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Found 17 results

  1. I'm fairly new to Malifaux - I played a demo game at GenCon 2013 and picked up the rules and the new Children of December, but it's not been until recently that I got back into painting after a downturn. I managed to finish up an Ice Golem for GenCon 2014 and was able to get him into the painting competition, but this was without a base (he's also not been sealed or anything) - since then I've been in the process of moving and haven't had a hobby area or had a photo booth set up to take halfway decent pictures of him until just this past week or so. I've won awards for painting figures before, but my goal with Rasputina and crew ideally would be to just paint them up to a standard I'm happy with - I'm not sinking in 30+ hours like I would for a competition figure, but I don't want to just slap on paint and not like the finished piece either. This Ice Golem is the first Malifaux figure I've done and I'm trying to acclimate myself to the different scale (I'm used to painting heroic scale figures, mostly), and my first attempt at painting "ice" and I'm using the Golem as the color test for the rest of the crew. I really like the scheme of the box art, so I'm trying to duplicate it with a minimum of effort. I'm basing Rasputina's crew on Secret Weapon bases and have a SW Snow Effects set I'm going to try out as well, so for all intents and purposes these are both work-in-progress pics although I've probably put in as much work into the Golem as I'm going to do. I picked up some other boxed sets at the last GenCon and I plan on spending more time on those - ideally I'd like to finish Rasputina and company soon so I'll actually be able to play with painted figures. Feedback, suggestions, and comments appreciated - don't really know a lot about the game world so I hope I'm on the right track...
  2. I’ve said other times that from a balance point of view Stitched Together seems OK (if someone wants a longer discusion about this point, I'm willing to open another thread to discuss it; but I'd rather keep this thread just for rework ideas and opinions about these). However it's also true it feels a bit NPE to face. The idea of this thread is thinking in ways to rework the model into a version with the same strengths to keep Nightmare, Puppets and NVB in the same spot but that feels better to face for the other player. I don't think he needs a rework, but as being NPE is a reason to be Errated (and he isn't topping the popularity charts right now); it'd be interesting to know how would you changed it and offer some ideas. For me bad ways to modify it would be changing the focus of the miniature without touching Gamble your life (for example lowering the defense or the mobility). It’d mess a bit with his role and endurance without addressing how he feels when he deals damage. Increasing the cost would also be a poor solution imo, it would made them overcosted and worse to hire instead of summon (but they would be still necessary in a Dreamer Crew to summon extra damage or get high cards back), so it’d stress a bit more the hand to put them in the table but at the end they would feel the same. The best way to change him (imo) would be shifting a bit of power away from the tactical action toward the mele action, but without making him more mobile or sturdy to keep his role of sturdish (for 6SS) close range damage dealer the same (he got 0 utility beyond that). So my suggestions with that in mind: First step buffing the attack: Tear apart to get a 2/3/5 damage track, Stat to 6 with or built-in depending on the change. Option 1: Limit the number of times it may be used. A double lucky successful use of Gamble your life may be heartbreaking and it’s probably one of the reasons he feels NPE. Changing Gamble your life to “Once per activation” would fix it. This change would mess with other crews like Lucius or Zoraida where they could obey an stitched 2-3 times in the same activation, but I don’t think that’s meta right now so it’s not probably that problematic, and the upgraded mele action should also be an OK trade for them. I'd pair this one with stat 6 and built-in. Option 2: Adding a TN to the tactical action after the flip. The ability would be like it is right now, but instead of a 3/4/5 damage flip, the model would have to pass a TN 15 X, being X the stitched choice between Df, Wp or Mv or suffer the damage (this is also thematic as the stitched is again twisting the odds being able to choose the worst stat for the enemy and the best for him). This version would make strictly worse the Move + Gamble your Life so in this case I'd go with stat 6 and OR maybe increasing