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Found 6 results

  1. With the new box release I've been thinking a bit about our own version of the crossroads crew, a pocket strategy is always handy. I don't think it's the most powerful one out of the 7 factions (I'm not sure yet, but my money would be in Arcanist version of it), but it's not bad either. This is mostly theoryfaux but I hope you find it useful, feel free to add more crew ideas and share your experience with the crew! In a nutshell: This crew would be simmilar to Pandora in their own way, less condition focused, but with a lot of disruption, reposition and a dangerous bubble. The crossroads are a full henchman bubble crew or at least a crew that needs to work in small groups of 2 or 3 models (resonance). Playing them like this, it will give Focused+1 to each crew member at the start of its activation. The scheming potential and speed is bellow average; but they can punish hard models with sin tokens; so stacking these tokens is the name of the game for them. Each member disrupt and handle sin tokens when the enemy do something in an area around them (and also with some abilities and triggers): Wrath (Friendly model damaged by enemy attack), Envy (Positive condition gained), Sloth (Enemy being healed), Gluttony (Scheme marker dropped), Pride (Cheat fate), Greed (Use SS), Lust (Draw Card). A model doing one of these things while in range of the member of the crew will get a sin token; each member can discard 1 sin token when a model perform that action to disrupt it (You choose the target in Wrath case, you get the condition/heal/cards/SS, the SS/Cheated card have no effect, enemy drop a friendly scheme marker...). These tokens can also be used with the "Destructive Performance" that all crewmember share that discard one token from all enemies within 3'' and deals 3 damage (Tactical action, no-flip-broken-NPE-uninteractive-shit, you know). Other way to play them is using some versatiles and OOK models to take advantage of what other crew member offers. The crew: The beaters are Wrath (the leader) and Envy; in these models what stand out is their ofensive potential, they have some other good utility abilities. Wrath: This one is a glass cannon mele focused beater (2/4/5) with a action that is short range damage pulse (Wp13 to deal 2/3/4 in 3''), his only defensive tech are terrifying and SS (so VERY squishy), but he heals while attacking and have a very useful lure to bring models into the bubble. Envy: A decent ranged piece with a gatling (12'' 5 2/4/6) and armor 2; being able also to give Focused to a model as a action (thanks to resonance, one model could have 2 Focused each turn) There are 2 balanced band members with worse attacks than the above, but still useful in the frontline beating or tanking things and with some good supportish abilities Sloth: Tied with Envy for the most tankiest band member (8 Wds, H2W, Manipulative), but he is the slowest (Mv4). His damage track is average 2/3/4, but it deals slow! and have some useful triggers. His spell can make something slow (or undead ally fast) and as have a 3 heal that gives slow to an ally. Gluttony: Above average endurance with (8 Wds) and grim feast as . His damage track is average (2/3/4) and handle Injured, but it has 0'' range. He has a spell that make other models move and eat markers for damage. The remaining 3 band members are more supportish/control focused ones; some of them have damage potential but they are more useful for their other abilities. Pride: The only Df6 stat and a resist trigger. His damage track is bellow average (2/3/3) and 0 range but it's not totally useless because it has some nice triggers (critical, distracted), his spell is quite good, forcing the other player to discard 2 cards or get 2 damage and Distracted+1 per card not discarded; his is a very useful aura with a good range (6) and a powerful effect; the allies in that range always cheat after the other dudes. Greed: The other crew member with a resist trigger. No mele attack. Her spell deals 1 damage per enemy in 3'' around the target and may force the target to discard SS or gain sin tokens. Her tactical action is a short range pulse (3'') that force models that may use SS to pass a Wp14 or discard a SS and gain Sin tokens. Her let her remove a corpse for a 50% chance of getting a SS. Lust: Df4 model. No mele attack. Very utility focused with Seduction to give Distracted and end