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  1. full gallery my most recent finished crew, mary bonnet +salty seadevil! this crew is so good to paint
  2. I tried to write a story to be the Freelance Writer for Wyrd Miniatures. Well, some things are not happen. So I share it with a community. Be lenient to grammatical errors. My English, unfortunately, is not perfect. Mediated acquaintance in the Quarantine zone Vincent looked out from behind the corner of the tumbledown hovel, appraisingly watching at something slowly moved over the pavement. A long time ago, while been a little boy, Vincent Saint Clair saw Siamese twins in the circus. The creature, wandering over the Quarantine zone, looked like them, hobbling on three legs and wagging the one or the other head by a rotation. The attentive eye of the former Guild exorcist noticed tears in the flesh, where connected two bodies threads dispersed. Some lunatic sewed two corpses, revived the cadaver and sent his creation for a walk through the Reva’s territory. The bowstring snapped, and cadaver twitched. A piece of his left head fell on the pavement with the crossbow bolt within. Vincent dived for a cover like a black shadow to reload his weapon. Breathe in. Jump out from the cover and shoot. Breathe out. Step behind the abandoned house. Disgusting hand, covered with patches of mold, landed on his shoulder. Vincent tumbled forward over his head, acting more instinctively rather than rationally. The two‑headed - well, half‑headed for that moment - creation of necromancy howled and hobbled straight to the man jumped out on the road. Vincent swore. He had forgotten about ... who was that punk? Henry? Or Charles? No, wrong names. Never mind. Undead corpse asked by Reva for helping Vincent in patrolling the borders of the territory. Like Vincent needed its help. There was nothing but troubles from mindless zombies. "Damn it!" Vincent growled, charging the crossbow hastily "Numscull!" Zombie groaned guilty and shuffled across the path of the cadaver. Two corpses exuded the stench of rotting collided at a distance of a couple of steps from the ex‑exorcist. Fingers covered with greenish skin began to dig into the pliable half‑decayed meat. From a side, it was seen like the romantic game of two lovers. Two sadistic cannibal lovers. Vincent took a step back, squinted, guessing the moment, and fired. Two crossbow bolts, one after another, pierced the back of the head of his uninvited assistant. Three-legged cadaver, splattered with blood and cerebrospinal fluid, slowly began to pull out fingers of the undead who was suddenly freed from unliving. Exorcist closed his eyes. He mentally traced a few words by shimmering letters on the wall of absolute darkness. Letters sparkled, swirled, and, finally, exploded with a fountain of white flame. Vincent heard embittered, desperate growl and opened his eyes. A three-legged cadaver fell onto the pavement. The magic fire devoured the meat from its ribs and belly, revealing the liver. There was a crack, and cadaver broke in half when crosslinking thread burst. The gray ash, former Henry - or was it Charles? maybe, Harry? - began to scatter on the pavement, picked up by the wind. Vincent fixed his belts, threw the crossbow on his shoulder and continued walking along the route of patrolling. After resting the undead the former exorcist always felt a kind of elation. He was drawn to philosophizing. Now, for example, he thought about what a crazy man could consider corpses as the material for sewing, like, the teddy bear’s sewing. Some real psycho, no doubts. *** New Douglas McMourning’s shelter - house almost in the center of the Quarantine zone - was not a half beautiful as the morgue. His loyal assistant Sebastian had taken away almost all the necessary things before Death Marshals broke into his secret lab, and yap of zombie chihuahua in the tub for a ficus served as the living - or undead, more likely – prove of his success. But without the table, his lovely white table, without the glare of lamps - what kind of creativity can be there?! McMourning sat in the almost whole chair on the second floor of his shelter. He was annoyed by everything. By a spiral stuck in his buttock. By the yapping dog. By this awfully blue sky. By the invisible dwarf elephant on the first floor. By the lack of the operating table. By his left glove left in the Guild Enclave. By a presence of Sebastian. By a