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Found 16 results

  1. Does a focus work on damage flip from a defence trigger? If it was used for defense ofc.
  2. This came up in a game last night at a friends table. The player was wondering if he could remove his models focus condition before he made a heal flip to give him a positive. The player argued he could, here's his argument: Focus appears to be a condition that can give ANY action's duel or damage flip a positive. a Heal flip is "identical" to a damage flip thus allowing the focus condition to effectively give a positive to the flip. So the question is whether or not the word, "identical" was intended as, 'mechanics work identically but is different in practice' or that "Identical" means identical in every way. I would love your thoughts
  3. Here's a few questions that I want to make sure I get it correctly, as it seems to come up more often lately. 1. If a trigger from attacker's action causes a model to perform another new action against the same target (such as in the case of Trigger Happy), do you need to randomize again if the target is engaged? For Trigger Happy, the text reads "After damaging, immediately perform a Modified Peacebringer Attack against the same target." I'm not sure if 'the same target' means you just cannot change the target, or does that also mean you do not have to randomize target once more? 2. If the model is removing the Focused condition before performing Attack and uses the Trigger which generates new Action (again, such as Trigger Happy), the effect of Focused condition would still apply to the second Action, correct? Because Focused says "...gain a number of to the Action's duel and damage flip equal to the value of the Focused Condition removed". And "...original Action is not considered resolved until the new Actions are resolved." (as per page 38 - Actions causing Actions) Thank you.
  4. So, been going back and forth with another person about how this may or may not be a legal combo and I just don't see it, so I need some outside help here, perhaps some official rulings would be nice. Here's the move: A Thunder Archer activates and, using focus he's obtained, declares Rapid Fire. Now from the way he's making it sound, the Archer removes the focus condition when declaring Rapid Fire and, as he is standing within the Aura of Sensei Yu, would then receive a +1 to his shooting stat, although no positive twists to hit or damage, for all three attacks. The way I'm understanding it, and there's even an FAQ question that kinda supports it although not directly, is that the Rapid Fire condition is no longer in play when the attack actions commence. As far as I understand it, you cant be under the effects of two actions at once. For his logic to be sound, the Thunder Archer, while taking the attack actions, would need to be still under the Rapid Fire Action to gain the +1, effectively making him SH 7 for all three shots. Just wanted to know which way it is, thanks in advance.
  5. If a model spends focus for an attack that generates another attack, does the trigger attack gain the benefits of focus? The actions causing actions call out box on page 38 of the big rule book states 'the original action is not considered resolved until the new actions are also resolved' Thank you for your time and consideration.
  6. From page 10 of the faq document: 20) Q: Does the damage flip from the Slug Trigger count as part of the original Action? Is it modified by things like the Accuracy Modifier and Focus? A: Yes, Triggers are a part of the Action which caused them and the damage flip from Slug would retain any modifiers to the original flip including Accuracy, Focus, cover, etc. Does it means that, if a model have a focus condition and declare a trigger that let it make the attack again, it benefits from focus also on the second attack?
  7. Focus under General Tactical Actions reads: (1) Focus: The model gains the following condition until the end of the turn: "Focused +1: This model may remove this Condition when declaring an Action to gain a number of [+] to the Action's duel and damage flip equal to the value of the Focused Condition removed." Under the section on conditions, focused is a condition that reads: Focused is a Condition that is gained by a model taking the Focus Action. It reads: Focused +1: This model may remove this Condition when declaring an Action to gain a number of [+] to the Action's duel and damage flip equal to the value of the Focused Condition removed." I've always played this as focused lasting until the end of the turn. I was recently playing against someone using Airburst on Sensei Yu which has a trigger that reads: Winded: After resolving, this model gains the Focused +1 condition. The question is, does the Focused +1 condition granted by the trigger end at the end of the turn? The (1) Focus tactical action says you gain the condition until the end of the turn. But, there isn't anything under the condition that says it only lasts until the end of the turn. If you gain the condition some way other than using the tactical action (lots of ways to do that in Ten Thunders) does it stick around until you use it?
