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  1. What has been successful for you guys? What does turn 1 look like for everyone? Especially interested in Reva player, what does turn 1 look like for set up? Molly? McMourning? If you find success in your games and think you have a good turn 1 that sets you up for success, I would love to hear it! I currently just double pulse out focus to the entire crew (with any master), its nice but I think there might be better out there.
  2. Marcus (Arcanists) vs. Dr McMourning (Resurrectionists) Strategy: Turf War with corner deployment Available schemes: Claim Jump, Deliver a Message, Hold Up Their Forces, Take Prisoner, Dig Their Graves Crews: Marcus - 3 soulstones Jackalope Myranda Arcane Effigy Cojo Sabertooth Cerberus - Soulstone Cache Soulstone Miner #1 - Magical Training Soulstone Miner #2 Chosen schemes: Claim Jump (Myranda), Deliver a Message (Dr McMourning) Dr McMourning - 5 soulstones Zombie Chihuahua Sebastian Rafkin Flesh Construct #1 Flesh Construct #2 Guild Autopsy Rogue Necromancy Chosen schemes: Hold Up Their Forces, Claim Jump (Sebastian) Nice thematic set up of strategy and schemes, Dr McMourning and Marcus clearly have some undisputed issues about the ownership of the territory they are meeting in. Deployment: Both crews set up in a line along the deployment zone's edge (Marcus SW corner, McMourning NE corner). Marcus, Cojo, Myranda and the Effigy deploy at the center, while the Cerberus has his eyes on the NW Turf, which is on the other side of a big storage house. The roof of the house is accessible on both sides via severe ground (a huge pile of crates). The Jackalope heads towards the SE Turf, and the Miners plan to support the flanks. The Doctor sends Rogue Necromancy and Flesh Construct #1 right against the Cerberus, and Construct #2 and Autopsy left against the Jackalope. Then he poisons his whole crew for poison +2. Turn One: Marcus wins initiative and opts to observe what is coming at him, forcing McMourning to make the first move. Construct #2 walks to the NE Turf, and flips it to friendly. Miner #1 Mines Soulstone, focuses and Drills into the Earth. Rogue Necromancy walks twice and ambushes nothing towards the NE Turf. Miner #2 Mines Soulstone, focuses and Drills into the Earth. Rafkin Opens Vials to poison some nearby allies, then focuses and his Embalming Fluids spread some more poison to those standing nearby, finally he walks forward. Marcus uses Guided Evolution to create Natural Camouflage for himself, sprouts Feathered Wings on the Cerberus, tries to do the same on Cojo also but tides of fate prohibit it (Black Joker), then succeeds in manifesting Wings on the Jackalope and Armored Plates on Myranda, and finally unleashes a Primal Roar, triggering Surge to draw a card. This moves Cojo to touch the SW Turf. Construct #1 goes Reckless and walks three times toward NW Turf. Cojo gently Tosses Marcus forward and flips the SW Turf to friendly. Autopsy walks twice toward the SE Turf. Jackalope focuses, walks and Leaps toward SE Turf. Sebastian double walks toward center. Myranda manifests Aspects of the Wild, changing Armored Plates to Natural Camouflage and allowing Marcus to draw a card for Primal Domain, then uses Call of the Wild to move Cojo forward, then walks. McMourning walks twice toward center, gives Doctor's Orders to move Rafkin as well, and focuses. Effigy double walks to catch up with others. Chihuahua double walks, gives out Horrific Odor to spread poison to nearby allies (so that McMourning, Chihuahua, Sebastian and Rafkin are at +5 poison). Cerberus double flies to the roof of the storage building, then Leaps toward Costruct #1 triggering Separated from the Pack, then Savagely Bites it for 3 damage, and gains poison +1 for Bloated Stench. Turn End - Cerberus suffers 1 damage from poison, performs Deadly Pursuit to leave engagement with Construct #1, touches NW Turf. Both score 1 VP for having 1 friendly Turf. Turn Two: Marcus stones for cards, wins initiative and chooses to go first this time. Cerberus charges Construct #1, Biting it for 3 damage triggering Onslaught for 3 more damage, just enough to destroy it and gain a soulstone for Recharge Soustone, gains poison +2 for Bloated Stench, then Leaps toward Rogue Necromancy triggering Separated from the Pack, Bites it for 3 damage, Bites again for 4 damage triggering Onslaught, which misses. Rogue Necromancy Bites Cerberus for 3 damage, Cerberus spends a