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Found 56 results

  1. Satan's Sodomy Baby

    Curiosity Killed the Cat advice needed

    I've been gone from Malifaux for about 2 years and I'm interested in coming back when the new edition launches. I noticed the Curiosity Killed the Cat set from the BF sale and it totally got me interested in playing again, but I need some advice The set comes with 3 Stolen. Will that be enough? I'd love to keep the crew in the "Cat" theme Will I need more than one Cat Princess (Rat King) set? How about the Cat Herders (Rat Catchers)? Also, I'm wondering if I should wait for the new edition before I purchase any models. The way they all play is likely to change a bit I'm thinking. What do you think?
  2. PraetorDragoon

    Hamelin Tactica: Drown them in Rats

    Hello everyone! This is my first attempt at writing a Tacitca for use. I'm writing it for a master which I played a lot (and influenced) during the Beta, so I know a few of his tricks. The main idea is to share these with new players attempting to start him or old players trying some new tricks out. I speak, of course, of Hamelin. To make things easier, first blocks will describe the master without any upgrades. Improvents on certain things will be noted under the respective upgrade section. Stats First thing to see are his stats, which are pretty decent, yet average, across the board. A good wound pool and great wp, his other stats are among the average mold. He however, lacks any station characterstics (living, undead, etc) which means there are quite a few abilities that don't work on him, wheter good or bad. Lastly, he starts with a meager cache of 1. Remember this when construction your crews. Defenses Hamelin has two abilities toward defense: Nihilism, and Lure of Emptiness. He doesn't have any damage migation abilities, such as Armor, or Hard to Wound. Lure of Emptiness grants backup lives with nearby stolen. When Hamelin is killed or sacrificed, he may sacrifice a nearby stolen instead and heal some wounds. An useful ability that migates a bit Hamelin's innate squishiness. However, watch out for having a lack of stolen in a critical moment, as Hamelin is easily hit and takes the full brunt of an onslaught. Nihilism, on the other hand, is one of the most powerful defensive abilities in the game. It allows you to ignore any conditions as you see fit. This is entirely optional, and allows you to still gain the condition if you like it. Perfect if your opponent is handing positives mixed with negatives, as you get to ignore the negative conditions while keeping the postive ones. Don't forget to thank your opponent after that. Another thing to note is the Tyrant characterstic. This grants weaknesses towards the infamous Relic Hammers. Keep them away from Hamelin's face! (Relic Hammer bearers are Johann, The Captain, and Taelor) Blighted Blighted is the condition that Hamelin and his friends spreads out like candy. What does it do, you ask? Absolutely nothing. Don't let this discourage you! While I am saying that it does nothing, it does have important tricks to consider. The most important and deadly to remember is Bleeding Disease. This nasty spell deals damage equal to the current blighted stack to an enemy. It does not remove the stack, so you can freely fire away, racking huge damage for only a few AP spend. There are also other tricks with certain models, but we'll leave that for later. Blighted increases on it's own at the end of turn. Nifty right? Rats Hamelin wouldn't be Hamelin without his little rats. One rat is an unintersting sight, but there are far more hiding right out there. Rats spawn for free when an enemy within 6 of Hamelin dies. Other models can also spawn them. Rats are weak, cheap, small, and pathetic. They think so too, so they swarm together when there are four of them close to each other. (friendly or enemy) The resulting Rat Kings are more intimidating, providing a nasty way of getting rid of scheme markers, as well as improved damage output. (it's a little better) Due to the free rats, expect to always being able to out activate enemies. Actions Hamelin has several actions open to him. First of all, the Black Staff is his basic melee attack. It has a unimpressive damage track of 1/2/4, but ml 6 is nothing to scoff at. It has always access to two basic triggers, one which hand out blighted and another which increases damage by the blighted on the target, to a maxium of +3. His second action, are the Pipes, which is basically a lure. It has an auto trigger that deals damage and moves the target further if it has blighted. Lastly, bleeding disease has been covered already. Under tactical actions, he has a Lure Malifaux Citizen, a (0) that allows him to summon a Stolen in base contact. Stolen are jeleous and murder all non-stolen totems summoned this way. If you spend a soulstone, you are capable of hitting a trigger that allows him to do it all again. (sans trigger) Upgrades Of course, there are always upgrades, and Hamelin is no exception. The Plague First of his upgrades, Virulent denies any removal of Blighted within 6 of Hamelin. Prefect for letting enemies build larger stacks of blighted. Secondly, it allows the usage of two triggers, both which