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  1. Greetings Wyrdos, I have a question about one of Mei Feng's abilities and one of her triggers. The trigger is her Jackhammer Kick which states "Push the target 2" away from this model. Then, take this Action again." Now, according to this verbage, she should not be able to take Deadly Claws again, as the target model is now more than 1" away. Now, enter her ability Constant Motion which states "Whenever this model declares a Trigger, it may Push 2" after resolving the current Action (but before resolving any additional Actions granted by that Trigger, if any)." This is how Mei can hit with the Jackhammer Kick. The question is when is the timing and is this actually correct? One can read it and say that the current Action is the damage from Deadly Claws, in which Mei would push first, then the other model, thus not being able to attack again. Another way of reading it is that the additional Action is the "Take this action again" part of the Trigger, which would be the enemy model pushes and then Mei pushes from Constant Motion. Could someone please clarify this. Thanks.
  2. Hi Y'all, I have really been playing Mei Feng a bunch and realized I am only utilizing parts of her keyword in my core crew and instead rely on a lot of OOK. What does your core crew for Mei Feng look like? I am not necessarily interested in a "optimal" crew (as metas can vary so much) but I am hoping to see other ways players build her crew. Also, I have only played her in arcanist, I am not really sure what a TT Mei Feng crew looks like. What OOK models do you take? Here is the core crew I have been running: Size: 50 - Pool: 6 Leader: Mei Feng (Magical Training) Totem(s): Forgeling Hires: Sparks LeBlanc (Magical Training) Metal Golem Mechanical Rider Metal Gamin Mecharachnid
  3. Ten Thunders vs Neverborn Mei Feng vs. Euripides Wedge Deployment, Turf War Scheme Pool: Vendetta and Search the Ruins (Graham chose these as the two schemes to learn Euripides crew with.) Ten Thunders: Mei Feng Forgeling Metal Gamin Obsidian Statue Shadow Emissary Dawn Serpent Low River Monk Willie Vs. Neverborn: Euripides Primordial Magic Thoon 2 Cyclops 2 Gigants 2 Bultingin The board was setup to about 50% terrain with four forested areas that were severe, dense, and concealing. There were 6 small buildings interspersed over the map with the top of each wedge being covered up by a building. There were also several pieces of scatter terrain that were climbable and gave cover. TT’s plan was to have Willie and Shadow Emissary throw Shockwaves into groups, hopefully draining Neverborn’s hand and then having the Dawn Serpent set models on fire and scheme run. The Obsidian Statue would toss in fire as well, but crank up the heat each turn. Round 1 - Neverborn won initiative but had TT begin. TT split forces to flank but ran the forgeling and Mei Feng to middle TW marker. Low River Monk moved in to support Mei Feng from about 7” away. The Shadow Emissary and Obsidian Statue helped screen the Low River Monk from obvious threats. On the other side, Willie was lining up his Vendetta target, Thoon, with the Metal Gamin and the Dawn Serpent ready to do some scheme running. Neverborn spent a whole lot of activations moving and setting up Ice Pillars hoping to hamper movement. No scoring after first round. Round 2 - TT wins initiative. The Forgeling moves up into Severe Terrain within 2” of Thoon. Thoon then activates and charges the Forgeling and covering up the Scrap Marker. Thoon red-jokers the damage flip and the Forgeling dies dropping Scrap for Mei Feng. Willie moves a peppers Thoon and a Cyclops with Dynamite. Cyclops takes damage but Thoon cheats in to win the movement duel. A Gigant double moves to try to cover up the Scrap marker that the Forgeling dropped but doesn’t quite have all the movement it needs. At this point, Mei Feng activates, rail walks to the Gigant’s not covered Scrap marker, then I misplay, but don’t catch it until I try to do this again Round 3. I had her Freight Train the Gigant into the Cyclops and Bultingin getting the trigger to drop another scrap marker. She then railwalks to it and Vents Steam. Both the Cyclops and Bultingin take the freight train damage and are now engaged by Mei Feng. The Bultingin activates and goes down