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Found 9 results

  1. HI I'm looking for a two sets of buildings of malifaux terraclips and one set of Street of malifaux have PayPal ready will accept clips sets too.
  2. Found a set each of terraclips Buildings and Streets of Malifaux on eBay for those interested, includes clips: http://www.ebay.com/itm/162256396979?_trksid=p2055359.m1431.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Full disclosure: Put in a bid myself and seems like I'm winning with 14 hours left. Then I saw the shipping price to Norway, a whopping $68!!. Let's just say I'm more than happy if someone closer to Tucson, Arizona outbids me...
  3. Starting bid is $0.99 Terraclips 3D - DungeonRise - "Vaults of Ruin" http://www.ebay.com/itm/Terraclips-3D-DungeonRise-Vaults-of-Ruin-RARE-/181991089841?hash=item2a5f83a6b1:g:-6QAAOSwaA5Wlx-a
  4. Selling Terraclips 3D "Streets & Essentials" on eBay. $0.99 starting bid. Sealed. New. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Terraclips-Streets-of-Malifaux-Dungeon-Essentials-RARE-/181990019333?hash=item2a5f735105:g:NbMAAOSwHaBWlaAJ
  5. out of curiosity, has anybody experimented with gluing the terraclips ground panels to mdf? the assembly time is slightly prohibitive and the idea of gluing panels down to 1.5 sq fr mdf came up as an easy fix. The connectors would not be on the parts glued down, and i'm aware there would be gaps, so any advise on that would be also appreciated.
  6. Me and my wife have ordered our first crews, so while we wait for them to arrive I've been looking into the issue of scenery. Although I'm sure I'll be playing games at my local store, where scenery isn't a problem, any games with my wife will played at home after the little one has gone to bed so I need to expand on my current collection of one wood, some craters and a hill. I know I could use a lego house, a bit of a felt as a river etc but I prefer to have a nice looking game board if I can! I originally wanted the Terraclips buildings, but apparently these aren't available anywhere so that's out. The Sewers seem to be all I can get, so would two sets of these make a good board for playing at home? I figure I could leave it part assembled for speed of putting together, but not sure if this will give a balanced/interesting board? The other option I was considering was the Pegasus Gothic building sets. They seem to be used mainly for Warhammer 40k based on my google searches, but I thought they might be cool as city buildings. Has anyone used these, and are they any good for Malifaux? I thought some of these, with maybe an extra wood and some fences/crates would give me enough to make a reasonable collection. Does anyone have any other suggestions please? I'd like to have some buildings, with multiple levels ideally, but any suggestions welcome! Thanks for any advice you kind people can provide
  7. Hi all, I've just completed a montster Terraclips build using the 'Streets of Malifaux' and the 'Sewers of Malifaux' sets. On the table there is a vertical drop of eight inches (4 floor levels) into a plunge pool. Has anyone got any suggestions on what the rules should be for playing this? No damage? Some Damage (how much) ? Normal falling damage? Cheers
  8. I'm working on a street table and I'm having problems incorporating a ramp into it. As you can see from the pic if I put the side supports then it doesn't sit flush to the piece next to it. If I don't use the support on the shared side I'm worried it won't be solid. Am I being foolish or is there a better way?
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