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  1. Heya Breachers! I’m gearing up for some travel, so this week my topic is about a question I see often enough on this forum and the TTB Facebook group. Most recently @Harlekin asked a variation of this. Here’s his forum post: After you’re done with this week’s Fatemaster Friday, head over to the thread and give your two cents to a prospective new Fatemaster! When it comes to Through the Breach, it can be hard to decide where to start with a group of new players. Picking the right Penny Dreadful can be very difficult. You want something accessible to players who are new to the system, an adventure that introduces the ‘Fauxverse and the immense amount of character within, along with it being fun and engaging. Let’s take a look at some of our Penny Dreadfuls that are great for new players! Links to the DriveThruRPG page for each one I reference will be linked in the Penny Dreadful’s title. Penny Dreadfuls come in a variety of lengths, and the Penny Dreadful One Shots are the perfect way to introduce players to TTB over the course of one session. If you want to jump right into the action, there are several One Shots that come with pre-generated characters for your players to choose from. The pre-gens are varied, so there is a spread of character types to choose from! Recruitment Drive gives a very dangerous introduction into the terrible methods of Professor Von Schtook, of the notorious Resurrectionists. If you want to explore the Arcanists, Sixteen Tons introduces the Order of the Chimera to new players. Honor Among Thieves is a fun heist where the Fated work for the Ten Thunders. Each of these adventures come with pre-gens and are a great way to introduce new players to the multiple factions who work to control Malifaux. If you want your new players to build their own Fated, No Strings Attached is a delightfully strange journey into Zoraida’s clutches. Bad Moon Rising pits Fated against the Nephilim, showing the ferocious strength of the Neverborn. The Ferryman is the perfect One Shot to show the strange dangers that stalk Malifaux City. As Fatemaster, you may want to help your players build towards success for their first session, pointing out Pursuits that work well for the One Shot you’ve decided to run. With the ability to select a Pursuit after the Prologue, you can reassure them that their decision doesn’t have to last forever. There’s more than the One Shots I’ve mentioned here, with more on the horizon! Each of them are only 5$ USD on DriveThruRPG. Penny Dreadful One Shots are the perfect way to introduce new players to this wonderful game, and can get players excited and ready for a homebrew campaign or one of the longer Penny Dreadfuls, like In Defense of Innocence. How have you introduced TTB to new players?
  2. Hey guys! So there seems to be some buzz building up around the 3e release in my area and it seems like its finally gonna be plausible to get a weekly game in.Jumping on the bandwagon I've started looking into picking up several crews for myself as well as doing some demos around here. So started looking into the upcoming launch and honestly got a bit overwhelmed on how to go about it, noticed a few of the boxes have had their contents changed while some are getting re sculpted or even having their factions switched around. Adding to the confusion, I've seen a few retailers doing some big discounts on the 2e models and boxes making me wonder if it worth picking those up now as opposed to waiting for the updated ones to come out. Also if anyone can recommend 3-4 crew boxes that you feel have a good balance between all three as well as being noob friendly as I might have two demo tables in an upcoming local event Thanks!
  3. Hello Puppet-Lovers! This is going to be my first attempt at writing a Tactica for use with my favourite Master: Collodi. I used Collodi a lot in the Wave 2 Beta and think I have a good grasp of the tactics and abilities you can make use of in a Collodi crew, which I would like to share with New Players and old alike, as well as maybe give Collodi's Opponents a leg up if they are finding him a difficult Master to go up against in their local group. Let's begin with where we came from: In M1E Collodi's tactics involved spinning a small ball of marionettes into anything and having that thing die rather brutally, from just about anywhere on the board. While maintaining a lot of the same flavour in 2E Collodi is not going to fly across the board with his entire crew, that said he has never felt more like a PuppetMaster in my opinion, and I'd like to show people why, especially if theyre having trouble transitioning. StatBlock First off Collodi is a Low-Wound Master. His Df is average at 5, with good WP at 6. 5Wk makes him a little faster than average, but is going to leave some players missing his old 40" moves. However, he can push 3" after any Df targeting attack, so if youve got some low cards to toss you can attack him with your own models to push him up the board. We've also got Accomplice so he can always have a friend go after him and Puppet Friends, which gives him access to any out of faction Puppet model, which is currently Mannequins, Coryphee and the Effigies. The 6" Bubble Collodi's abilities and buffs all center around a 6" bubble around him. This makes him more vulnerable to blast-heavy crews, but also makes it much easier to buff your entire crew at once. Of note is that Collodi's buffs do not require you to STAY in this bubble. Learning when to venture from the bubble is going to be an important skill for 2e Collodi players. Personal Puppet This is one of Collodi's (0) actions and marks a friendly Minion as the Personal Puppet until he uses the ability again. This grants the PP a (1) action any time Collodi suffers damage from an enemy model while within THE BUBBLE, so long as they take 1 damage themselves. It also grants Collodi the ability to kill (not sacrifice, so it will drop Corpse/Scrap) the Personal Puppet to negate all damage from whatever just hit him. This gives us 2 courses of action with PP. 1) We can throw it on something menacing, like an Illuminated, Young Neph or Ronin, and furiously punish things for hitting Collodi (or stalk the PP closer to priority targets and mark something else PP on out next turn. Nothing says dont hit my Master like a magical crack addict clawing your opponent's Master's face off.) 2) We throw it on something throw away, most notable the Marionette totem, and kill them when a Seamus Flintlock RJ dmg flip appears. The nice thing about the Marionettes is that when they die they may transfer positive conditions off to other minions. So you can face-tank a number of hit equal to your marionettes +1 before taking any damage. Assuming they are all in THE BUBBLE. Ideally you will get a chance to gauge your opponent and pick a tactic that most messes up their gameplan. I usually start off now