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Found 11 results

  1. Hey SoCal Malifaux Players! Rumblings have been heard that SoCal is itching for another league. With M3E well underway now is the time to kick off the new season with a League. So in an attempt to do something a little different I am hosting a 10-week league where players can try new things, have fun experimenting, or just doing what they like best. League Starts: 10-1-2019 League Ends: 12-8-2019 This is an unprecedented LONG league to allow players to dabble with everything they would ever wish to without feeling left behind or missing out (FOMO) That said, take your time, enjoy the journey, don’t burn yourself out 10-days in. The scoring will come in a variety of ways, allowing everyone a chance to participate. Scores will be gained by doing hobby activities, showing up to play, supporting your FLGS’s and even things like bringing new players! Most importantly the majority of the scores are based on things coming from just participating, the more you do, the more you can score. No need to dominate on the table in this league!
  2. "A Brand New Day!" Malifaux 50ss Gaining Grounds Tournament (3 or 4 rounds depending on number of participants) The tournament will be using the Gaining Grounds 2014 tournament packet rules Schedule & Info: Tournament is on January 2nd, 2016 Registration starts at 9:30AM, Tournament starts at 10AM $10 entry or $20 store purchase Limit of 24 players max, register by accepting the invitation on FB or call the store to reserve your place Proxies: Proxies are allowed for models that are not yet (i.e. some Wave 2 models and Wave 3 models) For models that are out, it needs to be at least 60% Wyrd model (converted models) For clarifications, please ask the TO Painting Requirements: Models need to be at least primed, but there will be a prize for the Best Painted crew Sponsors: The Realm Games & Comics Mats by Mars Badger Airbrush Brush 4 Hire Angry Mojo Games Secret Weapon Miniatures Andaya Laser Cutting Monkey Sword Games Gadzook Games If you are interested and want to sign up,please sign up over here: https://www.facebook.com/events/412947382236489/ Pictures from our successful tournament! https://goo.gl/photos/2r1R1UEoSRrsRejLA
  3. Hello Southern California Malifaux players and hobbyist. I am happy to announce that this upcoming April SoCal will be hosting a painter's league for all those hobbyist out there. What is a painters achievement league you might ask? It is a league designed for those who are into the hobby and want to participate in an achievement system that rewards playing with new and painted models. How the League works: Starting in April you can post photos of Wyrd models or terrain in any state up to 'primed' once approved by a participating Henchman you can then work on that piece to your hearts content. After you feel satisfied with that piece take a photo of you playing a game with the model, (that's kind of the point of it all) and post it to social media and let your Henchman know. The hench will then record your work. To sign up please register at this link: Event Registration On May 1st, when the League concludes your games will be totaled and you will be able to redeem a prize based on the level of participation. (All completed pieces are subject to henchman approval and are not entitled to approval if the Henchman deems the piece abusive to the spirit of the league) Check out the prizes below: Rembrandt Play 5 games with 5 models painted during this league = a set of any Wyrd, Secret Weapon, Micro Arts, Reaper bases under $12.00 Picasso Play 5 games with 10 models painted for a friend during this league= a non crew pox model box of Wyrd miniatures. Michelangelo Play a game(s) with every model in a crew box that you painted during this league = select a Wyrd ALT model (pending availability) Picasso Play with 25 models that you have painted during this league = a crew-box from Wyrd (pending availability) Bob Ross Play on a terrain set that you painted during this league = Alt Lazarus
  4. Greetings Travelers! Get ready for Malifaux at Kingdom Con 2018! Last year we had a good turnout and this year looks even more promising. Test your grit against California’s best. This tournament promises to be a fun-going, friend-making, prize-winning experience. When: April 20th-21st Where: Crowne Plaza San Diego - Mission Valley 2270 Hotel Cir N, San Diego, CA 92108 For more info about the convention, check out this page: Kingdom-Con Also be sure to check out the Facebook page Malifaux at KingdomCon If you wish to attend any of the events please be sure to register: Register for the con Convention Registration The tournament will be capped at 20 players. Event Schedule: Friday Malifaux Demos - Noon - 4:00pm Never played Malifaux, but are interested in learning? Come over and let us show you how to play! We