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  1. We wanted to start playing starter vs starter with a friend, but I got the question of: what do the hopeful prospects transform into, when the leader is ngaatoro who has no keywords?
  2. How i may active trigger with many suit like a Rider's triger Or Perdita's Critical strike trigger for example ?
  3. If two (or more) abilities would happen simultaneously, how is the order of resolution decided? For instance, the Entropy ability reads "Enemy models that start their activation within 3" suffer 1 damage," and Regeneration reads "At the start of this model's activation, it heals X." Both specify that they trigger at the start of the turn. So if a model with Regeneration and full health starts in the Entropy aura, do they take damage just to heal it, or do they heal (which is ignored) and then take damage? I seem to recall that in M2E, the active player decided the resolution timing, but I couldn't find that same ruling in the M3E core rulebook.
  4. Hi, I'm wondering about Fuhatsu's rules, his Hurricane punch can trigger Quick shot, which allows him to take a ranged attack even if he's engaged, but he also has an ability Rapid fire that allows him to take a ranged action again after resolving one. So, does the Rapid fire allow the second ranged to shoot even if engaged too if it's used on the quick shot trigger ?
  5. Sorry if it as already been asked but me and my friend was not on the same page last game with the challenge ability. Can challenge make discard on an action that do not require a target like an aura? And does it work on interact action since it does not require target? Thank you in advance wyrdos!
  6. New to this RPG inn page 286 of the CRB 2e it says that some Triggers require multiple suits and that to do that the 2nd suit has to come from another source, "mostly likely through having the suit associated with the skill..." But it does not say how a suit is associated with a skill. Further, the Step 0 talent for Criminal is Improvise which let's you create a shiv that lasts until used. It has a trigger that requires 2 Crows but I see no way for it to be activated, let alone by a starting character. I feel like this has to be something I am easily missing somewhere. Please help a clueless guy out 😉😂
  7. I have another rules question, and probably, hopefully, you will point me to the parts of the Rulebook (2nd Ed.) that clarifies it. How do Fated kill Fatemaster characters (FMC) (or knock them unconcious)? 1. Any FMC of rank Enforcer or higher will never fall unconcious as a result of Wounds < 0. 2. Hard to kill FMC -> same as 1. 3. Non-living FMCs (Undead, Constructs, Spirits...) never gain Bleeding Out 4. I understand the only way characters die is by reaching Bleeding Out+10, a coup de grace (only for unconcious chars) or the Bloody Mess critical (I assume, it doesn't even say so, it just says it is somewhat unpleasant to behold). Yeah, and because of some other effects, like diseases or curses and such. So, how do the Fated kill Enforcers+? Do they have to add up damage and be lucky for the repeated draw of high cards to reach Bloody Mess on the Severe Table? Some of the lower effects have Bleeding Out or Unconciousness Challenges but the latter don't affect Enforcers+ and the former only Living FMC. How about only bringing Enforcers+ down, because the Fated don't want to kill them? Theoretically, non-living Enforcers+ can withstand any amount of damage until they finally explode in a gory mess. Maybe they lose a couple of limbs in the process, but they stand (Black Knight Style) and fight until they are reduced to a puddle... Is that the intention of the rules or what am I missing again?
  8. Can a ice dancer move through a ice pillar vertically? Like say a ice pillar was next to a HT3 building, could they use the pillar to pop on top? And also the reverse, can they use it to get off a building without falling? If they can would they have to spend movement on vertical moving (basically treating it like climbable terrain) or can it work like a elevator and pop up and down freely? also if they were to get pushed, from either my abilities or opponents, can they choose to be pushed through the pillars? Or would they have to be pushed through the pillars or would they have to stop? Last question. Wendigo’s December pawn ability. Do I get the triggers and built in suits of the ability? For example Silent one’s ice blast has a built in 6Crow and Crow trigger, if I were to copy that I know the 6 becomes a 4 but would it still have the crow suit and crow trigger? Thank you for your times.
  9. So i am confused about a part from the errata from january 2019: So it states there, that if an action is taken through a trigger of an ability, it is taken ignoring once per turn things such as versatile. Now i am confused to wether or not that also applies to abilities themselves. Specifically can prince unathi cause the same action on a prototype asset twice? And, kind of connected to this: can i declare the field test action, if the action on the asset doesnt have anything in range?
  10. So here goes probably my first post like ever. I am very new so this I probably a noob question but bear with me is this a valid list for Marcus: marcus jackalobe myranda rougarou ceberus 2 x initiates ancient pact What I mean is is can I mix models with the beast or chimera tag with Marcus as I wish ?and how about upgrades do they have to come from the chosen faction or can they be arcanists as well? finally how do you feel about chimeramancy is it worth doing it with Marcus or do you just do it when you have time? seems pretty ap and card heavy but I am new so what do I know. also what is some good lists for Marcus that you have tried.? I have all versatile models from Neverborn and both Marcus starters.
  11. Hey guys, I’m sure there must be a list somewhere that sums up the rule changes from M2e to M3e... is there?
  12. My group and I are new to TTB and we're still learning the rules. We understand the abstract concept of the Height aspect, but a lot of us are really detail oriented and would like to know just how tall is a height 1 or 2 character? Is height based on yards like all other measurements in the game? If so does that mean a height 1 gremlin is maxed out at only 3 feet and a height 2 human is maxed out at 6 feet? Again, we understand the abstract nature of it for actual game play, we're just wanting to know some general ranges for the flavor of our characters.
