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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, I was told to come over to the forms from the Wyrd Place facebook group, and there's something I'd like to bring up for discussion, specifically, the exact nature of artificial limbs in malifaux [Cross-posted from A Wyrd Place] Would it be possible for weapon enhancements to be added to artificial limbs, and would that scenario allow the damage from those enhanced limbs to a combat style? EG: A career boxer loses his arms to whatever horrors go bump that particular night in Malifaux. luckily for him, he's the favorite cage fighter of a particular guild barrister, and is allowed a new set of arms free of amalgamation charges. knowing he has free reign, he chooses to get a pair of arms with the traits Enlarged, Folded Steel, And Pneumatic, along with a backboiler to power and balance the apparatus, costing lord knows how much guild script. Now, his pugilism (5) would go from 2/3/6 in damage, to 3/4/9, with :+fate on the damage flip. Granted, seeing this fighter out on the streets would probably cause Hoffman to have an aneurysm, but I can't help but imagine some prescience exists for giant robot fists. further arguments/extrapolations could be made, Such as a Knuckle plate that would count as brass knuckles to give the damage flip :+fate , or being added to the skill to either give the needed to trigger onslaught (though if a talent that allows onslaught exists in game presently, I've yet to see it) or an existing to put towards critical strike, which on a Red joker damage flip with :ram , Could punch basically anything in the game through a tree. Now, as far as I've seen, arguments could be used that the pneumatic skill would be used, however, how this interacts with a hand to hand in a way I could totally understand never coming up in play testing. I've been known to play heavily with systems in the past, so a genuine case of "so what does this do" often finds itself up to GM discretion. Personally, I'd believe pugilism would still be relevant skill. Essentially, the one thing I see is that when it comes to the overall complex machinery of Malifaux, spaces for player exploration of limbs is overall somewhat limited, but that's perfectly understandable. it's a relatively new game, and in the early days player creativity can go absolutely in who knows what direction. I think it's a really fun topic of discussion.
  2. I couldn't find a rule regarding the use of skills that a Fated does not possess. Apparently, it is possible to use some of the Close Combat skills, since there is a damage spread for rank 0 listed. But are all skills usable, just by assuming the rank was zero, the AV being exactly the associated aspect value in this case? Everyone can 'evade', but what about any crafting, 'history', let alone magical skills? Not being able to tackle any challenge requiring the notice skill, for instance, if you don't have the skill, seems wrong. It also seems very wrong, however, if an incredibly charming character can play an instrument better than a moderately skilled less charming person. So, is there a general rule that I've missed on how to handle this? Negative flips perhaps?
  3. So I went up a tier after my last adventure. My guy has ZERO social skills and it hurt..Alot...I have 1xp can I learn a new skill? If so how?. Thanks in advance
  4. Hi all, I'm working on a new compact and full character sheet, but I don't have the 2nd edition yet (I'm living in France and I'm waiting for new rule book since june and our Britain seller waiting for the book too ...) I'm on holydays and have time to make it now... so i'm trying to use this forum to have my informations ^^ So my questions are: 1/ Can i use the old skills (i have all extentions) or: A/ is there is some new ones ? B/Is there some changes between skills and linked aspects ? C/ Are some skills combined, so there is fewer ? 2/ Is there a change in the derived aspect mechaninism ? (wan't to explain it clearly on the sheet) 3/ Is there other changes I should put on the sheet ? Thx for your answer BR Hemgath from france
  5. Into the Steam offers optional triggers for magical skills (chosen at ranks 3 and 5 respectively). However, most (all?) Magia have a required trigger built in. So, other than spending a soul stone charge to add a suit, how is your typical mage going to utilize this mechanic? For example, Mind Control (Fated Almanac pg 235) requires a mask and Fray Life (Into the Steam pg 139) requires a ram: how is this character ever getting both suits on the duel total without a soul stone? Thanks!
  6. A player and I are disputing the wording of character advancements. When a character gains new skill do they A: gain one skill from the three presented by the fate master OR one of the classes skill. B: gain one skill for the three presented by the fate master AND one of their classes skill.
  7. aHI all just got the books and the GM screen love 'em! Making my first character and I am stuck on starting skills? I have dealt my cross and have got my station and such...but am I missing skills? I get the Cross and my Root skill but how do I get the name of the skills after I get the basic statts 3,3,2,1,1 etc. But do I pick the skills I want for the PC? Sorry just trying to figure this all out before I get my players to make characters so I have the process down.... Thanks in advance... Giddoen
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