will have a few tables set up, and several types of models available for you to learn the rules and see what this great game has to offer! GG2018 Henchman Hardcore - 6:00pm to 9:00pm Henchman Hardcore is a tournament version of Malifaux which focuses on quick, brutal decision making. It is perfect for a group which wants to face a new challenge and experiment with Malifaux in a slightly different environment. The key differences between Henchman Hardcore and regular Malifaux are the reduced game size (20 Soulstones) and the fact that all Crews must be led by a Henchman. Saturday Kingdomfaux GG2018 Gaining Grounds 2018 is the Malifaux Standard for organised tournaments. The format dictates current Schemes and Strategy rotation, standard Crew size, and tournament rules to for our event. This GG2018 event will consist of 3 rounds with registration starting at 10:00am. First found will start at 10:30am. Each round will be 120 minutes with a one-hour lunch break after Round 1. 50 Soulstones 3 rounds Fixed Faction Models must be Primed 120 minute rounds including 15 minute for set-up Convention pass counts as Entry Fee
  5. Hello Southern California Malifaux and tabletop gamers, WE"RE BACK AGAIN! Malifaux will be present with several events and lots of local players ready to have a great time. Everything from Henchman Hardcore, Demo's, and open play will be at ORCCON, (Strategicon) on Saturday. If you have been interested in Malifaux then please stop on by. We will be there Feb. 17th from 12:00PM - 5:00PM and will have several tables set up with terrain and supplies. Now is a great chance to jump in and see what Malifaux has to offer. For all those Tournament Players out there, we will be hosting a Gaining Grounds Henchman Hardcore, (pending registration,) on Sunday from 12:00PM - 3:00PM. More details below. 'Open Play' tables with mats and terrain will be set up and available so be sure to bring your crew. This is a great way to meet new players and find new game tricks. Check out the Strategicon website for more details about the convention: ORCCON 2018 Be sure to look at the Malifaux event page to sign up: Malifaux at OrcCon 2018 Get a free copy of the Malifaux 2E rules boo and be sure to brush up on the FAQ/Errata and check out GG2018: FAQ and Errata Download GG2018 packet Malifaux - RULES ONLY Handbook - 2E
  6. Hello Southern California Malifaux and tabletop players. WE"RE AT IT AGAIN! Malifaux will be present at Gateway 2017, (Strategicon) September 2nd-3rd with several events and lots of local players ready to have a great time. We will have well crafted demo's and open-play tables in the afternoons and a GG2017 Henchman Hardcore Tournament on Sunday. If you and/or a friend have been interested in Malifaux then please stop on by. Demos are FREE and all models and materials will be provided. There are 5 scenarios in the demo which will take you step-by-step through every mechanic of the game. Each scenario will take about 20 minutes and you can play as many or as few as you wish. For those interested in the Henchman Hardcore we will be hosting a Gaining Grounds 2017, July 2017 Errata Henchman Hardcore tournament starting Sunday at 12:00PM, registration starts at 11:30. more details in below links. There will be some 'Open Play' tables with available Mats and Terrain available to play. This is a great way to brush the dust off of those old crews and get back into the fun. Facebook Web Page Strategicon Web Page
  7. Emerald Knights Comics and Games will be starting a slow grow league September 22, 2016. The event will be six weeks, ending the first week of November. For general information on Emerald Knights the store, here is the store's website: http://www.ekcomicsandgames.com/ The store address is 4116 W Burbank Blvd, Burbank, CA 91505. The rules will be very simple, and distributed in paper copies to participants. Essentially, everyone will start with a crew box and every week the allowable crew size will grow by a pre-set number of Soulstones. With the exception of crew boxes that cannot be played out of the box, everyone will play with just the crew box initially in Weeks 1 and 2 with a 35 SS cap. Weeks 1 and 2 are the same 35 SS cap to allow for rolling entries and for people to get used to the slow grow league. Weeks 3 and 4 will also be capped at 35 SS, but the crews may hire any models, e.g. enforcers not included in the crew boxes. Weeks 5 and 6 will be capped at 50 SS, so normal games. All games are eligible to be Divergent Paths. Emerald Knights is registered as a Divergent Paths store, so if you can get a game in at the store at least once every reporting period during the Divergent Paths event, you'll be eligible for the store support prizes at the end of Divergent Paths! Prizes for slow grow league include upgrades for the campaign event set to start after the slow growth league ends and more!
