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Found 25 results

  1. I’m looking into getting some speed and beatsticks for my Woe, Nightmares and Mimics and thought the mature nephilim looks like a fun addition. So my question is, how/if people like to bring these in OOK, and is there some point in hiring shamans and growing them into nephilim?
  2. So far, I used Anna for counter unit against Tara and Dreamer to prevent their unbury effect within 6” inch Aura. However, Mar Errata says “ Add the following sentence: “If a model would be Unburied but cannot be because of an effect such as Laugh Off, Planted Roots, or Staggered, it may still be Unburied as above, ignoring such an effect.” This means, now Gravity well cannot obstract their pracement. Right?
  3. I’ve said other times that from a balance point of view Stitched Together seems OK (if someone wants a longer discusion about this point, I'm willing to open another thread to discuss it; but I'd rather keep this thread just for rework ideas and opinions about these). However it's also true it feels a bit NPE to face. The idea of this thread is thinking in ways to rework the model into a version with the same strengths to keep Nightmare, Puppets and NVB in the same spot but that feels better to face for the other player. I don't think he needs a rework, but as being NPE is a reason to be Errated (and he isn't topping the popularity charts right now); it'd be interesting to know how would you changed it and offer some ideas. For me bad ways to modify it would be changing the focus of the miniature without touching Gamble your life (for example lowering the defense or the mobility). It’d mess a bit with his role and endurance without addressing how he feels when he deals damage. Increasing the cost would also be a poor solution imo, it would made them overcosted and worse to hire instead of summon (but they would be still necessary in a Dreamer Crew to summon extra damage or get high cards back), so it’d stress a bit more the hand to put them in the table but at the end they would feel the same. The best way to change him (imo) would be shifting a bit of power away from the tactical action toward the mele action, but without making him more mobile or sturdy to keep his role of sturdish (for 6SS) close range damage dealer the same (he got 0 utility beyond that). So my suggestions with that in mind: First step buffing the attack: Tear apart to get a 2/3/5 damage track, Stat to 6 with or built-in depending on the change. Option 1: Limit the number of times it may be used. A double lucky successful use of Gamble your life may be heartbreaking and it’s probably one of the reasons he feels NPE. Changing Gamble your life to “Once per activation” would fix it. This change would mess with other crews like Lucius or Zoraida where they could obey an stitched 2-3 times in the same activation, but I don’t think that’s meta right now so it’s not probably that problematic, and the upgraded mele action should also be an OK trade for them. I'd pair this one with stat 6 and built-in. Option 2: Adding a TN to the tactical action after the flip. The ability would be like it is right now, but instead of a 3/4/5 damage flip, the model would have to pass a TN 15 X, being X the stitched choice between Df, Wp or Mv or suffer the damage (this is also thematic as the stitched is again twisting the odds being able to choose the worst stat for the enemy and the best for him). This version would make strictly worse the Move + Gamble your Life so in this case I'd go with stat 6 and OR maybe increasing the range of Gamble your life to 8’’ as this version would reduce the reliability of his damage (not sure if the extra range would be too good tho). Option 3: Making it an attack. Making Gamble your life an attack is another way to add counterplay. However it’s a bit tricky to get an attack similar to the tactical action version. My (I hope decent) attack version would try to keep most of the tactical action flavor (a one card flip that bypass most defensive tech relying in not being hit, incorporeal and that can’t be cheated) while giving counterplay and adding some changes to balance it. Gamble