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Found 15 results

  1. I'm fairly new to Malifaux - I played a demo game at GenCon 2013 and picked up the rules and the new Children of December, but it's not been until recently that I got back into painting after a downturn. I managed to finish up an Ice Golem for GenCon 2014 and was able to get him into the painting competition, but this was without a base (he's also not been sealed or anything) - since then I've been in the process of moving and haven't had a hobby area or had a photo booth set up to take halfway decent pictures of him until just this past week or so. I've won awards for painting figures before, but my goal with Rasputina and crew ideally would be to just paint them up to a standard I'm happy with - I'm not sinking in 30+ hours like I would for a competition figure, but I don't want to just slap on paint and not like the finished piece either. This Ice Golem is the first Malifaux figure I've done and I'm trying to acclimate myself to the different scale (I'm used to painting heroic scale figures, mostly), and my first attempt at painting "ice" and I'm using the Golem as the color test for the rest of the crew. I really like the scheme of the box art, so I'm trying to duplicate it with a minimum of effort. I'm basing Rasputina's crew on Secret Weapon bases and have a SW Snow Effects set I'm going to try out as well, so for all intents and purposes these are both work-in-progress pics although I've probably put in as much work into the Golem as I'm going to do. I picked up some other boxed sets at the last GenCon and I plan on spending more time on those - ideally I'd like to finish Rasputina and company soon so I'll actually be able to play with painted figures. Feedback, suggestions, and comments appreciated - don't really know a lot about the game world so I hope I'm on the right track...
  2. I'm a bit lost with our mini-cthulhu, which role do you assign him in your lists? Combat: His damage and accuracy (stat of 7) are pretty good, as long as he is not fighting into a lot of stuns or trigger denying, his damage track is 3/5/6 better than the other 2 premium beaters (Teddy with 3/4/6 and Carver with 3/3/5; but this last one could be 4/4/6 with a ram). However for head to head combat both Teddy and Carver seem better. Teddy can Flurry, has 1 armor, 1 extra Wd and more ways to recover Wds (but 1 less df tho); Carver is a Henchman with 1 more Wd, so he can use SS to stay alive, can get rid of the enemy focused condition and has a ranged damage spell and a bonus action that stun (and that could heal him if used in range). Coppelius is the squisiest of the 3, but the nimblest, with 7 movement and agile he has the longest threat range (8 versus 7 of Teddy and 6 from Carver). So, he is a good beater, but the squisiest by far of the 3 (even with terrifying and 9 Wds, he can be killed much more easily than any of the other 2). Utility: He has some useful abilities, unhinge is like a heal for Nightmare; each Nightmare engaged with the target will get 2 Wds healed (1 from feed of fear and 1 from the pulse), but it's hard to get high damage out of it. Whispered truths isn't bad per se, but I can hire a Changeling to do that; the trigger however it's pretty good as an scheme denial tool. Frightening Reminder (bonus) is good to push nightmares into position both offensively and defensively Scheming: With movement 7 he can double walk 14'' per turn, but there is no way he can drop double schemes or get free interacts, agile is the only saving grace here; so it's not good as an schemer. But he can do good denial with Whispered truths. I can see several uses for him: Scheme denial: Use Whispered truths to slow the enemy runner and remove the enemy markers. Then gut him with his higher combat stat. Mele beater: Focus in his mele attacks, for this role he would need Focused to get easily at least moderate damage, this needs the player to be very careful with him Scalpel: Give him fast and focused, walk him into position (easy with agile and movement 7) and charge that model you need out of the game. Support/antidive: Push other nightmares forward and heal with Unhinge until the oportunity to charge is there or a model try to bypass the centerline and go for the support models. This would work better with models that may get enemy models out of position with lures or placements (like WW or Hinamatsu) But i'm not sure which is the best way to use him... So... how do you use him? with which other moels/strategies/schemes do you usually pick him? Ty in advance!
  3. From the album: Skull Studio showcase

    http://paintingskullstudio.blogspot.ru Skull Studio https://www.facebook.com/SkullArtStudio/

