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Found 8 results

  1. Thinking ahead to my February purchases, what's the current sentiment on Rogue Necromancy hiring? Right now I'm in possession of Molly/Tara/Kirai with Nicodem still on sprue, and while I think the model is cool, I can't really see a spot for it that isn't currently occupied by something else (students, Killjoy, Izamu). I'm thinking about getting Dr. Dufresque if she goes on sale like the other previous sale models were available Black Friday, and I could see the RN upgrade being funny with melee monster McMourning for even more zipping around the board, but other than that, I got nothing. Any suggestions that will help me justify a purchase?
  2. Marcus needed a new friend to play with, so I made him something from some spare parts I had lying around I have a few other good looks at this creepy mass of body parts over at my blog. Enjoy!
  3. One option that looks exclusive to hiring a rogue necromancy is the Pack upgrade. I'd appreciate your insights on the stalked effect and any suggestion of models to run next to the RN and join it's "pack". Thanks.
  4. Hi folks! Finally got around to photographing my minis, so you lovely people can cast your insightful eye over them! Critiques welcome, though understand: a) I've never been fussed to make fancy bases, so they're not going to get better any time soon (Well, except for my forthcoming Hamelin Crew... but more of that later ;P ) Seamus's main crew are on jigsaw pieces, and Mcmourning's are on tile floors. Those beasties who find themselves working for both have a mix of bases, with a section of jigsaw, surrounded by tiles. I know my painting style's very dirty and grimy, and I'm a keen subscriber to 'washes and dry-brushing weekly' but I like it : I like my crews looking weathered, and like they’ve come fresh from one fight, and into another. Oh also, I tend to convert everything! I enjoy painting/modelling as much as, if not more than, actually playing games. And having grown up with Lego I've always had the mindset of "Ooh that model’s pretty, I wonder how I can change it." In an effort of support I'm now trying to use Wyrd's own miniatures where possible, so my money goes to the right place! Now onto the good stuff (speculatively) Seamus's beautiful gals! Bete Noir, converted from Freebooter's Time Witch. Her knee's a little wonky, but it could be worse. Also, her base is meant to look like the floor's fallen away into a pool of blood... it's meant to anyway. One of my proudest, and most ambitious models! This is my Rogue Necromancy. My crew's theme is more to do with using blood as the fuel for magic, rather than stitching together bodies, so I wanted my RM to look like the magic was literally bursting out of him, with all sorts of carnage. Thanks again to Euclid for giving me the wolf and rat ogre head I used! Flesh Construct, sorry for the 'specially bad photos here, but you get the idea Sebastian/Nurse Proxy The Hanged. That's right, she's a hanged bride; sack over her head and roses clutched in her hands. Poor Gal. My Seamus model's soon to be stripped and made into a hanged Groom to go with her, which is why he's not up here. His new model'll be up as soon as possible! Until then, here's a WIP of McMourning, complete with scissors and badass anime-inspired mohawk! There you have it! There are alternate views of most of these guys in my Resser folder on my page, but I figured this was more than enough for now. Hope you like 'em!
  5. My question is this: When you have a model with two melee weapons of different ranges (for example, Rogue Necromancy, has Claws with a range of 2 and Fangs with a range of 1), can you charge with the shorter melee weapon when you're in range with the longer one? So again using the Rogue Necromancy as an example, if he's in range of a model to use his claws, but not his fangs, can he charge with his fangs?
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