Your Life (Rg 6’’; Stat *; Rst Wp; TN -) Requisites italics: Both models ignore any modifier to the duel and can’t cheat the duel. This attack ignores Terrifying. Damage accuracy modifiers are ignored. * stat is equal to Wp of the target, any modifier to the stat is ignored. Enemy only. Effects: Target suffers 3/4/5 damage ignoring Incorporeal. If this model loses the duel, this model suffers 3/4/5 damage. Triggers: Defensive Reflexes. Bloody Fate.Siphon Essence. Notes: Damage flip can be cheated and is affected by other modifiers different from accuracy. Extra change: An upgrade to the mele attack. As in this case there are more counterplay I'd also go with stat 6 and built-in but maybe also adding a “Bowled Over” trigger to have a way to handle defenders. Disadvantages: It will make usable Wp defensive triggers and abilities like Butterfly Jump, Vengeance, Unmade, Fade Away, Consumed by Wrath, Karmic Ties, Natural Musk... It also opens the possibility to protect targets with Take the hit, Protected and the like (which are usually undesirable targets of low value or sturdy models with armor, H2K…). Now the built-in trigger only works if the stitched win the duel, not always. Advantages: A more useable mele attack when counterplay makes Gamble your Life unusable. Gamble your life it’s now an Wp attack so it may heal stitched or other models if used engaged and may unbury nightmares, Focused may be used (it’d only affect the damage flip, not the duel tho). The reliability of the damage remains more or less the same when there is no counterplay options around. Two extra trigger. I wasn't sure if I should include the defensive triggers or not, but as some models really rely on them to survive; I've decided the include them. For this version it’d be interesting to check how it interacts with the Doppleganger or the Agent 46, she would get a fixed stat of 7 which may give her the edge in the duel versus most models (but she has no armor, feed on fear nor fiendish gamble to cheat the duel). Agent 46 would get an improved stat of 6 but Inhuman Psysiology won't be useful so he would be a worse doppleganger when using this particular attack. More ideas or opinions about the above?
  4. Hi all! I'm looking to collect the different sculpts of Teddy with him being my favorite model. So, I'm looking for the following: Nightmare Teddy OOP Teddy (Original sculpt) Miss Ery (Still on sprue only)
  5. Hey there Wyrd boards, I started collecting Malifaux around the start of M1E and played very hard. Too hard. I bought way more stuff than I was ever going to paint. Couple years ago around the shift to M2E the local scene dried up entirely and nobody plays around me anymore. Realized I still have a crazy amount of models that would probably be loved a lot more by people currently still playing. And admittedly I kind of miss the storage space in my closet that all of this is taking up. I figured I'd list it on the Wyrd boards before eBay, because you guys have always been great and passionate about the hobby. I'd rather my collection go to people who will use them. I have models ranging from the early army boxes, to Nightmare Editions, to Avatars, to the Ten Thunders boxes which is around where I stopped. There are no real set prices. Make me an offer and every one will be considered. OVERVIEW All models are assumed to be unpainted and assembled unless otherwise noted. All models are metals from the Ten Thunders army box releases or earlier unless otherwise noted.I have a gigantic pile of M1E cards. Not sure what I have or don't have. If you want the M1E card with your model for some reason, let me know and I'll try to find it for you.Pics available on request.Discounts will be given for people who help me get rid of a lot of models.I will ship internationally, but all shipping costs will be paid by the buyer.Please don't lowball me into poverty. ;-; WHAT I WANT Primarily $$$. Only will accept over paypal. All prices discussed are in USD.Warmachine Models and related items. (Cryx, Protectorate of Menoth, Convergence of Cyriss only)Cool Sci-Fi / Cyberpunk terrain. I'm building a board and it's worth a shot. WHAT I HAVE Special Egg Hauler Easter