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  1. Good news everyone! After some success and growing interest of the community on my bayou gremlins painting topic I decided to share my progress on LJ and her butt-hurting department with ya all. So LJ are coming to punish ressers and undead things. I’ll upload all my progress on painting marshal keyword and will appreciate your support folks!
  2. In second edition, McMourning used to be duel faction Guild/Resserectionists. Let's say that didn't change. Everything else in M3E went as it did, but McMourning & the Chihuahua kept both affiliations still. How would Experimental play in M3E as Guild?
  3. As a newer player I’ve found that a lot of fantastic ideas can be found on the forums, PullMyFinger, Podcasts and several different blogs. However to make live a bit easier for newer players I decided to make a Compendium for the Guild. It covers all models we have now and will continue to be updated with further releases and obviously synergies. This Compendium acts as: - An oversight of all the Guild models (including exclusives) with links to the models - An small summery of all functionalities the Guild models have - An oversight of all the Guild cards with (including exclusives) links to the cards - A list of several sources you can use for you tactical advantage as a Guild player Note: If you are a Guild veteran this Compendium might be less of an interesting topic to look into. However feel free to add your experiences, synergy ideas and other tactical opinions used. - BOX SETS - The Guild’s Judgement - Lady Justice - The Judge - Scales of Justice - 3x Death Marshal Lady Justice’s boxed set gives you a melee orientated Master that synergizes very well with Death Marshals and are known as the Ressurrectionist hunters within Malifaux. The box offers a lot of melee hitting power plus possible ranged support and a fast way for Death Marshals to go up the board. The Latigo Posse - Perdita Ortega - Francsico Ortega - Santiago Ortega - Nino Ortega - Papa Loco - Enslaved Nephilim Perdita Ortega’s boxed set gives you a ranged orientated Master that synergizes very well with Family models and are known as the Neverborn hunters within Malifaux. The box offers a lot of ranged power plus great push synergizes and melee power to threaten your opponent very quick. The Torch and the Blade - Sonnia Criid - Samael Hopkins - Purifying Flame - 3x Witchling Stalker Sonnia Criid’s boxed set gives you a caster orientated Master that is very capable of clearing the board of swarms of miniatures by melee, ranged and burning attacks. They are known as the Arcanist hunters within Malifaux. The box offers fantastic casting power from Sonnia plus great melee power in melee thanks to the Witchling Stalkers. Body of Evidence - Douglas McMourning - Sebastian - Zombie Chihuahua - Flesh Construct - Canine Remains - 2x Nurse McMourning’s boxed set gives you a dual Guild/Ressurrectionists melee Master that is extremely hard hitting in melee and uses poison attacks to clear the board very quickly. He offers you the option to go deeper into Ressurrectionists or act as a Guild Master with a good grip of Ressurrectionist models available to your Guild crew. Of Metal and Flesh - Charles Hoffman - Mechanical Attendant - 2x Hunter - Guardian - Watcher C. Hoffman’s boxed set gives you a construct orientated caster Master that is capable of synergizing with a lot of construct models and as a result can have a limited acces to Arcanist Construct models. He offers you great upgrade support for your crew’s constructs. Bound by Law - Lucius Matheson - Captain Dashel - The Scribe - 2x Guild Lawyer - 2x Guild Guard Lucius’ boxed set gives you a dual Guild/Neverborn support orientated Master that is capable of letting your Guardsmen perform beyond themselves and as a Guild Master has a limited acces to Mimic Neverborn models. He offers allround casting support for your crew. Relic Hunters - Lucas McCabe (on foot and mounted) - Sidir Alchibal - Luna - 3x Wastrel McCabe’s boxed set gives you a dual Ten Thunders/Gild support orientated Master that is capable of passing relics around trough your crew to let other models reform beyond themselves and as a Guild Master has excellent synergy with Guild Hounds thanks to his trusty Luna. He offers great allround upgrade support for your crew. The Pen is Mightier - Nellie Cochrane - Phiona Gage - The Printing Press - 3x Field Reporter Nellie’s boxed set gives you a support orientated Master that is capable of supporting your other crew models thanks to evidence. Her