disappearing of Sebastian. By the sound of his scalpels thrown into the window fell onto the pavement near the house. By the fact that there were only two scalpels left. And the last one. And no more. "Sebastian!" McMourning shouted, staring at the ceiling. "Bring the scalpels back from the street!" No answer. Douglas frowned. Oh yes. Sebastian was dead, after all. No, stop, not Sebastian. It was Lord Byron who died, and his assistant was alive, just went somewhere else again. McMourning was irritated by his sudden absences. And his last work was unsuccessful. It was necessary to go to the end and sew all hands to the hips. He hurried to let his creation go. "Master?" Douglas jumped up and slapped himself on the breast pocket with his palm. Something slipped out and flopped to the floor. Sebastian climbed the ladder, put his saw on the dresser and looked at McMourning sitting on his haunches and poking a finger in a tomato. "Sebastian, why do I have a tomato in my pocket instead of a scalpel? Who can be cut with a tomato? Hmm. Tomato scalpel. Tomato killer ..." "Maybe you put it in your pocket during the breakfast?" Sebastian suggested, coming closer. "I don’t think so" McMourning whispered. "Rather it specifically climbed there by itself. It wanted to wait until I fell asleep and then kill me! Listen to me, Sebastian. Now you'll turn around, and slowly, at ease, go to that wall. The tomato'll rush at you, so I'll be able to smash it!" Sebastian shrugged and walked away. "I said to go at ease, Sebastian!" Sebastian whistled a merry tune, with which he usually dismembered the corpses. An unpleasant sound came from behind. McMourning wiped his hand on his robe, smearing the pulp and juice tissue. "Stupid tomato. The instinct of the murderer is not enough to deal with me!" "Master, I've completed your task" Sebastian reported, thinking it was the right moment. "A? Did you bring the scalpels back?" "Another your task, Master. I've been following your latest creation. It was destroyed. By some kind of an exorcist". "An exorcist? Here?! " McMourning jumped to the window and leaned out almost to the waist. "Is this a raid?" "No, Master. Unlikely" Sebastian walked over to Douglas and carefully dragged him from the window by the floors of his robe. "He was alone. And kind of strange. No badge, no hat. And with a zombie" "You said it was destroyed. Concentrate, Sebastian!" "With another zombie. Not your. An exorcist used him to hold your creation. Then shot him in the head, did something and turned the zombie into a pillar of fire. Your creation also burned down in this fire" "Some kind of nonsense" summed McMourning. "Why did an exorcist go for a walk with zombies, and why did he burn them? The dead undead must be brought to me; I have given instructions to all newcomers!" "Perhaps he could not read" Sebastian said cautiously. "This explains a lot" McMourning snorted. "An exorcist, being absolutely unsuitable for his duties; and me, sitting without the material for working". McMourning looked at his feet. Well… "Sebastian". "Yes, Master?" "Bring my scalpels back from the street, feed the elephant and return here". He carefully poked the flattened tomato with the toe of his boot. "I have an idea".
  3. Salutations! During my online travels last night I began a journey to find some neat Lovecraftian miniatures in which to purchase for collection purposes and stumbled across this excellent game. I've spent my night reading the lore, learning the factions and characters within and whatever else I can (without yet being able to purchase) of the Malifaux universe. I am enamored! When last year I thought Bloodborne was a game pulled straight from my greatest desires I now find Malifaux?! It's all too much, I've waited my whole life for gaming to come to this! So after my researching and digesting of this grand gaming concept I have come to the conclusion that for my first group of painted war miniatures I'd go with a Resurrectionist group. My hope is to one day own every figure as I have fallen in love with the lot! But to begin with it feels right for me to start with Reva and get myself some Gaki on the side. My main issue right now is I can't find Reva in the store and I know not why. Can anyone help me with this inquiry? it doesn't require too much haste as I do intend to make my Gaki before creating their leader, but it still concerns me. Endless appreciation to all who become vocal.