soulstone to reduce damage to 2 and Butterfly Jumps away, Rogue charges Cerberus, Bites for 4 damage, Cerberus spends a soulstone to reduce damage to 3 and Butterfly Jumps to touch NW Turf. Miner #2 Mines Soulstone, uses the Earth Beneath Your Feet to appear touching SE Turf, focuses. Autopsy walks, shoots at Miner #2 with Light Pistol for 5 damage (flipped Red Joker), armor +2 saves the mech-tentacle from instant destruction. Marcus uses Guided Evolution to discard Natural Camouflage and manifest Armored Plates on himself, draws a card through Primal Domain, uses Chimerancy to attach Armored Plates on Cojo triggering Quick Reflexes and giving Natural Camouflage to the Jackalope, then Call of the Wild to order Cojo to move to touch central Turf, Primal Roar for some minor replacing triggering Evolutionary Superiority, then walks to catch up with Cojo. Rafkin Opens Vials to poison some nearby allies, walks, throws a Flask of Formaldehyde at Marcus and Cojo (Marcus fails) triggering Swift Action for another Flask, this time Cojo fails, so both get poison +2, tries to Transfusion poison from self to Cojo but fails. Jackalope charges Autopsy, tickles it with Horns for 2 damage, attacks again also for 2 damage, gains poison +2 for Bloated Stench, then Leaps back toward Marcus. Sebastian walks, throws a Flask of Formaldehyde at Marcus, Myranda and Cojo (Marcus and Myranda take poison +2), Blood Poisons Marcus for 4 damage, Marcus spends a soulstone to reduce damage to 1. Myranda manifests Aspects of the Wild, changing Natural Camouflage to Thick Horns and allowing Marcus to draw a card for Primal Domain, then uses Call of the Wild to move Cojo to engage Sebastian (triggering Hunter's Call, but the central Turf made charging impossible), then focuses. McMourning gives Doctor's Orders to withdraw Sebastian from Cojo, charges Cojo, hitting with Skull Saw for no damage (Black Joker), spends focused to Skull Saw again for 3 damage and poison +1, tries to Skull Saw one more time but misses. Cojo takes 1 damage for Catalyst, Delivers a Message to Doctor McMourning for 1 VP, Tosses McMourning 10" away triggering Hard Throw for 1 damage. Construct #2 goes Reckless and triple walks to end up touching SE Turf on the opposite side as Miner #2. Chihuahua walks, focuses and tries to Blood Poison Cojo but fails (cheated Red Joker to avoid), Horrific Odor gives poison +1 to Cojo and some allies. Miner #1 Mines Soulstone, uses the Earth Beneath Your Feet to engage Rogue Necromancy, spends focus and tries to apply some Mining Tools to its backside but fails Terrifying. Turn End - several creatures either heal 1 or suffer 1 damage due to widespread poison. Neither side scores points as both still only posses 1 friendly Turf, Cerberus makes it Deadly Pursuit to safety to try to avoid the Rogue Necromancy. Turn Three: McMourning stones for cards with 2 stones. Marcus stones for cards (before discarding to meet hand size I have Black Joker, 2, 4, 5, 5, 6, 6, 7 and 8, leaving Marcus with a terrible hand). McMourning takes the initiative (flipped Red Joker). Rogue Necromancy disengages from Miner #1, charges Cerberus and kills the mighty beast. Miner #2 Mines Soulstone, flips SE Turf to friendly and focuses. Construct #2 goes Reckless, then tries to Tear Apart Miner #2 three times, but only hits once for 1 damage after armor. Jackalope Leaps to engage Autopsy, attacks twice with its Horns to reduce it to mere corpse marker but gaining poison +2 for Bloated Stench. McMourning walks back toward center, charges Cojo inflicting 5 wounds with Skull Saw, second attack misses, then tries to Blood Poison but fails (cheated Red Joker to defend). Chihuahua activates through Companion, tries to Blood Poison Cojo but fails, double walks toward NW Turf and badly wounded Rogue Necromancy. Myranda soothes Cojo with Primal Flame twice for a total of 7 wounds healed, then Beast Shapes into Cerberus. Sebastian flips central Turf to friendly, throws a Flask of Formaldehyde at Cerberus for poison 2, Blood Poisons it for 3 damage triggering Get in There to move Rafkin a little closer (we did not notice it was minions only). Marcus uses Guided Evolution to discard Armored Plates and manifest Thick Horns on himself, draws a card through Primal Domain, bellows a Primal Roar to move Cojo and Cerberus, uses Call of the Wild to make Cojo charge Sebastian, Cojo discards his Armored Plates for Adaptive Evolution triggering Puncture on his Claws and deals 3 