This is an crazy good ability. As long as this model is in LoS of Jakunas terrain, it now also staggers, which is really bit, especially if Montressor is nearby. Hard to Wound: Nice defense. At already quite a high Wd count, this is just nice. Blast resistance +2: This is really nice against heavy blasting crews such as wong. Depths of Malifaux: the same as with the drowned. Mining Tools: Rg 1, Stat 6, Rst Df Another 2/3/4 attack. This is a good attack in general and not having defense triggers is very good. The weigh down trigger is good as always but once again nothing to gun for. The delay trigger however is great against key enemy models. Another way to take away enemy options. Earthquake: Rg 8, Stat 6, Rst Mv Another attack resisted by Mv which we love. 2/2/3 damage is nice and the fact that it will always blast is amazing. This is the exact attack that you need against swarm crews such as hamelin. Dishing out mass staggered is really good. Malifaux mining law is great against certain crews and into certain Scemepools but because of his mv 4 he is not really a sceme running model, which is kind of a shame. Dead Outlaw Wd 7, Df 4, Wp 5, Mv 5, Sz 2 The one Tormented Model that I don't have. I have however tried them in games where we allowed proxys and they are kind of niche. Their statblock is good but nothing amazing. This model is definitely something you want to use to pick of small enemy models that try to stay in the backline. Example would be our very own Jakuna or Colettes doves usw. Also it can provide fire support into clusters while running over the flanks trying to score later game scemes. Hard to Wound: Once again good defense. Cursed Bullets: Usually this reads "this model ignores Friendly fire" when playing Jack. Pretty much every model that is anywhere near one of mine will be tormented. Gunfighter: Good to have, although not something you want to use since you dont want them in melee. Run n Gun: The reason he is usable as a scemer. Have him go over the flank and charge and then shoot towards the middle. he is not the fastest but will do some work. Collier Revolver: Rg 12, Stat 5, Rst Df The highest range attack in the tormented crew. 2/3/4 damage as always but all the triggers are generally good. The drop it trigger is great with a Prospector since he can shoot a guilty first turn, make it drop a marker and then have the prospector pick it up, nettoing 2ss turn 1 if you do it twice. Combine that with Wanted criminal and you also draw cards like crazy. At Gunpoint: Essentially an obey but the target needs to be near an enemy sceme marker. Great Action for a 6ss model and the possibility of staggering is just amazing. Covetous Craving: Essentially a way to either store an action on a model for the next turn or to get rid of enemy sceme markers efficiently. Too greedy to die: Great bonus, another way to move around you models and have even more movement tricks in the bag. That covers all of the tormented. I will in the future add Sceme and strategy remarks for the crew and some of the dumb shenannigans you can do with the guilty. Also there will be a part of how to counter him and how to counter the counters. Have fun seing the life go out of the opponents eyes.
  5. I have found an interaction with a javk daw crew i was running a few days ago and am wondering how it works: if i use the dead outlaws collier revolver on my own guilty and cheat in the drop it trigger, counting the guilty as a enemy model for the action, which side will the sceme marker belong to. From a fluff perspective, it doesn't make much sense that it is an enemy sceme marker, but if it is, then i can use this combo to move the dead outlaw 8 inches turn 1 (shoot, push 3 charge, shoot again, get a prospector into base contact with the marker, double interact with both markers and gain 3 ss first turn with the prospector while having a guilty on 2 life, which when playing for the guilties demise is pretty insane.
  6. Gloomy