swinging, since the Vent Steam is hazardous, and it dies. TT: 1 and Neverborn: 1 each for Turf War Round 3 - Neverborn wins initiative but gives TT the first action. Metal Gamin positions to drop a scheme marker for Search in Round 4. Dawn Serpent takes a couple shots from a Gigant. Euripides moves to center and starts popping Ice Pillars at the Statue, Monk and Emissary. Willie peppers the Gigant and Thoon with Dynamite. Misses Thoon twice. A Cyclops tries popping Mei Feng, hitting once, but flipping Black Joker for damage. Mei Feng returns the favor, killing the Cyclops which flips the turf War Marker. Her 2” push gets her in range to charge the primordial magic, which she kills, which flips the central Turf War marker to neutral. With another 2” push, she gets in range to attack the Gigant, taking it down to HTK. Another Cyclops comes around the house by the central Turf War marker, and tries pegging the Dawn Serpent and misses. The Emissary does Prophecies in Thunder and trades out four weaks for four moderates. Then he Shockwaves Euripides doing another couple points of damage, then he flies up to the center line to get ready for Round 4 Search the Ruins. Thoon pelts Willie, and sets up an Ice Pillar near him, forgetting that Willie’s activation will take it down. Thoon should’ve moved then charged Willie and burying him, or charged the Dawn Serpent and burying him. It was the player’s first time playing Euripides, so he was still learning how his crew works and all the little particulars and abilities that are part of an M3E crew. Dawan Serpent activates Heals three health and sets one model on fire, then flies over house to position to chase the Bultingin who flips the Turf War marker back to Neverborn and then moves towards the centerline towards the Emissary. TT: 2 - NB: 2 both for strategy. Round 4 - Neverborn wins Initiative. Thoon scoots forward and lays a scheme marker for Search. Willie throws dynamite at Thoon again, but he dodges it again. I now know, I should’ve activated Willie later, and made my opponent drop cards from his hand somewhere else. His Gigant tossed rocks at Willie and took him down to two health, then declared Vendetta. The Emissary lays down a scheme marker then pegs Euripides with a shockwave. Euripides pops out of an ice pillar by the Statue and the Monk. He swings at the Monk twice and misses. The Monk hits Euripides twice and applies two distracted. The Cyclops pops an ice pillar down then lays a scheme marker down beside it. The Statue takes a couple swings at Euripides and misses. The Bultingin moves up to the centerline on the opposite side of a building that the Emissary is near. Mei Feng moves up and kills the Gigant, then focuses. (Plan on using Mei Feng to pop over to the Cyclops and kill it next turn before it can drop the scheme marker for Search.) Metal Gamin drops a scheme marker and focuses. Dawn Serpent drops another scheme marker and then heals again after flying back over the house, preparing to harry the Cyclops or Thoon if needed to deny points. TT: 4 - 3 for TW and 1 for Search; NB: 4 - 2 for TW, 1 for Vendetta and 1 for Search the Ruins. Round 5 - TT wins Initiative. Mei Feng activates and kills the Cyclops. Euripides tries to disengage from the Monk and Statue. He tries to Glacial Shove but can’t get the pillar to hit the Statue and the Monk. He needed to do this to get the second point for Search. He should’ve popped to another pillar nearby and then lay the scheme marker down. Lesson learned. Willie tries to hurt Thoon for a point in Vendetta. Thoon dodges yet again… I would’ve never thought at the beginning of the game that Thoon would dodge seven straight dynamite shockwaves. Thoon drops a scheme marker but does not charge Willie to put him down. The opponent did not know that Willie had Vendetta on Thoon, or otherwise he would’ve charged Willie and tried to take him out. The Dawn Serpent moves up and kills Thoon and flips the central tw marker to TT. TT: 7 - 4 for TW, 2 for Search and 1 for Vendetta since Willie survived and Thoon didn’t; NB: 4 - 2 for TW, 1 for Vendetta and 1 for Search the Ruins. It was definitely a learning game for both players, with new crews. Opponent is ready to adapt and try out the Euripides’ crew again, but is planning on bringing in a versatile model, Serena Bowman.