  8. Hey guys ! Its time for the yearly party con !! If you havent been to KindgomCon then you are definitely missing out. Last year we had a good turnout and Im hoping for the same this year ! John Bartley is holding a Henchman Hardcore tournament on Friday 29th (Details to come ) I will be holding a 50 Soulstone tournament on Saturday April 30th. Where: Crowne Plaza, San Diego- Mission Valley When: Saturday April 30th 2016 Time : Registration 10am, Start time 10:30 am 50 Soulstones Fixed Faction Gaining Grounds Paint required Round times will depend on attendance No proxies unless teh model isnt released yet Please email me for proxy approval or questions asyouwish1978@gmail.com Hope to see you there ! The KingdomCon site is getting a makeover. If you dont see what you are looking for you can email them. Here is a link where you can see the event posted for Saturday ! http://www.kingdom-con.com/registration/
  9. Hey everyone! I'm coming back from a long hiatus and would love to get the local crew going again. It's been a bit off and on through the years, fluctuating with whoever happens to be into Malifaux at the time. I know there are people around but who are you and where are you? Game Empire Pasadena has some great tables and terrain and all the amenities to play some games, so message me and let's play!
  10. Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/430513740340913/ Basics: League Location: Game Empire Pasadena 1795 East Colorado Blvd. Pasadena, Ca. 91106 Registration: In Store at Game Empire. Registration fee is a $20 minimum purchase of Malifaux products. League Start Date: Monday, October 22, 2012 League End Date: Sunday, December 16, 2012 League Crew Construction: Players must declare a faction at the start of the league and will purchase crews from within that faction for all league games according the rules for hiring crews on page 70 of the rules manual. All models used must be Malifaux miniatures. League Specifics: The Malifaux Achievement League is set-up to encourage Malifaux players to play regular games over the time period of the league (8 weeks) and accumulate achievement points during the league. Games and Achievements must be reported at the end of the game to the local henchman (Ben Ripple) or to the store. A tracking sheet will be kept at the store in order for games to be played at any time during the week. Prizes will be awarded in store credit based on the number of participants over the course of the league. - Achievements all carry a separate value, and multiple achievements can be earned within the same game. - Some achievements can be earned multiple times during the league, as noted on the scoring sheet. - During a single game, a player may earn only one achievement from each category. - Get your league pack from the store before a game. Have opponents initial next to your achievements in the game, then return it to the store for our record keeping. All games begin with each player revealing their selected leader simultaneously, then each has the opportunity to build their crew as they wish. Players should agree on a Soulstone points level before these leaders are chosen. Achievements are intentionally designed with the expectation that nobody will complete them all. The idea is to give people a variety of paths to “scoring” while also encouraging growth of our Malifaux community. To see all of the achievements available check out a league packet at the store! You can play a week's games from Monday to Sunday, but Mondays will be set aside especially for Malifaux and will probably be the easiest time to find games!
  11. For those of you in sunny Southern California, SoCal is a great place for a lot of things: good weather, plastic surgery, rampant superficialism, bad reality TV, smog... But despite our huge population and flare for the ridiculous, it can be a challenge to find your fellow Malifaux/Puppet Wars players. But we're out here! So if you're a SoCal Malifaux player, check out our Facebook group http://www.facebook.com/?m2w#!/groups/230044713721864/ PM me or twenty4seven and we'll add you to the group. With so many hobby shops in SoCal, we bounce around a bit, and there's more going on besides our slew of official events. This is a good way of finding a network of local players, or finding more people to play. Check out SoCal Malifaux and get your game on!
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