by putting it on something big unless I guess my opponent is a "kill the master at all costs!!!" kind of player. Beater tends to deter pot shots, chaff tends to deter people from concentrated efforts. Collodi Hates Mind Bullets Ok, so Collodi has Df 5 and WP 6, why does he hate WP duels more? Well, first off you'll only usually only be taking one hit from a Df duel due to the auto-triggered Run Away Home; letting you push 3" in any direction, usually good enough to push out of melee or into cover/out of LoS against shooting attacks. Against WP? He's a sitting duck if the attack makes it past his WP6. So prioritize those nasty WP targets, or just avoid them if you can. But Hates His Opponents More Lets talk about what Collodi does to your Opponent's crew before we get into what he can do for his own. Collodi's lone offensive skill is Pull The Strings. It is highly accurate, extending 4" past THE BUBBLE and best of all, isnt actually a ranged attack, so does not scatter and does not care about cover. The attack itself has a... poor damage profile for a master: 2/3/4, but comes with a positive twist to damage, so you can cheat in those middle of the road cards if you want the 3 damage. But no, where this attack shines is in its triggers. SO first of all we have a build in Mask. That Mask gives the opponent slow. A crow lets us damage AND obey the opponent's non-Leader model, as many times a turn as we have AP and fancy crows to throw at them. The last trigger; Idle Hands, requires a second maske. On that model's activation, you control one of it's AP, and spend it. Now, that on its own is great, but you can shut down nearly any model in the game with 2AP and some good cards. Slapping a model once for slow and then a second time for Idle Hands means they are Paralyzed, without being able to Frozen Heart Immunity their way out of it. They lose 1 AP and you're spending the other. Even models with specific AP like Nekima can be forced to move out of position so they can't make use of their extra AP. Or just stab away with them, your pick. Nasty Ability. Collodi Loves His Children Collodi has two more actions on his -base- card, both of which are for helping his wonderful friends out. Collodi has a deep affinity, like many buffing masters, for Minion and -Keyword- models. His keyword characteristic is of course, Puppets. The first, My Will, allows him to transfer some AP out to his minions/puppets giving them a positive twist to any DUEL they make during the action. So this allows for more easily passed Horror/Manipulative duels, as well as just flatly being more likely to hit. Often you'll be better off attacking with your own strings, but this ability should not be overlooked. It doesnt work on Collodi so dont try. Second, he can summon back his totem, the marionette, or wicked dolls from scrap left lying around from killing all your decoy personal puppets or killing whatever mechanical beasties your opponent brought. This requires a 9 of Masks, making it one of the worst return-on-investment summoning powers in the game. But only by a TN difference of 1 so, its not the end of the world. This ability is one of the reasons you might pause on taking some of the NB minions I mentioned because they will all be dropping corpses, save the Coryphee. But you should have plenty of scrap from marionettes dying and effigies getting taken out. Fated VS Props Collodi's two Limited upgrades are going to change how you're playing with him. Both provide Creep, a handy little 3" push (0) action, good for getting out of engagements and moving up the board. What they differ on is key though: Do you want to Buff Your Crew or do you want to Buff Your Master? Fated was my go-to during the playtest. Effigy buffs are very powerful and will be covered in more detail in their own section. But suffice to say, being able to grant your Puppinions healing on causing damage, burning on every attack unless your opponent discards, etc and being able to do so -without activating Collodi- is very powerful indeed. When Collodi activates he can also grant a second buff to the crew by taking an action. This is usually defensive stance or more notably: Focus. If you have been reading game dev Justin's blog, you'll know how valuable AP is as a resource and I found myself on average granting it to 4-7 Puppinions, which is a heck of a lot of AP saved. Props is the contrast. It allows Collodi to sap off Defensive Stances and Focus conditions from friendlies as required. Now on the surface this seems much less useful, but having Out of Position models ending their turn on a Defensive Stance or Focus can free up a LOT of Collodi's AP, let him stand a higher chance of drawing suits he needs and just generally let him be more effective while chaff models secure you activations and are no less effective at being in your opponents way. If you find yourself thinking Marionettes are not useful, this may be the upgrade to try. Especially with Avatar Collodi's attacks (covered in the third post) You'll also get the option to summon Effigies! You dont get their buff across your whole Puppinion base, but if there's scrap around they can be more useful than a Wicked Doll and Collodi certainly does still get to benefit from the Effigy buffs! I Heard There Are Other Upgrades? Right you are title! My favourite/always taking of the remaining upgrades is Strum The Threads. This allows Puppinions Puppets-Only in THE BUBBLE to take 2 unavoidable damage to gain fast. Now Puppets tend to have low wounds high defences, so if you dont have a way of healing (which you do! See: Effigies) you can quickly wipe yourself off the board, but Illuminated could heal that back same turn. And now they are FAST magical crack addicts. It should be noted this is NOT an action, its just an ability so you cant spread Fast to your Puppinions with Fated. Stop doing so, take your 2 damage like a... man puppet? Like a muppet. Breathe Life exists! Its another option for a (0), letting you toss 2 wounds back on a model, but it can't be you, so probably pass? Pushing Puppinions 2" is actually more useful than it sounds. You can unlock a lot of models from combat or manage some extra distance. If you're hitting 8 models with it, it is 16" of free movement? I dunno, I still haven't got it to be as useful as I think it COULD be. Threads of Fate. Not to be confused with Fated, this makes Collodi immune to forced movement, which is pretty dang super. You also get a (1) to give yourself Armor. Now, aside from the obvious interaction with Fated and giving that armor to your Puppinions, did you consider making yourself Fast with Strum, giving yourself Armor +4 and then not caring so much about the Beatstick in your face? Especially since that 1 minimum damage still lets your PP get free AP. Im sure I can do more with the Collodadillo. Next we'll be discussing Collodi's best pals the doll friends, followed by some Avatar Collodi pondering!
