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Found 1 result

  1. We will be running a grow league at The Game Table in Carbondale Illinois from April 4th to May 5th. The Game Table is located at 606 S. Illinois Ave Carbondale Il. 62901 (618)-457-8383 Grow League starts April 4th. It is a 4 week league with a tournament on the 5th week. Entry is $10. (or purchase of a crew box from The Game Table) Each participant chooses a faction and starts with a crew box in that faction. Week 1 will be 25ss crews. Week 2 will be 30ss crews. Week 3 will be 40ss crews. Week 4 will be 50ss crews. You play as many games in a week as you'd like. During the first game in a week, a win gets you 2 League Points (LP), a tie gets 1 LP, and a loss gets 0 LP. Any subsequent games played will receive 1 LP win or lose. (max 2). The Strategies and Schemes for each week will be posted in the Southern Illinois Malifaux Facebook page the tuesday night prior. It will also be available in store at The Game Table. All games must be played at The Game Table to count. At the end of the league who ever has the most LP wins. (additional prizes will be awarded for tournament winner, most Victory Points accrued throughout the league, so make sure to report those! And best painted model determined via majority vote during week 4.) Additional LP can be earned in the following ways: 1.) purchasing a Wyrd product at The Game Table is 2LP (limit once per league) 2.) playing a game with a fully painted crew. 1LP (limit once per league) 3.) Flipping (not cheating) a joker when your opponent flips (not cheats) the opposite joker 1LP (both players earn this) 4.) Play a game without using a SoulStone. 1LP (limit twice per league) 5.) Making custom Scheme Markers (6 or more) 1LP (limit once per league) 6.) Buying, Making, and/or Donating terrain to The Game Table 1LP (Limit once per league) 7.) Correctly answering a Malifaux Trivia question posted at The Game Table. 1LP (limit once per week) 8.) Each round win during the Week 5 tournament. 2LP Standings will be posted each week on the Southern Illinois Malifaux Facebook Page every week. Any questions or concerns please DM me here, or contact The Game Table.
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