trigger automaticly. The first hands out blighted, which is handy for putting blighted on ranged. The second only goes of on blighted+4, but grants the target a condition that forces the enemy to discard two cards for each interact action... Or it simpely fails. Putting blighted on range is The Piper Hamelin's near-auto-take limited upgrade grants two powerful abilities. Irresistable Dance, and Obey. Ireresistable Dance forbids enemies from ending charges within 6 of Hamelin. Protecting him and his crew from charges, it negates one of the weaknesses Hamelin has. Obey with a build in suit is a very powerful tool in any master's crew, and Hamelin is no different. Tools of the Tyrant This upgrade grants triggers to the Black Staff, as well providing even more interact denial. Unhealty pallor allows Hamelin to heal for each blighted model within 3. Blight your friends first, and then use them as health packages! Remember that blighted doesn't do anything when not forced upon you.... The second trigger puts blighted on a single target within 3" of the damaged model. It allows you to put blighted on certain elusive models hiding away from your ranges. It has it's usages whithin certain combo's, such as setting up the 1 AP charges using Drawn to Contagation. The main selling point of Tools, however, is Face The Inevitable, a 6 that let's interact actions of enemies fail unless they discard a card. Suddely delivering messages, or distracting becomes a lot harder to do. Sewer King Last of the four Hamelin restricted upgrades, Sewer King grants Infiltration (Lost) allowing you to hire up to four out of faction Lost models. Currently they are Crooligans, Baby Kade, Iggy, and Candy. More on them later. It also grants Useless Toy, a (0) that let's you sacrifice any model of choice to draw two cards. If a stolen is sacrificed, enemy models within 3 of the stolen get blighted. Of course, you wouldn't want to kill stolen off all the time, as sometimes it's better to get rid of a near-dead model that has already activated. Or you could just kill rats. Infectious Melody A Nihilist option, infectious melody allows Peons and Minions to gain fast at the start of their activation. They die at the end of that activation, going out in a blaze of glory. Sometimes you just need that 1 additional AP. Survialist Not Hamelin exclusive, but deserved a special metion here. Most importantly, it grants him ridicilous levels of defense in the form of Hard to Kill. Hard to Kill works hand in hand with Lure of Emptiness, soaking attacks in tandem. First, hard to kill goes off, reducing you to 1 wound. Then, lure of emptiness goes off, healing you above Hard to Kill thresshold.. It's certainly worth the ss if you find that you die too often. Oh, it also grants on healing flips. Spreading & Utilizing Blighted Decided to make a list of sources & blighted utilities. Spreading Blighted For all intents and purposed, Rats & Rat Kings are immune to Blighted. Diseased gives blighted to enemies that activate within 3. Source: Obedient Wretch & The Stolen, ability. The Taint trigger gives Blighted +1 for each in the final duel total. Source: Hamelin, Black Staff. The Decaying trigger gives Blighted +1. Source: Hamelin, Pipes. Requires The Plague upgrade. The Contagious Touch trigger gives Blighted +1 to a model within 3" and LOS of the target when damaging. Source: Hamelin, Black Staff. Requires Tools of the Tyrant upgrade. Useless Toy, when you sacrifice a Stolen with this action, all enemy models within 3 of the sacrificed Stolen gain Blighted +1. Source: Hamelin. Requires Sewer King upgrade. Feed On Anima gives Blighted +1 on a hit. Source: Nix Rusty Trap gives Blighted +1 on a hit. Source: Rat Catcher Swarm of Yellow Teeth gives Blighted +1 on a hit. Source: Rat King. The Spray of Filth trigger gives Blighted +1 to all models 6 when the target is killed. Source: Rat King. Yellow Teeth gives Blighted +1/+2/+3 depending on the damage flip. Source: Malifaux Rat Drink Spirit gives blighted to all within 4 unless a Wp test is passed. Nihilist models are immune Source: Nix Using Blighted Bleeding Disease deals damage equal to the Blighted condition of the target. Source: Hamelin, Nix, Stolen & Obedient Wretch. The Black Death deals damage equal to the Blighted condition of the target, to a maxium of 3. This is a seperate damage source. Source: Hamelin. Voracious Rats summons a Malifaux Rat when a model with Blighted is killed within 6. Source: Hamelin & Rat Catcher Pipes moves the target equal to it's Cg when the target is blighted. Source: Hamelin The Sick In Bed trigger gives the target the Sick In Bed condition if it's blighted condition is 4 or greater. Source: Hamelin, Pipes. Requires The Plague upgrade. The Unhealthy Pallor trigger heals Hamelin for each model with Blighted within 3. Source: Hamelin, Black Staff. Requires Tools of the Tyrant upgrade. Models with Blighted +4 within 6 of an activated Plague Pit can't take interact actions. Source: Nix The Quarantine trigger increases the attack damage by 2 if the target has Blighted +3 before the action is declared. Source: Rat Catcher, Rusty Trap. Models with Drawn to Contagion can charge models with Blighted as a (1) action. Source: Rat King & Nix, Hollow
  3. Boomstick