  4. Hello everyone! This is my first attempt at writing a Tacitca for use. I'm writing it for a master which I played a lot (and influenced) during the Beta, so I know a few of his tricks. The main idea is to share these with new players attempting to start him or old players trying some new tricks out. I speak, of course, of Hamelin. To make things easier, first blocks will describe the master without any upgrades. Improvents on certain things will be noted under the respective upgrade section. Stats First thing to see are his stats, which are pretty decent, yet average, across the board. A good wound pool and great wp, his other stats are among the average mold. He however, lacks any station characterstics (living, undead, etc) which means there are quite a few abilities that don't work on him, wheter good or bad. Lastly, he starts with a meager cache of 1. Remember this when construction your crews. Defenses Hamelin has two abilities toward defense: Nihilism, and Lure of Emptiness. He doesn't have any damage migation abilities, such as Armor, or Hard to Wound. Lure of Emptiness grants backup lives with nearby stolen. When Hamelin is killed or sacrificed, he may sacrifice a nearby stolen instead and heal some wounds. An useful ability that migates a bit Hamelin's innate squishiness. However, watch out for having a lack of stolen in a critical moment, as Hamelin is easily hit and takes the full brunt of an onslaught. Nihilism, on the other hand, is one of the most powerful defensive abilities in the game. It allows you to ignore any conditions as you see fit. This is entirely optional, and allows you to still gain the condition if you like it. Perfect if your opponent is handing positives mixed with negatives, as you get to ignore the negative conditions while keeping the postive ones. Don't forget to thank your opponent after that. Another thing to note is the Tyrant characterstic. This grants weaknesses towards the infamous Relic Hammers. Keep them away from Hamelin's face! (Relic Hammer bearers are Johann, The Captain, and Taelor) Blighted Blighted is the condition that Hamelin and his friends spreads out like candy. What does it do, you ask? Absolutely nothing. Don't let this discourage you! While I am saying that it does nothing, it does have important tricks to consider. The most important and deadly to remember is Bleeding Disease. This nasty spell deals damage equal to the current blighted stack to an enemy. It does not remove the stack, so you can freely fire away, racking huge damage for only a few AP spend. There are also other tricks with certain models, but we'll leave that for later. Blighted increases on it's own at the end of turn. Nifty right? Rats Hamelin wouldn't be Hamelin without his little rats. One rat is an unintersting sight, but there are far more hiding right out there. Rats spawn for free when an enemy within 6 of Hamelin dies. Other models can also spawn them. Rats are weak, cheap, small, and pathetic. They think so too, so they swarm together when there are four of them close to each other. (friendly or enemy) The resulting Rat Kings are more intimidating, providing a nasty way of getting rid of scheme markers, as well as improved damage output. (it's a little better) Due to the free rats, expect to always being able to out activate enemies. Actions Hamelin has several actions open to him. First of all, the Black Staff is his basic melee attack. It has a unimpressive damage track of 1/2/4, but ml 6 is nothing to scoff at. It has always access to two basic triggers, one which hand out blighted and another which increases damage by the blighted on the target, to a maxium of +3. His second action, are the Pipes, which is basically a lure. It has an auto trigger that deals damage and moves the target further if it has blighted. Lastly, bleeding disease has been covered already. Under tactical actions, he has a Lure Malifaux Citizen, a (0) that allows him to summon a Stolen in base contact. Stolen are jeleous and murder all non-stolen totems summoned this way. If you spend a soulstone, you are capable of hitting a trigger that allows him to do it all again. (sans trigger) Upgrades Of course, there are always upgrades, and Hamelin is no exception. The Plague First of his upgrades, Virulent denies any removal of Blighted within 6 of Hamelin. Prefect for letting enemies build larger stacks of blighted. Secondly, it allows the usage of two triggers, both which trigger automaticly. The first hands out blighted, which is handy for putting blighted on ranged. The second only goes of on blighted+4, but grants the target a condition that forces the enemy to discard two cards for each interact action... Or it simpely fails. Putting blighted on range is The Piper Hamelin's near-auto-take limited upgrade grants two powerful abilities. Irresistable Dance, and Obey. Ireresistable Dance forbids enemies from ending charges within 6 of Hamelin. Protecting him and his crew from charges, it negates one of the weaknesses Hamelin has. Obey with a build in suit is a very powerful tool in any master's crew, and Hamelin is no different. Tools of the Tyrant This upgrade grants triggers to the Black Staff, as well providing even more interact denial. Unhealty pallor allows Hamelin to heal for each blighted model within 3. Blight your friends first, and then use them as health packages! Remember that blighted doesn't do anything when not forced upon you.... The second trigger puts blighted on a single target within 3" of the damaged model. It allows you to put blighted on certain elusive models hiding away from your ranges. It has it's usages whithin certain combo's, such as setting up the 1 AP charges using Drawn to Contagation. The main selling point of Tools, however, is Face The Inevitable, a 6 that let's interact actions of enemies fail unless they discard a card. Suddely delivering messages, or distracting becomes a lot harder to do. Sewer King Last of the four Hamelin restricted upgrades, Sewer King grants Infiltration (Lost) allowing you to hire up to four out of faction Lost models. Currently they are Crooligans, Baby Kade, Iggy, and Candy. More on them later. It also grants Useless Toy, a (0) that let's you