SpecialWar Rooster Easter SpecialNightmare Edition TeddyNightmare Edition Dead Justice Box Guild Fully Painted Perdita Army BoxPerdita Avatar *Still in Box*Abuela OrtegaSamuel HopkinsGuild HoundGuild AustringerRyle RyleGuild CaptainGuild GuardLucius Box Guild Guard Female VariantGuardianPeacekeeperScales of Justice Arcanists Colette Avatar *Still in Box*Colette Army Box (Cassandra is Missing)Rasputina Army BoxRasputina AvatarRasputina Alt Sculpt (Still in Blister. No picture backing)SnowstormCoryphee DuetAngelicaMechanical DovesGunsmith (Female Variant)December AcolyteFire Gamin Resurrectionists Molly Army Box *Still in Box*Kirai Avatar *Still in Box*Kirai Army BoxNight TerrorsNecrotic MachineCanine Remains Neverborn Zoraida Avatar *Still in Box*Collodi Army Box Spawn Mother & GuppsSiluridLilithNekimaVarious Nekima bits excluding her body (Long Story)TucoDopplegangerInsidious MadnessZoraida AlternateZoraida Outcasts / Gremlins Hamelin Box Somer Army Box (Minus Gremlins)Ophelia LaCroix Army BoxSomer AvatarVon SchillBayou GremlinsPigapaultStuffed PigletsPigletsGremlin TaxidermistGiant MosquitoSlop HaulerJack Daw Ten Thunders Misaki Army Box *Still in Box*Jakob Lynch Army BoxMei Feng Army BoxBeckoners Non-Malifaux Model Stuff Malifaux M1E Small RulebookMalifaux M1E Twisting Fates BookSister of Battle Canoness - Warhammer 40kAssembled Tyranid Army - Warhammer 40kVarious Orks and Deffkoptas - Warhammer 40k3000+ Point Skaven Army - Warhammer FantasyIncredible amount of Reaper MiniaturesOOP Studio McVey Y'Sala and Darkness (http://i.imgur.com/x9Oz35Z.jpg) - $180 OBO If there are any questions feel free to post in this thread or PM me. I'll be happy to answer them. I will update the thread as I get rid of things. Thanks for the interest guys. Hope I can rehome some of these guys so they can once again die on the field of battle.
  6. Hey guys. I have an assembled, gap filled and grey primed Nightmare Edition Lord Chompy Bits, umprimed and unattached Dreamer (to go on his shoulder) and a painted little Dreamer. I'm mainly wondering what would the going rate for these guys be these days? I'm mainly interested in either £'s or a bunch of trade - Malifaux arsenal boxes aside from Ten Thunders, scheme and strategy deck, various plastic Neverborn etc. I also have a bunch of unassembled metals for sale/trade - Rasputina crew box (metal) 2 Silent Ones (metal) Lelu (metal) Miss Demeanor (metal) I'm based in the UK and accept paypal, and for trades we'd cover our own postage etc. Pictures upon request.
  7. Hey all I am thinking of buying a Whiskey Golem, but on the Wyrd Website there is a Nightmare Edition - and on an online hobby store in my native UK there is a 'normal' edition - normal as in not labelled as 'Nightmare Edition'. So, could some one let me know what the difference is ... as i recall hearing it is size, is this the case? Thanks in advance all fellow Gremerin'Lovers
  8. I've grown steadily more interested in picking up Tara after becoming more familiar with Malifaux in general, as well as reading some of the tactica by members of this forum. After the regular version with renders recently became available, I've decided I like the NE versions of Karina and Nothing Beast (while the normal Tara is more dynamic in a way that appeals to me, it doesn't outweigh the NB/Karina). As of posting this, the only one I see on Ebay is 150 bucks, and I'm not interested in paying a 60 buck premium on top of the increased original cost of the NE relative to the regular release. Is it likely we'll see the remainder of whatever NE Tara boxes, if any, the next time the Wyrd store has specials (Gencon?) Might any Wyrd employees be willing to drop strong hints as to whether or not that's a possibility?
  9. I know they are hard to find, but the one nightmare edition i really want is the Justice is Dead box. If any one has one opened or sealed, painted or unpainted they would like to get rid of (im not looking for a pro paint job that i will just end up painting over). I Can do paypal and have things to trade in on it like Malifaux, MTG, Heroclix, board games. I work at a large gaming store so its possible we have whatever you are looking for.