  4. Just a sanity check, the rulebook tell us: My doubt is when are those effects added to the Queue. For example: Butterfly jump reads "After resolving the enemy attack action targeting this model, this model may move 3''" Reposition (trigger) reads: "Move this model up to 3''" Both effects are resolved in the step 6 (actions) or C2F (turn). So is butterfly jump added to the queue as soon as an attack action targets the model or you wait until you reach the step 6/C2F to add it to the queue? So What do you have to resolve first, the trigger or the ability? I believed that when an attack targets the model, Butterfly jump gets added to the queue, waiting for the attack to resolve... but after a second reading I'm not sure if the intention is that it is generated (and added to the queue) when it reach the moment when it may trigger... Checking Mei Feng looking for insight, she has: Constant Motion: "Whenever this model declares a trigger, it may push 2'' after resolving the current action..." // Trigger declared in Step4E or C2D5, while resolved at step6 o C2F Jackhammer kick (Trigger): "Push the target 2'' away from this model then take this action again." // Resolved at step6 or C2F So the intended functionality here clearly is: she attacks, gets the trigger, push the enemy and then follows with Constant motion... which means that even if the trigger is generated in the step4E, it doesn't get added to the queue until it's going to resolve (step6)... this way the player may choose the right order. So... it seems that how this is supposed to be played is taking in count when the effects is going to resolve, not when it triggers? Because if this works like that the rule cited above is missleading. Following the Mei Feng logic and going back to the above case, both Butterfly jump and reposition will try to resolve at the same time (step6 or C2F)... so we have to follow the rules: In this case, the active player must choose his model and resolve the trigger (reposition), and then the non-active player chooses his model and resolves Butterfly Jump Is all the above correct? Any Thoughts? Ty in advance!
  5. Hello Arcanists Forum dwellers! I've been away from the hobby for a couple of years and come back to find my only master is "bottom tier" (I say this like such a thing matters or even makes sense, but it still irks me that she might not be the most tournament competitive anymore). I've been scouring the forums for current discussion on her post wave 5 and in GG2018. I was hoping to stimulate some discussion on how people are using MEI nowadays or what they're bringing with her. What works, what's lackluster etc. In a flurry of excitement with limited reading I've gone and picked up Amin Naidu, medical automatons, steamfitters to add to my Ramos box, Rail golem and metal gamin (now very out of vogue post nerf apparently) I'm also hoping to nab an arcane effigy soon. Having trouble finding a place with Mech porky in stock (Australia tax aka international postage) otherwise bid likely have ordered him too. Any early opinions on my choices? I proxies a steamfitter in my first game back for a public execution game and was quite impressed. Next game will be vs outcasts... Ply Surround them Covert breakthrough Set up Take prisoner, take one for the team. Since I'm still learning we've shared lists in advance so I don't mind posting what I'm bringing to get people's opinions on how to approach this. Declared Faction: Arcanists Crew Name: how meiny ply? 50ss Leader: Mei Feng - Cache:(3) Seismic Claws 1ss Arcane Reservoir 2ss Rail Lines 1ss Emberling 3ss Amina Naidu 9ss Imbued Energies 1ss Kang 9ss Union Steamfitter 6ss Medical Automaton 5ss Rail Worker 5ss Willie 6ss I was hoping to stay balled up I. Media gas cloud in the middle, pulling people out of position with Amina and rendering key beaters useless and peonising him slowly while keeping her alive with stones she'll be generating and the mech Auto. Also have Willie as a ranged threat to poke at them if they're unwilling to advance or throw things at their hiding scheme runners. I'll have a couple of good options for the sucker, or could use the emberling to either run or fake surround or covert. How did I go making this? I'm keen to really try and invest in making Amina work. Do I not have enough punch? How do you strike the balance between ply and pow for activation control? I know my opponent is fielding vonschill with Sue, midnight stalker and a librarian, Hannah and strongarm. Ouch! Any Pointers given I'm not backing out of this list now? I think it'll be hard to Protect my back line with this matchup now.... Also if MS goes scheming Willie probably won't be able to kill him 😕 Thanks in advance fellow Arcanists
