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  1. I’ve got this idea at the back of my mind for a while for the Neph crew, but the last few threads about it kind of confirm what I supposed about the good crew builds and models… Meta Nephilim crews are the Mature/Young/BBS heavy, while Lelu and Lilitu are situationally used and not well valued. Tots seem to be also in a weird spot, for a 4SS model they aren’t impressive and are outclassed by dogs for most tasks (and neither are they the MVPs of the keyword). Their only advantage is the ability to grow into something useful; but the crew has barely enough resources to grow 2 models in turn 1 and in that case the BBS into mature give both a 4SS increase and some Focused pulses. Tots cannot compete there with a 2 or 3SS increase and no further benefice for the crew than self-healing. So the idea would be increasing the cost of Lelu and Lilitu to 8SS (buffing both profiles to fit the new cost, keeping them with the same low mobility high splash damage theme but worth hiring for 8SS), and giving a second ability that remove corpses to the Tot that also give some benefice to other models or the crew. Frantic Search (50% getting 1 SS) could work or maybe a new one that gives Focused or Fast to 1 friendly model (not a pulse) for example. The benefices of the above would be creating an alternative “grow path” different from BBS -> Mature worth using and also giving tots and Lelu/Lilitu pair a bit of extra value because for only 2 corpses a tot can give some benefice to the crew, increase the net SS value in 4 and replace one of the killed twins (so they can keep their synergy going); and twins being 8SS models would be harder to kill. Thematically, Lelu and Lilitu are also described as alternative mature forms of Nephs so having them as a bit more expensive minions than Youngs is also kind of fitting with the Lore (in the sense that they really aren't Mature forms, but are also unlikely to evolve into Matures because Young/BBS give more benefices... and the few humans that discovered this were eaten XD) So what do you think? Would it be good for the crew? Would it make it too good? Would you rather models as they are now?
  2. Basicaly what title says. When do you consider these models? Nephilims are glass canons that rely in speed, maneuverability and outdamage their foes to win the battle. Lelu and Lilitu give all these traits up (no flight, no fly with me, pitiful damage tracks) while still being basicaly 7SS models with 0 defensive tech. The Lure is nice (but for just that I can include a Doppleganger), the card draw is useful, and I can see the extra ping damage potential (hindered by the heavy loss in mobiliy). Their shared healing mechanic would be cute if they weren't easy to blow up. I'm having a hard time figuring out when it won't be a good idea to just leave them at home.
  3. I can't wrap my mind around this model... why/how are they useful? Do they fit in your lists? They seem to die in 1 attack, so I'm not sure how useful the Hunting partners/Annoying abilities would be; they are cheap and their corpses will be useful when they die to grow other Nephs... but that doesn't seem that awesome when you have the blood hunter and those mask triggers to generate them. And as scheme runners they doesn't seem that good when you have the Young Nephs. Sending them in packs doesn't seem that useful... I'd rather send a mature Neph than 3 dogs for a flank, they deal less damage are slower and are more vulnerable to... everything, shockwaves, blasts, guns, normal attacks... I'm a bit lost with these doggies A follow up question, Annoying says Walk and Charge are Tactical actions... are all general actions (Interact, Disengage, Concentrate, Assist, Walk and Charge) tactical actions or just those 2? Ty in advance!
  4. Thanks. e. Resolve effects in the order presented on the card,... P34 Once per Activation. Push this model 6" in any direction, ignoring other models, every enemy model moved through this way must pass a TN 13 Mv duel or suffer - 2 damage and be placed into base contact with this model. Then, this model may take a y Action targeting a model moved through this way, ignoring range. Black Blood: After this model suffers damage from an Action or Trigger, every model within p1 suffers 1 damage. Does the "and" in crash through make the take damage and reposition simultaneous or are they still sequential. Could make a bit difference to a golem who has moved through 2 - 3 nephilim....
  5. Hi everybody, finally made some pictures of my Lillith crew which I painted last year. Sorry for some picture quality issues, it's the best I could get from my current camera. Hope to paint Nekima and Mr. Graves in some near future.
  6. I'm starting to finish painting a bunch of my nephilim and would like to try them out. I have a couple of lists that I'm thinking of running in an advantageous pool like headhunter with dig their graves or mark for death. List one is a lot more aggressive, the second one has more activations but less credible threats. When the strat and schemes want you to kill anyway growing shouldn't feel like a third scheme but aomething that just happens. List two kind of lacks teeth but can single out enemy models and trigger pounces en masse. If they get to your tots you can grow their buddies with the corpse. I'm also having trouble deciding between the pukesnake and cherub. Cards are nice but with my intended plays I think the (0) interacts might be crucial. Suggestions? List 1 50 SS Neverborn Crew Lilith + 6 Pool (or 5, see below) - Beckon Malifaux (1) - Wicked Mistress (1) - On Wings Of Darkness (1) Primordial Magic (2) or Cherub (3) Barbaros (10) - A Thousand Faces (1) Mature Nephilim (11) - A Thousand Faces (1) Young Nephilim (6) Young Nephilim (6) Terror Tot (4) Terror Tot (4) List 2 50 SS Neverborn Crew Lilith + 6 Pool - Rapid Growth (1) - On Wings Of Darkness (1) - Beckon Malifaux (1) Primordial Magic (2) or Cherub (3) Lilitu (7) - A Thousand Faces (1) Black Blood Shaman (7) Young Nephilim (6) Young Nephilim (6) Terror Tot (4) Terror Tot (4) Terror Tot (4) Terror Tot (4) List 3 (I had to try with Lucius). I'm kind of liking the pounce trap within the aura. The scribe raising the already decent defence on most nephilim and protecting them through red tape could prove more worth it than the cards from the snake. 