  10. Hey all, since I've been playing Malifaux, not once have I played a neverborn crew. However I'm going to be picking up the Dreamer crew from the webstore during Gencon. So here's the list I've come up with, it's mostly designed around just summoning everything I need to the table from the word go. If people could please offer tips, thoughts or suggestions that would be great. The Dreamer - cashe 7 -Otherworldly 2 -Dreams of Pain 5 3 DayDreams 6 Coppelius 8 Mr Tannen 6 Stitched Together 6 Lilu 7 Lilutu 7
  11. I have 2 items on E-Bay at the moment, please have a look: Nightmare Lord Chompy Bits (NIB) http://www.ebay.com/itm/231274510594?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Santana Ortega (New on Sprue) http://www.ebay.com/itm/231274515303?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Thank you
  12. After trying to find a completed list of this information, I've attempted to build a list for myself. Have I missed anything? 2013 Nightmare Tara, Herald of Obliteration + Crew - Crew box, alt. sculpt Tara, Karina, Nothing Beast, and 3x Void Wretch (Outcast/Ressurrectionist), GenCon 2013, no longer available. NOTE: Normal sculpts not yet available. Plastic. Miss Step - Alt. sculpt Howard Langston (Steamborg Executioner), GenCon 2013. No longer available. Plastic. Hannah, Freikorps Archivist - Alt. sculpt (Outcast). Through the Breach Kickstarter, 2013. No longer available, not yet released. NOTE: Normal sculpt not yet available. Plastic. Jack the Ripper: Alt sculpt Copycat Killer (Ressurrectionist)/Baby Kade (Neverborn). Evil Baby Orphanage Kickstarter, 2013. No longer available. Plastic. Lizzie Borden: Alt sculpt Candy (Neverborn)/Student of Conflict (Outcast). Evil Baby Orphanage Kickstarter, 2013. No longer available. Plastic. Eric the Red: Alt sculpt Desperate Mercenary (Outcast). Evil Baby Orphanage Kickstarter, 2013. No longer available. Plastic. 2012 Egg Hauler - Alt. Sculpt Slop Hauler (Gremlin), Easter 2012 Sale, no longer available. Plastic? War Rooster - Alt. Sculpt Warpig (Gremlin) Easter 2012 Sale, no longer available. Plastic? Hanging Tree - Hanging Tree terrain, plus two Alt. Sculpt The Hanged (Ressurrectionist), GenCon 2012. Also made available from Through The Breach Kickstarter, 2013. No longer available. Plastic. Miss Terious - Alt. Sculpt Death Marshal (Guild), Gencon 2012. Also made available from Through the Breach Kickstarter, 2013. No longer available. Plastic. Santana Ortega - Alt. Sculpt Santiago Ortega (Guild), Henchmen exclusive. Also made available from Through the Breach Kickstarter, 2013. Unknown availability. Plastic. 2011 Dead Justice - Crew box. Alt sculpt Lady Justice+Judge+3xDeathMarshals (Guild) OR Dead Doxy+Punk Zombie+Guild Autopsy+Drowned+Crooked Man (Ressurrectionist). GenCon. No longer available. Metal. Nightmare Teddy - Alt. Sculpt Teddy (Neverborn). GenCon. No longer available. Metal. Miss Demeanour - Alt. Sculpt Convict Gunslinger (Outcast). GenCon. No longer available. Metal. The Carver - A very small number of models were produced of Carver, and given away as prize support at several venues (mainly, GenCon 2011 Story Encounters had 6, with extras boxed up after GenCon). Has two head options: pumpkinhead, or sackhead. Size of normal Chompy. According to http://www.wyrd-games.net/showthread.php?26243-Carver-Mini, 3 of them went to Cincinnati players. Further information here: http://www.wyrd-games.net/showthread.php?38822-Collectible-Carver Image here: http://www.wyrd-games.net/showthread.php?35246-The-Coming-Malifaux-RPG-Kickstarter/page24 http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-6t_2Csc295E/TjR4Q4-vszI/AAAAAAAAAfA/ESjXlqRwinU/s1600/Carver.jpg Unknown material. 