    How many Rats/Cats?

    I'm in the process of putting together the Curiosity Killed the Cat box. Between that and the Cat Princess there are a LOT of cats in here. How many is reasonable to leave as singles vs pile together as another Rat King/Cat Princess or Cat Catcher conversions? I see you get a lot of cats/rats out with Hamelin, but there's also a good bit of cycling into other models. How many do you get on the table at the same time?
  4. Hey there! I just wanted to share my painting progression with you guys. I am happy for any critique you might have as I always try to improve as a painter - though I won't go back and work on old paintjobs again most likely as I am preparing for the UK Nationals and need to paint a lot of stuff till then. Here is what I did this year so far:
  5. Can Hamelin hire up to 4 Stolen with Sewer King ( Infiltration(Lost) )?
  6. Hi! I've been searching for Hamelin start-up threads, but none of them really answered my specific question. As my Outcast crew has grown over the past year I've considered picking up Hamelin, a Master I was never that keen on starting out. I currently own all of Leveticus' thematic crew, Von Schill's Freikorps (minus the excessively priced Hannah) as well as many non-thematic Outcasts (Sue, DMs, the Emissary etc.). However, as opposed to many other Outcast Masters, Hamelin seem to have a pretty steep cost-of-entry. I've got a pretty good deal lined up to buy the old Hamelin metal-box (Hamelin, Nix, the Stolen, 3*Rats) for roughly 20 £, which I would be very happy with (I love the old metal sculpts). However, paying in excess of 30 £ for the BotR-box as well as trying to get hold of Obedient Wretches on top of the Master box... the opportunity cost is simply too high, in my mind. I'm more of a hobbyist than a tournament-player, but it's always nice for one's crew to be halfway competetive. Would you say the old metal Hamelin-box a worthwhile purchase per se, or would my money be better spent on another Master? Cheers! /Werner
  7. Hey guys, after a long break (played a lot of 10T lately), I decided to give my Outcasts a try in GG18. Unfortunately, I don't own so much, so I haven't a real flexibility in builds. The rolled Strategy and Schemes are these: Ply For Information (we decided to play Extraction, just to change a bit) Surround Them Inescapable Trap Public Demonstration Hold Up Their Forces Vendetta Given I own Hamelin, Parker, Jack Daw and some random stuff, what are your advises about the game? Is Hamelin able to play into these Schemes? I know he's really powerful and can do almost everything, but don't know. By the way, I thought to go for Hold Up Their Forces and another one (Surround Them or Vendetta, probably), 'cause I think Montresor will shine into Hold Up. What can be an efficient runner? The Midnight Stalker? Thanks in advance.
  8. ElPuto


    What are your toughts on Benny? Do you see him used outside of Hamelin? Maybe with Parker, thanks to the Bandit Characteristic?
  9. ElPuto

    Hamelin in Ours

    I was reflecting on the GG18 for my Masters (Hamelin, Jack and Parker) and, all of a sudden, I came with this revelation: is Hamelin effectively weak in Ours? The whole game of Hamelin is about cycling, and with cycling you summon constantly new models. The things you play with him surely follow this road: Abominations, Desolation Engine, Ashes & Dust, Rat Kings, Rat Catchers, Stolen. How is my Tyrant supposed to play into this Strategy? Help me guys and you'll get a slice of cheese.
  10. Jesy Blue

