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  1. As the guild for this year nearly finished I started to look at the bayou as my new protect. So its time to paint some green one again. I already painted m2e Somer, m2e Lenny and 1 boyou gremlin. Right now I’ll start with no other than Ophelia and her wonderful kin keyword. P.S.: This time I’ll upload a lot of WIPs for you. Feel free to ask me if you’d want to know how I paint certain things. All in all we are here to share!
  2. Ten Thunders vs. Bayou Asami Tanaka vs. Ophelia Wedge, Turf War Scheme Pool: Power Ritual, Hold Up Their Forces, Claim Jump, Outflank, Harness the Leylines Ten Thunders Asami Tanaka Amanjaku Ama No Zako Yasunori with Silent Protector Shadow Emissary Minako Rei Akaname Vs. Bayou Ophelia 3 Young Lacroix Francois Lacroix Pere Ravage Rami Lacroix Raphael Lacroix Big Brain Brin Merris Lacroix Bayou Gremlin The board had lots of blocking terrain, a couple pieces of severe, dense, concealing terrain (flat white and brown sections), and several pieces of scattered terrain which were climbable. Oni deployed their big guys first, then the Kin deployed, and the Oni finished with the smaller based models. Turn 1: Several pieces moved up on each side claiming Turf War Markers. Kin had two models place scheme markers to setup for Power Ritual. Asami summoned an Obsidian Oni but was careless in placement and took several shots from several of the Kin and eventually suffered Red Joker damage from Francois. Sigh. Turn 2: Kin won initiative. Oni had the best hand they’d ever seen. Pere Ravage blew the cover away from the Katashiro, then killed her. With the Oni’s hand, Ama flew then charged Ophelia, did moderate damage and slowing her, sadly Ophelia had already been upgraded by her Young, so she only took one damage. Ama then used her bonus action to give herself another action, and she did severe damage, but Ophelia brought it down to one. Sigh, my mistake. I should’ve targeted one of the other models that was around. Taking down Ophelia is always going to be tough, but I thought I could make it work. Lesson learned, hopefully remembered. Ama became a nice tarpit. Ama then took a beating and survived Ophelia’s retaliatory attacks - all four of them. Yasunori then flew and charged Big Brain Brin, taking him down to half his health. Sadly, Brin discarded a card to cancel the Yasunori’s Onslaught trigger. Merris dropped a shockwave on the Emissary, which the dragon easily avoided then repositioned herself to help Brin. Asami reclaimed the marker, then repositioned herself for Turn 3, as she was unable to summon, due to missing cards that would guarantee a summon. A Young ran out of the wooded area and yelled for an adult, pulling Francois out of the severe terrain. The Akaname moved to position so that he could tarpit on the next turn. Rami fired twice at the Yasunori doing damage. Minako moved into position for Outflank. More shooting at the Yasunori. Amanjaku moved up and tried to remove a flicker from Ama but failed. Raphael popped Minako for four damage and then did two damage, taking two himself from the Karmic Fate upgrade. Shadow Emissary moved up to position for Outflank. Brin did his thing at some point and more importantly slowed Yasunori. More shots fired at Ama, Yasunori, and now the Emissary. Scoring: TT 2 (1 TW, 1 Outflank) - BAY 2 (1 TW, 1 Hold Up) Turn 3: Kin won initiative. Merris flies up near Francois, then drops four shockwaves on Asami and the Emissary, for 4 Damage a pop… that’s four for 4!!! OMFG!!! So, I had a great hand once again, even better than the Turn 2, see picture: (Picture is of 13, 13, 13, 12, 10, 8, 7) The TN was 13, so I used the 8, 10 and 12 because she failed all four of the flips, while the Emissary made all of his. Asami stoned to reduce the damage to two. Wowsers! So, then Ama went. She ate a young and the Bayou Gremlin healing four damage. Francois then targeted the Akaname before he could walk up and tarpit, which also flipped the TW marker to neutral. I should’ve kept the Akaname wide and used him to set scheme markers for Leyline, ugh! Poor decision. Asami then went. She walked up and summoned an Obsidian Oni into position so that it was engaging Ophelia and Francois but outside of the two inch blast radius so he didn’t hurt Ama. Asami then walked back into cover. Ophelia finished Ama, taking all four of her attacks to kill her. Mistake here… Ophelia was slow… and the player forgot as he was using the app on his phone to keep track and I completely forgot. Ugh... Obsidian Oni then went, killed a Young then exploded doing damage to Francois and Ophelia and killing the other Young. When I first activated him I thought about attacking Francois, but Francois has a positive flip against that situation, so then I panicked and chose wrong. I should’ve just attacked Francois, especially if I was going to do two attacks and blow up. Another poor decision on my part. Francois moved up and took a shot at Yasunori. Yasunori attacked Brin with his one attack, missing. Big Brain Brin did his thing then slowed the Yasunori, again. Minako summoned a Katashiro then moved back into cover. Raphael shot and hit the Katashiro but left it alive. Thinking to prevent Power Ritual, the Katashiro moved up to engage Raphael and attacked once off of a charge because it was slow after being summoned. This was another error. I should’ve pulled the Katashiro back into cover and used her for Leyline or Outflank. Pere moves up to try to get in range of Minako next turn. Amanjaku charges him and does some damage. Emissary flies back and drops a scheme marker for leyline. More shots fired because they can. Scoring: TT: 2 - BAY: 3 (1 TW) Turn 4: Oni win Initiative. This turn started with the Emissary because my hand was horrible. Second attempt was not much better. Emissary charged Merris to hopefully prevent shockwave madness again. Emissary was able to hit taking