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Found 15 results

  1. I’m looking into getting some speed and beatsticks for my Woe, Nightmares and Mimics and thought the mature nephilim looks like a fun addition. So my question is, how/if people like to bring these in OOK, and is there some point in hiring shamans and growing them into nephilim?
  2. If Agent 46 is mimicing the pine box ability of the brutal effigy he would get the pinebox ability at stat 6. Right? But if Agent 46 is buring a model that has already activated, and the ability is lost at the end of turn. How does it unbury? Next to the effigy? Next to the agent when the ability is lost? or is the model unable to unbury?
  3. There are some different flavours of abilities with the wording "Select one of the target's Actions" (Mimic, Just Like You, Upstage, December's Pawn...); I'll use Mimic from now on, but that would apply to any of ability with that wording. How Mimic interact with abilities or actions that modify the target's actions or that add new non-printed actions to the target? I think Mimic may copy modified actions as long as the effect that modify the action act directly over the abilities or adds new abilities to that model, but not when a model modify how his own actions works. However this isn't explicilty covered in the rules so I'm curious about how other players read it. I think there isn't no problem with obey: Obey a model with a modifed action: As the target is performing the action, he can use all his abilities to modify it and use mimicked abilities without problems. But there are different ways to modify actions: Mimicked ability (extra action added): "This model may treat the selected Action (and its Triggers) as thought it were printed on its card". The model is considered to have the ability, so it could be targeted by Mimic as that action is now "one of the target's actions". Ability which let the model modify his own abilities, Gunsfighter for example: "This model may treat any of its Actions as having a range of 1''." This is the case where I have more doubts. On one hand, it could be read that Gunsfighter give the model a copy of that ability with a different range (so the modified ability could be Mimicked); but on the other hand it could also be read as he may modify the ability when he uses it (in this case Mimic cannot be used to copy a ability with a range from a model with Gunfighter). I lean more toward the second reading (not being able to mimic this one, but I'm not sure). Ability/Action that modify directly how the actions work (Ten Thunder Brother "Change Weapon Style" or Mutation upgrades): "...increase the range of this model's actions by +1'' " / "This model's actions gain the following Trigger..." These effects are modifying directly the actions, so those changes would be copied by Mimic. Do you agree with the above? How do you think these abilities work? Did I miss any effect that modify how the actions work that doesn't fit in the above categories?
  4. What happens if a model copy and uses an ability to create Hazardous terrain but that model don't meet the requisites to be immune to it? It would be the case of for example Cassandra Felton using upstage to copy Ice Golem's Blizzard or Mei Feng's Vent Steam. It seems that if the model is in the Hazardous terrain at any point of the resolving actions steps (pg 23 rulebook), they suffer the effects of said terrain. So as the hazardous terrain is created while the model is resolving the action, I guess the resolving model will suffer the effects of the terrain after the action they used to create it. Is that right?
  5. So I bought a Doppelganger for my Neverborn crew and its (0) Action ability called Mimic let's you use a 1 AP from another model as if it were printed on its own card. My question is about the trigger for that ability called "Perfect Blend" which states "After succeeding, immediately take the selected action" This confuses me because isnt that what your doing in the first place? What point does the trigger have if your planning on using the ability after Mimic succeeds? Does perfect blend make it a free action?
  6. So I have been playing a bit of Lucius in Guild and throw it would be nice to through in a couple of out of faction Mimic’s into the lists just for fun (ok maybe that’s a bit of a lie, probably looking more for models that look cool). Obviously you have the Doppelganger but I am rather underwhelmed with the model (any cool ideas on how to kit bash this would be appreciated) so what other things go well with the masked man.
  7. Corrgon


    From the album: My Malifaux miniatures

  8. 1. If I have a Malifaux child, and use his TA "Just Like You" which lets you cast a leader's CA action, it states "This action may be taken once per turn". If I then copy the "Just Like You" ability with Doppleganger am I able to cast it again? 2. If 1 is yes... What if my leader's ability also states "This action may be taken once per turn". Can I still use it with the Child / Doppleganger? The true question really is - When you copy an action is it still the "same" action or a new instance.
  9. This came up in a game of mine last week, we got into a discussion, but nothing was ever settled. I remember a beta post about this with Changelings, but since the Wave 3 beta forums are gone no way I can confirm the ruling. The setup is as follows: A Doppelganger copies the Death Marshal's action to Pine Box a Model and buries the Death Marshal.Now because the Doppelganger no longer loses the action does it still have to follow the text of the Pine Box action? Here are some the arguments that came up: Death Marshal is stuck buried, because Doppelganger no longer has the action and the action dictates that the WP duel occurs.Death Marshal is stuck buried, because the buried condition is on the Death Marshal. There is no condition on Doppelganger that dictates it was the originator of a pine box actionOpposed WP duel occurs, because the Pine Box action is what is keeping the Death Marshal buried.Opposed WP duel occurs, because when a model is buried by the Pine Box action the acting model has to perform an opposed duel when it activates.(i.e. even though Doppelganger loses access to Pine Box it is still restricted by Pine Box's rules)Death Marshal is immediately unburied because Doppelganger loses the pine box action.These aren't the word for word arguments, but I think this is close to the original discussion I had. The only thing we all agreed on was that it was a jerk move if the model can never get out. What do you guys think?
  10. Ceodoc


    Doppleganger's Mimic states that triggers cannot be used when the Doppleganger Mimic's a (1) action. Ressers Nurse (1) action; Take your Meds, states a trigger must be declared. Does the 'must declare triggers' trump the Mimic 'Actions taken in this way cannot declare triggers'? Ta Doc
  11. Hi. Doppleganger's (0) Mimic action. using a Primordial Magic's (1) Nulify action. Would this persist as per the cast rules or the Doppleganger's turn rules? Meaning until the Doppleganger is killed or sacrificed? Ta Doc
  12. From the album: Lucius, Midnight theme

    Lucius and lawyer, based of 1st edition artwork
  13. From the album: Lucius, Midnight theme

    Lucius and lawyer, based of 1st edition artwork
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