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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I'm new to the game and I've got the Beacon of Knowledge set with Sandeep and his crew. Kudra is able to zero action an Illusionary Forest - 50mm marker within range (10) which is treated as Ht 4 terrain with dense, severe, soft cover traits. Does this mean that an opponent can't get LoS through it? Can they shoot through it? and, although the opponent would obviously just walk around it, in principle would they have to walk 12 to get through it (4 up, 4 through, 4 down) or something like that?
  2. When is a model considered within a piece of terrain? Specifically non-impassable terrain e.g. an area of wood. The rules I have found for this (there may be more I've missed ): The terrain section (p73 small rule book) states every piece of terrain has a base and (in the case of Lilith's Illusionary forest) Dense - "Models can see into this terrain, but not through it. Models outside the dense terrain may draw LoS to targets within the terrain. Models may ignore the dense train of terrain that the are within, when drawing LoS. Otherwise, the terrain is considered blocking." Lastly, and this is where the core of the question really lies, the 'Within' text box in the LoS section (p40 small rule book) states "When an Action states that an object must be within a distance, if any portion of that object's base is AT that distance or closer it is considered within the stated distance". The Question: The confusion is the use of the general language use of within and the specific M2E terminology of 'within', which is defined for Actions. So, I guess explicitly, my question is "Is the definition for 'Within' the same throughout the game as it is for Actions?" So, if a model is touching Lilith's Illusionary Forest is it 'within'? Can another model on the other side of the forest draw LoS to the model (say it had been pushed into/against the terrain by some ability ) and/or vice-versa for the models melee attack/engagement range. The Waldgeists' 'Tangling Roots' Attack action states "While this model's base is touching severe terrain, increase the range of this attack to {claw}4". Can a Waldgeist which is touching (i.e. base to base) Lilith's forest see and be seen by models the other side and so be engaged with and by the Waldgeists 4" melee? Aside: I suppose this may also have consequences for doorways and Rasputinas 'Freeze Over' ability. I'm not sure when exactly you might need to be touching a doorway without being in it, maybe if you were playing locked door rules...?
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