Merris down to half. Raphael was able to kill the Katashiro, but needed two AP to do so. Asami lays down a scheme marker then moves up to see Merris. She uses Reaching Tendrils attack on her and gets the Coordinated Attack trigger allowing the Emissary to end Merris. Rami takes some shots at the Emissary, hitting once. Yasunori, slowed, and not having much luck vs Brin… I decide to try to disengage… WHY!? I royally messed up on this as he can easily get out of engagement with Wind’s Wrath. Doh, I was tired and stressed and OMG!!! So, Brin was able to reduce Yasunori’s movement by 4”, which was the Yasunori’s slowed action. I was thinking to get him free to go pick up to deny a Power Ritual point. It didn’t actually matter. In my attempt to deny, I really just pointed out that my opponent was needing to complete it to score, which he then remembered to do so. Bad planning again. Francois wailed on the Emissary getting him down to 2 wounds. I used a pass token, and Ophelia moved three times towards a corner, but didn’t get close enough to score, but she was close enough to use her hipshot to kill Minako. I used another pass token. Brin went, slowed the Yasunori again, both flipping 13’s, ugh. I used another pass token, then Pere Ravage tried to take on the mighty and manipulative Amanjaku. Amanjaku laughed at him, twice. Amanjaku removed a point of flicker from himself, then gained it back to get a positive to hit Pere. Pere laughed in return. TT:2 - BAY: 4 (1 TW) Turn 5: Francois kills the dragon as the burning took it down to HTK. Asami needed to have summoned the previous turn to be able to get someone in position to lay down the third marker for leyline. She could not get past Francois and lay it down herself. Yasunori was slow and couldn’t get it done, though beating on Brin would have been smart to try to deny the fourth point of TW. Ophelia walked up and placed a marker for Power Ritual. Game over. TT: 2 - BAY: 6 (1TW and 1 Power Ritual) Lessons learned and hopefully remembered in the future.
  3. Hey guys I need some guidance. So I am wanting to use loudest squeal to push my models around the board but I am unsure as to how it works when its between friendly models. Do I relent or do I flip for attack and damage as normal. Tia.
  4. Hello. I'm fairly new player to Malifaux i known basic rules and how to play. I bought the kin https://giveusyourmoneypleasethankyou-wyrd.com/products/the-kin and slop haulers https://giveusyourmoneypleasethankyou-wyrd.com/products/slop-haulers I need advice what to buy next and some strategy how to play it. I played 2 games. But i think im playing gremlins not to good. I started painting them aswell ;0 two painted gremlins
  5. If a Young LaCroix uses Gets Into Everything, takes a shot with an upgrade gun and discards it, can you place a Trash marker with the Useless Junk upgrade?
  6. TLDR: Where does Rami fit in the current game and the game that GG18 MIGHT be? Yesterday I played my first game with Ophelia....and actually won!? That's significant because I've only won 2 games in the year I've been playing....probably because my meta is full of intellectual freaks who are just way too darn good at Malifaux and also because I'm terrible. My main question revolves around Rami and his role. My opponent and I played a GG2018 game with an interesting mix of schemes. I used Ophelia with "Useless Junk" and "Jug Rocket". I gotta say....Useless Junk is such an amazingly fun upgrade. After an initial bout of analysis paralysis deciding where the trash marker needed to go, it became much easier to figure out which kin model needed the push or the heal to set themselves up to accomplish something. Star of the show was Raphael, trash marker heals make him even more survivable than he already was. HOWEVER, the....err....NOT star of the show was Rami. Having a 36" range is pretty nice right? But he averaged 2-3 points of damage per turn when he was actually able to hit his target. I suppose the self heal makes it easier to reckless, focus, shoot without worrying too much. Other forum posts describe him as the faction's "sniper". But my initial impression is that he's just not that intimidating, and even if he's got great fields of fire he doesn't provide much of a deterrence. His ability to ignore Ht 1 folks didn't even come up in this particular game. So for 7 SS I think I'd rather have something else? Admittedly this is my first game with the crew and I might be way off base. Plus the model was a pain to put together so I kind of wanted to like him. So the questions/discussion points: Is Rami's raison d'être to plink small amounts of damage from a long range? Am I undervaluing this ability?
  7. Hi all, I'm about to start playing Malifaux with the Gremlins Faction, specifically Ophilia's mob/gang. I'd like to know what I need to get hold of to be able to play, rulebooks, equipment and so on. Any help would be appreciated... Dheekon.
  8. So it's like the title says: Why Take Ophelia Lacroix over other gremlin masters? Now, I know the answer will probalby be "Because I feel like it" and, to be honest, that's the perfect reason to take any master. But from a competitive standpoint, why would you take Ophelia over the likes of Somer or Wong? What does she bring to the table?
  9. Have original Ophelia Outcasts metal box set (only Ophelia has light undercoat) all other models (Francois, Raphael, Rami, Pere Ravage) as new still in bags, cards unopened. Will post pictures ASAP, looking for Neverborn mainly or anything out of the ordinary (maybe even Jacob Lynch) or reasonable ££ offer (UK based but will ship world wide) Thanks
  10. I have seen some nice fanart uploaded to this forum category, since there's no fanart sub forum I guess this is the correct place. Say hi to Ophelia LaCroix and her kin, although they’re busy putting the fear of green on some fellas. I hope you like it.
  11. From the album: Skull Studio showcase