    This List Is The Pits

    So, in an effort to not loose all my friends, I've been constructing a more rat free Hamelin crew; now that Broken Promises dropped, I have the focus. Pretty much it's Wp reduction and Bleeding Disease. 50 SS Outcasts Crew Hamelin + 2 Pool - Plague Pits (1) - The Piper (2) - Sewer King (1) Montresor (9) - Fearful Whispers (1) - Brick By Brick (0) Nix (8) - Oath Keeper (1) - Scramble (2) Benny Wolcomb (8) Obedient Wretch (4) Crooligan (4) Crooligan (4) Crooligan (4) (exported from CrewFaux) Next time Guard The Stash or Extraction comes up I'll use this list. You start by place the 3 pit markers around/amidst the strategy markers, then From the Shadows place Crooligans among the pit markers, using The Mist to make them in soft cover, walk Montresor to join the Crooligans, causing a collective area of negative 1 to 4 Wp by existing where the enemy needs to go to score. Then using Pipes, Obey and/or everything Montresor does to draw people into the affected/infected area, pulling the Nix Bomb (pop Oath Keeper, walk, walk, walk, Drink Spirit) on the Wp deficient, then you have 5 models (plus 1 for every The Stolen) with Bleeding Disease, which also targets Wp, casting into the poor unfortunate souls, as well as other non-center table schemes to run. And as long as there are people nearby, you can't do Interact Actions to remove the pit markers. I'm still wary about using Benny, as he's expensive for just another casting of Bleeding Disease; I was tempted to drop him for a 4th Crooligan and Hodgepodge Effigy (an additional -1 Wp, two more castings of The Mist and add Souls Stones on Hamelin kills), or maybe just Iggy for that extra -2 Wp aura or Mood Swings, both 0 actions, and a little Burning to finish off the hard to kill folks at the end of the turn. I can also add Candy; I only mention it because everyone tells me Candy synergies well with Hamelin... but I don't see it. Comments, criticism, condemnation, or other words that begin with C, feel free free to post below.
  11. So I was planning to do his Blightship, Hamelin, with wretch, benny, nix, the stolen and some rats... but I could cut back on some rats and instead squeeze in Hodgepodge Emissary and conflux of plague with that sweet positive flip to give more Blight, plus his other standard tricks. But, is that overkill on the Blight? Am I hamstringing myself in other categories even with the moving other models with markers ability of Hodgepodge? Will 4-5 more rats really swing things more in my favor? Answers on a postcard to....
  12. Nevercast

    Alternativ Rat Kings

    Hi, Does someone knows good alternative Rat Kings? Yesterday I noticed that two are not enough, but i don't want to buy the Brotherhood of the Rat Box again. I have enough Malifaux Rats and Rat Catcher.
  13. Thought experiment for you *good* Outcasts players: Under what circumstances would you play Hamelin against Reva? What models or tactics do you utilize to make up for the fact that, at my first blush, he seems to be about as poorly suited to face her as a Master can be? I ask because I was just talking it over with a friend and it seems like Reva's ability to drop corpses in the back field puts a lot of pressure on Hamelin to not do his normal rat shuffle if he had that in mind and he seems to be poised to give her a LOT of corpse markers with his normal crew/tactics.
  14. Located in Pennsylvania Dropped the price a bit! I have a Misaki Boxset and Metal Hamelin crew I want to sale/ trade. I'm looking for brewmaster in trade. You can have both crews for a brewmaster Boxset and anything Ten Thunders like the Lone Swordsman, Komainu, Femented River Monks, Kang, etc.... Sale prices will be below. Misaki assembled and primed - $20 plus $5 shipping. Metal Hamelin crew w/ 8 rats, Hamelin, Obedient Wretch, 2 Rat Catchers, 3 Stolen, 3 Crooligans, Candy, and Baby Kade. All metal models - $25 plus $8 shipping Buy Both crews for $50 with shipping
  15. Bakuriel

    [Lot Sold]

    Currently looking to trade out my Hamelin crew, looking to get the Malifaux Starter box or around $70-80 so I can buy it for myself. I have all the cards for the crew minus one rat card that got damaged. Hamelin is partially painted, the rest is either bare plastic or based Model count: 1x Hamelin 3x Stolen 1x Obedient Wretch 1x Nix 4x Rat Catcher 4x Rat King Approximately 20 Malifaux Rats Prefer to part with most or all of the models in a single lot.
  16. Jafar