  6. Good Afternoon Guys and Gals, This is my first time writing a tactica of sorts so apologies for any disjointedness or anything that might be missed, but hopefully this gives an overall guide. I am an experienced TT player but never picked up Mei Feng until recently as I was always told how bad she is in the UK. (don't want an argument over USA, UK or any other meta) I recently had the opportunity to play her in a couple of fun games this post is my thoughts, first let’s look at my crew Mei Feng Vapourmancy Misdirection Press the Advantage Sparks The Peaceful Waters Toshiro Command the Graves Obsidian statue Smoke grenades Mechanized Pork chop Rail worker LRM Pretty standard build to be honest, looking at the models in more depth Mei Feng Firstly, she is so much fun, i played her very defensively the fact she can bounce around so much I found her much more useful at being at coup de gras master where she can bounce from side to side killing already wounded models. She can hire 4 foundry models out of faction with infiltration (foundry), is immune to slow and paralyze and has Armor and a trigger to push this model 5” in any direction. The DF trigger did confuse me at first as it’s a leap I would assume it would be a place or ignore intervening model and terrain. She has her 2 attacks on her card, first one being tiger claws which is a 2” range 2/3/4 damage and trigger built in to give burning, to which this attack gain + flips to models with burning, the other Is Jack hammer kick this can be taken off the rail walker action it does 2/3/6 and she pushes into base contact even if it fails or is a disengaging strike, HELLO GREMLINS, with a trigger which gives all friendly models within P3 Armor +1. She can use Railwalker action to bounce around between scrap markers or friendly constructs to capture table quarters or to stop someone picking up a marker as she has a large engagement range. Vent steam is her bread and butter though this puts all sh and casts attacks targeting models within aura 4 on - flips until her next activation. This can be very useful against a lot of crews and helps with playing her defensively. Sparks He is a foundry gremlin, I primarily took him to give out armour and make things constructs…. This was not as effective as I had hoped with Toshiro on the board I didn’t really need any more constructs it was nice making them fast though, where I really got value from him was with his ability that enemy models can’t target a model friendly to them with actions if they are within 8 of him and his attack action which gave models a condition that when suffering moderate or severe damage the would gain a blast. These seemed to be the most effective pieces on his card Nice things though is that he can make something a construct which could help with Kang if its an enemy and gives Armor +1he has accomplice and a decent enough ml 6 attack Toshiro the Daimyo The TT summoner, this 1 and a half eyed gentleman is incredible but you already knew that, he can make any minion fast for an 8 with war fan or can give focused when discarding a nearby corpse. He is pretty survivable with df5 HTW +2 and as a henchman he can survive a little longer he gives all minions + flips to the attack flips of close combat (claw) actions if within 6”. With Mei Feng he works a treat, he can summon 3 models a turn if you can make him fast. Komainu will be the main model you will be summoning with Mei Feng because of all the scrap. Komainu are very good models for free they are HTK Armor +1 6 wounds (they will come in on 3) but can give slow or burning and get it built in if within 3” of a friendly ancestor model. They are ml 6 2/3/4 damage not bad! And can place in base contact with model within 3” and it doesn’t even require a flip. Obsidian Statue It’s a HT3 model its has a low DF of 3 but makes up for it a little bit with Armor +2, a really nice ability with Mei Feng is that when hit it drops a scrap marker in base contact with itself it also may drop a statue marker in base contact at the end of the activation which is blocking HT3 impassable and stops him from being moved pushed or placed by enemy models. Offensively he is pretty good m6 min 3 damage and ca6 against WK at range, his zero actions allow him to either buff casters or heal based on the amount of scrap within 4 I personally used him as a scrap machine for Toshiro then healed him with LRM , I chose him over the emissary as I think he impacts my game plan more than the emissary. (but I’m sure everyone will tell me how I’m wrong😊) Rail worker Possibly one of the best 5ss minions that TT have he can drop a card for + flips on attack and damage turn 1 he can hit the statue for 2-3 scrap markers and later with his armor+1 and DF trigger to reduce all damage by an addition 2 they are quite sturdy and can hit quite hard Mechanized pork chop In a crew that finds scrap useful this model is not bad, DF6 6 wounds isn’t the highest but Armor +1 helps, the real benefit to this little piggy is that he sends everyone else to the market with + flips to the attack and they suffer 1 damage again generating more scrap for the obsidian statue LRM IT’S A LOW RIVER MONK, that is all… It heals with triggers to drop markers, has a condition removal attack at ml 7, a staple in most TT crews These are just my thoughts on Mei Feng please tell me how I’m wrong and how I’m right or what I haven’t even thought of.
