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Found 2 results

  1. Hi. Played Shenlong today and had a little debate with my opponent regarding Harness Chi ability. Text of ability: Does it add +2 to duel total only during Step B: Flip Fate Card, or also during Step D : Determine Final Duel Total (cards have already been cheated)? Duels are described on page 10 of Rulebook.
  2. This just recently came to me whilst reading a battle report on the avatars forum, and has sparked a little debate in my head and with my housemate aswell. Shenlong's 0 ability Monk of Many Styles reads: (0) Monk of Many Styles: Choose a Limited Upgrade with the Restriction of Shenlong. If another friendly model has the chosen Upgrade attached, discard it. This model may discard a Limited Upgrade it has attached to attach the chosen Upgrade. Now i've always read this as if you're the Shenlong player and you have Upgrade (a) attached, and you choose Upgrade (b ) then you have to discard upgrade (a) to be able to attach (b ) However, i also read it as if you don't have a limited upgrade to discard, you cannot attach the chosen upgrade (b ) What i'm trying to say, is that the way i'm reading it is one unique case. You MAY discard a lmited upgrade to be able to attach the new chosen upgrade, but if you don't have a limited upgrade to discard, you have no way of attaching the new chosen upgrade because you can't fulfill that part of the ability. My housemate is saying that he's reading it as two unique case in that you a) may discard limited upgrade then b ) attach new chosen upgrade Basically, i'm saying the latter is reliant on the former. Thoughts?
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