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  1. This is my 3rd topic and its all about necromancers! I’ll upload my progress on ressurectionists slowly but surely. I started to paint the faction with the first miniature I bought for malifaux - Seamus the Red Chapel killer. Seamus is one of the best (in my opinion) when it comes to the model itself (just look at his nasty smile) and fluff. NOTE: I actually repaint Seamus as I didn't liked my previous result (painted last year). The old one looked like this: The new version felt faaaaar better, especially his face. Next coming are: - Carrion Emissary - Asura Roten - Mindless Zombies
  2. Hello there! I have entered Malifaux in the mid summer and now I feel ready to show some of my Ressurectionists (and their friends, ofc!) to community. Here I will post my WIP and ready miniatures. I will start with sharing my Iron Painter round 1 work, it was my very first diorama experience, as well as OSL. Here we go!
  3. Hey, I am new to the forum and to Malifaux and have a couple of 'noobs' questions. First off my first foray into Ressurectionist is going to be McMouring because I love the model and the theme of his crew. However my opponent is Shen Long and his condition attrition!! I will have th following items at my disposal (due to funding) McMourning crew set. Canine remains additional box. Guild Autopsy box Rafkin What is the best way to deal with Shen and, by extension, other condition removal models? I could probably add another single box (approx £10) due to budget. Can't wait to join the Ressurectionist surge (resurgence?). Any help would be appreciated.
  4. hello, I start Malifaux and in miniatures painting. This is my first crews in Wip. I would like some advice to improve. My Rotten Belles My Seamus Crew My Mcmourning Crew ps: Sorry I'm not very good in English is not my native language
  5. From the album: Wyrd Tattoos

    Color and touchup later this week!
  6. Hi everyone, sorry for the first post outright, but I don't have any sort of idea how to deal with Pandora or Rezzers. In case of Pandora the problem is her WP test on almost every occasion and in case of Rezzers I have problems with attrition and how to deal with boatload of summoned models. In case of Pandora I was thinking about Kang to avoid some horror tests but otherwise I losing to Pandora almost everytime. In case of Rezzers they out activate me usually within first 2 turns and apart from some ranged units I am also out of ideas. Could you please suggest anything for 10T newbie ?
  7. I love the idea of filling in the world of malifaux. I have previously posted a huge gap in the wierd-west style world, with the absence of a native american crew (malifaux I think would be a great setting for native americans to move to and essential to the setting). I feel there are some thing that are just needed, and today I had an idea as I was building a ttb character. A photographer resurrectionist. Now bear woth me. Spirit photography at séances was populer and I think could be creepy. Soul stealing, handing out slow in blasts to reresent the lense. Burying modles so they are stuck, temporarily, in a moment in time. Board manipulation tricks. I mean a spirit photographer almost writes itself. What do you, the wyrdos think? Would that not be cool? And what else could it do?
  8. From the album: McMourning Crew

    I wanted to give my hanged an lunatic Asylum theme so replaced the rope with twisted bedsheets
  9. From the album: Luisjoey's Machinations!

    An addition to my Seamus Crew! A huge puzzle of Flesh!
  10. From the album: The Coroner & Assitants

    The "good" doctor. Second crew I picked up and one of my favorite Malifaux characters.
  11. taozenrat


    From the album: The Coroner & Assitants

    I use 'ardcoat gloss varnish to give them a latex look to their uniforms.
  12. From the album: The Coroner & Assitants

    My favorite part of this one is where I painted stitches to separate different parts and used different skin tones on them. Might be hard to see in these pics and I though.
  13. I have not been here in ages and unfortunately lost my old thread. I don't feel like digging through all of the pages to find it so I am creating a new post. I am very excited on the new sculpts, not perdita's though her art work just makes me sad. I decided to start getting my miniatures painted up in preparation for the launch. Here is what I have been doing or got up to so far. The Ortegas These are the first Wyrd miniatures I have painted. Looking at them now, I am not entirely happy with their finished paint jobs. I will do a better job at them when their new stuff comes out. Nicodem So that is all I got so far. I finished Mortimer but have not taken a decent picture of him yet. I am not entirely happy about his face so I may work on him a bit more before I do that. PS. I don't know how the attachments work on this forum and apparently if it shows up, I do not know how to delete them. Sorry in advance if it fooks up the screen.
  14. Well, I finally succumbed to the :crows Lure of the undead and have taken it upon myself to get Kirai and her spirits. I blame this largely on Cheated Fates Joe and Dan from Gamers Lounge. She's a big change from my slow but sturdy Guild and I hope to get a lot of experience and take her to tournaments. I originally wanted to massively convert them but my skills are not what I'd thought so I'm taking things slowly, doing a little here and there to build my skill. In the meantime, I have built and assembled the models I got for Christmas (apparently, Santa is a Resser player). I'm quite glad at the basing I've done - making bamboo from cocktail sticks. I've also converted a Guild Hound into a Canine Remains: I call him Scruffy.
  15. Hey guys, real quick - I'm a new Rezzer player focusing on Nicodem, asking a question on an off-key tactic. I was going over a few areas of the Rezzers and undead I don't primarily deal with (Things outside Nico/McMourning/Karai), and stumbled upon Steampunk Abominations. Now, in synergy directly with Nicodem, these things definitely don't stand out as much as other models, but from their killing trigger, which turns the killed unit into an additional Steampunk Abomination, they could have synergy with friendly fire on Mindless Zombies, because four combined SA's turn into the killing machine that is the Desolation Engine. And having Avatar Nicodem raise SO many MZ's per turn, they can become a slaughterhouse of conversion to SA, potentially enough to create an entire Desolation Engine, per turn. So here's the process I'd follow: - Manifest Nico's Avatar ASAP - Raise MZ's (1-4 a turn) - Friendly-Fire convert them into SA's - Combine into Desolation Engine - Have DE kill enemy, and later come back to kill more MZ, raising more SA, creating more DE. - Have Nico focus Decay on DE, negating it's Unstable Creation However, as I said before, I'm not terribly experienced. Maybe this strategy's been mentioned before, but I couldn't find it easily. Any input from some more experienced players? (Note that this is not an optimization build, but a creative and to-see-if-I-can build)
  16. I like the ability, because it seems like a nice way of getting a charge for 0 AP. I've read a lot about using a Rotten Belle's Lure spell to get off No Escape. One post I read was talking about using it on a model, and then luring them within 6" so it goes off. As I understand, that wouldn't work, because they would have to already be within 6" for it to target them in the first place. What I really want to know, is when does No Escape actually go off? Is it as soon as the targeted model would start to move (but before it has actually moved), is it after they move, or is it any time they are moving? Cause if it goes off as soon as they would move, then you can't use it on a model that's already in his melee range, because he can't charge them. And does the target model then finish it's move after? If so, would that mean that if he uses it to charge a model that's moving on it's own (and not pushed), that after the charge attack, and it tries to continue to move off, that he would then get a disengaging strike against it?
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