sacrifice any model of choice to draw two cards. If a stolen is sacrificed, enemy models within 3 of the stolen get blighted. Of course, you wouldn't want to kill stolen off all the time, as sometimes it's better to get rid of a near-dead model that has already activated. Or you could just kill rats. Infectious Melody A Nihilist option, infectious melody allows Peons and Minions to gain fast at the start of their activation. They die at the end of that activation, going out in a blaze of glory. Sometimes you just need that 1 additional AP. Survialist Not Hamelin exclusive, but deserved a special metion here. Most importantly, it grants him ridicilous levels of defense in the form of Hard to Kill. Hard to Kill works hand in hand with Lure of Emptiness, soaking attacks in tandem. First, hard to kill goes off, reducing you to 1 wound. Then, lure of emptiness goes off, healing you above Hard to Kill thresshold.. It's certainly worth the ss if you find that you die too often. Oh, it also grants on healing flips. Spreading & Utilizing Blighted Decided to make a list of sources & blighted utilities. Spreading Blighted For all intents and purposed, Rats & Rat Kings are immune to Blighted. Diseased gives blighted to enemies that activate within 3. Source: Obedient Wretch & The Stolen, ability. The Taint trigger gives Blighted +1 for each in the final duel total. Source: Hamelin, Black Staff. The Decaying trigger gives Blighted +1. Source: Hamelin, Pipes. Requires The Plague upgrade. The Contagious Touch trigger gives Blighted +1 to a model within 3" and LOS of the target when damaging. Source: Hamelin, Black Staff. Requires Tools of the Tyrant upgrade. Useless Toy, when you sacrifice a Stolen with this action, all enemy models within 3 of the sacrificed Stolen gain Blighted +1. Source: Hamelin. Requires Sewer King upgrade. Feed On Anima gives Blighted +1 on a hit. Source: Nix Rusty Trap gives Blighted +1 on a hit. Source: Rat Catcher Swarm of Yellow Teeth gives Blighted +1 on a hit. Source: Rat King. The Spray of Filth trigger gives Blighted +1 to all models 6 when the target is killed. Source: Rat King. Yellow Teeth gives Blighted +1/+2/+3 depending on the damage flip. Source: Malifaux Rat Drink Spirit gives blighted to all within 4 unless a Wp test is passed. Nihilist models are immune Source: Nix Using Blighted Bleeding Disease deals damage equal to the Blighted condition of the target. Source: Hamelin, Nix, Stolen & Obedient Wretch. The Black Death deals damage equal to the Blighted condition of the target, to a maxium of 3. This is a seperate damage source. Source: Hamelin. Voracious Rats summons a Malifaux Rat when a model with Blighted is killed within 6. Source: Hamelin & Rat Catcher Pipes moves the target equal to it's Cg when the target is blighted. Source: Hamelin The Sick In Bed trigger gives the target the Sick In Bed condition if it's blighted condition is 4 or greater. Source: Hamelin, Pipes. Requires The Plague upgrade. The Unhealthy Pallor trigger heals Hamelin for each model with Blighted within 3. Source: Hamelin, Black Staff. Requires Tools of the Tyrant upgrade. Models with Blighted +4 within 6 of an activated Plague Pit can't take interact actions. Source: Nix The Quarantine trigger increases the attack damage by 2 if the target has Blighted +3 before the action is declared. Source: Rat Catcher, Rusty Trap. Models with Drawn to Contagion can charge models with Blighted as a (1) action. Source: Rat King & Nix, Hollow
  5. Hi guys, So if you haven't guessed I am starting to arrange this as a monthly tournament at Wayland games Southend On Sea. This Will preferably be on the 1st Saturday of the month rather than the last going from here forwards (next paid tournament will be December. The news gets better, this is the penultimate £10 tournament guys! As after the new year I will be dropping the Price to £5 which will be going directly towards the prize pool. Venue: Wayland Games, Southend-On-Sea SS1 2NE. Entry: £10 You must've confirmed your attendance by the 20th of October. This is so I can order the appropriate Prize box in time. PayPal: https://www.paypal.me/Kewldown/10 Date: October 29th 2017 Starting at 11:00 and finishes at 17:00. Date Confirmed. Player Slots: 8 Available. Rules: 3 rounds, 35SS, fixed faction. Standard GG2017 Rules. Rounds will be 80 Minutes long with 10 minutes separate set-up time at the start and 10 minutes to calculate the points for the following round. NOTE: Although I would like this tournament to be beginner friendly, it is a tournament, so bring out all your Malifaux Faction filth in hopes to win, no one wants to pull any punches. Player Scoring: Win : 2 Points Draw: 1 Points Loss: 0 Point Tournament Day Plan: Round 1: 11:00: Round 1 Organization 11:10 Round 1 12:30 Round 1 Results 12:40 Lunch Round 2: 13:10 Round 2 Organization 13:20 Round 2 14:40 Round 2 results Round 3: 14:50 Round 3 Organization 15:00 Round 3 16:20 Round 3 Results 16:30 Tournament Results & Prize Giving Round 1 Schemes & Strategies: Deployment: Standard Strategy: HeadHunter Scheme 1: Claim Jump Scheme 2: Eliminate the Leadership Scheme 3: Leave Your Mark Scheme 4: Undercover Entourage Scheme 5: Inspection Round 2 Schemes & Strategies: Deployment: Standard Strategy: Extraction Scheme 1: Claim Jump Scheme 2: Leave Your Mark Scheme 3: Frame for Murder Scheme 4: Hidden Trap Scheme 5: Set Up Round 3 Schemes & Strategies: Deployment: Close Strategy: Guard The Stash Scheme 1: Claim Jump Scheme 2: Accusation Scheme 3: Frame for Murder Scheme 4: Recover Evidence Scheme 5: Inspection Prize Pool: 1st Place: 1x 5 Guilders, 1 Small Mystery Box, 1st Place Certificate 2nd Place: 1x 3 Guilder, 2nd Place Certificate 3rd Place: 1x 1 Guilder, 3rd Place Certificate 4th Place: 1x 1 Guilder 5th Place: 1x 1 Guilder 6th Place: 1x 1 Guilder 7th Place: 1x 1 Guilder Best Painted Crew: 1 Small Mystery Box Entries Cniddy - PAID GMfaux - PAYMENT DUE Manxs - PAYMENT DUE Vicki_Angel - PAID Michael Hume - PAYMENT DUE Ngeangelrei - PAYMENT DUE My Contact Info Name: Soner (Sonair) Hasan Contact No: 07568 612047 Contact hours Weekdays: 7am-8am, 12pm-2pm, 5pm-11pm Contact hours Weekends: 8am-10pm
