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Found 3 results

  1. So I was wondering about Master Queeg's ability, "Put the Fear In 'em" So This effectively also reads "A friendly model may only be the target of this ability once per turn" and here's why. According to the horror duel rules, "A model that passes a Horror Duel~~the model is considered immune to Horror Duels from the model that generated the Horror Duel until the End Phase of the Turn" So any model immune to the cannot take the check. So models cannot even use this if they are inherently immune to Horror duels. for a good listing of models that can utilize Queegs ability check this post out: So here's my question. There are a few models out there that that are immune to Horror duels. However, Witchling Thralls are unique in Guild in that they are not immune but rather they have an ability "Beyond Terror, Beyond Pain:" Is this written specifically because of Queeg's ability? Does this mean that Thralls can take multiple Horror Duels? If So, how is this justified? if not, what was the purpose of this ability's wording?
  2. If a model is immune to WP duels (e.g. thanks to Ruthless ability), does the Unrelenting Terror ability from the Hanged (removing all immunities to Horror Duels) affect that?
  3. Came up in a tournament last weekend: Perdita tries to shoot the Hanged inside 2". Hanged says she has to take a horror check, and it strips all immunities to horror. Perdita has Aura Ancestral which has an ability that allows her to "ignore all duels involved with targeting something". The question is: This doesn't actually give her an immunity to horror, it takes away her need to take any duel when targeting. T.O. Ruled in favor of Perdita, saying it gets around challenge, manipulative, and horror, so it's not a horror immunity that the hanged's aura would be stripping from her. Interested in if that's the way it should have worked. Were I a T.O. I wouldn't've known which way to rule- I'm glad I was a player in the example. Thoughts? ENinja
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