  7. Today I bought Mei Feng's box. Clearly, this is @Lokibri's fault, not mine What stuff really shines with her? Do you really need the other Foundry minis to make her work? Or would I be ok with the M&SU stuff I have? I already own the metal gamins and Miss Fire (yet to assemble). Do you use Sparks/prokchop/Rail golem (which I dont have)? I am not completely convinced on them to be honest. I already own a big chunk of the faction: all master boxes (but Colette), all the M&SU stuff (except for gunsmiths and union miners), the mech rider and several other in faction models.
  8. Symbols of Authority - Punish The Weak - Covert Breakthrough - Take Prisoner - Hold Up Their Forces - Inescapable Trap Tonight I'll face a friend of mine with Arcanists. Pointed on Mei Feng and Brewmaster as my possible choices: what do you suggest to take with them as list? Mei is probably good with Punish The Weak and Hold Up Their Forces. Fingers could be good in Covert Breakthrough. Both the Masters (better Brewie) can isolate enemy models to score easier on Take Prisoner.
  9. Hey all, new player here. I really like the look of Mei Feng's sculpt so im looking to make her my first master. What are the models she likes to use? For killing, or schemeing, or all purpose? Any help would be awesome. Thanks in advance.
  10. Archibal's Empty the Magazine is the first one I thought of. Any other come to mind?
  11. Hi All, I'll be posting WIP and finished crews revolving the Ten Thunders faction, and hopefully get some helpful tips and tricks from the more experienced painters out there. As an introductory, and something that will be the main focus for a week or two, I'll be posting my progress for Lucas McCabe's crew, the Relic Hunters. Just primed the whole crew white, and started on the flesh base for them. Almost done Dismounted McCabe, and its mostly just the basing for him. I'm liking painting Heroic scale, much less constrained by the tiny details of 25mils. (EDIT: Didn't even noticed he had a blotch on his chin. Fixed it!)
  12. So originally thought I was going Rasputina for the campaign but was talked into "Fun" over "Destroy everything" so I'm playing Mei. I started off with Joss, Howard, and The Captain with the Patron upgrade. From here I'm looking to populate with minions/cheap enforcers. When I can get Mei (week 3) I'm hoping to add in Sparks and a Porkchop but that won't be till later. What minions do you think work well for her in the campaign knowing that her avatar skews towards minions?
  13. So one master who gets very little talk time is Mei Feng, at least Arcanists Mei. It seems to me like she would have some good tricks all around and plenty of jumping points with all the constructs we can throw around. Emisarry doesn't seem to do that much for her, but the usual M&SU suspects (Joss, Howard, Rail Golem) and the Mech Rider seem perfectly built for her. Also, the Gremlin Foundry models (Sparks and Mecha porkchop) Might benefit from the various arcanist synergies like Powered By Flame and Bleeding Edge Tech. Mei also seems the perfect master if you think you are going up against a shooty crew like Ophelia, Dita, SOnnia, or Raspy. In fact she seems like an over all good counter master who can use her mobility to deny the opponent lots of points. How do you guys play Arcanist Mei Feng and what strategy/scheme pool./faction do you bring her out for?
  14. Hi all, My local community has an awesome-looking event coming up in the end of February, and I've decided to go with the Ten Thunders. I originally bought Mei Feng for my Arcanists that I ended up dropping, as well as Jakob Lynch for my Neverborn. I picked up McCabe during my LGS' recent holidays sale because I'm weak. Sorted by theme, my collection consists of the following: Mei Feng Emberling Kang 3 Rail Workers Rail Golem Mechanized Porkchop 3 Metal Gamin Jakob Lynch Hungering Darkness 3 Illuminated 2 Beckoners 2 Stitched Together 2 Depleted McCabe Luna Sidir Alchibald 3 Wastrels 2 Guild Hounds Shadow Emissary 2 Ten Thunders Brothers. As we're required to pick two masters, I will run Mei Feng and Jakob Lynch at the event. My question is, what does Mei Feng like? In short, I haven't played Mei Feng yet but I know what she does and I know her tricks. I am just not sure how to make a list with her with the above. I pretty much add her with Seismic Claws, Vapormancy, and Recalled Training in all my lists, followed by the Emberling and Shadow Emissary with the Conflux of Combat (this one is staying!). Then I add either Kang (for anti Resurrectionists or Arcanists) or the Rail Golem (because I love my model and it seems like a ton of fun). Finally, I just fill out the remaining points with Rail Workers and Metal Gamin. Should I be bringing one or two of my 10T Bros? Wastrels? They're both cheap and potentially awesome, but without Lynch's card tricks I'm not sure if they would fit with Mei Feng. Any thoughts, tips, and tricks are appreciated! I should add that I'm not looking to expand my 10T collection at this point. Thanks in advance!