    Outcasts vs Summoners

    From time to time I have real big issues with summoners. Especially in stats and schemes where number of models may play big role. Also I have problems with Kirai in ALL stats and schemes. So far I found two good solutions to them, one is Levi with summoning upgrade on shooting attack and Lazarus. Levi picks easy to kill enemy models (low wounds etc.) and creates abominations and Lazarus drop blasts Second is Jack Daw with A&D. I use 0 AP obey from Jack to cast that DF test on A&D, mostly all ressers have lower DF so it's effective. Nurse / Jack Daw focuses on enemy master to stop summoning (only take walk actions, only take MI action, drop curse etc.). In some cases Jakuma lures stuff important for summoner, examples: Nicodem itself so he needs to take walk action to be in range to corpse markers or lure Flesh Construct away from Kirai etc. So here goes my questions: - are there nice counters to summoners in Iron / Bone Levi? I think that some Belles / doxy combo can work in similar way to Jakuma lures and Mech Rider can help with out activation. - Is Hamelin good idea? Are his rats good counter to summoning masters? - Are there any other masters in Outcast good against summoners? How do you play against summoners as outcast?
  17. Hello everone, I'm new to the game and have played only a couple of games with my Hamelin crew, which were all nice and fun until I faced the Victorias. Having to play Reckoning against them was no fun whatsoever. In the end I lost 8:6, managing to score 5 points from my shemes, as did my opponent, but only once scoring from the strategy. The no fun part however was not due to losing, but rather due to the feeling of being massively outmatched. Facing a crew with such massive damage output and very powerful and obvious abilities, which also has access to hard to kill condition removall, card and soulstone manipulation etc was quite daunting, even frustrating. Thinking about the game afterwards I could not see alot thatt I could have done differentlxy to change the outcome. So far I only have the Hamelin starter and the brotherhood of the rat box - so Hamelins core crew, with the "The Lost" models awaiting painting. My list featured Hamelin (The Plague, Survivalist, The Piper) Nix (Hollow, Infectious melodies) 2x Ratcatcher Lost Obedient Wretch 5 rats (ended up summoning two ratkings on turn 1) versus Victoria 1 Victoria 2 Johan(na) Student of Conflict 2xRonin Vanessa Freikorps Librarian (don't know what upgrades my opponent used) Strategy: Reckoning Shemes I picked: Frame for Murder, Plant explosives (scored 2/3) My opponent picked the same and scored the same. I'd appreciate any constructive advice on how to play against teh Victorias, without feeling utterly out of control. (I have been plaqying miniature games for over 20 years, so I know that some factions are hard to beat and frustrating at first, but after thinking about it for a long while and looking over their cards, I reallydon't see how in this case...)
  18. Kr80gZ

    Hamelin Crew

    From the album: The Plague Cometh

    Hamelin Crew containing Killjoy, The Plague Cometh and The Brotherhood of the Rat box sets.