  6. ( NOTE this should have gone up on monday but due to a missfire on my computer it clearlly did not so here it is again) Location: Louisville game shop 925 Baxter Ave, Louisville, KY 40204 Starting date: September 30th - December 23 Entry: $5 Prize support: Currently prizzes will go to Best painted, Most vp, and best Hideout Who should play: New players and old this is to help kick off Malifaux in the area again and get some new bodies in the seats, as well as some old ones back in them. Info: Shifting Loyalties campaign Greetings all and welcome to the first day of the Shifting Loyalties Campain at the Louisville Game shop! So here are the starting rules and things for the campain. There are Arsenal Sheets at the Game shop which will go in to a binder along with campain cards for this campain along with my coppy of shifting loyalties all for use with this campaign. each week there will be an over arching event that players can try to acheive during their games on top of schemes. When you sign up with the shop, you must choose your faction and hire your starting Arsenal. (NOTE: Ten Thunders players must choose to play for Ten thunders or the dual faction and stick to that faction.) (NOTE: You can proxy a few things but not a whole army.) Our campain will have a starting buy of 35 soulstones. you must include one HENCHMAN which is the designated leader of your crew for the start of the campain. You may have more than one Henchman in your arsenal at start BUT you must designate one as the leader who remains so till you get a master or the campain ends. Masters will become available for purchass at week six, Avatars are an option in this campaign. You may hire any models that your Henchman can hire as per the standard rules of buying modles, such as Mercs, and in faction models or out of faction models bassed on their subtype. Crews may purchass one upgrade at this time and it can not be a campain upgrade any soulpoints that are not spent on your arsenal at the end of this point become Script at a one to one rate. More info will come out as it becomes relevent in the following weeks. Games for week one cap out at 35 soul stones. Games after week one Follow the rules of cp progressing and deferance. We will be playing with Hideout rules as well so consider all your options for the following weeks when trying to decied how ya win. The Max amount of script you can earn a week is 16. If you are unable to play any games in a week you will still earn 5 script so as not to fall to far behind in the runnings. Good luck and we hope to see you all soon. If you have any questions or need more information you can Contact me on Facebook at Braden McCampbell or reach me by email at Djbriddin AT Gmail.com I will be updating this post in the weeks following with the events that have ben flipped but you can also go to Malifaux at the Louisville game shop facebook group for both info on when people will meet up, OR info about the weekly event and special rules. Shifting Loyalties WEEK 1 EVENT! We got Red Joker flip again, and Eight of Mask. Red Joked is THE EVENT! meaning that every one adds one avatar available to them to their arsenal as soon as masters become available. The redraw( or rather the one drawn at the shop) is THE LONELY TRAVELER. A Lonely Traveler joins every Encounter This Week. Place a 30 mm Traveler Marker in the center of the table ( Or as close as possible) Any model within 1 inch of the Traveler make make a (1) interact action targetting it to ask it for guidance, when this happens make a flip on the chart in the shifting loyalties Book on page 9 Good luck every one!
  7. Good afternoon all, I am now the henchman for Preston (and it's surrounding areas) and will happily host an introduction/demo game to any new or returning players. The location is at Harlequins (www.harlequins-games.co.uk) and the days I am available for the games are Monday and Wednesday from 6pm until 10pm. Feel free to contact me via the forum or on Twitter (@Thecleez) or via email (carl7lee@hotmail.com) and lastly through the Harlequins/Red Steel Preston or A Wyrd Place Facebook groups/pages, as much notice as possible is appreciated however I can in most instances make those days always. During the demo I will run through a small sized game with either one or two players that will show you various mechanics of the game and also show you some models from the range produced by Wyrd (I have 10 different masters across 4 factions) so I can show a good cross section of the range. I also have all of the current books available for perusal and will happily answer any questions to the fullest of my knowledge. Thanks for reading and hopefully see you son. Carl AKA Cleezy
  8. TLDR: What: Through The Breach: A Night in Rottenburg Where: Games of Berkeley, Berkeley CA When: Thursday , June 15th @ 5pm - 9pm Fee: $5, however you get a $5 Gift card for the store immediately for use on anything at the store. Facebook: Facebook Event. Please RSVP if going. Space is Limited Howdy ho, Malifolks! I'm here to formally invite you all to a Through The Breach Adventure at Games of Berkeley! We will be hosting a Penny Dreadful Through the Breach event at our store starting at 5 pm on June 15! New Players are welcome and encouraged. Come and play the amazing RPG in a nice store located conveniently near Telegraph and tons of food. For the particulars, it will down below. We hope to see you then, or if not then maybe at one of our events in the future; Twice a month Through The Breach! Event Details Penny Dreadful: A Night in Rottenburg Limited Spots(We've 1 Fate Master and Five Player Cap) Characters: Option A: We will have a few Character to choose from. If you would rather not make a character, or if you are new to the system. Option B: Custom character 3 steps in a Normal Pursuit 1 Step in an Advanced(or 4 in normal) 15 additional Scrip Bring your ideas but make the character here. ATTN: Potential Fate Masters. If you are interested in Running a Penny Dreadful at a store, feel free to contact me. We are currently using one Fate Master but if there is enough Interest of you already have a person or two and you want to fish for more, we are open to having another table playing a different Penny Dreadful.