    © Skull Studio

  4. Hi, Would the Gremlins Slophauler ability; Slop Bucket, circumvent Coppelius's eyeball + Def? Soz if it is straight forward. Just reading pullmyfinger I am not sure how it works exactly. Doc
  5. Just a quickie, plucked eyeballs is a 'condition' that can be removed? As in Df+**. And if so does the condition removal effect all eyeballs/stacks at the same time, can 1 condition removal take more than 1 + eyeball per cast? Sorry if this is a simple RAW. Ta Doc
  6. Hey all! So I'm curious enough to start a poll about this because of another topic about Coppelius. IDK about yall but in 1st Edition Malf I purposefully bought the Hoffman crew because I could run Coppy with him. Coppy was one of my favorite models then (and still is). So I started this here poll to see how you guys felt. I tried to add some reasons too and keep em generic enough. Feel free to discuss why you think what you do. I'm really only curious. This is not a let's get Wyrd to bring back the Unexplained Connection as much as I might enjoy that. That is not the purpose here. T's for fun. Unless Wyrd is moved by our fanatical passions. lol
  7. From the album: The Dreamer

    I saw him and thought to myself... his head needs a hat... so a top hat was crafted for him... and I dubbed him pimp coppelius.
  8. When Coppelius uses his build-in trigger 'Slumber' does the model recieving paralyzed still get the poison? Or more to the point, is giving poison considered damage?
  9. If Coppelius dies from activating on Avatar Sonnia's Pyre would Dying Dream target Sonnia? The ability reads "This model inflicts 4 Wd on the model that killed or sacrificed it before it leaves play." Thanks
  10. As Ryle is both living and a construct, is he subject to the 'fall back' effect from Coppelius's spell? (or is his 'living' status only considered for his 'Mechanized' talent?)
  11. As far as the rules go you can hire Masters across Factions according to Sketch. These lists may not be something you would take to a tournament, but are all legal lists that use specific model's abilities to hire across factions. These are all bare bones lists and may benefit from adding constructs. [Guild 32ss Scrap List] ** C. Hoffman (Guild) 04 Mobile Toolkit (Arcanist) 09 Coppelius (Neverborn) 10 Jack Daw (Outcast) 09 The Hanged (Resurrectionist) Choose the Guild as your Faction and hire C. Hoffman. C. Hoffman can hire Mobile Toolkit via Arcanist Ties. C. Hoffman can then hire Coppelius via Unexplained Connection. Jack Daw is hired as a Mercenary and The Hanged are hired via Jack Daw's "The Apple Never Falls..." This list is interesting because The Hanged, Jack Daw, and Coppelius are all Terrifying and C. Hoffman and Mobile Toolkit are Constructs which count as non-living models and are immune to Morale Duels. Remember, Coppelius loves it when you inflict Morale Duels. [Arcanist 28ss Brawl List] ** Colette (Arcanist) ** C. Hoffman (Guild) 09 Coppelius (Neverborn) 10 Jack Daw (Outcast) 09 The Hanged (Resurrectionist) Choose Arcanists as your faction and hire Colette as your first master. Colette can hire C. Hoffman via her Union Labor ability. The rest of the crew is hired just like the list above. This next list only uses 3 Factions, but follows the theme of Tales of Hoffmann. You can add Hamlin and have him recruit Canine Remains or go for Jack Daw and The Hanged again if you really want all 5 factions. [Tales of Hoffmann List] ** Colette ** C. Hoffman 09 Coppelius 07 Coryphee A Tales of Hoffmann List is any list containing C. Hoffman, Copelius, and a dancing Mechanical Doll (Coryphee) which are characters in the Opera and models in Malifaux. I'd recommend adding a Mobile Toolkit, another Coryphee, and other constructs to this list and keep Colette away from Coppelius.
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