2010 Nightmare Lord Chompy Bits and Dreamer - Alt. Sculpt Lord Chompy Bits (Neverborn). GenCon. No longer available. Metal. Miss Pack - Alt. Sculpt Nurse (Resurrectionist). Offered through random pack seeding, and as a GenCon promotion. No longer available. Metal. 2009 Gremlinette - Alt. Sculpt Hog Whisperer (Gremlin). Not sure how this was distributed. No longer available. Metal. 20?? Misaki - Minion model from Malifaux 1st edition, discontinued for 2nd edition. Replaced by 10T/Outcast Master, Misaki. Discontinued. Metal. Hamelin - Minion model from Malifaux 1st edition, discontinued for 2nd edition. Replaced by Outcast Master, Hamelin the Plagued. Discontinued. Metal. Nicodem resculpt - Original sculpt had a pistol, plus other possible changes (jacket)? Discontinued. Discovered here: http://www.wyrd-games.net/showthread.php?13907-LE-Malifaux-figures Metal. Ramos resculpt - Original sculpt had fire not touching thumb, only fingers. Discontinued. Discovered here: http://www.wyrd-games.net/showthread.php?13907-LE-Malifaux-figures Metal. Pandora, Bringer of Woe (Avatar Form), WYR4001 - Discontinued after release of new Pandora Avatar. Mentioned here: http://www.wyrd-games.net/showthread.php?31678-Limited-Edition-Out-of-Production-Minis and here: http://www.wyrd-games.net/showthread.php?22756-Pandora-Avatar&p=272069, and a photo has been posted lower in this thread by i_was_like_you. Metal? Avatar Sonnia Criid resculpt - Original, unreleased sculpt included a larger dragon whose mouth was closed. Was never formally released. Found by i_was_like_you, as noted here: http://www.wyrd-games.net/showthread.php?40542-Alternate-Sonnia-Avatar-Dragon-Sculpt Multi-part metal and resin. Yo Quiero Wyrd - some kind of zombie chihuahua sculpture or statue? I don't recognize this at all. Found here: http://www.wyrd-games.net/showthread.php?14276-Rare-Malifaux-Models Unknown material. Vasyl the Bowling Vampire - non-Malifaux mini, less than 100 sold. Discontinued. Found here: http://www.wyrd-games.net/showthread.php?7027-Unidentified-Wyrd-Mini Metal. [# of] Promotional Sculpts: [11] Ressurrectionists: Tara, Karina, Nurse, Dead Doxy, Punk Zombie, Guild Autopsy, Drowned, Crooked Man, The Hanged x2, Copycat Killer [8] Outcasts: Convict Gunslinger, Hannah, Tara, Karina, Nothing Beast, Void Wretch x3, Student of Conflict, Desperate Mercenary [7] Guild: Lady Justice, The Judge, Death Marshal x3 (Dead Justice), Death Marshal (Miss), Santiago Ortega [4] Neverborn: Lord Chompy Bits, Teddy, Baby Kade, Candy [3] Gremlins: Hog Whisperer, Slop Hauler, Warpig [1] Arcanists: Howard Langston [0] Ten Thunders: None. [1] Other/Unknown: Carver Total: 28 Discontinued Sculpts: [2] Outcasts: Hamelin (minion), Misaki (minion) [1] Ressurrectionists: Nicodem (pistol) [1] Neverborn: Avatar Pandora (old sculpt) [1] Guild: Avatar Sonnia Criid (initial unreleased sculpt) [1] Arcanist: Ramos (no thumb fire) [2] Non-Malifaux: Vasyl, Yo Quiero Wyrd Total: 8 Fun Facts: There has never been a promotional Ten Thunders model. (My guess: look for it as the Miss, come GenCon 2014.) As of GenCon 2013, every promotional crew box has been dual-factioned. Furthermore, every promotional crew box has included the Ressurrectionists as one of those factions. There has been a discontinued/retooled model at some point for all of the four initial factions of the game. Special thanks to sondermann and Commisar for doing a lot of this work already in years passed, Mike3838 for reminding me of the EBO models (sidenote: anyone interested in parting with theirs?), i_was_like_you for the information on the early sculpt of Avatar Sonnia and tape measures, as well as the many people that have made notes about these things in the past. I hope that I haven't missed anything obvious. In any case, if you have information to add, please let me know! [NOTE: I have not yet begun making