  9. Welcome to malifaux is a phrase often used in our local store, we have had a lot of new players join our community in the last couple of months and therefore on the 23rd of July 2017 I will be running my first event as a henchman at Warzone Northampton this will be for newer players to the game, it will be a 50ss event consisting of 3 rounds. registration starts at 10am and round one at 10:30. It will be £10 per ticket and include a ticket for the raffle, lunch is not provided but we are located in Northampton town centre so there's no shortage of food places, the prizes available will be 1st, 2nd, 3rd place, best sportsman and a raffle which everyone is auto included but if 50% of your crew is painted then you will get an additional ticket, if you are interested you can message me on here or message me through the Warzone Facebook group here https://www.facebook.com/events/143791776164851/?acontext={"ref"%3A"29"%2C"ref_notif_type"%3A"plan_user_joined"%2C"action_history"%3A"null"}&notif_t=plan_user_joined&notif_id=1495544141653711 Driving to the event I recommend St peters car park Northampton it is free on Sundays, the address for Warzone is Unit 5 Gold street Mews, Northampton, Northamptonshire, NN1 1RA. I hope to see many of you new players there
  10. Hello there New Players and Old Players alike! I've noticed this coming up in a lot of different threads on different forums and in game store discussions and thought it could use some additional discussion and reference: TERRAIN IS A BIG DEAL IN MALIFAUX The amount, placement and type of terrain will affect your game. And not in a small way either. Now most people will realize quite quickly that if they use a traditional Warmahordes board of 2 trees and a small hillock Masters like Perdita get muchmuch stronger as their shooting attacks dont have to worry about pesky LoS or Cover, so we have to cover the board in a lot more stuff to make things fair. Great guide Shine, seeya next time. But wait, picture the following scenario: Edonil and Mako are having a game. Edonil wants to try out his Seamus crew and Mako just finished building an entire Western town-themed board so they decide to play on that. The board has a moderate density of cool looking buildings and they start their game. Since each building has the blocking trait because of its solid walls Edonil has an easy time using Seamus' Back Alley action, which allows him to move massive distances when out of LoS, and snipes out large portions of Mako's crew, costing him the game. Both agree that Seamus felt a bit Overpowered and wonder how he got through Playtesting like this. However, in this scenario the board density might be fine but the terrain type is not. This board is nearly 100% terrain with the "Blocking" type. And while it looks awesome it gives Masters like Seamus a huge advantage and Masters like Perdita a huge disadvantage. Think of it another way, a board full of buildings is going to wind up as fair as a board full of rivers. Great for one type of crew (ones that can shoot over water) but less good for the type of crew that needs to Oregon Trail right over the river. This is Your crew on the Unbalanced Board Ok, so how do we handle this? Well locally we use a rough rule of thirds. For density squish all your terrain into 1/3 of the board. Fill that third right up. That terrain should look like this: 1/3 of the terrain should be blocking. Buildings, walls, Piles of crates, etc. 1/3 of the terrain should be obscuring. Vegetation, Walls with holes in them, an area of Mysterious Fog, etc 1/3 of the terrain should be Difficult. Rivers or water, uneven or rough flooring, snow, mud, blood, disco flooring, etc Then we want to spread that terrain out from the third we've bundled it into. This is an area that requires a bit more finese and less quick and easy to remember rules. I spread it out and make it look like a cohesive board then consult my opponent to make changes or perhaps notice things like the inacessible sniper's nest I accidently made for models with "From the Shadows" (an ability that lets models set up outside their deployment zone, like in the clocktower that would take 3 turns to get into normally). More experience with different models will help you in figuring out placement and what to avoid. In general though you want to have a roughly even dispersement of terrain types (So as not to start the melee walking master behind three rivers). Experience will help with figuring out the benefits of specific terrain setups So lets go back to Mako and Edonil. In their game they were missing a lot of the terrain types, but Mako still wants to use the board he worked so hard on. Well, he still can. Look closely at your terrain elements. Mako's Saloon has windows so he and Edonil both agree that it will be Obscuring to shoot through the windows of it and angle it so that the blocking wall wouldn't be blocking Mako's LoS to Seamus from most angles. They say that the main "roads" between the buildings have become muddy from over use and are difficult open terrain. The abandoned church has enough holes in the walls that its considered Obscuring now and the floors inside are going to be difficult as well. Their next game finds Seamus having a lot more trouble Back Alleying and Mako able to more accurately predict where Seamus is going to try to go and how to counter him. Mako still loses, but the game is much more enjoyable. This is a rough guideline of what to do for terrain. You can most certainly have more or less terrain, change the percents, but this guide will help you in experiencing Crews and Masters in a setting they were designed for, giving more meaning to how you set up your crew initially and just generally ensuring a more balanced and fun gameplay setting.
  11. 8/28/16 Start Time 12:30pm Entry: Purchase of a Master Crew box Players will purchase a Master Box of Malifaux and have 5 hours to fully assemble their Master Box Crew. The players will be given two weeks to fully paint their crew and return on 9/11/16 to participate in a 35 SS tournament using the gaining grounds format. Players' crews are limited to the models included in the Master Crew boxed purchased on 8/28/16. This is a great chance for new players to try out the game and get to know their new crews. This will also provide an interesting challenge for those veteran players who have had their eye on a new master. Where: Drawbridge Games 1003 Castle Shannon BLVD Pittsburgh, PA 15234 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/drawbridgegames/ Phone: 412.254.6151 Email: info@drawbridgegames.com Prizes will be based on participation, but will include first and best painted. If you have a master that you would prefer purchasing please contact Enrico of Drawbridge Games at 412-254-6151 and we'll try to reserve or order your Master Crew Box of choice. For any questions PM lostnemesis or contact through Drawbridge Games.
  12. TLDR: What: Through The Breach: In Defense of Innocence. Where: Games of Berkeley, Berkeley CA When: Thursday , August 25th @ 2pm - 9pm Fee: Free! Facebook: Facebook Event. Please RSVP if going. Space is Limited Howdy ho Malifolks! I'm here to formally invite you all to a Through The Breach Adventure at Games of Berkeley! We will be hosting a Penny Dreadful Through the Breach event at our store starting at 2pm on August 25! New Players are welcome and encouraged. Come and play the amazing RPG in a nice store located conveniently near a BART station and tons of food. For the particulars, it will down below. We hope to see you then, or if not then maybe at one of our events in the future; Once a month, possibly twice a month Through The Breach, Malifaux Bi-Monthly Leagues, Malifaux Tournaments! Event Details Penny Dreadful: In Defense of Innocence Limited Spots(We've 1 Fate Master and Five Player Cap) Characters: Option A: We will have a few Character to choose from. If you would rather not make a character, or if you are new to the system. Option B: Custom character 3 steps in a Normal Pursuit 1 Step in a Advanced 15 additional Scrip 3 additional Skill Points ATTN: Potential Fate Masters. If you are interested in Running a Penny Dreadful at a store, feel free to contact me. We are currently using one Fate Master but if there is enough Interest of you already have a person or two and you want to fish for more, we are open to having another table playing a different Penny Dreadful.
