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Found 2 results

  1. This might very well due to my poor English, but I suddenly find the text of "The fickle winds of fate" a tad confusing: According to Pullmyfinger, this If this was indeed the case, shouldn't it have been worded differently? Shouldn't it say 'place them ... at least 1" away from each other'? As a matter of fact, my brother has even come to understand that the placement would require a further Scheme Marker, placed within 6" (but not within 4", as it would be removed!) of Zoraida, so that you can place the removed schemes "at least 1" away from another Scheme Marker". But that doesn't sound very logical and makes a not often used action even less appealing. A different interpretation would suggest that you may place those pesky markers anywhere within 6" of Zoraida, with the only constraint that you cannot do it anywhere within 1" of any remaining marker. Whichs is a weird and specific requirement, but doesn't force you to position Zoraida leaving at least 1 marker between 4" and 6" of herself. So, what do you think is the intent of the text? I always understood it as described in Pullmyfinger: you have to place the markers anywhere, but leaving 1" inbetween them. But, if this is the case, I don't think the action was clearly worded.
  2. Hi, I intend to purchase The Swamp Hag - Zoraida Box Set and play her in Gremlins faction. I would like to ask you for help. So far I own theese models: Ophelia LaCroix Young LaCroix (3) Francois LaCroix Raphael LaCroix Rami LaCroix Pere Ravage Slop Hauler (2) The Swamp Hag contains: Zoraida Voodoo Doll Bad Juju Silurid (3) And in the future I would like to purchase: Sammy LaCroix McTavish (and maybe some Bayou Gators) Rooster Riders and Bayou Gremlins (in the far future) I like to play to theme, so I do not plan on purchasing models like Nurse. Or pigs. I got the impression that reason why Pigs are so good with Zoraida is their (1) Charge (via Pigcharge Ability) and I would rather wait for Rooster Riders (with their Roostercharge Ability), whose concept art I like much more. My qeustion is, will I have use for Waldgeists? I have been reading about Zoraida on PullMyFinger Wiki, Wyrd Forum and even some blogs and a lot of people said, that Waldgeists are amazing. But the problem is, people were almost allways talking about Neverborn faction. The box contains 3 models, 6 Soulstones each. Or... should I purchase Waldgeists and play Zoraida in Neverborn and wait for models like Sammy LaCroix and McTavish to play her in Gremlins faction? Thank you
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