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Found 25 results

  1. Location: Game Shoppe 4014 N 144th st Omaha, Ne 68116 (402) 991-8699 Dates: November 27th Time: The event starts at 6pm Cost: $5 After last’s Enforcer Brawl and the defeat of Turkzilla and his turkey minions, this year’s event went over quite well. The Enforcer Brawl happened and the people of Paradise Falls had a great thanksgiving. But not all was well in the small town, on the Monday following Thanksgiving, Turkzilla returned! Not only did he have his rafter of minions, but they somehow made turkey constructs as well. Fed up with the lack of control from the enforcers in town, the henchmen decide it was time to step up. Now things were going to get really real. TTM3 will be an special Enforcer Brawl where players will use their favorite henchmen model instead. Players will get 13ss to tool up the henchmen of their choice and enter the battlefield. Beware, the respawn will work a little different as well. Get ready to gobble!
  2. M y store wants to Welcome anyone who wants to join our Enforcer Brawl tournament. It will be a Halloween themed event that falls on October 21, 2017 @ Paddy's Game Shoppe St. cloud Mn around 1 pm. Please inform me if you will be interested so I can get the proper amount of prize support ready. Some smaller details are still being hashed out.
  3. So in general, do you all field Roaster rider or War Pig with Zoraida ? If yes , do you like one over the other and why ? Same question with Bad JU JU or McTavish? If yes , do you like one over the other and why ?
  4. I'm looking into getting a crew lead by Nekima with one or two Black Blood Shaman as support. However, I'm not sure what types/quantities of nephilim I should run. Here's what I'm wondering: Should I field more terror tots and focus on growing and scheme running with them? Instead, should I focus on young nephilim for a kill squad with mature growth as a bonus? Or, would an even mix of both tots and young nephilim be most advantageous? Also, are mature nephilim worth bringing? How about Black Blood Shaman: one or two? Finally, are there any other models that might synergize with this "divey", black blood slinging party? Thank you!
  5. Hello everyone! My name is Caiti. To date I have played 6 games of malifaux. My local games store is absolutely desperate to get more girl gamers involved as well as drum up local interest for malifaux. SO they asked me to become a Wyrd Hench(wo)man. 10/10 100% absolutely super keen. But I have only just started out and the rules are still a little foggy to me. There aren't many (any?) players where I am so simply playing the game won't be enough. Can any henchmen help a girl out? How many crews did you have when you started demos etc? How did you get good enough knowledge?
  6. I looked at the henchmen program and it could interest me. Not in the immediate future since I'm just starting and I want to get grip of the game first, apart having the 2 required starters. I read through the informative on the website, make sense to me in general, but there is something that left me a bit perplexed. It's about the requirement of one event per month. Looks like you need to maintain a quite taxing schedule and since our starting group isn't going to be too large and we also play other systems, I think one event per month is a bit overdoing it. Because let's be honest, I want people to keep playing also other systems and avoid burnouts (I'm suffering for burnouts myself ATM, since I played a game very competitively and now I feel very drained after I won the club tournament, I think this is the reason also I'm looking at another system). So it's the one event per month a strictly requirement or just a guideline?
  7. Could anyone tell me how to get a hold of a particular Henchman? He goes to my regular hangout for the last week but I can never seem to catch him. Is there a way to reach out to them via the forums or email?
  8. Hey all, Rumours abound about a hardcore mini tournament at the Outpost in Sheffield. I'm thinking of fielding: Rusty Alyce Sue Convict Gunslinger Hodgepodge Effigy 1 ss left over for either i pay better or Oathkeeper for the convict... --- I also realised I would generally only consider Taelor, Hannah, Alyce or Ama No Zako (at a push) for hardcore. Any ideas on more streamlined builds or thoughts on the above build?
  9. Entering a 20ss henchmen tournament in a couple of weeks and looking at running this crew. Any thoughts or suggestions? ama no Zako - henchman nothing beast - with his 0ss upgrade 2x void wretches. Not sure which upgrades though.... Only 2ss to spend. Turf war and assassinate is the set stratagy and scheme
  10. I am running a Henchman Hardcore at Kapow on the 6th of February! Come out and sling some cards at 1 PM with the growing Lethbridge community! For those unfamiliar with the Henchman Hardcore format there is a rules pdf on the Wyrd website and I will also be running demos every Tuesday leading up to the event! Good luck and remember... "Bad Things Happen."
  11. Lucca Comics 2015, GoblinClub e Malifaux Italia (Facebook Group) With Pleasure we are proud to announce intro to the game and Demo (open to all) of Malifaux 2E. Demo open to all, intro to the game and background description during all the Lucca Comics Event... Come to play with us at Miniature Island, you will be introduced to the game and receive all the info about the most innovative miniatures game Malifaux 2E Painted Crews and all the necessary items to play and enjoy. In partnership with the Facebook Group "oltre la breccia" Henchmen of the event : Marco Gualtiero Sanna - Mgsanna Tommaso Mazzoli - svalvolo Are you ready to cheat your fate!!!!! Malifaux Italia e Oltre la breccia are the most active and ancient of Malifaux in Italy, they collect and organize with their "forum" all national players and Malifaux fans, thanks to the frenetic and costant henchmen activity (7 person in Italy) the players community is growing every day....
  12. I sent my application in on April 22, and haven't heard back, I would assume they notify you one way or the other, so I'm just wondering what the typical time frame is.
  13. From the album: LuisJoey Retribution!