the range of Gamble your life to 8’’ as this version would reduce the reliability of his damage (not sure if the extra range would be too good tho). Option 3: Making it an attack. Making Gamble your life an attack is another way to add counterplay. However it’s a bit tricky to get an attack similar to the tactical action version. My (I hope decent) attack version would try to keep most of the tactical action flavor (a one card flip that bypass most defensive tech relying in not being hit, incorporeal and that can’t be cheated) while giving counterplay and adding some changes to balance it. Gamble Your Life (Rg 6’’; Stat *; Rst Wp; TN -) Requisites italics: Both models ignore any modifier to the duel and can’t cheat the duel. This attack ignores Terrifying. Damage accuracy modifiers are ignored. * stat is equal to Wp of the target, any modifier to the stat is ignored. Enemy only. Effects: Target suffers 3/4/5 damage ignoring Incorporeal. If this model loses the duel, this model suffers 3/4/5 damage. Triggers: Defensive Reflexes. Bloody Fate.Siphon Essence. Notes: Damage flip can be cheated and is affected by other modifiers different from accuracy. Extra change: An upgrade to the mele attack. As in this case there are more counterplay I'd also go with stat 6 and built-in but maybe also adding a “Bowled Over” trigger to have a way to handle defenders. Disadvantages: It will make usable Wp defensive triggers and abilities like Butterfly Jump, Vengeance, Unmade, Fade Away, Consumed by Wrath, Karmic Ties, Natural Musk... It also opens the possibility to protect targets with Take the hit, Protected and the like (which are usually undesirable targets of low value or sturdy models with armor, H2K…). Now the built-in trigger only works if the stitched win the duel, not always. Advantages: A more useable mele attack when counterplay makes Gamble your Life unusable. Gamble your life it’s now an Wp attack so it may heal stitched or other models if used engaged and may unbury nightmares, Focused may be used (it’d only affect the damage flip, not the duel tho). The reliability of the damage remains more or less the same when there is no counterplay options around. Two extra trigger. I wasn't sure if I should include the defensive triggers or not, but as some models really rely on them to survive; I've decided the include them. For this version it’d be interesting to check how it interacts with the Doppleganger or the Agent 46, she would get a fixed stat of 7 which may give her the edge in the duel versus most models (but she has no armor, feed on fear nor fiendish gamble to cheat the duel). Agent 46 would get an improved stat of 6 but Inhuman Psysiology won't be useful so he would be a worse doppleganger when using this particular attack. More ideas or opinions about the above?
  3. From the album: Burnin' Coal

    Painters Challenge Jan 2018
  4. Hey all! Finally ordered my first set for Malifaux, after getting puppet wars:unstitched. I have ordered The queens return, Nekima, and Stitched together. I love the sculpt for titania over the one for the current rasputina. My reasons for getting this are mostly asthetic, with synergies as an after thought. I like the idea of teddy in a Titania list, but I am reserved at the moment. I have played a demo game (last year) and have put a lot of thought about what I want out of the game. (Fun) I am looking for some hilarious combos. What suggestions do you have?
  5. From the album: My Malifaux miniatures

    Sculpted from magic sculpt and green stuff
  6. Apparently the old maxim that if you're waiting for the plastic version of a miniature to come out, it won’t come out until you finish painting the metal version of it holds true--I finished these creepy little sacks of guts up the night before the release date of their new plastic version was announce: I have several other angles of these guys available over on my blog, check it out!
  7. Maybe I'm biting more than I can chew, but this is what I'd like to complete in October: Since Huggy is already painted, and this isn't an entirely new crew to me (it's new in M2E) I don't think it entitles for TOMB. Also, I could swap one Illuminated with a Beckoner, if base inserts I've ordered will show up in reasonable time
  8. From the album: The Dreamer

    They remind me of Ooogie Boogie from Nightmare Before Christmas, so I named them Oogie and Boogie... don't judge me.
  9. I see a lot of lists that include daydreams as part of the starting crew. I got to wondering. Since they can be summoned, wouldn't those soulstones be better used on a stitched together or something like that? What's the big bonus to having them start out in a Dreamer crew anyway?