    © KugelfangStudios.com

  19. amazingdev

    Hamelin first list

    Hi all, New player to Malifaux here. I've decided on Outcasts as my first faction, and Hamelin as my first master. I've heard with his summoning he can be a bit hard as a first master, but I'm OK with that. His two box set models sold him and the game for me. I've read up a bit on how to play and what models work well with him. What do you think of my first list? Hamelin -Sewer King -Survivalist -The Piper -7SS The Stolen Crooligan x 3 Johan Nix Obedient Wretch Sue My plan was not to focus completely on summoning rats but using what I can get as the game goes on, building up to Rat Kings and then Rat Catchers to get more activations each turn. I've hired a Crooligans as my main scheme runners while the chaos goes on. Johan and Sue are my first couple turn hard hitters until the rat machine has started up. I wanted to switch out Sue and 2SS for Taelor but I can't find anyone selling her separately from the Viktoria's box set, and I don't want anything else from that set. Plus, I get to play Johnny Cash in the background each of Sue's activations. Do I stand a chance?
  20. Hello, I've fallen in love with the concept of Hamelin. Swarms of Rats, spawning, evolving, and recycling, combined with a lot of control over Schemes. I've already bought the Hamelin box, but I'm not really digging the rat on a rock due to it not really working with my basing (I'm going with clear bases to see the rats scurry over the terrain), so the box gave me 3 usable rats. I've got a Brotherhood of the Rat box on the way, so that will be another 6 usable rats and the two Rat Kings. My question is: Will 9 Rats and 2 Rat Kings be enough if I intend to play a lot with the rat machine? I'm ok with ordering a second Brotherhood box just for a couple models out of it if I need to, I just don't want to be caught lacking models in my first couple games. But if I don't need to, cool.
  21. Hello, I'm trying to decide what Master to get next after Hamelin. Preferably I'd like one that likes the schemes and strategies that Hamelin doesn't like. It would also be nice if I didn't need to buy much beyond their crew box. What I own so far for Outcasts is: The Hamelin Crew, 2x Brotherhood of the Rat, Killjoy, Convict Gunslingers, Johana. Your suggestions would be very appreciated.
  22. My usual Arcanist buddy and I got a game in last night. The strategy was Interference with a scheme pool of Murder Protege, Outflank, Breakthrough and Protect Territory, with standard deployment. Terrain was, there was a smattering of houses on the outer edges with not a lot in the center except for some corners of those houses and a wall. There was a house on the far left in the middle of the board that kind of mattered later. My list was: Hamelin with Piper and Survivalist, 1 Stolen, Librarian, Nix (with infectious melodies), Obedient Wretch, Sue, And Taelor with 7 stones. The thought process behind this list was that Ramos seemed to be an obvious pick for the scheme pool and with the abundance of constructs in Arcanists PLUS the Piper upgrade, Taelor would rock it out. Sue was there was there for utility and ranged support, of course. Nix, because Nix. I was debating doing Hallow instead, but it was a bit of a mistake to take Infectious Melodies without something to really take advantage of it. His list (which surprised me): Rapsy with Cold Nights, Arcane Reservoir, and Shattered Heart, Wendigo, Snow Storm with Sub Zero, Blessed of December with Imbued Energies, Silent One, December Acolyte, and an Ice Gamin. He had been on a Raspy kick as of lately, but I really did not expect him to go with her this list. He went Protect Territory revealed and Murder Protege, Taelor, unrevealed. I don't know what his thought process on this was, but it ended up working out well for him. I ended up going with Protect Territory Unrevealed, and Outflank revealed. My thought process behind this was that with the terrain being what it is and knowing I was facing Raspy, I didn't think I was going to be able to get in her face well enough to do breakthrough. I didn't think I had enough fire power to kill the Snowstorm, esp with the upgrade. That left Outflank, which I knew I could do easy enough with the activation control of Hamelin and Protect territory, which I knew I could do as well. We flip for deployment and I win. I have him go first so I can see where he puts his december acolotye. He places it in a height 4 building on my left in a building closer to his side. From left to right, he had the DA in that building, a Silent One, an Ice Gamin, Raspy with the Snow Storm, Blessed, and Wendigo all grouped up. He was ripe for moving up and parking Raspy behind some ruins that gave Hard Cover. Good play on his part. My set up had very little on my left except for Hamelin with 1 stolen, Nix in a building with the Obedient Wretch parked close by, Sue was behind some rocks as well as Taelor. The Librarian was centrally located. TURN 1: I draw a decent hand of crows and win initiative. I have him go first, starting the activation game. I can't remember the order of things, but at one point, I obey his December Acolyte off the building, dealing 4 damage to it and parking Hamelin behind a building. I also stone to get 2 stolen out. He ends up doing some tricks with the Snowstorm to get everything pushed up and arcing some spells through the snow storm to catch 2 of my stolen and a rat in a major blast. Dammit. I also forgot to put rats in play from the dead stolen. Dammit again. I move Nix over to the right and Sue closer to Hamelin. I remembered later that Sue is actually a good person to go with early because of his Neg flip to CA actions, but I am relatively new to Sue. Live and learn. I also plant a scheme marker with Taelor. TURN 2: I stone for cards and have a decent hand, which ends up being blown this turn. I have him go first. He manages to get some blasts off on Sue out in the open, but I manage to keep him a live to due some poor luck from him. He also takes a shot at Hamelin, hoping to evaporate the remaining stolen over there. I spend a stone to give myself defensive and neg flips to him. He manages to flip low damage. Whomp whomp. I am pretty sure he gets a blast off on the Librarian to hurt it, but I can't remember who did it. I think his last action, he places the ice pillars. I manage to obey his December Acolyte into hitting his silent one, doing a little damage on it and giving it slow. I move Hamelin to the other side of the building and Obey the snowstorm back. This happens pretty much for the rest of the game. It is him spending his 2 actions to move the snowstorm up to arc, and me spending 2 actions moving it back and 1 free action to do whatever. Again, I can't remember the order of things, but essentially, I am in the bottom right corner, just making more rats and doin' the rat king thing (not this turn, but the next turn I will summon it out). Its lots of jockeying for position. He finally commits and pops imbued energies with the blessed and charges Taelor. I blow through 3 stones and keep her relatively safe (3 wounds on her). Taelor swings back and unfortunately doesn't do a whole lot of damage. No biggy. I can just finish him off next turn. We both score on the strat. 