damage, Sebastian spends a soulstone to reduce damage to 2, Marcus then performs Chimerancy to grant Cojo Armored Plates again, and finally walks up to the central Turf. Cojo activates through Accomplice, charges McMourning discarding Armored Plates for Marcus to draw card through Primal Domain, his Ferocious Claws miss though, then Tosses McMourning head first to a wall far away, triggering Hard Throw for 1 damage. Rafkin fails to attack Cerberus due to Terrifying (Black Joker), tries harder but still misses with his Lucky Knife, then Transfuses poison +3 from self to Cerberus. Effigy uses Dispel Magic to remove poison from Cojo, but fails to do the same on Cerberus. Miner #1 Mines Soulstone, walks to NW Turf and flips it to friendly. Turn End - several creatures either heal 1 or suffer 1 damage due to widespread poison. Both sides score 1 VP for possessing 2 friendly Turf. Cerberus uses Deadly Pursuit to flee away from the center. Time is passing, and we agree that the fourth turn will be the last one. Turn Four: Marcus double stones for cards, McMourning stones for cards, Marcus wins initiative. Marcus uses Guided Evolution to discard Thick Horns and manifest Natural Camouflage on himself, draws a card through Primal Domain, bellows a Primal Roar to move Cojo triggering Surge to draw a card, performs Chimerancy to once more give Cojo Armored Plates, Call of the Wild to move Cojo to engage Rafkin. Cojo activates through accomplice, Cojo Marks Territory on Sebastian and Rafkin triggering Rude Sign Language, pushing them back, charges Rafkin, Clawing him for 2 damage and pushing him further away, then charges Sebastian, Claws connect for mere tickling (Black Joker damage). McMourning walks back to action, Doctor's Orders Sebastian away from Cojo up to Marcus, charges Cojo Skull Sawing him for 3 damage, misses the other attack. Cerberus Shapechanges back to Myranda healing 2, manifests Aspects of the Wild, changing Feathered Wings to Natural Camouflage and allowing Marcus to draw a card for Primal Domain, soothes the pain of Cojo with Primal Flame for healing 3, focuses (can't position so that could score Claim Jump because of Sebastian). Construct #2 goes Reckless, finally Tears Apart Miner #2 destroying it, then flips SE Turf to friendly. Miner #1 charges Rogue Necromancy, applies Mining Tools on it for 2 damage, second attack misses. Chihuahua charges Miner #1 but Bite misses twice, Horrific Odor causes poison +1 on Miner #1. Effigy walks to central Turf, flips it to neutral. Rogue Necromancy tries to Bite Miner #1 but misses, Bites again for 2 damage after armor. Rafkin charges Cojo, Lucky Knife does 2 damage, attacks again for another 2 damage. Sebastian attacks Marcus with his Circular Saw-Blade for 5 damage, Marcus spends a soulstone to reduce damage to 3, Sebastian attacks again for 2 damage. Turn End - McMourning scores 1 VP for Hold Up Their Forces for Sebastian engaging Marcus and Rafkin engaging Cojo, Sebastian and Myranda are both unable to score Claim Jump due to presence of each other, and McMourning has no scheme marker next to him so no more points for Deliver a Message. Both still control 2 Turf. Tie 3-3. The battle took about 8 hours, including setting up the table, going through some rule changes and the cards, writing notes, cooking for children, taking the dogs out, etc. I think both enjoyed the game (it was our first M3E, and my first game with Marcus). Some of the higlights on my part included Cerberus tearing apart the flesh construct and still inflicting massive damage to rogue necromancy as well, and Cojo tossing the doctor twice and then urinating on Sebastian and Thomas. I found that no model was lackluster nor overpowered, Marcus was a bit complicated but that was mostly because I had no cards for the upgrades and had to keep checking them on my phone. I have noticed many don't like Cojo, but I think he performed nice his area control duty, which is why I took him. Primal Domain and soulstone miners really helped with resource management, and I could definitely see one or even two miners becoming a stable in my future Marcus games. I think I got much out of writing this, as I got much more familiar with the models and their special rules. Comments, critique and feedback is appreciated.😃
  3. So I’ve just started this wonderful game - and now I’m finally ready for my first fight. I’ve gone with the Ortegas and tried playing around with still water fix for a swampy theme.