  13. Elijah Borgman and Firebranded have the "Promised to the Flame" ability, which "reduce all damage suffered by this model" while it is within 2" of a Pyre Marker. Does this mean that these models take no damage from the Burning condition (or at least Burning up to +3) so long as they are close to a Pyre marker? Is the default damage reduction down to 0 unless otherwise noted (as minimum of 1 damage)? Thanks for the help!
  14. Sorry If I'm not in the good section but does anyone knows when I will be able to purchase the rulebook, faction pack, fate deck... cause I'm searching and I'm not finding it. I know that we can download them for free but I want them physically 😕 I wanna buy some Wyrd stuff for M3E but I can't find them help me pls.
  15. So I have recently been shown this game and after our first few games I have started to learn the rules for myself by reading through the books. After looking through the various talents, triggers, and pursuits there were a few things I was unclear about 1. Duels vs Challenges: throughout the text they reference challenges and duels? They sound interchangeable but one talent will use the word challenge, such as undermine which states "This character gains + to all Intimidate Challenges made during Narrative Time." Then some triggers will use the the word duel such as the crow culinary trigger which states "that Beast gains + to all duels it makes during Narrative Time for the rest of the day."(just stated the important parts). Finally you have some triggers that use both words in the same sentence like deceive "After failing, you may make a Convince Challenge against the same target with a + to the duel. If you succeed, there are no repercussions for failing the Deceive duel." 2. The elemental weapon magia: In the description the magia states "Any character damaged by the target weapon suffers the effects of any added Elemental Immuto." Does this mean if I add fire elemental weapon to my long arm every time I hit the target automatically burns? Or does the target need to make a Wp check to resist the elemental weapon every time it is hit? The text seems imply it just happens, but looking at the magia itself it states it needs a Wp to resist. Then if the spell does require a Wp draw when is it drawn? Every time I hit with my weapon? Or is my draw made only once on the first casting and then each time I compare Wp to that number for the entire duration?
  16. When a PC gives a subordinate an Order (via the Order Action) how many AP does that subordinate receive on their turn? I cannot see anywhere that indicates this. My assumption is that they, like every other character (PC or NPC), get 2 AP. This makes sense with the frequent "Slow if activated on the turn summoned" rules. This was a source of disagreement between myself and the Fatemaster at a recent game. In a related question, the Commander's Issue Command talent; does/is the subordinate taking the (1) AP Action the same as the one that was given the Order action? Given that this also works if the Firing Line action is taken, I'm inclined to think it can be someone else.
  17. Hey guys I need some guidance. So I am wanting to use loudest squeal to push my models around the board but I am unsure as to how it works when its between friendly models. Do I relent or do I flip for attack and damage as normal. Tia.
  18. Hi all! I recently picked up Serena Bowman and had a rules question regarding her 'Always comes back around' ability. It states 'if this model is killed or sacrificed, at the end of the turn, summon Serena Bowman' How does this interact with conditions that deal damage at the end of the turn. Eg. Serena dies of burning. Does she A. Summon back immediately B. come back at the end of the NEXT turn Or the unlikely C. Not come back.
  19. I need help with a couple of questions about the rules that I'm unclear on. Mainly engagements and shooting/casting attacks. 1.) Do you randomly determine the engaged model you are shooting at ONLY if the attack used has the Projectile Symbol? (The tiny gun symbol next to range) or do you do it for ALL attacks even if the range does not have the symbol? 2.) While engaged with an enemy is it possible to use a SH or CA action that has a range but no projectile icon? If you need me to clarify I can maybe try and give an example. Thanks in advance!
  20. Sorry if this is a silly question but is it possible to stack Somers aura using his Skeeters? Eg if Sommer and both his Skeeters used the 'Do it like this Action' and discarded a Rams. (Bit card intensive with the Ca as well but with Sommers Draw rate its not to hard to set up. Especialy if you used Sami Lacorix + a Gremlin Crier to cycle and increase your hand size) Could Burt Jebson get an additional 3 rams to his duel total one from each aura? (Plus potentially 1 from Lenny, 1 from a flip/ cheat) This gives a grand total of 6 rams including his inbuilt. Crunching some numbers and thinking it may be possible to get Jebson up to a 8/9/10 damage spread with a potential 3 attacks via reckless.
  21. On the gremlin criers card it says 'When this model is killed summon a Bayou Gremlin into base contact with this model before it is removed from play' Since it doesn't say that the crier is then sacrificed I assume that you get a corpse marker & a slow Bayou Gremlin?
  22. Dear friends! We know, that the Df triggers resolve before Attacking model's triggers. And we know, that model removes from the game after "after damaging" attacking triggers. So, can we resolve Df trigger before removing a model, if this model died during the attack?
  23. I couldn't find a rule regarding the use of skills that a Fated does not possess. Apparently, it is possible to use some of the Close Combat skills, since there is a damage spread for rank 0 listed. But are all skills usable, just by assuming the rank was zero, the AV being exactly the associated aspect value in this case? Everyone can 'evade', but what about any crafting, 'history', let alone magical skills? Not being able to tackle any challenge requiring the notice skill, for instance, if you don't have the skill, seems wrong. It also seems very wrong, however, if an incredibly charming character can play an instrument better than a moderately skilled less charming person. So, is there a general rule that I've missed on how to handle this? Negative flips perhaps?
  24. Hello. I'm just wanting to check if the rules, as written, on the cheating bastard upgrade mean that markers cannot be placed in base contact with Jacob or Huggie, if there is another marker within 4". The text ends with 'it able' so my thinking is that this is refering to the normal restrictions on marker placement.
  25. For resisted damaging spells is the Damage Flip Modifier based on defender's final duel total, spell TN or worst case of both?
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