  8. For Focus it says in the rule book: (1) Focus: The model gains the following Condition until the end of the Turn: "Focused +1: This model may remove this Condition when declaring an Action to gain a number of + to the Action's duel and damage flip equal to the value of the Focused Condition removed." How does this work? If you lets say used (2) or even (3) as a master; the focus would end at the turn... so how or when are you able to use it as an action in a duel... or am i reading it wrong (most probably lol) Also how long does the focus remain if you do not use it for a while... Like you do other actions aside from using the gained focus.. or must you use it..etc.. Better explanation of how it works Thanks!
  9. Hi all, I'd like to know whether actions that are gained from the trigger of an action (specifically in this case the Samurai's Shoulder Gatling attack trigger "Walking Fire") still benefit from any focus that the original action used. References: Walking Fire trigger: After damaging, immediately take this action against a different target. Current Malifaux FAQ doc: 19) Q: Does the damage flip from the Slug Trigger count as part of the original Action? Is it modified by things like the Accuracy Modifier and Focus? A: Yes, Triggers are a part of the Action which caused them and the damage flip from Slug would retain any modifiers to the original flip including Accuracy, Focus, cover, etc. Also from the FAQ: 1) Q: If a model has the Focus +1 Condition, can it remove the Condition at the start of a Charge Action in order to gain the bonus to all Attacks generated by the Charge Action? A: No. It would have to remove the Condition at the start of a single Attack which was generated by Charge and it would only gain the bonus for the duration of that Attack. Other Actions which generate Attack Actions (such as Flurry, Rapid Fire, etc) function in the same way in regards to Focus. So I know it's not okay to use Focus on a Charge action (or Flurry, etc.) to gain focus for each action it generates. Actions generated by actions in this way are clearly not intended to benefit from a single instance of the condition. On the other hand, these are not actions that are generated by triggers, and the wording on the Slug trigger FAQ entry leads me to believe that triggers are still part of the original action, and would still benefit from focus, except that in Slug's case it isn't specifically talking about actions. In short, I can't figure this one out myself; I'm leaning toward not granting the focus to the generated attack action (because triggers like Walking Fire exist, basically, and could cause a lot of trouble with abuse of such a thing), but I'd like to hear other thoughts on it (and be pointed in the direction of any relevant rules, etc. that I have missed). Ta.
  10. Some questions for all of you more experienced players. when do you use focus? why? do you usually aim for one good cheatable flip or multiple (-) flips. I am interested in the decision making process used to determine when you focus and when you don't. -Proxy
  11. Hi all. I had a quick question on the timing of the attack action that the "Blot the Sky" upgrade can grant to thunder archers. The ability lists the timing of this attack as "at the end of the turn". What I'm not sure about is whether this takes place before the thunder archer loses its Focus(x) condition or after. It seems like it would make sense to be before the condition expires, but this seems rather powerful as it allows several archers to walk once, focus to gain focus(+2), then take a (2) attack action using those focus points that ignores line of sight and has blasts attached. Possibly this was the intent of the upgrade, but I'd like to be sure I'm not exploiting anything with this. Thanks.
  12. I've alluded to this problem before, but when crafting a grimoire for your players (or for NPCs whom the players can kill or steal from) how do you force the use of the Focus immuto? Effectively, if you want spells from said grimoire to require a focus (especially a specific one) is there a technical way to prevent players from just not applying Focus immuto to a magia when they create a spell? Similarly, what is the use of chaining a Genus immuto? Well... I know one use is to chain it to only one target type so that AOE spells won't affect other targets (ie: chaining undead on an Elemental Projectile blast so that living targets in the area will be unaffected). But what if the point of the Genus being present is to specialize the grimoire, and thus the intent is for every spell to be chained? Now, the current solution I'm playing with is just house-ruling and letting players know that said grimoires come with particular limitations. But I'm curious if anyone has come up with other ideas. Or how many people go with the, "No need to mess with it." solution.