    The Drowned

    From the album: A Rogues Gallery

  7. Is it possible that this ability is missing two crucial clarifications? 'Torment: At the end of this model's Activation, if it damaged an enemy model with an Attached Upgrade, it may draw a card.' First: When does the damaged enemy model need an Attached Upgrade? When the damage is suffered or when this Ability resolves? Second: Isn't the Ability missing a 'during this activation' phrase? As I read it, a model with Torment could damage an enemy with an Attached Upgrade in Turn 1 and would never have to do it again, because from now on it can always say 'I still damaged that enemy in Turn 1.'
  8. Really feeling Jack Daw as being my next main master and was just wondering what areas of focus Jack can present. After pouring over his rules and that of other tormented I see the he has the utility to go for a terror build, movement and repositioning focus or possibly a denial type of play - I was really wondering a few things... - Is it wise to take all three of his curses, leaving only 2 slots for his other upgrades? - what seems to be the best approach to using jack; or what would you consider a beginner approach to Jacking it with opponents. - The C7, Nurses and Drowned seem obvious but what Tormented would be best for jack to pull from other factions? Any feedback would be welcome
  9. So the Crossroads 7 are finally available and its totally legal to run them as a standalone crew... further they can declare any faction which is a great mind game for prospective opponents. The question is how many people have tried running them in a 50 point game as a stand-alone crew and what were your experiences? I have a game coming up shortly so i'll most likely share my experiences but i'm apprehensive to believe they will be as effective as a properly constructed 50 point crew. Thinking of ganging up on models with 2-3 models at a time to utilise their annoying aura's (keeping in mind pride and wrath's double edged sword aura abilities of course). Anyways I look forward to peoples feedback if any. Awgh I can't wait to use these new characters!!!! Note: Not sure which faction to post on since they are multi-factional -- although wrath is NB so thought i'd start here. apologies if this upsets anyone.
  10. Fetid Strumpet


    My take on the Crossroads Seven. This is the first display base/diorama I've build, and I think it came out well. I tried to challenge myself with this piece. I'm normally not very good with freehand, and so every sin has a tribal tattoo representing iconography relating to the particular sin they represent. Greed has a frog tattoo on her thigh. Sloth has a goat tattoo on his shoulder, Envy has a wolf's paw painted on the side of his organ. Wrath has a lion's head on his chest. Lust has a snake on her back. Pride has a peacock feather on his arm. Gluttony has a pig's head painted on his drum. Gluttony is also covered in bone tattoos to more fully match the artwork. Lust also has freehand painted stripped stockings. I'm particularly happy with how Lust and Gluttony turned out. Comments and constructive criticism are appreciated.

    © 2015

  11. I've played few games with Mister J, but a thought came to my mind: Where does Jack Daw and tormented posse shine at? I like his stories and the fact that he got promoted into master, this of course means I'll be getting his box no matter what people say. What are the schemes and strategies that benefit him or which ones he can ruin for his opponent? For example, what could this list play with(if there is anything). 50 point Scrap Jack Daw -- 4 Pool +Drowing Injustice [0] +Firing Squad Injustice [0] +Guillotine Injustice [0] +Twist and Turn [2] +Writhing Torment [2] Lady Ligeia [4] Bishop [10] Montresor [9] +Fearful Whispers [1] +The Creeping Terror [1] The Guilty [5] The Guilty [5] The Hanged [9] Mainly I prefer to have jack with everything that is injust, but that is only personal thing. Bishop got stuck in here because he is an generally great guy and capable of playing rough. And The Hanged is to frighten little children just in case. No Nurses made in to this party unfortunately.(McMourning had them working extra hours) But generally speaking, What are JD's strongest points?
  12. So while I am starting to come to grips with this pretty funny game, I feel I understand the basics of both the game and some of the masters (have mainly played Leveticus so far) but.... Jack Daw, what is his game, so to speak, i really like his style but am not sure what to bring or how to play him. What does he excel at? What missions does he like? I'd like to keep it in theme at first (unless realy strong suggestions to do otherwise) so mainly tormented models as base. So the current stable of tormented models are: Jack Daw Lady Ligeia Montressor Jaakuna Ubume The Guilty The Drowned The Hanged Crooked Man Nurse Papa Loco (Think thats all of them) I will try my hand at Jack probably next game, so any usefull insights i might glean from that will be reported here
  13. Hello there! I thought it would be nice to share my Tormented Crew with you all. So far it has given me great times playing it, and I both love the theme and the models I had to proxy for it, although I cannot wait to buy the official models once they show up! Well, here they are! http://s261.photobucket.com/user/Sezareo/library/Malifaux/Los%20Atormentados%20de%20Malifaux Family Shots: Jack Daw: Jack, Ligeia, Montresor & Hangeds: Ama no Zako & Lady Ligeia: Lady Ligeia: Montresor & Hangeds: Jaakuna Ubume & Drowneds: Daw is the official one from first edition, and I painted it several years ago, as well as the Hangeds. Montresor is the Carver, the limited edition model Wyrd sold last year. Lady Ligeia is "Nocturna, Princess of Night" from http://www.nocturnamodels.com, an antonishing model, although I didn't make her any justice with my painting... well, after all, injustice is the theme for the Crew, isn't it? Hope you like them!
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