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Found 1 result

  1. ----- Update 7/20/2014 ----- Pre-registration has closed for all CaptainCon events. There are still slots available so don't dismay. If you are planning on attending and haven't signed up there WILL be enough tables for any extra day-of show ups. I am also placing here the official rules packet since I've been getting a lot of questions about Doppleganger rules and the soulstone side pool. Please feel free to still ask but I hope this will answer most everyones questions on it. CaptainCon Doppelgänger Packet ------------------------------------ See update below for PreReg and schedule info. I am proud to announce that I am involved in a pretty cool event being organized by the guys who run large events (500+ unique players) at Templecon. The New England Privateers have approached me and I have been working closely with them to bring Malifaux to their event July 25 - July 27 in Taunton, MA called CaptainCon. I won't bore you with the details of the con overall as that is what the KS is for. This post is for the Wyrd and Malifaux specific stuff. The link to the KS is here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/neprivateers/captaincon-2014 Joe and I also did a recording with Paul (from NE Privateers) about the event, etc. Go take a listen over here: http://cheatedfatesradio.podbean.com/2014/03/15/cheated-fates-radio-and-the-captain-of-cons-or-polygamers-and-proud-of-it/ This thread is to serve as a place to find out more information on the Malifaux events....yeah that's right events, plural. I won't go into the details on all of them just yet, but just expect the normal good time Malifaux events that we all have come to love! So to the specifics that we know now: When: July 25 - July 27 Where: Taunton, MA (Holiday Inn) ** Don't book rooms yet ** - Reduced Con rates WILL be available soon What: Malifaux (and other games) for 3 days straight, halls and gaming areas will be open 24 hours straight! Who: NE Privateers are organizing, myself and other NE Henchman will be doing all Wyrd events. For now, all Wyrd event Q&A can be sent directly to me via PM or Twitter (@PFalcon83) Registration: While possible you will be able to buy "at the door", we don't expect that to be the norm. If you wish to attend you'll want to pledge for the KS. The organizers are using the survey as a key indicator to help them plan once funded. Please find a pledge level that fits for you if you plan on attending. There are great options, and if you don't see one I may be able to see about opening other options. Stay Tuned for more information posted here. Also, support the KS please Let me know if you have questions here, or post over on the KS comments area. Looking forward to showing a large presence of Wyrd gaming fun at this event, so your support. Even if you can't attend, pledging $5 shows you want to see things like this more often. Major Update PreReg info below....PLEASE PREREG Friday Malifaux Hardcore 8pm - PreReg(Rules) Saturday Malifaux Doppelganger 9:30am - PreReg(Rules) Sunday Malifaux Gaining Grounds 9:30am - PreReg (Rules) Other events and info here: Schedule Other Events PreReg
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