boxed set is scheme orientated and allows you to build pressure with casting attacks, melee attacks and scheme’s. She offers great allround casting support for your crew. Wild Ones (Nightmare Edition) - Rollins Black (alternate Lucas McCabe on foot and mounted) - Cherri Bomb (alternate Sidir Alchibal) - Iggy Pup (alternate Luna) - Elli Ramone (alternate Mounted Guard) - Patti Ramone (alternate Mounted Guard) Rollin’s boxed set gives you a dual Ten Thunders/Gild support orientated Master that is capable of passing relics around trough your crew to let other models reform beyond themselves and as a Guild Master has excellent synergy with Guild Hounds thanks to his trusty Iggy Pup. He offers great allround support for your crew. Crossroad Seven (Story Encounter) - Greed - Wrath, Pride, Envy, Sloth, Lust and Gluttony The Crossroad Seven’s boxes gives you a very cool story encounter and allows you to pick and choose from a very wide selection of Mercenaries with Greed being a Guild Enforcer herself based around taking and giving away Soulstones. - MASTERS - Lady Justice - Melee Master, high damage and self sufficient, Guild Marshal Perdita Ortega - Ranged Master, hard to hit and Family synergy, Family Sonnia Criid - Casting Master, Blasts and Burning synergy, Witch Hunter Douglas McMourning - Guild/Ressurrectionist, Melee Master, Poison synergy Charles Hoffman - Casting Master, fantastic Construct support, MS&U Lucius Matheson - Guild/Neverborn, Casting Master, Minion support, Mimic Lucas McCabe - Guild/Ten Thunders, Combined arms Master, fantastic Minion support, Black Sheep Nellie Cochrane - Casting Master, fantastic Minion support, Journalist - HENCHMAN - Captain Dashel - Combined arms Henchman, Minion support, Guardsman Dr. Grimwell - Melee Henchman, Witch Hunter Francisco Ortega - Melee Henchman, fantastic defensive support, Family Master Queeg - Combined arms Henchman, allround Support, Black Sheep, Guardsman Phiona Gage - Melee Henchman, Terrain creator, Journalist Ryle Hoffman - Combined arms Henchman, Construct, MS&U Samael Hopkins - Ranged Henchman, Burning synergy, Witch Hunter Sidir Alchibal - Guild/Ten Thunders, Ranged Henchman, Black Sheep The Judge - Combined arms Henchman, anti-Undead, Guild Marshal - ENFORCER - Abuela Ortega - Ranged Enforcer, non-Leader support, Family Allison Dade - Casting Enforcer, Guardsman synergy, Journalist Brutal Emissary - Combined arms Enforcer, Buried attack, forces Wk duel, different Upgrade linked to Master Death Marshal Recruiter (2) - Combined arms Enforcer, Guild Marshal support, Buried synergy, Guild Marshal Executioner (2) - Melee Enforcer, enemy Scheme marker synergy Exorcist (2) - Combined arms Enforcer, anti-Undead, Guild Marshal Greed - Casting Enforcer, Soulstone synergy, Crossroad Seven Guild Sergeant (2) - Combined arms Enforcer, Guardsman synergy, Guardsman Nino Ortega - Ranged Enforcer, Family synergy, Family Nurse Heartsbane - Combined arms Enforcer, Witch Hunter Pale Rider - Combined arms Enforcer, gaining stronger triggers as the turns continue Papa Loco - Combined arms Enforcer, fantastic offensive support, explosive death, Family Peacekeeper - Combined arms Enforcer, difficult to destroy, Construct Santiago Ortega - Combined arms Enforcer, Family The Lone Marshal - Combined arms Enforcer, Guild Marshal Witchling Handler (2) - Combined arms Enforcer, Witchling Stalker synergy, Witch Hunter - MINION - Brutal Effigy - Ranged Minion, Leader support Death Marshal (3) - Combined arms Minion, Buried attack, Guild Marshal Field Reporter (3) - Casting Minion, fantastic Scheme synergy, Journalist, Woe Guardian - Melee Minion, fantastic defensive support, Construct Guild Austringer (2) - Ranged Minion, no LoS requirement, Scheme marker synergy, Guardsman Guild Guard (2) - Combined arms Minion, Guardsman Guild Hound (4) - Melee Minion, enemy Scheme marker synergy Guild Lawyer (2) - Casting Minion, non-Leader support, Mimic Guild Pathfinder (1) - Guild/Ten Thunders, Ranged Minion, Clockwork Trap Summoner and synergy, Guardsman Guild Rifleman (3) - Ranged Minion, Guardsman Hunter (2) - Combined arms Minion, Construct Mounted Guard (2) - Combined arms Minion, Place synergy with Cg 7 models, Guardsman Orderly (2) - Melee Minion, Heal support, Witch Hunter Pistolero De Latigo (3) - Combined arms Minion, defensive support, Family Sanctioned Spellcaster (3) - Casting Minion, Push protection, Academic Warden (2) - Combined arms Minion, Construct, Guardsman Wastrel (3) - Guild/Ten Thunders, Combined arms Minion, offensive support, Black Sheep Watcher - Scheme