1 - 1 TURN 3: I discard the rest of my cards and draw a fresh 6. My high card is a 9, with a few aces and 5s. Well, no bigs. We flip for initiative. I flip a 1 and he flips a 6. As I REALLY need to go first, I spend my last stone and re-flip to get a 3. I am starting to go on tilt a little but manage to keep it under wraps for now. He, of course goes with Blessed and proceeds to flip stupidly hot while I continue to flip low. After flipping 2 lower than 6 cards, he kills Taelor (and forgets his heal trigger that I didn't know he had) and getting 2 points for Murder Protege. Ok, cool. I can handle this. The december has 4 blight stacked up and 4 hp left. I should be able to kill it no problem. I go with my now summoned Rat King to try to kill him and manage to do min damage and black joker the other attack.............and I go on tilt for about 5 minutes. Not happy about it, but I am happy I got it under control. It was a series of stupidly bad flips all in a row, and that, in general irks me. I know it is part of the game, but dang, this bugged me. I manage to cool off and focus. He manages to paralyze my King. He also does some healing from the Silent One, I think and moves the Snowstorm up, again and I, again, obey it back as well as obeying the Rat King to split into a catcher and a rat. I also summon out a stolen. Nix, tries to kill the Blessed and fails as well. I think I finally kill it with the Obedient Wretch's Disease attack. Sheesh. That took forever. We both score the strat again, making the total 2 to 4, him. TURN 4: After last turns streak of bad luck, I know I have to do something. We do the snowstorm, Hamelin dance, as he won't move much up and is planting scheme markers and I am doing the same. He ice pillars down, tries to get some pot shots off and fails due to some cover. Not a lot happened, but the end of the turn is what mattered. I gave one of my newly made rats from the Wretch fast. I move my one rat into melee with his decemeber acolyte that made her way over to that side of the board and use the rat catcher to give one of the new rats reactivate. That rat activates and moves 5 and then reactivates and moves 10 into b2b with Raspy. This denies him the strat point, bringing the score to 3 to 4, him. My plan was to force him to deal with the rats and not deny me outflank. I also moved the librarian over into the house on the far left, making it impossible for him to stop outlflank on that end next turn. TURN 5: My hand was so so, but it didn't really matter. He ate one of the rats engaging raspy with his Wendigo, giving Rapsy fast. He did his best to blast things, but didn't have the firepower to really kill much, as my Rat catcher was in a good position on the right for Outflank as was my librarian on the left. He knew I was getting 3 from that. I had 2 scoring scheme markers down for Protect Territory and managed to plant a third along the way. At that point, he conceded with dignity. Final score was 10 to 8, me. I got 3 from outflank, and 3 from Protect Territory. I had a total of 3 scheme markers down. End game thoughts: I was sure he was bringing Ramos. It is a favorite of his. Again, I apologized profusely for my behavior (I had a terrible day at work and that just set it off), but luckily it wasn't a long and I got my head back in the game. My opponent really is getting the hang of Raspy and I am glad. Overall, there wasn't a TON of action in terms of killing. I lost a bunch of rats and was happy that he was spending AP to kill them. I screwed myself out of 3 rats throughout the game, forgetting about the Catcher and Hamelin's bubble. IF I had to do that match up again, I would have definitely not brought infectious melodies as it didn't do anything for me. I need to remember some of my defensive tricks a bit better as Hamelin could have been a bit more aggressive. My opponent's decision to go Murder Protege unrevealed was interesting as it was risking that he could stop my schemes and outflank. I personally think it was a bold move, but ultimately not the right move. The terrain was VERY open for arcing spells and I think he could have went revealed and just blasted Taelor apart.
  23. I am mostly a Resser player (Molly, McMourning) and I also love playing Zoraida for neverborn, but I play Leveticus as my Outcast master since i already had so many models that he can hire. I am keen to start another Outcast master so I am torn between Jack Daw and Hamelin. Which masters do you prefer and why? I tend to really enjoy support type masters myself so what are jack Daw and Hamelin's play styles ?
  24. My group recently ran a shifting loyalties campaign in which I enjoyed excellent success running a Rusty Alyce/Ronin/Johan crew that expanded to include many of the Freikorps and eventually Leveticus (yes I am aware this makes me a terrible person). I think another campaign is in the offing in the new year and I'm itching for a chance to test drive all these lovely new models I got in the Plague Cometh and Brotherhood of the Rat boxed sets. However, looking at Nix's card I get the impression that he's a lot less viable for leading a crew and may suffer when Hamelin isn't around with his ratty tricks. He seems a little squishy with his average defensive stats and 6 wounds - granted that incorporeal adds a reasonable amount of mitigation but it feels like he'd go down very quickly under concentrated fire, especially considering that he seems to be intended for use in the thick of melee combat. My other issue is building a crew. I'm debating just how viable the rats, catchers and rat kings are without Hamelin to lead them, or whether I'm just better shoring up a crew with monsters like Killjoy or similar to take the focus off Nix (I also really want to fit Sue in there too since his new model is just great) I'd love to hear any input you folks may have on the viability of a Nix-led crew in Shifting Loyalties. I could always just plump for Rusty Alyce until I can finish my bounty and bring Hamelin to the table but I just fancy a bit of Variety.
  25. paxmiles

