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Found 5 results

  1. I just started making some Malifaux terrain and the question of scale came up. I read that Malifaux is 32mm, so does that mean 32mm (or about 1.25") equals 6 feet?
  2. Hi Guys, i'm currently designing a bunch of paper/card terrain to hold my LGS and local gaming group over until i get round to building something better. My main problem is that i am offshore and don't have an measurements for minatures! if someone could give me a few model heights it would be much appreciated. I've got some photos of pandora and her starter box, so if anyone has heights for them even better (as then i can make some scale silhouettes to get a really nice idea of how the buildings will look. Just heights from base of any models will do (with the model base size too if you please) Thanking you in advance
  3. What's a good ratio for stairs? For example, 1 inch over by 1 inch up.
  4. Crappy Iphone pic. These are huge and awesome. Very awesome. Chompy bits is super sharp-if my fingers were not coated with super glue from piecing together the swinging hillbilly like an idiot- he woulda drawn blood.
  5. There is another thread on QC generally so I will try not to create a totally paralell post here, but I have a specific question on how figures are made now and I think it raises to the level of having its own topic (in the MM forum no less). My inference of how this generally works at Wyrd is as follows... 1. A 2D artist does up an image of a figure dreamed up by the design team. (Top-notch artists BTW, I am loving their work.) 2. A 3D render is made to bring that image to life on the TT. 3. That render is sent to the caster who 3D prints it and uses this as a master for mold making. 4. The mold is made and figures are cast from it. Now there is probably more back and forth play between these 4 essential steps and perhaps someone other than the caster does the master print, but I figure it goes something like that. So in this process, how do scale issues occur? Can't that be seen in ratios/measurements on the screen in the 3D rendering program where you could just scale up or down? Do wyrd make a master and put it next to established figures in the line? I really like Malifaux and the current aesthetic the Wyrd chose, but scale mismatches REALLY bother me. I'd really like to better understand this.
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