a comprehensive list of the metal models that will be phased out with the coming of M2E, and will attempt to do so only after I have been able to build a visual reference for these promotional and discontinued models.] Finally, Wyrd, I'd love to see Carver again in some form, even a different one. Just saying. Maybe a scenario release, like University of Transmortis? Maybe a holiday collection, with a Krampus? ---------- Post added at 09:36 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:26 PM ---------- Additionally, if people could fill me in on a few other collectible lists related to Wyrd and Malifaux, I'd be much obliged. Puppet Wars According to http://www.wyrd-games.net/showthread.php?36758-list-of-all-models, there were: 5x Puppet Teddy (5 identical, with different cards, one per faction) Puppet Lucius Puppet Hooded Rider Puppet Pokey Vik Are there any others? Which of these will be released in plastic for Unstitched? I've made note of Pokey Vik and Hooded Rider thusfar. Additionally, what about Wyrd/Malifaux swag? From scouring several threads, I've heard talk of the following: Puppet Wars T-Shirt (Wyrd's store page) Colouring Book (Discontinued on Wyrd's store page) Laser Sight Finder? (mentioned here: http://www.wyrd-games.net/showthread.php?35740-Your-most-prized-prize!) Measuring Tape (As identified by i_was_like_you below) What other swag has existed, and from when/where? Photos would be appreciated. Thanks for the help, and I hope this listing proves helpful to someone.
  13. Looking for Somer Avatar, Flesh Construct II, Carver model (will OVER trade for this one) and GW WHFB Skaven "large vehicles" (not sure what they are called really only want them for the bitz). The stuff I have for trade is below. Shoot me a note at pen-dragon@howdy.net and let me know what you are looking for. I prefer trades in the US/Canada since shipping can be insane over seas. But, I’m willing to look into it if it’s a large trade or your willing to pay for shipping (i. e. if you’re trading me cash for an item…I do take PayPal).  Thanks, Kevin GamesWorkshop (pre-1995): I have lots of GW (40k orcs, Necron and some misc IG); all bare metal/plastic, but not all in the boxes. If you are looking for any issue White Dwarf i have LOTS. Wizards of the Coast: NIB Magic (FNM foils, GenCon foil card, booster packs and other pre-built decks) and D&D Tiles, books and module/map sets. Malifaux: I have Nightmare Lady J Crew, Nightmare Teddy, and Miss Demanor (all MIP) Rackham/Confrontation: (all is bare metal, but due to storage space, most are loose and not in the original box/blister. I’ve marked those that are still MIP). Also have all the War Cry magazaine from 1-20ish with all the "cards" that came with them. The Venerable Ambirosius Temple Purifier Templar of Hod Seneschal Templar of Hod Griffin Minelayer Sered, Templar Commander Griffin Inquisitor Reaper of Alahan Knight Templar of Hod Saphon The Preacher Griffin Fusiliers Dirz Musician The Executioner Griffin Executioner Syd d Kairder Aldenyss the Quiet Sinshera Predateurs Sanglants Les Crocs de La Deeseee-Lune box set Wolfen Warrior Ultimate Predator Nekhar the Ecstatic box set The Watcher Bysra, the Black Shaman Predateurs Sanglantis box set Sasia Samaris, the rose - blister, not the box set Ysis, the Viper of the Dessert Pest of Flesh Soldats des Plains Box Set Yh-Sabahal box set Etat-Major Des Plaines (sealed) Dai-Bakemonos (sealed) Etat-Major de Mid-Nor (sealed) Guerriers des Gouffres box set Clan Goblin box set Clan Nain box set Ejhin de Vanth (GenCon Version) MIP Kelzaral the Diabolical MIP Mahal the Enchanger Yh-Ibenseth, Dominant Calaliers Thallions Justiciers, Juges et Bourrreaux box set (sealed) Cynwall Akhamial MIP
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