  13. I've been hosting a lot of game nights and I've noticed something coming up a lot: New Players don't (1)Focus. It's understandable, its not a specific action on your model's card, its not cool like slapping someone in a Pine Box, but it is what's going to start winning you more games. (1) Focus, as mentioned, is a general action so any model in the game can take it. Some are built around it, being able to gain the benefits for less AP or through other means, but it can be very worthwhile to spend your precious AP on using it for its regular cost. Focus is going to net you a on your attack flips and a on your damage flips. Most commonly people start venturing into Focused attacks when they have a shooting crew. The you suffer from shooting into cover gets canceled out by your to attack. Which is awesome, you're far more likely to hit someone when you can cheat your attack flip and arent taking the worst of two flips. Even when you aren't suffering a penalty, the highest of two cards flipped is pretty nice. But the real power of Focus is in that to damage. So we all know the table: Ties are :-fate, 1-5 is , 6-10 is neutral and if by some Black Jokered twist of fate you beat your opponent by 11+ you can have a . Now 6-10 points above your opponent is tricky. You can do it sure, but more likely with something whimpy. If you have Nekima or a Coryphee Duet on the table, your opponent is going to be saving some cards to try and keep those beater models from beating you by a wide margin. But if you focused, you're now going to be on a neutral flip AND be able to cheat against most models (reducing the bite of Hard to Wound on others) so long as you beat them by more than a tie. This in particular is great for models with higher than average moderate damage. Coryphee for example have a 2/4/5 damage range, so having them able to cheat damage means you can double your damage for a 6. Now you are giving up an AP to focus in most cases. I think a lot of players can fall into "well, I hit for 2/3/4 so if I hit them twice for min damage, thats 4, which is better than 3". Or simply just having more opportunities TO hit your opponent, which IS true. You shouldnt be focusing every model every activation. But you should be focusing models you want to hit for max damage. A 1/2/4 profile is not going to get that 4 very often without focus, but a lucky flip from Neutral is going to quadruple your damage. And dont think of it as a wasted high card on lowly minions, that high card was going to be a lot more wasted when it was discarded in favour of the Ace beneath it. Anyway, play around with Focus. Its a very powerful ability and you're really going to like cheating Red Jokers in for damage more often.
  14. Hey all, I am wondering how feasible McTavish is as a mercenary in Jack Daw's crew. I really want to try it but I want some second opinions before I begin to try it out. Here's my thoughts offhand: Dat Stench Tho: Penetrating Stench is really helpful in diverting opponents' attacks against Jack if McT is close by. Plus it keeps foes from getting too much more defensive than they already are, but that's not the primary thing I want McT for anyway. In a crew where Focus could bring down the Big Man with ease, I want Focus to not happen. Tormenting McT: Letting The Guilty or even Jack Daw make McT Tormented allows for added synergies like Writhing Torment to become a factor. Even if Jack himself has to damage McT (hopefully putting on Guillotine Injustice), the Gator Man has some healing to work with in the form of Gator Snacks and a wayward crow card. Using the likes of Twist and Turn on McT, though, might make for some fun times with Jack sicking a hypothetical Gator at opponents. The issue here though might be that McT is 11 stones in an Outcast crew, which is pretty hefty for simple durability and some more tricks. What do all of you think? (Rgarbonzo, I already have your opinion of the "new Von Schill" XD) ~Lil Kalki
  15. Censure prevents its targer from taking Walk, Charge, Strike or Cast actions. Would this also prevent the target from taking a Focus or Channel action? Would the -Twist from RedTape apply to a strikes/casts generated by a Focus or Channel action?
  16. 1) Is it possible to focus (1) Harpoon Expert strike? Resulting in a 8" shot with -2 cb but + on attack and damage. 2) Will a target recieves Slow, when hit by (1) Harpoon Expert strike? Thanks.
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