    Leveticus and Hamelin Crew

    Before you ask, no, I'm not suggesting running two masters. Idea is a crew that alternates running Leveticus and Hamelin. Being able to alternate is mostly to keep my opponent's on their toes when I declare Outcasts as my faction. Anyway, I'm new to this game and am still learning the concepts, rules, and model interactions. At this time, I've only run Leveticus once, and Hamelin zero times, with only 5 total games played. Be gentle. Local crowd plays 50ss games almost exclusively. The Leveticus crew I ran last time was: Leveticus (Pariah of Iron+Desolate Soul) 2x Hollow Waif Joss (Oath keeper) Ice Golem 3x Steam Arachnid Metal Gamin Arcane Effigy Soulstone Miner Basic summary is that I had been running Arcanist's Ramos prior, and this is basically that list with Leveticus added. General idea is that almost all the models attack actions hit against Df, so Ice Golem chucks Steam Arachnids at enemies, which are knocked to -1 Df by being in base contact, which does damage with the "toss" via a Df test and also aids the rest of the crew in offensive capacity. At this time, I had switched from Ramos to Leveticus in the hope that Leveticus would be a "more durable" version of Ramos. This turns out to have been a mistake, as Leveticus might be more durable, but is actually ignored by the opponent, so being more durable is irrelvent. This requires a drastic change in tactics, as I had been thinking of Leveticus as a backfield Leader. The list I'm presently working on is more like this: Leveticus or Hamelin (The Piper, if Hamelin) Rusty Alice (Desolate Soul) Vanessa Lazarus Desolation Engine (Scramble) I've got 3ss left. Probably spent on Scout the Field (on Lazarus), and either Mark of Shez'uul or From the Aether (On Vanessa or Rusty Alice respectively). General idea is a Construct action manipulation list. The focus is that Scramble makes DE Wk6 and Cg 9 with unimpeded. With Hamelin, I should be able to use his Pipes to move him at least 12" on turn 1, with his own actions allowing another 12" easy, making him able to advance very quickly. I can use Obey or Vanessa to give DE more attacks, and I can even use Rusty Alice to give DE the reactivate Condition (granted at high cost). Lazarus is basically the same idea, but a focus on blast weapons, as I've been rather lacking on crowd control lately. Lazarus can also mimic DE's attack, which isn't amazing without triggers, but does have 1" more close quarter range and +1 damage over Lazarus' close quarter attack. Suggestions welcome. On a side note, somewhere on this forum, I found a person mentioning that you could take Desolate Soul on both Rusty Alice and Leveticus. Is this true? I've been thinking the "or" would prevent taking it twice, but if I'm mistaken, it would be a very good upgrade for both of them. EDIT: If Leveticus, rather than Hamelin, the list leans a bit slower, as I don't have the pipes or Obey, but Leveticus brings ranged attacks, some summoning, and some manipulation with sacrificing undead or constructs (which DE is both).