    Skull Studio https://www.facebook.com/SkullArtStudio/

    © Skull Studio https://www.facebook.com/SkullArtStudio/

  12. From the album: Skull Studio showcase

    Skull Studio https://www.facebook.com/SkullArtStudio/

    © Skull Studio https://www.facebook.com/SkullArtStudio/

  13. From the album: Skull Studio showcase

    Skull Studio https://www.facebook.com/SkullArtStudio/

    © Skull Studio https://www.facebook.com/SkullArtStudio/

  14. David brings his freshly (and beautifully) painted Gremlins in to face my Guild in his first 35SS game!
  15. Paul7926

    Intro post

    Hi all Just found my old gremlin models from M1.5E during a recent clear out so decided to grab the M2E rules and the first gremlin deck of cards so that I could start playing again. I've pretty much forgotten what models I had and lost the cards but I know I had the Ophelia box from way back. I've added a picture but it's not the best for identifying them. I didn't play all that much before in all honesty. I'm busy reading the rules and just signed up here to say Hi. With all the 'new' stuff out are there any 'must have' inclusions for an Ophelia crew these days? Please bear in mind that to me 'new' stuff is anything past around the start of M1.5E !!!!!!
  16. I'm returning to the game and haven't played since the 2E beta started and I'm not sure which master I should jump back in with. When I last played, I was all over the place and owened crews from each faction except 10T. This time I would like to be a little more focused and choose a master and then faction to learn well. My first box set and original love was Ophelia. The shooting is great and I love gremlin shenanigans! I have less experience with S'ommer but he always seemed to have great tricks under his hat. How are thier playstyles now, or, if you played 1.5 as well, what has changed and what remains the same? The other masters they're up against for my attention are: Nicodem, Zoraida (Neverborn), Collodi, and Lucious (guild and neverborn). If you have any experience with these masters to compare and contrast, it would be appreciated as well.
  17. I'm looking for anyone who interested in selling the 2e Ophelia Lacroix model. Any state of assembly is fine, but preferably unpainted.
  18. Here it is the first Malifaux live broadcast of a game! YAY! Some parts were lost in the move from Twitch to Youtube but most of it is here. http://youtu.be/ZS5CA8-sss0
  19. I'm Dirial, and welcome to Malifaux! If you are reading this, chances are you are a beginning Malifaux player. You have probably picked up a Crew Box because you liked the look of. Someone in your play group did the same thing. You started your first match and you were utterly destroyed by turn 2. And now you worry about the game's balance and/or if you picked a sub-par crew. Alternatively, you are an experienced player with a few matches under your belt. And now this greenhorn marches in, with his new unpainted crew no one in your group plays. And that greenhorn blasted you from the table and you doubt your sanity or something. Alternatively, you are a veteran player coming in here to give your nod of approval or hark on me. If so, feel free to correct me or chime in with more advice. This is a small guide on how to deal with ranged crews. Since similar questions were asked repeatedly in the forums, I thought collecting the answers in one place might make for a useful resource for new players. Normally, these questions are about a single Master that gives people grieve. Often, it's Perdita Ortega. Also often, it's Rasputina. Sometimes, it's other Masters, too. And almost always, the problems would have been similar if one of the other ranged Masters would have been on the other side of the table. So, I'll first talk about ranged crews in general, and then about some specific Masters. This is not a guide on how to beat ranged crews handily. I give in to the wishful thinking that the game is perfectly balanced and that winning doesn't come down to ranged or not ranged but gaining victory points. This guide should turn the game into a tactically challenging experience for both players. So, first, some short things about me, so that you can evaluate my pointers. Earthside, my name is Florian and I'm a psychologist from central Germany. (I'm no native speaker, obviously, so if some error disturbs your reading experience, please PM me and I will correct it.) I played Warhammer in my youth and I'm an avid Hordes player. I started Malifaux just when the beta for 2nd Edition started. I don't have that much gaming experience since our group is small and spread out, but I make it my pleasure to read as much as possible. In that regard, I thank all the more experienced players and forum users whose ideas I have shamelessly copied and pasted. Also, I play Guild, so if you have problems with ranged crews you will usually find me on the trouble making side of the table. Now, what to do if you get riddled with lead in an absolutely unfun way: Step 1: Be a good sport about it. This is my inner psychologist talking but especially if your opponent is learning the game, he doesn't want to hear how overpowered his crew is and that his victories are tainted by insufferable cheese. Furthermore, don't rant at him for bringing such a crew in the first place. Hurt feelings don't help anyone. Instead, talk about it and ask him for his opinion. Most people don't like winning too easily any more than losing that way. Now, if you ask yourself „What is the condescending git talking about? Who would do such a thing?