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Found 13 results

  1. Hi guys! I’ve been hitting things with Brewmaster over in Gremlins for a while now, and I think I have a reasonable grasp of how he does things. Time to break into Ten Thunders! Although I’m looking forward to painting my Misaki, I’d like to try the following list. Mostly because I love the models, I’ll be painting these things first, and I want to make it (or similar) work. Difficulty: no Yassinori or Terracotta warrior, I want to put things on the field less played and make them work. So, Oiran! 50 SS Ten Thunders Crew The Brewmaster + 3 Pool - A Barkeep Never Sleeps (2) - Running Tab (1) - A Friendly Ear (1) Apprentice Wesley (3) Fingers (10) Shadow Emissary (10) - Shadow Conflux (0) Katanaka Crime Boss (8) - Hidden Agenda (0) Oiran (5) Oiran (5) Oiran (5) Some obvious synergies including 4 unreducable damage for every point of poison and binge to assist Fast Oiran flutters. What do do you think? Obviously needs to be adjusted for the strats and schemes, but as a base line? (exported from CrewFaux) EDIT: Removed 'Recalled Training', added 'A Friendly Ear'
  2. I'm going to preface this post by apologising for asking what might seem like an incredibly stupid question - Although I have been wargaming for around 26 years, I am incredibly new to Malifaux and the use of playing cards and suits, whilst a definite breath of fresh air, is a whole new ball game for me, so... I'm curious about the use of suits in TN - The example that came up in my first game was in the casting of 'Lure' by my wife's Oirans. The target number is given as '12 Crows/Masks', but the initial CA value is '8 Masks', so my question is, does this mean that (A) to be successful the player has to flip either a four-or-higher in Masks or a 12-or-higher in Crows, OR (B) the player simply needs to flip a 4-or-higher in either Masks or Crows (as an 8 and Masks is at least provided by the CA). We played it as option (A) as this seems the most logical/obvious answer, otherwise, it appears to be far too easy to cast 'Lure' if you just need a 4-or-higher in either Masks or Crows, but we wanted to double-check we had understood the interaction of suits correctly. As I say, potentially stupid question, but any patient assistance greatly welcomed!
  3. Hello again my dear Ten Thunder Brothers, I have yet again another ponderance to put to the masses. Your opinions always interest me and I promise not to call you mama fat if we disagree. That being said what do people think about the use of Misaki having the Hidden Agenda Upgrade and having multiple Oiran in LoS? Misaki and Oiran have the same movement stats so they can keep up with each other. Oiran can use Disguise to block charging lanes towards Misaki while not being charged themselves. Lure could be used to draw targets nearer. If any one is going to score a hit it is Misaki. Misaki Driving Charge works great with other model cover her defensively. After scoring a hit who wouldn't benefit from having anywhere from 1 to 3 models possibly more each having fast and focused for the round. I know from experience Misaki can score a hit each round with the right positioning. Of course Sensei Yu will be around for double pushes. But then isn't he ever not around?! So let me know what you think? What could be better? Who else could better? What else would work well in this combo?
  4. Hey! I usually play McCabe on the "right" side of the law so I have no clue about his illegal dealings with certain shady syndicates. In a recent trade deal I got two oiran thrown in and those models are so beatiful I could consider going rogue just to get a reason to paint them. I know they have a rather shady reputation and I've looked over the card and not been extremely impressed. I figured someone here would have tried it. Can McCabe make the poor girls work? If you give 'em a sabre and manage to get fast and focused on them with the free upgrade that also synergises well with promises they should be able to wreck some face. Are they strong / workable but not the optimal choice / still suck? Any opinions would be welcome.
  5. A tear drops in the tea the grass is cut and the blossom stands...
  6. An experiment in the color yellow
  7. I'm looking at picking up some Guild crews in the next few months to expand my Malifaux collection (primarily TT right now). I just recently bought McCabe and have Lady Justice from a while back. I'll probably also be snagging Lucius within the month for Guardsmen with McCabe. Since I have Lady Justice and McCabe provides specific benefits to Minions (Black Flash, Promises + upgrade slinging providing bonuses they wouldn't normally get), I was looking over the Death Marshals when I noticed Pine Box asks for a WP vs WP duel, with DMs having a base 6 WP. Obviously Lady Justice can help that a little with her totem, bringing them to a solid 7 WP. It then occurred to me that Oiran also provide a +1 WP bonus to friendly models, and I was wondering if Oiran would be an interesting mercenary candidate for Guild, especially with stuff like the Death Marshals that benefit greatly from WP boosts, bringing them to 7 WP in non-LJ crews and a remarkable 8 WP in LJ crews, almost assuredly keeping whatever nasty you've boxed, boxed. Positives: -WP boost to Pine Box duel -WP boost in general -Lure suit requirement alleviated a bit by low Guild demand for Crows -Guild Tome demand also slightly lower, although still valued by many Guild models, allowing her to get trigger on her first melee attack -Six soulstones even hiring as a mercenary, relatively cheap Negatives -Squishy even with Disguised and Defensive Stance. -Even if Guild doesn't necessarily need Crows, you'll probably need to be pitching a high card period unless using her to shuffle friendly models around It might just be crazy enough to try.
  8. Hello, I'd like to clear out/trade some of my spare crews that I don't really have an interest in holding onto and pick up one that I do. Pictures are available upon request! If you don't like my prices, feel free to make an offer. If you have something else I might like, let me know! Haves: McMourning Crew (Body of Evidence box, assembled, unpainted/stripped, includes M2E cards, PENDING): - Mcmourning - Sebastian - Zombie Chihuahua (Lost the tail, green stuffed it in, price adjusted accordingly) - 2 Nurses - Canine Remains X1 - Flesh Construct (Also including the head from Mcmourning's tray, in case you might like to do a headswap). Please Make me an Offer. Wants: Oiran Dawn Serpent Dark Debts box Ten Thunders Brothers Anything else? PM me! Thanks! -DoctorWhat
  9. Luisjoey


    From the album: JoseCat TenThunders

    Painted by JoseCat
  10. From the album: Keranis' Ten Thunders

    My current collection, standing in an unpainted GW Wood (wont be unpainted for long though!)
  11. From the album: Keranis' Ten Thunders

    The first Wyrd miniatures, of many, to arrive at my doorstep, and as such, the first to be painted!
  12. My first posting of what I have painted. Your thoughts? Yeah or Nay!? What say you?
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