Focused, Now Kiss to reposition enemies and give Distracted and an ability that... let the other player draw cards (it'd give that model a sin token and can be used to put a bad card on top of his deck). She is the only one without a . In NVB i'd say the weakest ones are Greed and maybe Gluttony (no easy corpse generation). Inside Keyword synergies and anti-synergies: Obviously sin tokens; each band member may use them regardless of how the other models got it and the resonance (Focused+1). Lust, Glutonny and Wrath have some abilities able to displace or stack enemy models; this is great to hit a few of them with Disruptive performance, wrath pulse or Greed abilities. This crew will be rarely used, other players won't have that much experience versus it, specially if you use a variation of the list (as described bellow) Too many Manipulative (5 out of the 7), most of them are kind of squishy outside of being able to use SS, so some finesse is needed to perform well; no minions for pact/eldritch. Their healing also put slow in the healed model. Emissary (as it could be avaliable in turn 3+ for only 2 SS, let's check what he brings to this crew): Create markers that may be used by gluttony to displace and damage models. Wrath "Bring it" that trigger an attack over a marker will trigger the terrain twice, for 2 damage. Lust may set up some nice enemy stacks for the emissary to blast The -2 movement aura is useful to keep enemies (specially clumpered ones that have been hit by a staggering blast attack) in place. Crossroad in NVB: Aside for a crew with the full 7 (where is nice that the model with a good damage potential in mele and with an useful lure is the one with 3 AP), you can drop a few of them to enable some different flavours. I'm sure there are more, but these are some nice combination I came up with: Envy "mimic the gun": Envy has his 12'', 5, 2/4/6 Gatling. Doppleganger may copy it (7). Add 1 BBS pulsing focused and you got 2 Focused attacks with 5 and 2 Focused attacks with 7 per turn. That ammount of firepower isn't expected in NVB. For going all in add Angel Eyes and/or Candy. Sloth "faest": Sloth can give Fast to ludicrous beaters like Rougarous or Killjoy; so these can be great adds to the crew. His heal is very good, but it also handle slow; a cheap minion with a eldritch upgrade may be worth it or Kade to reposition the Slowed model with his Lure while also removing it. An Autum Knight when engaged with more than 1 model will cause more than enough disruption with 1 AP per turn if being healed by Sloth. Wrath can Lure models into Carnage range. Lust "all you need is blast": Lust "Now Kiss" (even copied by Doppleganger) and other displacement abilities may clump enemy models These clustered enemies are more vulnerable to Disruptive Performance and to have their attack redirected to other allied models. Enemy model clumped can be hit by: Emissary Blasts, Rider swings, Serena, Gigants Boulders or Aestlin Decay among others. Pride "handy execution": Pride + Doppleganger using 4 times "this song is all about you" Vasilissa and dolls forcing enemies to discard cards. Carver/Mature Neph/Kade Execute (the cheat last aura could be terrific to cheat the trigger when you know you can win the duel) Wrath "revenge served cold": Cyclops + 2 Lysa for a lot of sin stacking around Ice Pilars. Ice Pilars also useful to lure people in a pinch with Glutonny. Pilar pulse staggered (from Cyclops) will set up a nice blast from the emissary So...
  2. Currently looking for three of the crossroads seven, and a few other models here and there. What I'm after: Lust Gluttony Wrath Lady Justice + Scales The Judge What I have: Within reason I'm willing to pay for individual models, but trades are easier for me in general. I have an entire Hoffman crew that I'm willing to trade out as I no longer use him. I also have dayglow green pandora and a dreamer crew I may or may not be using in the future. Beyond that I have lots of guild, with some ressur and neverborn that could potentially be up for trade but only on request, as I'm not specifically looking to offload most of my models without good reason to do so.
  3. Hi, I want to make sure i aint spending needlessly. I have all of the current neverbornes, Guild + preorders... Do i require this UPGRADE DECK and if so; what does it provide aside from what it mentions already. Also would it benefit to have two copies of it or totally pointless. Thank you ahead!
