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Found 4 results

  1. I'm trying to figure out how unbalanced this model is. I believe is underpowered in every possible way: Definitively easy to kill: only 8 wounds, almost no WP and none defensive ability at all. Terrifying is not even all...just living. Definitively no dmg output: with MI / SH 6 is extremely hard to trigger moderate / severe. Paradoxical mechanics: it works pulling everyone to himself to throw AOE damage and stuffs like that...but it's incredibly fragile so it's basically suiciding itself doing that The only very good part is the extreme mobility...but what is the purpose considering it has no DMG and survivability? Was it designed to run away from everything? :-) I'm just wondering why shall I include in my crew....rather having a cool Frankestein in my crew !
  2. Hey all Had a game with Jack daw against Mccabe last night, and I felt fairly sure how their unique abilities would interact, but I was nonetheless posed the question by my opponent, which then made me doubt my own judgement: Are Jack daw's cursed upgrades removed from Mccabe when he dismounts? The curses stipulate that if the affected model leaves play, and did not start the game with the upgrade attached, they are reattached face-down on the original owner (Jack). When mounted Mccabe would normally be killed, he is instead removed from the game, and dismounted Mccabe is summoned into play, and all upgrades attached to mounted Mccabe are passed onto dismounted Mccabe. We couldn't figure out which of the two was a more specific ruling, so we ended up flipping for it in the end to keep the game going...
  3. Killswitch and Decoy are obviously supposed to be secret from the opponent, but can the controller look at them? If several models have been given Cursed upgrades and used the action to flip them face down, can their controller or the JD player check which are where? If Jack Daw took 2 Cursed and 3 normal upgrades will the opponent know which two they are before he uses them? The status of face down upgrades is not explicitly stated anywhere that I have found, but the Final Fate trigger that hands out Cursed upgrades says "...look at and choose one of this model's Cursed Upgrades..." this implies that not even the controller can look at them normally. Thoughts?
  4. Hi all, Had a game over the weekend with Jack Daw vs the Schill where this came up. Jack gave Von Schill the Firing squad cursed upgrade (which causes two dmg for every attack action declared), and then Von Schill decided to charge him. Charging is a tactical action under the rules, but allows the charger to take two attack actions as a consequence. Since we were playing with a tournament time limit and didn't want to mess about with the distinctions between taking and declaring attack actions, we played that the two attacks could go through without the penalty. Was this the correct way?
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