  4. Trying to thin my collection a bit: MALIFAUX - Dreamer Crew + Lilu & lilutu (metal) + teddy £45 (Lilu is missing one of his arms) (crew and teddy primed grey) Sommer teeth jones crew + warpig £34 (mostly unbuilt) Ophelia crew (NOS) £25 Burt, Gracie, Wong £15 Hoffman Crew £27 (assembled, watcher has had it's wing modified to fix the perspective issue) Pathfinder & clockwork traps (NOS) £10 Sullirids (NOS) £10 Old Ashes and Dust (assembled) £15 Old Mechanical Rider £10 Rasuptina crew (Ice golem + ice gamin painted. Missing Wendigo) £20 30k: The Horus Heresy - Legiones Astartes: Age of Darkness Army List (newest version, mint) - £30 WARMACHINE - (purchases of £100 or over will receive an additional 5% off) Cryx army - £525 for the whole thing Denegrah 1 (Resin, Painted) - £7.50 Denegrah 2 (old sculpt, painted) - £7.50 Asphyxious 3 (painted) - £16.50 Sturgis (Kickstarter exclusive + coin) - £10 Skarre 1 (newer sculpts) - £6 Skarre 2 (newer sculpts) - £8.20 Witch Coven (egregore is damaged and requires rebasing) - £9.70 Goreshade 1 (newer sculpt) - £12.70 Goreshade 3 - £22.50 10 Bane Thralls (painted, resin) - £30 Bane officer & standard (painted - £15 10 Bane Thralls (resin) - £30 10 Mechanithralls (painted) & 3 Brute Thralls (painted) - £30 5 Bane Riders - £40 Blackbane's Ghost Raiders + spare raiders - £23 Withershadow combine (painted) - £12 necrosurgeon + stitch thralls (painted) - £6.50 Cephalyx overlords (painted) - £10 6 Bile thralls (painted) - £12 10 Satyxis Raiders (painted) - £29 Satyxis Sea Witch (Painted) - £5 Satyxis Raider Captain (Painted) - £5 2 Deathrippers (resin, 1 painted) - £12 (both) 1 Defiler (resin) - £6 1 Death Jack - £35 1 Nightmare - £24 1 Erebus (painted) - £20 1 Harrower (painted) – £20 1 Kraken (Painted) - £60 1 Reaper (painted) - £20 1 Seether (metal, missing base) - £10 1 Cankerworm (painted) - £10 Skarloc thrall (painted) - £5 Madelyn Corbeau (painted) - £5 Ogryn Bokor (converted + painted) - £10 Bane Lord Tartarus (painted) - £8 Darragh Wrathe (painted) - £15 Pistol Wraith (painted) - £6 Machine Wraith -£5 Necrotec + scrap thralls - £5 Warwitch Siren (painted) - £5 Cryx MK2 Tokens - £5 Buyer pays postage
  5. I appear to have come late to the Malifaux party, although not to the hobby. I picked up the Molly box set because it looked quite cool and I had looked at Malifaux years ago but I think it is a fairly well accepted opinion that the rules were not the clearest and also no one I knew played it. I had bought some of the older metal figures, which I still have, by happy coincidence Madame Sybelle was amongst them which has proved fortunate. I have not played a lot of games but am totally hooked. So far I have only used Molly (Horror) as a Master and I am loving her. I am beginning to think she is not the easiest of first Masters but you can get the hang of her eventually. I have been fortunate to face a great variety of enemy masters to get a real feel for the game. To me the strengths are: · You don’t need an awful lot of models for a decent crew – I have found this to be slightly less true of Molly but that’s because she has so many sexy summoning options and in two flavours! University of Transmortis? Don’t mind if I do. Dead Doxies? Why not. · There is no set winning combination – you cannot put together an unbeatable combination of models and just win every game. For instance I have used Bete Noir 4 times. Once she didn’t get on the board for 3 turns, once she got shot to pieces on arrival, and twice she has been man of the match and scored me 2 VPs on her own. Watching her go to town on a group of Gremlins is a thing of beauty, watching a Guild gun line blow holes in her and realising you didn’t save a 10 to bring her back not so much. · The schemes mean you don’t just win by killing the enemy models or Master – I am looking at you Warmahordes. Obviously the more models you can afford to buy the more options you will have but most generic crews can have a shot at most schemes. If there is such a thing as a generic crew of course. · The game is well supported – Forums like this one, and Pull My Finger, are an absolute goldmine and people are friendly and willing to help. Most questions I have thought of are answered on here, often in great detail, and it really helps you get your head around the rules. Godswearhats guide is an excellent resource that I refer to a lot when looking at new options. · The card system – brilliant. Although the symbols on the back of the character cards could be a bit clearer, my glasses are not for show and a few is that a crow