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Found 4 results

  1. So I've been thinking about how GG18 has been going, and GG in general with all of the non-Peon rules in the game and it brought up an interesting question: Is the Peon Station currently doing anything for the game? The more I think about it, the more I feel like the only real distinction between Minions and Peons is the Insignificant rule and things (mostly in GG) that say non-Peon, so couldn't we just make Peons into Minions with the Insignificant rule and for things that are non-Peon say non-Insignificant? That would make it so each of the Stations would be cleanly divided by # of upgrades allowed (since right now Peons and Minions both share the 0 slot). We could even reword Insigificiant to be something like "This model cannot take Interact Actions and does not count as a friendly model for schemes and strategies" or something to cover the non-Peon bit. Sue's the only model I can think of that would really change, with his "kill a Peon" trigger but just rewording that to "kill a Minion with the Insignificant ability" seems like it would work just fine.
  2. sue has a trigger on his attack that kills totems and peons if they do not discard two soulstones. my question is this i attacked a malifaux child and got the trigger. Since it is a peon can they send soulstones to negate the effects of the attack? My follow up question also is using greed against a similar model, would they be able to spend a soulstone if it was a peon/minion?
  3. Sun Quiang has the following Tactical Action: (1) A Recitation of the Essential Formulae (Ca 5 / TN: 13): This model gains the following Condition until the start of the next Turn: "5,300 Formulae: Enemy models within 4 count as having the Peon Characteristic in addition to any other Station Characteristic they have." A number of Strategies and Schemes will score or not based on whether a certain model is a "non-Peon model" or not. Now that a model can have multiple Stations, that definition is no longer as clear-cut as it might have been. Is a non-Peon model: (a) Any model which does not have the Peon Characteristic (regardless of what other Station Characteristics they might have). (b) Any model which does not only have the Peon Characteristic. So if an Enforcer stands within Sun Quiang's 5,300 Formulae aura, it is both an Enforcer and a Peon. Under definition (a), that model: Could not take the Interact action to Exhaust an enemy in the Exhaust Their Forces scheme. Could not be the target of the Interact action to Exhaust an enemy in the Exhaust Their Forces scheme. Would not drop a Head marker if killed during the Headhunter strategy. Would not count for purposes of holding a Stash marker in the Guard the Stash strategy. Etc. Under definition (b), none of those statements would be true. I feel like (a) is the correct definition; "non-Peon model" means "model that is not a Peon," and Sun Quiang's aura makes that model a Peon (even though it's also a Minion/Enforcer/etc.). Related question: How many Bounty Points is an Enforcer/Peon worth in Collect the Bounty? 0 (Peon) or 2 (Enforcer)? (Or, to future-proof the question, 2+0 for both?) I feel like 2 would be the correct answer, but the reasoning behind that one is harder to articulate other than just saying it "seems right."
  4. "The Day or Reckoning is Coming Soon than later, Repent on your Sins, Justice Shall arrive your door with the final judgement to the Guilty and the Righteous"
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