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Found 12 results

  1. My question is to game designers. Please tell me why similar (in game role) models have such big difference in cost, for example Beconers and Rotten Belles ? Actually Rotten Belles are much stronger and cheaper. Is it balanced ?
  2. From the album: Luisjoey's Machinations!

    the crew undead belles in old fashion picture
  3. Here are some Rotten Belles I painted up for a zombie themed art show at a local craft beer bar.
  4. As in an enemy model is in base contact with a Belle. I activate the Belle and cast/succeed using Lure on the enemy model, do I HAVE to psychically move the Lured model? Can I just cast Lure on the model, leave the model where it is, and count the action as a success? This is important for 3 main reasons: 1. It would count as a failed WP test and trigger Seamus' healing while within 6" due to Feast of Fear. 2. If it counts as a "move" regardless of the model being physically moved; it would still trigger Pounce and engaged Belle(s) would get a free attack vs the enemy model that was Lured. 3. You can force a discard via the Lure's trigger. Also- Can I move a Lured enemy model out of base to base contact with the targeting Belle as long as it finishes its move back as close as possible to the Belle that Lured it? (Which I assume means back in base to base contact, even it it's a different spot along the Belle's base.) That is, could I move the enemy model out from the Belle's base to end up elsewhere touching her base? This would also include moving it out from base to base, and then around other models (friendly or enemy) and then back into base to base contact with the targeting Belle. This is to either open up room for other models to move in and/or move the enemy model into range of another Belle's engagement range to trigger more Pounces. Thanks in advance!
  5. I tend to play table-top games with a competitive mindset but my Malifaux choices have been based more around models that I like. I would therefore like to keep my Seamus crew in keeping with the 'Harem of Dead whores' theme that his background seems to indicate. Can I keep to this theme and still have a competitive army or will I be forced to compromise in order to have any success? I currently have the following models, Seamus the Mad Hatter, Madam Sybelle, 3x Rotten Belles, The Copycat Killer (Totem). I have also ordered the following items from my local Hobby store that should be arriving Tuesday... Molly Squidpidgge, 2x Dead Doxies, and 1 Performer and Mannequin that I'll be turning the Performer half of into a 4th Rotten Belle. ...all of which fit the theme nicely (imo). I'm learning the game via a campaign organised by a few players at my local store starting next week and would like a fighting chance or at the very least not to be brutally kerb stomped into submission in 5 minutes, lol. The starting games have a 25 soulstones limit so I need to fit into that scale. I can probably get the order changed to include Molly's starter set rather than just the individual model if that will help. I eagerly await your sage advice ;-)
  6. Hello. I've finally gotten around to painting some of my Red Chapel Gang. I was planning to paint them in a black and white style like Sin City. I ended up adding a bit too much colour in the blue highlights. The overall theme still fits somewhat. Here is my finished Seamus model: I'm pleased with some of the work on the model, as I pushed myself to try different colours and techniques. The overall model is pretty mediocre though. Here are some corpse counters I built as well: The skull pile is from the GW skull blister. I will try to get the other four models completed for the start of the world wide campaign next week. They are nearing completion. Comments and constructive criticism are appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Hi! So this is my first time ever painting any sort of miniature let alone posting on this site. So there you go, my Seamus crew. Oh, and you should also check out my McMourning crew and Canine Remains if you'd like
  8. Hi, im new to this game. I have a tactical question : What do i get out of moving Sybelle and her belles at one time, rather that moving them one at a time? Im refering to the Companion and Simultaneous Activation here.
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