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Found 18 results

  1. In a small town, outside a small shop, the sky started to fall. The townsfolk were stunned and fled in terror. This was the end of the world.
  2. "and then I flipped the Black Joker and..." To us the world of Malifaux is 3' x 3'. So what would happen if the minions escaped the end of their world and entered ours?

    © Dhampir

  3. 1:1 drawing for construction purposes
  4. Dhampir

    Dhampir WIP: Initial sketch

    The initial sketch for my End of the world diorama piece.
  5. Dhampir


    From the album: Dhampirs gallery of stuff

    The start of my Round 2 entry for Iron Painter 2015
  6. Dhampir


    From the album: Dhampirs gallery of stuff

    The start of my Iron Painter 2015 Round 2 entry
  7. My entry for the first (maybe last) round...not my best work..I can work on it only the last night (time is a tyrant). Well, happy to run this contest
  8. "'Ey, Clyde! I found this 'ere gold! Smells pretty crappy tho'!"
  9. As Viruk said on a comment in my last picture, here is another angle of this "little" fool! I hope you all like it.
  10. Nepenthaceae Malifauxecai One of the newest members of the carniverous plant species; found to be exclusively native to the world of Malifaux. These plants lure their prey using shiny gold objects attached to the opening of their intestinal tract. While distracted the prey is ensnared and then slowly disolved alive in digestive juices deep within the bowels of the plant. High resolution available here: https://poormansterr.../img_7247-0.jpg

    © Dhampir 2015

  11. I was not able to keep the schedule on my initial piece . This morning I decided to start from scratch and see what I could come up with in a single day. After rummaging through my bits collection I found a plastic promotional coin from the dutch National Postcode Lottery. And Iḿ thinking: ¨Hmmm, lotteries. Now there is a fool´s gold theme if ever I thought of one! So I grabbed some zombie parts and decided to have some fun with it. If by some miracle I´ll make it though this round I´ll have to get better at planning this stuff out. If Idon make it I´ll guess I have plenty of time to finnish my initial idea.
  12. When the call to abandon ship came, ole Slimy Jim decided that he had enough time to go back for his booty. His treasure was the one thing that made him happy 'til the end of his days...
  13. Ole Pyrite is the name given to an old and broken Guardian Leveticus came across one day. The thing was a rust bucket, pitted and shot through with holes, and was much abused. With the help of Alyce, a bit of elbow grease, some magic, and a bucket of gold paint, the broken Guardian was as good as new again. Well, almost. But good enough to be a part of the crew, any way.

    © Matt Stanley

  14. A (probably) not too bright goblin squares off against a young gold dragon with some trophies attesting his (apparent) ability.
  15. GothPoet


    I got the base color and some shading done, now mostly some detail work left on the dragon, and finish sculpting/painting/assembling the base.
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