    Judge prepares to Judge this suspicius girl.
  14. Hello all you Wyrdos and Potential Wyrdos out there. Just to let you know if you are looking to pick up any Malifaux or Wyrd Related stuff in the Huntsville area there are two awesome places you can do that. Either at the Deep http://www.deepcomics.com/ or Mastermind Models and Miniatures http://www.m3paints.com The local community plays Malifaux every Sunday at the Deep from 4pm till close. (Of course setting up a game is always helpful.) And we play Saturday 12 - 6 at M3. We conduct demos during that time as well. We have knowledgable Henchmen with crews at both areas. Got questions just ask. We are really trying hard to build up the community. Either hit me up or TTHP2009 with PMs if there are any questions. Can't wait to see you guys! Best, George
  15. From the album: LuisJoey Retribution!

    Quaker Puritan Judge based loosely on Solomon Kane! Judge him.... not so tough please
  16. From the album: LuisJoey Retribution!

    Quaker Puritan Judge based loosely on Solomon Kane!
  17. Hello, my name is Victor Briseno, and I recently opened a game shop in Roswell, NM. I am looking to start up a Malifaux community here in Roswell and am looking for anyone close by who could help in this endeavor. Doesn't seem like there are many henchmen in the area, or in the state for that matter. Please let me know if anyone can help you out.
  18. Luisjoey


    From the album: Luisjoey's Machinations!

