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Found 3 results

  1. This is our first painting contest. Competition rules: * To start the competition must take a photo of the model with a newspaper where we can see the date. All dates must match. * Only Wyrd´s Miniatures allowed. * Only base color at inictial picture . * The base must be without work. * Must be minimum and maximum 3 miniatures. * The mini will be evaluated in two aspects, painting technique and quality of the base on a scale of points, each mini will be eveluated in a range of 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest quality and 10 the highest quality and the base will be evaluated in the same way. * The judges have yet to confirm Mister Justin from Secret Weapon Miniatures, Crissy Dubois from AWP facebook group (Confirmed), more to be announced. * The last day of painting pictures until maximum 8 pm evening will be received. * Photos will be uploaded to the page malifaux Venezuela to a section of the forum that was created especially for this competition. Photos may not be shared on websites during the competition. Any doubt, you know where find me!
  2. I am planning the first Malifaux tournament here in Venezuela. I become Henchman few months ago and I started playing with 3 friends, we are now almost 12 regular players, so we need a Tounament. Here the details: * Name of Event: The first battle of the Hallaca. * Location: Salon Building Events The Saman Chacaito. Pto reference across the front of the CC Chacaito by Central Madeiran side. * Map and Directions: https://goo.gl/maps/Pe4gH * Time: 9:00 am * Date: Saturday December 20, 2014. Contact Info: malifauxve@gmail.com and +584123238190 URL: http://www.malifaux.com.ve/evento/1er-torneo-malifaux-the-first-battle-for-the-hallaca/ This will not only be the first Malifaux tournament in Venezuela, but will serve to celebrate the growth of our community in such a short time. It is a rules-based tournament gaining ground, I will use scenarios Christmas, 35ss, 120 minutes per round, 4 rounds.
  3. Malifaux will be present at Comic Con 2014!!! What is Caracas Comic Con??? The English "Comic" (cartoon) and "Con" convention apocope, the Caracas Comic Con is a Expoferia with allusions to various issues such as cartoons, animation, video games, sagas of fantasy and science fiction and other mass entertainment activities . We have international and national guests, lectures, games and various presentations related to days full of unforgettable experiences. It was founded by Daniela Paolillo, owner and president of the DPX Comics online store in 2010. This was in response to a lack of events focusing on American comics in Venezuela. Since then the Caracas Comic Con is held every year in the best salons in Caracas. The event has been successfully developed five times. From 2013 we started to perform twice a year. Copied from the official website of Caracas Comic Con @CaracasComicCon This year I started in the fantastic world of Malifaux Here in Venezuela we played many games (king of tokyo, mage wars, mage knight the board game, etc) warhammer fantasy, warhammer 40k, warmachine, hordes, infinity among others, but even though we had always been curious of Malifaux either through the miniatures or the game itself, no one had dared to venture into that world Earlier this year I decided to put aside Warhammer 40k to satisfy my curiosity Malifaux, this decision left me totally hooked to the game, the rules, the miniatures, the mechanics, everything; just need someone to play with, and two friends are hooked like me and are waiting for their minis This event and all who come will be a great help to promote the game and attract new players to the group The event will have a display table at which we will also be doing demos In addition to this, in the thumbnail area also will have a display of Infinity and Warhammer by our battles teammate Luis Joey (@ CalabozoCriollo) and a painting table where you will be able to learn painting techniques When is the event: Second weekend of August: Friday 8, Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 What are the hours: 10:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. Where it is: Urban Spaces Cuplé, C2 level, CCCT. Caracas Venezuela
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