or a mask? moments have been known to happen. My only real issues with the game is some of the wording can be a little open to interpretation and the terrain rules are a bit woolly, but it becomes easier and I have yet to play anyone who wasn’t happy to either explain something I was struggling with or quickly come to an agreement about what it meant. I struggled with the built in suits as well, but its easy enough once you understand it. Resurrectionists are simply awesome and mark my words someday Molly is going to be top dog. She is very clever and not insane. Not totally insane anyway. Well OK she is insane but who isn't? Every faction has some simply awesome models, I sometimes find painting a chore (skaven!) but have loved painting these. They are not always the easiest to put together, the Necrotic Machine nearly reduced me to tears, and the online instructions are from the Ikea system. Here is a picture of the parts, here is a picture of the model put together with some arrows in case you don’t know where legs go. From my admittedly limited experience new models do not imbalance the game or appear to be super troopers that you can’t win unless you own. I am not naming names here as that would not be fair to GW, but that can be irritating in some games systems. Once I have completed my Ressers (never going to happen) I am thinking of giving Gremlins a go, just for something different. Finally, any tips on stopping Taelor smashing her way through all my summoned models? She is like the Anti-Molly! So far my tactics in dealing with her have met with limited success. Doxies to move her out of her charge range of where I want to summon; do the summon before she has activated so her Welcome To action is not up or stand something bigger between her and the summon which she eventually beats to death anyway. She scares my Iron Zombies, which is just wrong! Look forward to many more games and using/hearing the expression “It does WHAT??”
  6. Hi Everybody, I am the guardian of the little things! I guarded so well by keeping it safe even from me! I lost Philip's head for "Philip and the Nanny" miniature from "Take back the night" Plastic box. I never lost a single bit in almost 20 years in this hobby...i'm SO sad. Is there any chance that someone have one spare to sell/trade? Thank you in advance.
  7. Hi, I started with Dr.Dufresne gang. First models are Canine remains:
  8. Does anyone here (Wyrd staff, I'm looking at you!) know why Dr. Grimwell and Co. have the sub-type Witch Hunter and not Guild Guard? If they were, then players could run the four in the box (Grimwell, Heartsbane and the two Orderlies) with Moonlighting. Now you're probably thinking, "Why don't you just take On the Clock instead and run McMourning as Guild?" and that's totally fair. I definitely could, and probably wouldn't mind it too much. Except for one thing. I couldn't take Rafkin. I feel that him working so closely with the morgue merits his inclusion in McMourning's fluff, even though he is Nicodem's student. Wyrd, would you consider adding Rafkin to On the Clock's accepted models? Or explain (through fluffy stories hopefully!) why Dr. Grimwell and Co. are Witch Hunters and not Guild Guard? I just want all my medical staff in the same place! Everyone else, provide me your opinions, speculations, justifications and rationalizations!
  9. I recently got into Malifaux with my friend and have been playing a standard Dead of Winter boxed set. I'm now looking to expand my collection and while I already bought Hannah for her own burying synthesis, I am now specifically looking at Karina's ability to summon horror minions such as the drowned, the university transmortis minions, punk zombies, and guild autopsies without paying soulstones for them. While guild autopsies are clearly allowed because the rule states that by taking the summoning upgrade you can include guild autopsies in your crew, I see no indication that the others are allowed to join outcasts. Do the restrictions to crew building only count towards models you pay soulstones to play, or can you only summon models from within your faction? Can I summon horror minions from resurrectionists for my outcast crew? And further, would the guild autopsies then be unable to summon zombies if I played outcast? Thanks in advance for the help!
  10. From the album: Luisjoey`s Guild Supremacy

    i did also entered the ironpainter 2015
  11. From the album: Luisjoey's Machinations!

    Loved the punk zombies! they are like repomen!
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