    Mc Mourning Crew Henchmen
  19. Hello fellow henchmen, Well as of a few days ago, and a bit by accident, I will be running demos at BASHcon this year and am looking for anyone who would be interested in helping. For those who don't know BASHcon is at the University of Toledo and runs from Feb. 15th-17th. The convention director has told me that they will provide a booth and to ask for anything else we may need. I plan to attend all 3 days and am hoping other henchmen wouldn't mind helping out. Info recap: Place-University of Toledo, MI Time-Feb. 15-17 Justin Gibbs has told me that henchmen will gain SS for helping but as of now I assume it to be the same for demos. Please contact me if you have any questions. Your fellow Henchman, Insaneundead
  20. .oO(I kinda miss the days when we could post all of our crews' masters and henchmen icons in our signature block, no matter how unwieldy it was becoming.)
  21. I'm sure it's been said before... I know I even said it once when reading through book 2... But... We can hire one Henchman per Master in a Brawl Unfortunately, until we get other Henchmen with the same Special Forces characteristics as the ones we have now, there's no way we're allowed to hire more than one Henchman per Master. So if Minions ever get the ability to upgrade into Henchmen, they'll likely have to take on default Special Forces types. So Samael becoming a Henchman would have to be part of the Elite Division, if we expected to run two Guild Masters, say Sonnia and Perdita and two Guild Henchmen, in this case Sam and either an upgraded Ortega or Lucius. That example seems to make sense...But let's look at the other factions: Other Outcasts joining the Freikorps? Probably not going to happen. Sure, it seems like Misaki will be leading her own crew of Ten Thunders Brothers, but that will just be like the Freikorps, another mercenary crew that can be hired whole-cloth by by another faction, at an extra 'stone per model. So they can't work together in that capacity. Gremlins...Yeah, they could all be Kin, alright. Neverborn promoted to Henchmen couldn't / wouldn't possibly just all become Dolls, now would they? There's only one group of Nephilim...Then there's just other random Neverborn. Rezzers: Sure, Horrors is vague enough that anything could become a Horror. To Ramos, everything is an M&SU Asset, even if it doesn't realize it. I can't wait to see how this plays out come book 4. Ratty, I hope you're already privy to any details related to my wild ass speculations because if I'm even remotely correct, you're going to need the head start to get the Crew Creator able to accept two Masters and two Henchmen in a Brawl.
  22. The effigy dolls, is there any place to get the cards for them? I don't have the 3rd book and would really like to know if theirs access to them anywhere. I haven't found any yet I really enjoy Collodi, but I like shiney new stuff too. So I wanna try him with the ressurectionist, guild and neverborn effigies. Plus the weaver widow. I'm a huge fan of xenomorphs and the concept of the weaver widow amuses me endlessly. But I like the puppet show too much... she can wait a bit. On the note of the weaver widow, anyone know of any good miniatures I could substitue in for a giant manniquen in place of teddy? I gotta ask you Neverborn players too, how many of you would like to see Collodi become a full fledged master? I understand the chances of that happening are very little and its more just semi wishing for it for the sake of doing so. But I read so many posts about how situational Collodi is, or that theirs better models for the points for what he does but I don't see it! I regularly face Viks, Rasp, and Colette and I do fine most the time. Games in which I don't its cause I do something really dumb. If I'm awake enough to play, Its always real close if its not in my favor. Last game I played, Lilith died turn 2 (my own mistake, unfortunately) But I didn't really miss her all that much. Most games seem to go like for me with him, I've tried him with Zorida like most people, and she feels tacked on. Most games she doesn't even get to move. (granted I know how much her voodoo doll can wreak havok and thats why but) and I switched over to Lilith just have a master that suits my playstyle a little better, but she still feels like the "Henchmen" and Collodi the master. It may just be my gaming group, but I regularly am ok against pretty much everyone with collodi's crew. I wouldn't even take a master but I'm lacking in the Wicked Dolls and I have a shiny Killjoy/Convict Gunslinger that begs to be used. So after helping someone pick up neverborn and start off with Collodi, I decided to post this rant. Sorry if its a bit unseamly, but honestly, I don't need to ask many questions on here because of the search fuction, so I don't get the chance to post much cause I don't really need too. So anyway, back on topic... anyplace to get the effigy cards beyond using the book?
  23. Going thru the Rules Manual (at the characteristics)... where is Von Schill's Henchmen Number? I only see his SS Cost of 9. Does he get any SS when used as a "Master"? Do the Freikorps stat cards need to have "v2" at the bottom corner? Also, if my box is missing cards, will Wyrd send me a new one? I wrote to them and was wondering what's the time frame of their response? Is lamination the only way to protect the stat cards? It seems like a photo book would be able to hold them (size-wise) but you lose seeing the back side. Sorry for all the questions... thanks for your help in advance! Definitely trying to wrap my head around all the abilities of all the crew members.
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