  15. I have read a few of the noob lists / please help sections on here but I just wanted to ask a quick question for a new player that doesn't seem mentioned a lot (or I haven't read every 'please help post'). Ramos and Mei Feng mixed crews. I am considering purchasing two crew boxes and the Arcanist variation (so hard to choose with so many models available) that I think should work would be Ramos box set and Mei Feng box set. My reason being that both benefit well from each others models - Rail workers are quite hardy and still count as a construct so would be good for Ramos movement/summoning shenanigans - good for tying up points. Joss and Howard - just because - these have been gone over so many times that I don't need to mention anything here. Kang - hardy but situational I assume (ressers/arcanist) Essence of power rather than either provided Totem Spiders - summoned in Ramos / Stared in Mei Feng for schemes This should allow Ramos to move around with his magnetism as all models are constructs and Mei to jump all over the place for the same reason. Does this seem like a good list building purchase considering I can only afford two crew boxes? (Can stretch to a box for spiders for Ramos too). As a side mention I already own December Acolytes with a Raspy crew I already own but am not getting on with. Nothing wrong with her, just not keen on the mechanics. Thanks in advance.
  16. Hey all, so now that we're in May I thought it was time to get going the Month of Mei (Feng)! I got in two games with Mei today (win vs Misaki 9-5, loss vs Lynch 3-9... lol) and I plan on trying to squeeze Mei into as many non-tournament games as I can this month to get more experience (and fun) in with her and I challenge you, my fellow Arcanist players, to do the same Let's get some good Arcanist Mei Feng experiences going on in this thread, because to steal a line from Blizzard, this master is a-Mei-zing and needs more love on this here forum!
  17. Yes, you read correctly. A Mei Feng summoning crew! Okay so actually it's Toshiro doing the summoning, but bear with me here. This came from a vague idea I had about making a summoning build around Toshiro, and then figuring which master it might work well with. Surprisingly, I figured that Mei Feng might work nicely, since Railworkers are good for this build, since they can drop either scrap or corpse markers, to summon Ashigaru or Komainu respectively, and she can railwalk off them. She can also use the Komainu as railwalk targets, and her totem, the Emberling, can generate scrap right from turn 1 to get Toshiro going on the summoning. See? All makes perfect sense. Mei Feng - One Wings of Wind, Recalled Training, Seismic Claws Emberling Toshiro the Daimyo - Command the Graves Chiaki the Niece - Pull of the Grave Railworker x 2 Illuminated x 2 Mei Feng gets wings of wind since she otherwise lacks a useful (0), and pushing models around is always nice. Recalled training because, well, why wouldn't you? And Seismic claws for the smackdown. The emberling is there to generate scrap, useful for both railwalks and for summoning Komainu. Toshiro is present with his summoning upgrade naturally. He'll also be buffing the assorted minion swarm. Chiaki compliments summoning Toshiro well. She's another ancestor to activate the baked in trigger suits on summoned Ashigaru and Komainu, plus she can remove the slow condition they arrive with when summoned and potentially also heal them 2 wounds. Further she's a great harasser of scheme runners with her (0) making them insignificant and doing a little damage, and if she builds Chi she has the option of passing it to Toshiro to make his (0) actions and his summons easier. Finally, with the pull of the grave upgrade she can further harass the enemy by giving out slow. Railworkers are hard hitting, surprisingly tough, and drop either scrap or corpse markers when killed to drive Toshiro's summoning. He'll buff their already impressive hitting power, and Mei Feng can railwalk off them. Probably have Toshiro war fan one of them turn one to get further up the board for an early railwalk. Illuminated are tough, hit hard (harder with Toshiro buffing them) and generally good all around. Making one fast can potentially allow it to shoot first, giving it's target brilliance, then charge in for Toshiro-buffed attacks at +2 damage. Tasty. Potentially replace them with Punk Zombies (thanks to Toshiro), on a very terrain heavy board (for their unimpeded), or else against swarm type crews (for slice and dice). This leaves a cache of 5 stones, which should allow Toshiro to get suits he needs if the hand doesn't cooperate, for summoning. Thoughts?
