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Found 10 results

  1. Hi Wyrdos! If you are in Italy or in the area on October 20 we organized a wonderful tournament inside the Tiferno Comics in Città di Castello (PG). Here the event link
  2. Nella prima settimana di Gennaio 2017 sarò a Salerno in ferie. So che ci sono interessati a provare Malifaux, per cui a chi vuole posso organizzare una demo a Salerno, o anche in altre zone della Campania previo accordi. Per info chiedete via PM.
  3. [updated on August 2019] Ciao a tutti! Volete fare una partita dimostrativa a Malifaux 3e in zona Piacenza??? Oppure siete interessati a partecipare ad una campagna od un torneo??? Contattatemi!!! La nostra associazione: Legio Placentia 3D (https://m.facebook.com/groups/LegioPlacentia3D/) Stradone Farnese, 16 · Piacenza · 29121 PC Non abbiamo un giorno fisso di apertura, ma apriamo su richiesta (basta metterci d'accordo). Anche gli orari sono flessibili, ma solitamente ci si incontra la sera dopo le 21 oppure (più raramente) al pomeriggio. Ad oggi abbiamo una piccola comunità che conta alcuni giocatori attivi e qualche interessato. Se vi va, siete i benvenuti! Anche solo per fare 4 chiacchiere! Grazie per il tempo e la pazienza di leggere questo post...!!! __________________ - LINK LEGIO PLACENTIA- Forum della Legio Placentia 3D - Pagina FB Legio Placentia 3D - Gruppo FB Legio Placentia 3D MALIFAUX: Sezione Malifaux del forum Legio Placentia 3D - http://legioplacentia.forumfree.it/?f=64854127 Gruppo FB campagna Placentia Breach 2017 - https://www.facebook.com/groups/1952460691633369/ Pagina FB campagna Placentia Breach 2017 - https://www.facebook.com/CampagnaMalifauxPiacenza/?ref=br_rs
  4. Hello everyone, From now on, I will organize a Christmas league here LEGIO PLACENTIA 3D - Via Stradone Farnese n.16, PIACENZA (PC) It will last from november 26th until the last day of Jenuary at least. The structure will be a league with a first "freeform" phase and then a play-off phase. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any question or if you want to register to the league.
  5. Prometheus we present over the breach! for an event full of fun!! We will play with 50SS with a score domination! In poker chips by giving away 1 SS for all participants, the first one poker chips from 3SS !! and a mistery box at the first ranked See you from Prometheus, on 30 \ 09 \ 2017 at 3pm in Rome, via Raffaella la Crociera 8 area Tor Vergata
  6. Hi there, I'm Alessandro, new Henchman from Rome, Italy. I'll host demo games at Legio Capitolina Gaming Club in northern Rome, every Tuesday, starting at 9:30 pm till 00.00. The club is located in Viale di Valle Aurelia, 129, a few hundred meters from the Baldo degli Ubaldi stop of the underground A line (orange line, in case you're not from Rome). You can contact me and the club on Facebook if you need (Visconte Dimezzato and Legio Capitolina)
  7. Hi there, Legio Capitolina Gaming Club in Rome will host its first Malifaux tournament to test the interest in the game and to better plan a future league (in autumn). Date is 2nd of July, 11 am local time. We play with 50ss, gaining ground '17 strategies&schemes. If you are new to the game, don't worry: we'll give you what you need to play and all the assistance required to play your first games. Contact me if you need, A. the event on facebook
  8. With the regular monthly appointment we come back to meet in the breeze! We look forward to you from Prometheus Rome Tor Vergata town on the way raffaella la Crocera 8 Dating from 50ss With tournament domination !! We expect you to be on the 18th of June, at 15.00
  9. On 22 November we are running a tournament at goblin shop Torino! 35 SS, Fixed faction, no painting requirements, gaining ground. We are at goblin shop (via barbaroux 13/DD, Torino, Italia). We start at 10 o'clock. For info https://www.facebook.com/events/420371051489670/ Henchmen Maeglin and Mgsanna
  10. Greetings all the players! I needed to share my enthusiasm for this beautiful game so, since I am the only one in hundreds of miles to know about M2e, decided ti sign in. Hope the communnity will also help me to clear some doubt I have about rules...(ok, maybe a lot of doubts since I recieved M2e Rules just yesterday, on Sept 10) Hope I'll find out there are players in my country I don't know about of Let's keep on playng (well, let's start in my case...)!!! Giuliano
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