  4. I’m often drawn to attrition style lists in games, and Doc McMourning has always been a favorite of mine on the table and in the fluff, so it seems like a natural fit, or at least the natural place to force two bits together and sew into place. To that end I’m …experimenting… with the idea of playing him with a heavy summoning theme. Thus, my fellow necromancers, I’m considering the following pieces and positing to you for your intellectual, and philosophical pleasure, from what was once a mass of dead tissue, I give you a cultured, sophisticated, man about town. Mindless Zombies: The Zombies counting as corpse markers via Walking Dead is very interesting to me, they can move farther up the field to allow the good doctor to summon the Flesh Construct in more interesting locations, and since it gets summoned with Slow, the farther up the board the better (upfield, . Also, it is sort of a one stone discount on the Flesh Construct by taking three Mindless Zombies for six stones instead of the Construct for seven. Added bonus you can use them as ‘dead’ activations to see where your opponent moves their models (and see what I did there), and if they get shot off the table, then unless the opponent has special tech, they just drop the marker when they got blapped (blapped is the technical term as well as the sound some make when they explode). Gravedigger: A digger can get the doctor 2/3rds of the corpse markers he needs to summon a fresh Flesh Construct turn one through Recent Funeral and Grave Robber. Canine Remains can pick these up and carry them further upfield for the Doc with Carrion Away for a turn 2 construct. If taken as a pair, they can generate all the corpses one needs for turn one AND two for constructs, paying for themselves quickly from a cost perspective. And as the game goes on, they aren’t exactly bad pieces, continuing to drop corpses to hand out focus easily, or help the doc get access to that third construct. They just don’t want to be poisoned, so positioning is more important than usual, or just be cool with them kicking off eventually. They can be surprisingly fast if you keep them close to one another, getting free pushes if the other drops their corpse marker in a convenient place. I’ve broken my thoughts into two directions: Mostly normal: McMourning (Whisper) -2 Cache Sebastian (8) Zombie Chihuahua (0) Rogue Necromancy (10) Thomas Rafkin (8) Nurse (6) Kentauri (8) Mindless Zombie x3 (6) -This is mostly a normal McMourning list, the Mindless Zombies only used to get a one-point discount on the Flesh Construct. It does require order of activation considerations, and one of McMournings AP, but a stone is a stone. Kentauri can Ride with me the Construct off on its merry way, and/or doc can just doctor’s order it to go forth and scheme into the wild as go-errr McMourning intended. Grave Concerns: McMourning (Whisper) -3 Cache Zombie Chihuahua (0) Thomas Rafkin (8) Dead Rider (Grave Sprit Touch) (13) Nurse (6) Gravedigger x2 (12) Canine Remains x2 (6) - Now, this is a departure from the normal list design for sure, so we may need to make a cut, an incision if you will, of a piece that’s normally found in McMourning lists. In my mad, feverish considerations, I think Sebastian isn’t as important to the list as he is in the standard build. The Dead Rider can ride with me one of the creations away, and gain Regenerate 2 from the upgrade, putting him inline with the rest of the crew’s inherent tanking (just not from poison) his ability to make a lot of mindless zombies if the gravediggers have been busy, hopefully getting a lot of value out of the extra activations and corpses to make a third Flesh Construct if needed. I’d love to hear other people’s opinions on this line of inquiry, I think McMourning is probably stronger in a push the poison list, but I don’t think this ‘build’ would hamper itself too much.
  5. Good news, everyone! Here will be painted minis nor only by me but from other Serpentarium members too (Ringil, Yellow_One perhaps) Updates every Monday I hope Some previous episodes: Malufux Monday #5 : Rafkin and the Samurai http://serpentarium-painting.blogspot.ru/2016/06/malifaux-monday.html Malifaux Monday #6: Mr. Tannen http://serpentarium-painting.blogspot.ru/2016/06/malifaux-monday-again.html
  6. UNDEADS. 47 models, mainly painted. Cards included. 1 Molly Squidpiddge 1 Nicodem 1 Mc McMourning (Metal) 3 Rotten belle 3 Punk Zombie 1 Mortimer 1 Philip and the Nanny 11 Mindless Zombie 3 Necropunk 6 Crooligan 2 Bete Noire 1 Zombie Chihuahua 1 Vulture 1 Yin The Penangalan 1 Necrotic Machine 2 The Hanged (1 damaged) 1 Rafkin (metal) 1 Sebastian (Metal) 2 Nurse (Metal) 1 Harchie (unpainted) 1 Flesh Construct (unpainted) 1 Unknown Bonus (unpainted) 1 Madame Sybelle (prepainted) One batch. No split. Shipping fees not included. Payment via Paypal. Price 135 GBP / 150 Euros.
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