“, you didn't need this first step. Which is an admirable trait. Step 2: Check your terrain. If you come from other games like Warhammer or Warmachine, chances are you are used to way too little terrain. Read the following articles by Ratty and Mister Shine: How much terrain do I need What terrain do I need and why This is the most important step for bringing your games up to balance. Too much terrain and the ranged crew will be at a disadvantage, to little and it's the other way around. Step 3: Now that the terrain is properly placed you should have a good look at it. Watch for fire corridors. For sniper positions. Regard the table from all sides so you aren't surprised by some window you didn't see. Most ranged crews will let you deploy your models first, either for From the Shadows, or just to see where you will go. Choose the side that will grant good cover or where the ranged crew will have to move before the get good lines of sight. In short, know your battle field and don't walk into a shooting range. Step 4: Be prepared to lose stuff. Ranged crews do their damage before the melee starts. It's only natural. Often, your opponent will play a mind game where he tries to kill an important model Turn 1 so you are too scared to come for him. If this brings him another turn of shooting it's worth the investment. Don't fall into this trap. Keeping your distance will not keep you safe. Clinging to your models will make you vulnerable to this psychological warfare. Many ranged models are severely hampered if they are in melee. Double walking into melee can be worth it even if you can't attack. It will keep the shooters busy and your other models can come out of cover to line up charges. Be prepared to lose that tar pit model, as well. Step 5: Identify lynchpin models and take them out. In short, know your enemy. Read his cards. If you get beaten, call for a rematch. In most crews, some models are keeping the crew together. The have an important bonus or guard the sniper or can get others out of melee. These have to die. The faster the better. Step 6: Don't bring a knife to a gun fight. If you know the opponent will shoot (if he declared Gremlins or Guild, and probably Outcasts, as well, or if you know him and he just prefers shooting) bring some anti-shooting tech. Many factions have some models who can generate cover or block line of sight. The latter thing is generally best, but cover or similar abilities seriously hamper the damage potential of shooters. Step 7: Okay, now comes the obligatory, but ultimately best advice: Play your Strategy and Schemes. Malifaux is a game about victory conditions. Theoretically, you should choose your crew for the victory conditions and the faction of your opponent. This is skewed normally for beginners, as they only have one or two crews and normally know what their opponent has, as well. But the game is not won by killing the most models or the enemy Master. It's won by keeping your goals and the goals of the opponent in mind all time. Deny your opponent his victory points while playing for yours. If the opponent has to come to your half of the table, wait for them to do so, for example. It will save you walking into the gun line. I hope some of these pointers can help you on your way to the tactically challenging game you deserve. For their (unknowing) contributions to this first part and the second below, I'd like to thank all veteran forumites who give advice to new players, and especially dgraz, Fetid Strumpet, Mister Shine and Ratty. Now, I will get into some of the crews the play the ranged game with some more specific advice. Since I haven't played that many of these, I would greatly appreciate someone chiming in. I will gladly edit such advice into my post later.
  20. I have decided that I wanted to expand my crew list from just Marcus of the Arcanists to something new. After looking around the forums and what not I have decided that I wanted to try the Goblin faction. Out of the Masters I wanted to get your thoughts on Ophelia and her crew. I wanted to try a crew that has more range and shooting rather than an upclose melee battle that Marcus and his crew is. So I am curious what are your thoughts on her? How did you guys play her? Is there any other models I should look into if I pick up her box? Thanks for the help. *happy*
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