Minion, Cover ignoring, Construct Witchling Stalker (3) - Combined arms Minion, explosive death, Witch Hunter Witchling Thrall (2) - Combined arms Minion, fantastic Scheme synergy, Witch Hunter - TOTEM - Enslaved Nephilim (Perdita Ortega) - Push and Influence support, Nephilim Governor’s Proxy - Suit removal, Healing Mechanical Attendant (Charles Hoffman) - Ranged Totem, Support, Construct Purifying Flame (Sonnia Criid) - Burning missle, Spirit Scales of Justice (Lady Justice) - Support, Card daw The Printing Press (Nellie Cochrane) - Evidence and Card support, Construct, Journalist The Scribe (Lucius Matheson) - Guild/Neverborn, Melee Totem, Support, Mimic Luna (McCabe) - Guild/Ten Thunders, Melee Totem, fantastic Support - PEON - Clockwork Trap (4) - Guild/Ten Thunders, Melee Peon, forces Wk duel - MERCENARIES - Angel Eyes Bloodwretch Scion of Black Blood Wrath Envy Performer Anna Lovelace Sloth Aionus Big Jake Bishop Convict Gunslinger Desperate Mercenary Freikorps Librarian Freikorps Specialist Freikorps Trapper Frekorpsmann Hannah Hans Johan Killjoy Malifaux Child Pride Ronin Strongarm Suit Sue Taelor Burt Jebsen Gluttony Gracie Hog Whisperer McTavish Ama No Zako Lust Oiran Torakage -M2E ALTERNATES - Perdita Ortega Francisco Ortega Witchling Handler Guild Sergeant Sonnia Criid (Vintage) Douglas McMourning (Vintage) Santana Ortega counts as Santiago Ortega Dr. Dufresne counts as McMourning Miss Terious counts as Death Marshal Miss Anne Thrope counts as Wastrel - GENERAL UPGRADES - All Upgrades can also be found in: Generalist Upgrade Deck 1 (Wave 1 and Wave 2) Generalist Upgrade Deck 2 (Wave 3 and Wave 4) Flames of the Pit - Guild Marshal, Rare 1 Tormenta de Plomo - Family, Rare 1 Diestro - Non-Master, Family, Rare 1 Hermanos De Armas - Family, Rare 1 Hair Trigger - Enforcer, Family, Rare 1 Disrupt Magic - Witch Hunter, Rare 1 Plant Evidence - Rare 3, Scheme synergy Vengeance Bullet - Master, Henchman, Rare 1, single Ranged boost The Thalarian Stone - Leader, Soulstone synergy, single Heal Badge of Office - Leader, Limited, single Damage reduction Lead Lined Coat - Henchman, Enforcer, Rare 3, Armor Useless Duplications - Mimic, Rare 1 Promises - Black Sheep, Rare 1 Dampening Field - Master, Henchman, Rare 1, single Heal stop, Aura stop Expert Sleuth - Rare 3, single Initiative flip boost, enemy Scheme synergy Tessellating Magnet - Construct, Rare 1, Construct synergy Transparency - Journalist, Rare 1 Curfew - Rare 1, single Slow spread on un-activated oppossing models if last friendly to activate Numb to the World - Non-Master, Rare 1, enemy Condition "immunity", enemy Control "immunity" A Debt to the Guild - Non-Master, Rare 3, single Soulstone, Card and Damage boost - SPECIFIC UPGRADES - Lady Justice - Implacable - Justice Unleashed - Last Stand - Vendetta The Judge - Unrelenting Leader Perdita Ortega - Os Veo - Trick Shooting - Aura Ancestral Francisco Ortega - Wade In Sonnia Criid - Cherufe's Imprint - Reincarnation - The Mask - Counterspell Aura Samael Hopkins - Witch Hunt Douglas McMourning - Plastic Surgery - Evidence Tampering - On the Clock - Unknowable Pain Dr. Grimwell - Research Grant Charles Hoffman - Arcanist Assets - On Site Assimiliation - Field Mechanic - Remote Mines Ryle Hoffman - Pieces of Myself Lucius Matheson - Surprisingly Loyal - Secret Objectives - Legalese - Secret Assets Captain Dashel - Watch My Back - Arrest Him Lucas McCabe - Badge of Speed - Glowing Saber - Elixir of Life - Strangemetal Shirt - Barbs Sidir Alchibal - By Your Side Nellie Cochrane - Guild Funds - Embedded - Misleading Headlines - Delegation Phiona Gage - Wrath of the Guild Brutal Emissary - Brutal Conflux - Conflux of Judgment - Conflux of Incineration - Conflux of the Hunt - Conflux of Amalgamation - Conflux of Tyranny - Conflux of Forbidden Knowledge - Conflux of Exploration Executioner - Ready to Work -ALTERNATE CARDS - Perdita Ortega Francisco Ortega Witchling Handler Guild Sergeant Santana Ortega counts as Santiago Ortega Dr. Durfesse counts as McMourning Miss Terious counts as Death Marshal Miss Anne Thrope count as Wastrel - SOURCES - https://www.wyrd--games.net/ http://giveusyourmoneypleasethankyou-wyrd.com/ https://www.wargamevault.com/ - TACTICAL SOURCES - https://pullmyfinger.wikispaces.com/ http://schemesandstones.podbean.com/
  4. Hey all. In the last update on Kickstarter, they showed that the Guild is no longer a syndicate, but now a full allegiance. It won't be available at launch, but it is really exciting! What are your thoughts about that?
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