  13. What's happenin', all? Seeking the expertise of veteran players. I'm introducing my weekly game night group players to Malifaux, and am seeking some advice on great, simple ways to explain "fiddly" rules. An example: 1. Ca 4(tomes); TN 14(tomes); Res. Df They're getting caught up every time on the suit name in an attack action, and its mechanics. "Do we have to FLIP the tomes to succeed, or is it GIVEN to us?! Bargle, bargle, bargle..." I'm not sure I'm doing a fantastic job at explaining. I play Gremlins almost exclusively, and am guilty of knowing how MY faction works, but not studying up on anyone else's. :\ Anyone have some spare time to put this in the simplest terms that I might use to suck more people into the Breach?
  14. New player here, I'm planning on making Nicodem my first master and I was wondering if anyone had any pointers about what models I should pick up in addition to his Open Graves box? I really like Bete Noir but besides her I'm unsure where to go from here. I'm planning on running everything from his starter box if that helps. Also I wasn't sure if this is the most appropriate place for this thread or the New Player Lounge, so I erred on the side of my fellow Resurrectionists, sorry if that was incorrect. Thanks in advance
  15. Hello all you Wyrdos and Potential Wyrdos out there. Just to let you know if you are looking to pick up any Malifaux or Wyrd Related stuff in the Huntsville area there are two awesome places you can do that. Either at the Deep http://www.deepcomics.com/ or Mastermind Models and Miniatures http://www.m3paints.com The local community plays Malifaux every Sunday at the Deep from 4pm till close. (Of course setting up a game is always helpful.) And we play Saturday 12 - 6 at M3. We conduct demos during that time as well. We have knowledgable Henchmen with crews at both areas. Got questions just ask. We are really trying hard to build up the community. Either hit me up or TTHP2009 with PMs if there are any questions. Can't wait to see you guys! Best, George
  16. Hello, Just in case you don't know me.... My name is Matt and I’m part of a fantastic Wargames Club called Tanelorn in East London, UK. Going for over 15 years, we are based in Leytonstone and are only a minute walk from the Underground station. We play all sorts admittedly but I am totally smitten with Malifaux so thought this was a splendid place to post lol Why I am posting here today? Historically we have always meet once a week on a Sunday (currently 2-6 with once a month a 12-6 session), but from 19th March 2015 we are going to be trialling an additional night of wargaming goodness fortnightly on Thursdays from 6.30 to 10.30. Interested? More details about the club can be found here. If you would like to come down and generally see what we are all about then please feel free to just pop in when we are meeting, but if you want to get cracking on the wargaming side, then please register on our forums and post in the relevant thread on our ‘organise a game’ thread. Of course feel free to post anywhere else you would like. If you run into any difficulties registering, or have any other questions, then please email me at mattc<......Remove..Spam…Blocker......>@tanelornwgc.org or if you prefer message us on twitter @TanelornWGclub . Thanks for reading, and if you can make it, it would be great to see you there! Matt
  17. Hey guys, I'm going to be starting up a web series teaching some folks to play Malifaux and I'm considering the Henchmen Hardcore format as a starting point. 20 SS, 4 models (no more no less) basic Cache, No summoning, Strategy is Turf War, Scheme is Assassinate. Seems dead simple for new players and should even out the learning curve some starters come with. I'll have all my Guild stuff as well as a pile of older Ress and Neverborn figs to make some demo forces out of. Thoughts?
  18. I've been hosting a lot of game nights and I've noticed something coming up a lot: New Players don't (1)Focus. It's understandable, its not a specific action on your model's card, its not cool like slapping someone in a Pine Box, but it is what's going to start winning you more games. (1) Focus, as mentioned, is a general action so any model in the game can take it. Some are built around it, being able to gain the benefits for less AP or through other means, but it can be very worthwhile to spend your precious AP on using it for its regular cost. Focus is going to net you a on your attack flips and a on your damage flips. Most commonly people start venturing into Focused attacks when they have a shooting crew. The you suffer from shooting into cover gets canceled out by your to attack. Which is awesome, you're far more likely to hit someone when you can cheat your attack flip and arent taking the worst of two flips. Even when you aren't suffering a penalty, the highest of two cards flipped is pretty nice. But the real power of Focus is in that to damage. So we all know the table: Ties are :-fate, 1-5 is , 6-10 is neutral and if by some Black Jokered twist of fate you beat your opponent by 11+ you can have a . Now 6-10 points above your opponent is tricky. You can do it sure, but more likely with something whimpy. If you have Nekima or a Coryphee Duet on the table, your opponent is going to be saving some cards to try and keep those beater models from beating you by a wide margin. But if you focused, you're now going to be on a neutral flip AND be able to cheat against most models (reducing the bite of Hard to Wound on others) so long as you beat them by more than a tie. This in particular is great for models with higher than average moderate damage. Coryphee for example have a 2/4/5 damage range, so having them able to cheat damage means you can double your damage for a 6. Now you are giving up an AP to focus in most cases. I think a lot of players can fall into "well, I hit for 2/3/4 so if I hit them twice for min damage, thats 4, which is better than 3". Or simply just having more opportunities TO hit your opponent, which IS true. You shouldnt be focusing every model every activation. But you should be focusing models you want to hit for max damage. A 1/2/4 profile is not going to get that 4 very often without focus, but a lucky flip from Neutral is going to quadruple your damage. And dont think of it as a wasted high card on lowly minions, that high card was going to be a lot more wasted when it was discarded in favour of the Ace beneath it. Anyway, play around with Focus. Its a very powerful ability and you're really going to like cheating Red Jokers in for damage more often.