  10. Hi, I've been facing my brother's Dreamer alot lately, and ofcourse he's been using the Stitched's Creeping Fog. Now the question I want to ask is: How does it work? At first it was assumed that it acts as a "terrain piece" with the AOE of a 4" aura around the Stitched. But then I started to read the rules of Obscuring and Aura, and I don't think that is the case. An Aura affects all models (friend or foe) within the "area of effect", and those models are affected by the effects of the ability; In this case "HT5 Obscuring". Obscuring gives Soft Cover and that you can only see 3" in, out or through, or above if you are higher. The ability also points out that the Stitched also is affected by the Aura. Nowhere can I see that it acts like for example Lillith's Illusionary Forest. Instead it just makes all the models in the 4" aura act as Ht5 and gives them Soft Cover (from being obscured). Please, can you show me where/why it acts like a "piece of obscuring terrain". Thanks in advance, Best Regards AngelSanguine
  11. This came up today while playing with a stitched together. - Use Gamble your Life - WP vs WP duel - I lose the duel - I flip for damage against the stitched together and flip moderate damage - I cheat it down to weak The question came up was that should my opponent be the one flipping for damage if I lose Gamble your Life WP duel or since it's my ability I am flipping for damage against myself, giving me the ability to cheat it down. Thanks!
  12. Hey, I was just looking over the pullmyfinger wiki on the stitched together and noticed this line: This is leading me to believe that the stitched could possibly loop the Does Not Dies until it's pulls 2 in a row of them off successfully (ie. takes no damage itself). This can't be right...can it? If this was true, on the reactivate couldn't you just intentionally lose the second "Gamble Your Life" duel with the stitched just to continue the loop? Basically getting endless turns until the stitched runs out of targets it can get to in 1 walk...
  13. Hello All, I'm brand new to miniatures. I saw Malifaux at a con and fell in love. One demo game later I bought the Zoraida starting box, a stitch together blister and the voodoo doll. I've played 2 games at this point so I'm still just getting the feel for everything. If these questions have very obvious answers, please forgive me. Zoraida has a bunch of cool abilities, particularly when she's within 1" of her voodoo doll. From reading the pullmyfinger wiki, I get certain impressions of what is possible but my opponent (a seasoned mini vet) doesn't necessarily agree. So here goes and thanks in advance for the help... 1) Voodoo Doll Magical Extension: When flipping for spells using the magical extension during the Voodoo Doll's activation, do you get the benefits of Zoraida being close to the doll? ie. Does she get the +1 casting flip? Or because the voodoo doll is really the model being activated, does that not apply? 2) Conduit: Zoraida gets a +1 to casting and damage flips when close to the doll, right? Looking at the damage flip, does that only apply when she's using her voodoo pins? That's the only thing I see on her card that causes damage. I'm hoping/wondering if it applies in, say, the following example. She casts obey on the enemy model she is conduit'd to (+1 to casting flip) the enemy model is successfully obeyed, the enemy model casts a 1 spell (+1 to casting flip), it is successful, you check the damage (+1 to damage flip). Or this example, Zoraida obeys an enemy model she is conduit'd to (+1 to casting flip), the model is obey'd to charge (no flip effect), the model is successful and resolves damage (+1 to damage flip). 3) Bayou Two-Card: When can you use this ability? Is it strictly during Zoraida's activiation? Is it during any model in her crews activation? Could you use it during the voodoo doll magical extension? Could you use it during the obey'd enemy models action? 4) Stitched Together Gamble Your Life: Can the damage flip on this always be cheated? I thought if the duel totals were 1-5 in difference from each other it would get a -1 flip and thus, not be cheat-able. Does the text on there "the damage flip my be cheated" mean that you can disregard that? 5) Obeying friendly models: I've seen it mentioned in a few places that obeying friendly models is easy because you can just choose to lose the wp duel. When you are saying this, do you mean that when you're in a duel you can always just flip a card and then opt to fail anyway? Or are you saying, you can flip a card and then cheat it down to something that loses? Ok...I'm sure I have more but those are the ones I thought of/argued about during my 2nd game last night. Love this game, thanks again for the help guys.
  14. This is my first attempt at carving a pumpkin with a Dremel. Decided to start small. I found a pumpkin carving of Oogie Boogie that had dice and card suits. http://captain-sparrow.deviantart.com/art/Oogie-Boogie-Dice-Carving-97432045 I decided to go with Xander's version of the suits instead. See thread:http://wyrd-games.net/forum/showthread.php?t=23478 They didn't turn out great, and I did have to modify the nose of the :rams On the back I went with just the standard Malifaux logo. Here are some pics. I'll post better ones later. Thanks again Xander and Deviant Art's Captain Sparrow.
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