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  1. ALERT : The Forum seems to have lost some of my pictures when updating. You’ll start seeing pretty colors on mid-page 2. I’ve been bitten hard by the Pokemon-itis bug, when it comes to ‘faux - after promising myself I only wanted a couple of select crews - and my collection just seems to grow rapidly as keywords get finished and new things catches my fancy. So without further ado, I bid you welcome to my collection, as I slowly try to complete it. First up is my ongoing project of undead pirates... Arrrh! LOST IMAGES - SORRY
  2. This is my 3rd topic and its all about necromancers! I’ll upload my progress on ressurectionists slowly but surely. I started to paint the faction with the first miniature I bought for malifaux - Seamus the Red Chapel killer. Seamus is one of the best (in my opinion) when it comes to the model itself (just look at his nasty smile) and fluff. NOTE: I actually repaint Seamus as I didn't liked my previous result (painted last year). The old one looked like this: The new version felt faaaaar better, especially his face. Next coming are: - Carrion Emissary - Asura Roten - Mindless Zombies
  3. In second edition, Tara used to be duel faction Outcast/Resserectionists. Let's say that didn't change. Everything else in M3E went as it did, but Tara & Karina kept both affiliations still. How would Obliteration play in M3E as Ressers?
  4. I am totally new to Malifaux and looking for advice how to approach the game as a beginner and also how to approach it from a Mollys crew perspective. What are the main bits of advice you’d give to a beginner about the game and also about Mollys crew, their synergy and strengths and weaknesses? I have purchased the pirate themed Molly crew, Rogue Necro, Effigy, Crooligans and the Death rider – I will be proxying Archie until I can get a hold of one as he’s hard to find!. I like the idea of playing a small elite crew but not sure how realistic this is with a core of Molly, Necro Machine, Archie, Rogue Necromancy. I like the idea of some big imposing models an elite core and then I will add Crooligans and Rabble Risers as required maybe Death Rider if SS allow. One thing I am not fully up to speed on and have not found much info on is how to affectively place the upgrades on the crew but I assume this will be come more clear to me the more I play? First game Friday at 40ss I’m going with this crew… Molly Necro Machine Archie (proxy) Rogue Necromancy Effigy (or crooligan) Death Rider Crooligan Mostly based on rule of cool and the models I have from me2 Any help or constructive criticism would be welcomed Thanks
  5. Hi, can anyone tell me what upgrades do u take on Archie? and do u have any thoughts or tips playing him?
  6. Hey everybody, I'm looking to pare down my collection by selling my resser models. All are painted (very well done for the most part} and almost all are based. Check out the gallery here: https://goo.gl/photos/7q4bYJfjoNRbxeKj8 Message me on here or email to sharpGT@live.com for questions and offers. The only particular I have is that I would like to keep the ancestors together (yan lo box, toshiro, izamu, yin} Thanks for looking! edit: this collection has sold, but please feel free to check out the gallery and contact me for commission requests!
  7. Hi to all, I'm new here but I want start with a WIP of my first Malifaux mini, Kirai Only the mini is painted, I have to start the base, the theme of all minis is a bamboo woods and Kirai is in top of a cutted sacred tree (Shimenawa is incomplete), for kirai air color my ispiration is some japan idols XD the dress is painted with airbrush and details with paintbrush when I finish this one I start with Izamu all comments are welcome cya for the next step!
  8. I have Punk Zombies, Dead Rider, Seishin, Limited Gembu, Datsu Ba, and the Hanged for trade or for sale. All built and unpainted. All come with their cards and upgrades. I'd like lady J's box set and some lawyers or Exorcists. Nothing is set in stone and it's all negotiable.
  9. I have Punk Zombies, Dead Rider, Seishin, Limited Gembu, Datsu Ba, and the Hanged for trade or for sale. All built and unpainted. All come with their cards and upgrades. The Punks are still available, but the rest is no longer for sale. Cheers!
  10. Lady Justice is awesome, its true. But there is only one way she is more awesome... I'm pretty sure she is better off undead. Rezzers for (un)life!!
  11. I apologize if this has been answered somewhere else in the Forums- I couldn't find it. Here's the scenario: Chiaki is in base contact with the Grave Spirit. She Gains Armor +2 thanks to Strength From Below. At the start of her activation, she uses Innocence to move the Armor Condition to another model. What happens? A. The targeted model gains Armor +2 and Chiaki loses Armor +2. B. The targeted model gains Armor +2 and Chiaki loses Armor +2, but then immediately re-gains Armor +2 from being in base contact with the Grave Spirit. C. Nothing. Armor +2 is treated as "printed" on Chiaki, making it an Ability rater than a Condition (i.e. not a legal target for Innocence ) D. None of the Above? Thanks!
  12. Sloth has a Df trigger, Just Lay Down, saying: "After this models fails, the Attacker immediately ends its Activation." As excited I was to never get hurt if I had a low Crow on my hand, this trigger happens AFTER Sloth is damaged by the attack but before the Attacker's Trigger happens, correct? So a big punishing focussed shot will stil do its damage before Sloth can end the Attacker's activation?
  13. This is a battle report from a game I had down at my LGS. This was my first game against Mei Feng, and it was a great learning experience. http://finalsoulstone.squarespace.com/blog/ This is a pretty new blog, but as I get games in weekly, there will usually be fresh content on Mondays. Enjoy!
  14. Looking to purchase some metal dead doxies. I have paypal, so whose holding?
  15. Okay, for example, I have a Carrion Emissary and Sebastian hiding behind his two Shard Markers. These markers are removed, per the rules on his card, at the end of the turn. Say I have two enemies in front of the shards, both with Poison. My question is, as I dont have the rulebook handy, in what order do End of Turn effects resolve? Do the markers fall off prior to Poison/Burning ticking? Or vice versa? Or simultaneously? If simultaneously, are they then also affected by Sebastians aura of adding +2 damage to poison ticks if they are within range?
  16. Something different today! I recorded the top-table at Lords of War Weekend August 2015! Here's Benoit with Ressers vs. Alexander with Outcasts for the Mayor of Malifaux title!
  17. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7xGCEC_1sU Jason's second game, I decide to try to run Jacob's crew with Lucius!
  18. Hey guys! Here's another Battle Report, Ressers vs. Neverborn in a 50SS Standard Encounter! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBWS45WKJDg
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