  19. Hey guys, Bit late notice, but we're having a tournament this Sunday May 18, at the 13th Dimension, 451 Swift St Albury. I apologise for leaving the notification so late, but I wanted to be sure we had a good representation from our local group before I committed to anything much. INTRO level tournament, many players only have a couple games under their belt. 40SS, Fixed Master, Three Rounds Gaining Grounds. Store opens Sunday morning at 10am, cards start flipping at 10.30, otherwise we'll never get through three rounds. Very limited numbers (if we try I reckon we could accommodate 6 tables, but we'd be really pushing it.) Message me if interested, as only a couple seats free. (But I'm the gumby so I'm happy to fall on my sword).
  20. I'm Dirial, and welcome to Malifaux! If you are reading this, chances are you are a beginning Malifaux player. You have probably picked up a Crew Box because you liked the look of. Someone in your play group did the same thing. You started your first match and you were utterly destroyed by turn 2. And now you worry about the game's balance and/or if you picked a sub-par crew. Alternatively, you are an experienced player with a few matches under your belt. And now this greenhorn marches in, with his new unpainted crew no one in your group plays. And that greenhorn blasted you from the table and you doubt your sanity or something. Alternatively, you are a veteran player coming in here to give your nod of approval or hark on me. If so, feel free to correct me or chime in with more advice. This is a small guide on how to deal with ranged crews. Since similar questions were asked repeatedly in the forums, I thought collecting the answers in one place might make for a useful resource for new players. Normally, these questions are about a single Master that gives people grieve. Often, it's Perdita Ortega. Also often, it's Rasputina. Sometimes, it's other Masters, too. And almost always, the problems would have been similar if one of the other ranged Masters would have been on the other side of the table. So, I'll first talk about ranged crews in general, and then about some specific Masters. This is not a guide on how to beat ranged crews handily. I give in to the wishful thinking that the game is perfectly balanced and that winning doesn't come down to ranged or not ranged but gaining victory points. This guide should turn the game into a tactically challenging experience for both players. So, first, some short things about me, so that you can evaluate my pointers. Earthside, my name is Florian and I'm a psychologist from central Germany. (I'm no native speaker, obviously, so if some error disturbs your reading experience, please PM me and I will correct it.) I played Warhammer in my youth and I'm an avid Hordes player. I started Malifaux just when the beta for 2nd Edition started. I don't have that much gaming experience since our group is small and spread out, but I make it my pleasure to read as much as possible. In that regard, I thank all the more experienced players and forum users whose ideas I have shamelessly copied and pasted. Also, I play Guild, so if you have problems with ranged crews you will usually find me on the trouble making side of the table. Now, what to do if you get riddled with lead in an absolutely unfun way: Step 1: Be a good sport about it. This is my inner psychologist talking but especially if your opponent is learning the game, he doesn't want to hear how overpowered his crew is and that his victories are tainted by insufferable cheese. Furthermore, don't rant at him for bringing such a crew in the first place. Hurt feelings don't help anyone. Instead, talk about it and ask him for his opinion. Most people don't like winning too easily any more than losing that way. Now, if you ask yourself „What is the condescending git talking about? Who would do such a thing?“, you didn't need this first step. Which is an admirable trait. Step 2: Check your terrain. If you come from other games like Warhammer or Warmachine, chances are you are used to way too little terrain. Read the following articles by Ratty and Mister Shine: How much terrain do I need What terrain do I need and why This is the most important step for bringing your games up to balance. Too much terrain and the ranged crew will be at a disadvantage, to little and it's the other way around. Step 3: Now that the terrain is properly placed you should have a good look at it. Watch for fire corridors. For sniper positions. Regard the table from all sides so you aren't surprised by some window you didn't see. Most ranged crews will let you deploy your models first, either for From the Shadows, or just to see where you will go. Choose the side that will grant good cover or where the ranged crew will have to move before the get good lines of sight. In short, know your battle field and don't walk into a shooting range. Step 4: Be prepared to lose stuff. Ranged crews do their damage before the melee starts. It's only natural. Often, your opponent will play a mind game where he tries to kill an important model Turn 1 so you are too scared to come for him. If this brings him another turn of shooting it's worth the investment. Don't fall into this trap. Keeping your distance will not keep you safe. Clinging to your models will make you vulnerable to this psychological warfare. Many ranged models are severely hampered if they are in melee. Double walking into melee can be worth it even if you can't attack. It will keep the shooters busy and your other models can come out of cover to line up charges. Be prepared to lose that tar pit model, as well. Step 5: Identify lynchpin models and take them out. In short, know your enemy. Read his cards. If you get beaten, call for a rematch. In most crews, some models are keeping the crew together. The have an important bonus or guard the sniper or can get others out of melee. These have to die. The faster the better. Step 6: Don't bring a knife to a gun fight. If you know the opponent will shoot (if he declared Gremlins or Guild, and probably Outcasts, as well, or if you know him and he just prefers shooting) bring some anti-shooting tech. Many factions have some models who can generate cover or block line of sight. The latter thing is generally best, but cover or similar abilities seriously hamper the damage potential of shooters. Step 7: Okay, now comes the obligatory, but ultimately best advice: Play your Strategy and Schemes. Malifaux is a game about victory conditions. Theoretically, you should choose your crew for the victory conditions and the faction of your opponent. This is skewed normally for beginners, as they only have one or two crews and normally know what their opponent has, as well. But the game is not won by killing the most models or the enemy Master. It's won by keeping your goals and the goals of the opponent in mind all time. Deny your opponent his victory points while playing for yours. If the opponent has to come to your half of the table, wait for them to do so, for example. It will save you walking into the gun line. I hope some of these pointers can help you on your way to the tactically challenging game you deserve. For their (unknowing) contributions to this first part and the second below, I'd like to thank all veteran forumites who give advice to new players, and especially dgraz, Fetid Strumpet, Mister Shine and Ratty. Now, I will get into some of the crews the play the ranged game with some more specific advice. Since I haven't played that many of these, I would greatly appreciate someone chiming in. I will gladly edit such advice into my post later.
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