50 SS Neverborn Crew Lucius + 4 Pool Primordial Magic (2) Mr. Graves (8) - A Thousand Faces (1) Lilitu (7) - A Thousand Faces (1) Black Blood Shaman (7) Young Nephilim (6) Young Nephilim (6) Terror Tot (4) Terror Tot (4) Terror Tot (4)
  7. I'm looking into getting a crew lead by Nekima with one or two Black Blood Shaman as support. However, I'm not sure what types/quantities of nephilim I should run. Here's what I'm wondering: Should I field more terror tots and focus on growing and scheme running with them? Instead, should I focus on young nephilim for a kill squad with mature growth as a bonus? Or, would an even mix of both tots and young nephilim be most advantageous? Also, are mature nephilim worth bringing? How about Black Blood Shaman: one or two? Finally, are there any other models that might synergize with this "divey", black blood slinging party? Thank you!
  8. I want to love the black blood shaman (BBS). It looked crap on paper, I played a game with one and observed that it did the square root of zero (Malifaux #17: Neverborn vs Neverborn (House of the Rising Sun) on my YouTube channel if it interests anyone). 7ss for a fragile model (it has more wounds than most minions. the end), that likes to be reasonably near the fighting, needs to be in position to maximize its decent abilities, but isn't mobile enough to keep up by itself and use them, and there are almost always much higher priority candidates for our movement tricks. The rapid growth upgrade is 1ss and leagues better than the Shaman's pathetic growth skills. Its main ability as Neverborn pseudo-blaster can only target models with the BB ABILITY, not the BB CONDITION, which its attack inflicts, dramatically cutting its utility. Add in the fact that it competing with the likes of doppleganger, illuminated, johan/na, a twin etc. and the BSS falls squarely into my never-take suck bin of suck. However, I took a fun crew for my game and did not use the models I had very well, though I thought the shaman was in a good position, I leave it to you to judge. Clearly more practice is needed to learn to get the most out of the model, but the match left me with hard feelings toward it and I haven't bothered to field it since. I now notice something that may make me reconsider. I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere, which probably means I haven't looked hard enough, or it isn't legal - if the former, at least this will help spread the word. If the latter, let me know so I can go back to hating this thing. BBS can use its built in BB infusion trigger to give a model with BB ABILITY the BB CONDITION (2x BB). This has some cool implications: Models with 2xBB do a gross of two damage back when injured. Nekima can now do 4 dmg for the price of 2 with blood for blood/limb for limb. This ignores all forms of damage reduction, except multiple ss use and immunity to pulses. You can choose the BB order applied, so you can choose whether to take credit for the kill (with the ABILITY) or be blameless (with the CONDITION). Murder protege, vendetta, framed for murder etc. now become more interesting with our winged friend on the table! BB pustule will dish out 3 dmg for the price of 1 dmg on models with 2x BB plus its situation buff - 2 for pustule (which ignores BB ABILITY) and one for the CONDITION. That starts to look mean! If you feel a bit ballsy, you can add blood curse into the mix. Get the shaman next to a model with BB ABILITY and regen (Nekima, Lelu, Lilitu), or possibly one with reliable healing (emmissary, killjoy(bit tricky)), hit them twice and now the model does 2 dmg to everyone in 1" without BB at the end of every round - and can heal back up when it next activates. Mmmmmh so much Nephilim hepatitis! If this is a thing, the BBS can have my apology - the general damage amplification and VP score/deny potential starts to make it an attractive contender for the 7ss slot in Nephilim heavy crews. I'd also be interested to hear any other tricks that can be done with the shaman, and crew lists that work well with it.
  9. Plastics only! I'll need pics of models/items included in the sell! U.S. preferred for cheaper shipping/handling. Thanks!
  10. Hey, I'm a semi new player and I've just picked up my second master. I started with Dreamer and I have enough of an understanding to feel comfortable learning a second master. So I bought Lilith, and while thinking about how to start playing her I had the thought, how viable are dedicated split synergy crews? For example, If I ran Dreamer as Master, and took Barbaros as a henchmen, could running 2 mini crews, one of nightmares and one of Nephilim work or would you be sacrificing too much of each crews potential for it to work. I feel that it could work as you are not wholly reliant on just Dreamers movement and summoning, or just Nephilim push and melee prowess but a little of both. I'm interested in this concept as a whole in Malifaux not just with Dreamer and Lilith, though that is were my understanding is currently best. Cheers Dan
  11. yipiyip