  18. What do you all like to do to handle shooting when playing with Ten Thunders, when talking about some of the nastier shooting crews that can get to their attack flips (lots of Guild, some Outcast such as Levi, others). I've had success with Mei Feng with the Wind Upgrade to double Vent and keep up with her crew bubble, as well as Smoke Grenades, but I got fairly rolled in a game versus Perdita last night (Misaki with Shang, Toshiro, Tokarage, Samurai), no Smoke and Shadows upgrade). I was thinking Smoke and Shadows, but that seems to require ol' Y carrying it so she can nimble walk the first turn then Smoke Bomb and let the others follow, so that they can move further upfield first turn.
  19. In the 2nd ever Malifaux report on my site, Evil Steampunk-magic-using Marxist Drug-runner Mei Feng takes on a man on a horse and his big fat Edward Scissorhands best friend in a strangely inappropriate urban cowboy landscape as two newbie players struggle again to get to grips with what the hell they are up to .. There is kung-fu, there are dogs and eagles, there is a Sikh with a machine gun and there is a lawyer (sending guns and money..?). Who knows what it all means - but as long as everything gets set on fire, and there is a post-battle analysis that is built on the basic principles of scientific socialism and underground insurrectionists drug running and crime in an all-round way which upholds the lofty ideal of communism and its ultimate values and goals in the face of undue provocation from the forces of reactionary Guild censorship and oppression, what's not to like? See the report at: http://www.madaxeman.com/reports/Malifaux_2015_1.php
  20. I'm looking to fill out some of my missing pieces from different crews. I live in Australia so please factor that into any decisions made before offering to sell models. I am willing to purchase Kaeris and Mei Feng Box Sets.
  21. I love Mie and most of her models, I just can not stand the look of the Rail Golem. In my ARCs I use the steamborg executioner but what is a good replacement for it in 10 thunders?
  22. Hi all, just finished my second big tactics article, this time on Mei. Starting off... In keeping with aggressive pose, Mei Feng is a powerhouse and anchor of her crew, which I quite enjoy, as I tend towards support commanders, so I'm very much in to the idea of a strong commander who can still run support a little. She's got a bit of an odd character because, while she's a bouncing death ball and has some useful defensive support, it's her Henchman, Kang, who brings more of the power and offensive support to the crew. Link to the main article
  23. Hi all - I'm relatively new to Malifaux, been playing once or twice a week for the past few months and loving every second of it. After an early, fun, but chaotic time with Som'er, I picked up Mei Feng, and I'm really liking her. I've been running her as Ten Thunders, with various combinations of Kang, Rail Golem, Metal Gamin, Rail Workers, and Archers. I'm contemplating where to expand from here, and in particular, whether to emphasize Arcanists or 10 Thunders - eventually I'll pick up more of both but with limited funds I'd like to make smart purchases. I had been thinking I would get the Ramos box: Joss and Howard L. seem like they would work really well with Mei, and even the spiders could be good for some faster moving railwalk targets. But tonight I borrowed a friend's Sidir for a reckoning match, and he was the absolute star of the show: killed McMourning for Assassinate, killed other models for Reckoning, and even helped Burt Jebson (as a mercenary) with his Vendetta against Santiago. So now I'm wondering: in general, do people like Mei better as an arcanist or as 10T? Has anybody run her with Wastrels (since I'd have to buy the McCabe box to get Sidir, I'm wondering about them)? Other directions I should be thinking about to add some tougher, higher stone models to her crew for things like Reckoning? Any and all thoughts appreciated! -Matt
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