  4. Once again, join us on at Crossroad Games in Standish Maine as we play Malifaux in an ongoing freeplay campaign. Can you scheme, murder, and steal your way to the top. Will your crew make it to the top in the "land of opportunity" or will they fall to the wayside of progress. Don't have minis? We got plenty. We play from 6 to 9 pm on Wednesdays. Crossroad Games, 15 Fort Hill Rd. Standish, Maine, 04084, #207 642 2612
  5. Not playing in the Team Tournament at AdeptiCon on Friday, and don't have anything else to do? Sign up for BRAGFAUX, a tournament that is all about bragging rights. Bragfaux is a 50ss, 3 round Tournament at AdeptiCon. Players will compete in 3 scenarios from the Crossroad rule book. Only the winner will be able to claim that they were smarter, faster and stronger than their opponents. You can find more details at http://www.adepticon.org/
  6. Hey all, I just played my first game with the Dreamer in M2E since beta ended, my first story encounter, my first game against Wong, and my first Turn 1 scoop-by-NPE. So, the story is this: My buddy and I were facing off with Fight Night as the scenario. He chose Gremlins as his 50ss faction while I chose Neverborn. He picked Wong, and I picked the Dreamer (summon style, but that's irrelevant here for reasons understood soon). His wrestler was Mancha Roja (keeping true to the likes of fluff) while my own was Teddy (also hoping to stay true to fluff while making sure I could possibly be bulky and win). Mancha Roja was also the target of Wong's "Glowy," which made him Magical (as irrelevant as Dreams of Pain, mentioned above, for the same reasons). Schemes were also entirely a non-issue. Standard Deployment, and he deployed first, both with Mancha Roja and his team. I deployed Teddy a bit closer to my deployment but still in base contact with the luchador. The Dreamer and co. were deployed and the game began. I won initiative. All chaos broke loose from there. I activated first with the Dreamer, who was roughly vertically alligned with Teddy. I walked up, and walked a little more (a misplay, I noted after the game ended, as I was then within 6" of Teddy) and used Empty Night. Flipped a mask, which meant nothing due to a built-in mask, but a value that I required. No need to cheat from there. Teddy swung at Mancha Roja and dealt him a (negatively-twisted) moderate of 4, which was not given any stone-based prevention (that was one of his misplays, as he soon realized). Because of a double walk and Empty Night (as well as no need for a (0) action), I ended with Dreamer. However, the relevant upgrade which the Dreamer had (as opposed to Dreams of Pain) was Otherworldly. This allowed Teddy to Accomplice the Dreamer directly after. Teddy used Gobble You Up, which worked. Smell Fear went off. This missed. I discarded a measly 5T for Flurry. The first attack worked, dealing 6 damage from a Red-Joker-formed straight flip into a cheated severe (my foe burned a soulstone, finally realizing Roja's Henchman characteristic, and prevented 1 of the 6). Roja was down to a single wound. I attacked again. Not wishing to lose Rojaor the wrestling match, he cheated high enough for me to whiffe attack 2. Attack 3 dealt Weak of 3, and my foe prevented 2 of it, which meant that Roja was downed. My bet and his bet were both revealed. I put all of my eggs in this basket (despite my first ever use of Teddy) and bet 4VP. My foe bet 3. This was the first thing done in this game. My foe called it there. He hadn't gone with a single model, or did anything but defend in vain. There is something wrong here. The first issue we could find was that Tactical Actions can still target the wrestlers, both friendly and enemy. Empty Night is a Tactical Action and did wonders for Teddy. There's more to it, too, though. No models may target wrestler models with Attack Actions, nor can the wreslters attack non-wrestlers. There is a) nothing to be said about the duration that this applies (thus an indestructible Teddy except by way of Tactical Actions, Abilities, Pulses, Auras, Blasts, and Conditions - some of which were prevalent in my foe's crew but not nearly enough to keep my foe from being heavily discouraged, especially because I wasn't going to summon with my master, and I would keep close to Teddy with him, effectively giving Teddy Regeneration +5) and there is nothing that says the wrestlers cannot take Interacts or other Tactical Actions, with Interacts being the key here. I assume that the game intends for a prolonged duration of engagement, but I had ALitS revealed and because Teddy was roughly on the center line I knew that if I killed Mancha Roja I could get a few markers down for it. This plus nigh-indestructibility is obviously a problem. Now, another friend who bore full witness to this claims that this one game could be a complete outlier to the main gist of the Fight Night games that are happening right now. I politely disagree. I think that if I can make an opponent (a seasoned player, both of this edition, of the last edition, and of Gremlins in general) scoop T1 before he has done anything but flip initiative and watch me get 4VP in 2 simple activations, there is a huge problem. My question is simple: is there any way that this scenario can recieve the following erratas (one I can word, the other I cannot): 1) remove "Attack Action" from the clause where models can't target the Wrestlers, and replace it with "Actions". This prohibits most (but sadly not all) suppot shenanigans from nearby models. I think that is fair. 2) Once the players' bets are revealed, thus ending the "wrestling match," have the Wrestlers be able to be targetted as normal and be able to attack as normal, as now they are part of the bigger skirmish. This prevents the "indestructible Teddy" scenario which has happened, and will most likely happen again, from happening anymore. I mean really, who wants an unkillable Teddy mucking about, even if it can't attack? Are these even possible to retroactively implement? I have no idea. If not, I will simply institute them as house rules for my LGS, and my home. But I strongly suggest that this scenario be re-examined because NPEs are horrible, even when you are winning. ~Lil Kalki
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