    Angel Eyes

    From the album: My Painted... Stuff.

    "These eyes miss nothin'..."
  12. yipiyip


    From the album: My Painted... Stuff.

  13. yipiyip


    From the album: My Painted... Stuff.

  14. A single terror tot is not very dangerous. However, it is different when there are many of them and armed led into battle by some of their bigger brethren.
  15. After ages spent painting at a snail's pace, I've finally cobbled together the basis of my Neverborn. I still have Tuco, Nekima, the one other young nephilim, and waldgeists in the line. Not to mention the doppelganger and the beckoners. I should be done with Lilith's band by 2017... Anyway, the light isn't amazing, but hope you like them. They're pretty standard tabletop style.
  16. So I'm playing a league and I'm thinking of premaking a list for this round since we already know all the information about the match. Opponent: Outcasts Strategy: Reconnoiter Schemes: LitS, Assassinate, Bodyguard, Frame for Murder, Make them Suffer Deployment: Corners List: Lilith (Cache=4+0) -Wicked Mistress 1ss -Beckon Malifaux 1ss Nekima 13ss -Fears given form 1ss -The true mother 2ss Angel Eyes 9ss -Rapid growth 1ss -Strange aliances 1ss 3x Terror Tot 12ss Primordial Magic 2ss Black Blood Shaman 7ss ------ Basically the idea would be taking Make them Suffer and Bodyguard on Angel Eyes. Since the strategy requires fast (weaker) minions, Nekima and Angel should be killing at least 1 model per turn, while trying to summon some Tots with Nekima thanks to her own (0) and the Black Blood Pustule from the Shaman. Both Angel and the Shaman create a 12'' bubble of growth, though the Shaman's only allows to grow Tots into Youngs. I'll try to be aggressive with Nekima, maybe swapping her in in exchange for a weaker model (rat, waif, freikorpsmann...) to spawn some extra Tots and evolving others. The idea is to make it look like I'm going for frame for murder on Nekima, while scoring Make them Suffer, and then reveal Bodyguard on Angel by turn 4. Thoughts? First time trying a proper growth list.
  17. So I've been reading the Bloodwretch's ability and I find it a little unclear in wording. If you control a Bloodwretch outside its activation with a master like Collodi or Lucius, to perform "The Rage Builds", will the Bloodwretch still benefit from the bonus when it actually activates?
  18. What are your thoughts on the merit of Tuco vs. the Scion of Black Blood? With the price roughly the same, I'm finding myself leaning toward SoBB as the 'blasts' on the ram can't be saved by Freikorps armor, condition removal and stronger melee? From the shadows is good... But does it make up the difference?
  19. BurkerKiing


    From the album: My Lilith Crew

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