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Found 11 results

  1. Hey guys! Interesting question came up during yesterday's game. If I have chosen my henchman for the Gaining Grounds scheme Undercover Entourage and succeeded in walking him over the table into the opponent's deployment zone, can Madame Sybelle use her Bleeder Lash trigger "Death Mark" to make my henchman into a Peon and negate the points I would be scoring? So the real question is, when is the "must be a henchman" locked in for the purpose of schemes like this?
  2. From the album: Luisjoey's Machinations!

    Madame sybelle ready to tear up enemies
  3. Here it is the first Malifaux live broadcast of a game! YAY! Some parts were lost in the move from Twitch to Youtube but most of it is here. http://youtu.be/ZS5CA8-sss0
  4. Hi, we've had an game yesterday and a funny situation came up. I just wanted to check if we played it right. In the first round his Ramos moved towards the middle of the field. My Belles then lured him even closer to me so Sybelle yould charge him. I got of the comply trigger and forced Ramos (by spending one of my soulstones for the suit) to sacrafice Langdon via uncontrolled explosion. ... now as i understand this is possible because sybelle is the model controling the action - so my soulstones (as sybelle can use them) and the cards flipped for the action get flipped of my deck/i can cheat cards etc. It felt realy realy strong and my opponent was not amused to lose Langdon round one (and Ramos round two) - although it was his fault to position him so bad (or good depending on wich end of the table you sit ;-)) So was all this legal?
  5. I have a question about Sybelle's With a Flourish trigger she gets with the Bleeding Tongue upgrade. It makes the model she damaged discard either two cards or two Soulstones, or it dies immediately. In my last game Sybelle got this trigger when damaging my Flesh Construct. I only had one card left in my hand, so discarding two cards was not an option. I wanted to discard two SS then, but my opponent said I couldn't do that because Flesh Construct can't use Soulstones. My question is: does a model have to be normally able to use Soulstones to opt for discarding 2 SS in this situation? And in general, does a model have to be normally able to use SS to be able to discard SS?
  6. Hello. I've finally gotten around to painting some of my Red Chapel Gang. I was planning to paint them in a black and white style like Sin City. I ended up adding a bit too much colour in the blue highlights. The overall theme still fits somewhat. Here is my finished Seamus model: I'm pleased with some of the work on the model, as I pushed myself to try different colours and techniques. The overall model is pretty mediocre though. Here are some corpse counters I built as well: The skull pile is from the GW skull blister. I will try to get the other four models completed for the start of the world wide campaign next week. They are nearing completion. Comments and constructive criticism are appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Hi, im new to this game. I have a tactical question : What do i get out of moving Sybelle and her belles at one time, rather that moving them one at a time? Im refering to the Companion and Simultaneous Activation here.
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