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Found 4 results

  1. I'm working on my second adventure for my TTB campaign. My first one went pretty well, but I had decided to build an adventure around a particular FC and as I started working on the adventure, I am really struggling with how to build a proper FC. There's really not a ton of info that I have found in the books. One of the things I love about TTB is how open ended it is but in this instance just a LITTLE more focus would be greatly helpful. Specifically, what is the best way to build an FC that is comparable to a Fated? Should I build them like I would build a Fated? What about special abilities? (defensive/offensive triggers, special abilities/attacks, etc.) Or should I just completely make everything up and keep in mind what I am looking for in the context of the adventure? I am looking for a FC that will be engaged in at least some combat and I just find myself struggling a bit in how to tackle this. I really would hate to have to have this struggle EVERY TIME I want to put together an FC. And this isn't even a MASTER This is just an Enforcer. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. As I am sure we all know, Malifaux has a ridiculously large assortment of crew options to choose from. Honestly, when I think about it sometimes I say to myself "what else could they possibly add to this game without it being simply more of the same" in terms of new models. As such, I kind of decided to propose a community brainstorming exercise in order to showcase what some of the (more vocal) members of the online community desire. This could just be purely stylistic (I want an arcanist master that isn't boring to look at ) or a "general idea" or set of characteristics that define a character that currently is not represented in Malifaux. What this thread IS NOT: This is not a "create your own master/henchman/enforcer/etc." thread. Things like SS cost, triggers or TN are game mechanics that will be designed and fine tuned then redesigned then playtested and beta tested, etc. far into the distant future. Also, complete characters is not required. Even just a "something like that would be kind of cool" idea or two in point form would be perfect. Ideally, someone else would be inspired and add on to the idea, or perhaps make it better! What the thread IS: This thread should be an easy to read and user friendly reservoir of creativity. Hopefully we can get a consensus on and showcase what is either missing from Malifaux or just more of what we want to see! You should be able to just skim through the ideas easily and pick out what you like. The Goal: If Justin Gibbs visits this thread and says to himself just once "hey, that's a cool idea" I consider that a win. Who knows maybe one day something you propose might actually make it into the game and you can say "that's what I was thinking!" (even if your idea didn't impact the decision at all, you won't know that and you will still feel good about yourself ). I'll go first for an example! ----- - My favorite card ever printed in MtG is the badass as hell Siege-gang Commander! To this day I've never lost a game if I can get him on the table. A model (henchman? probably gremlin though that might be typecasting?) that comes into play with 2 peons that he can suicide for guaranteed damage or AP with a bonus in activation advantage would be sweeeeeet. - Many people have heard about the "Asylum crew" that will be part of the upcoming starter set - how about some crazy berserker patients to go along with the orderlies? Make them tormented for good measure - A control type 2for1 peon model that latches onto an enemy and parasitically drains AP (to make them slow) for its own use (to make it fast - utilizing AP for aura buff/debuff triggers/activations on Tactical Actions). Condition removal detaches the parasite but it can reattach. Kill it with fire! Perhaps a behemoth Siege-gang patient who rips the heads off his buddies and throws them at the enemy? Like a Badass Mutant Psycho wih 2 Midget Psycho buddies + a Malifaux twist! Food for thought. Begin!
  3. So I'm a new fatemaster walking a friend through char gen and we get to the point where he has to calculate in hit points. He didn't take the toughness skill and he has a rresilience of 0, the rule book says to level toughness to 4 and add these two things together and thats his hit points but what if he has neither the skill nor points in resilience? Is his hp just 1
  4. A few weeks back my good friend bowchickawowers introduced me to Through the Breach, and I was instantly hooked. She is Fatemastering for the very first time, and I am playing my very first Fated: Miss Charlotte Mae Hawthrone. This thread will chronicle Charlotte's experience, primarily in the form of select correspondence sent back and forth through the breach. Since such things can easily be intercepted by Guild officials and others with prying eyes, many of the letters include secret messages written in arcane script which I will transcribe (in italics) at the end of each letter. Still, many details from our sessions will be left out--some events may simply unimportant to Charlotte, and some activities would be unwise to commit to paper! Thus, I encourage you to read the campaign notes we're keeping as well. And now, a proper introduction: Miss Charlotte Mae Hawthorne was born March 6, 1878, in Belfolk, North Carolina, to the respected Mister Elliot James Hawthorne and his wife Catherine Edith Hawthorn (formerly Trimble). She was instructed from an early age by her aunt and governess, Lady Margaret Alene [bowden] Trimble. Her uncle, Doctor Samuel Rudolph Trimble, arranged for a proper education in literature (and Necromancy) under the esteemed Professor Percival Bernhard Grant. When she came of age Doctor Trimble tutored her in the artful science of medicine to provide a legitimate cover for her inevitable pursuit of Necromancy. Charlotte descends from the Eustolia Dynasty, a Resurrectionist lineage which came into being as an effort to distill necromantic potential within a pure bloodline, and which claims relation to one of the few magicians to survive the original rending of the Breach. This magician was not the only prodigy of the dynasty’s effort, but is, to date, the only Eustolian to have mastered all eight necromantic magias. The dynasty actually takes its name from the ancient Eustolia Tradition of Magia, which is passed down in the form of an epic poem each member learns by rote from an early age. In this Tradition, one may only learn a new magia by developing a masterful understanding of the verse. The lesser magias typically spans dozens of stanzas each, and it can take a lifetime of diligent pursuit to learn three or four of the eight necromantic magias contained in the Tradition. There is a ninth magia rumored to be hidden among the others, spanning the entirety of the poem. Those who whisper of this ninth magia believe that it contains the key to unlife. Charlotte is the product of generations of arranged marriages and careful genealogy, and her mother and uncle have conspired from the start to put Charlotte on the path to the ninth magia. Under the Trimbles’ tutelage, she mastered two magias as a young woman—years in advance of any recent Eustolian. With guidance, she has developed a theory of ambimortality, with which she believes it possible to achieve a lasting paradoxical state of unlife and undeath for oneself by securing the soul apart from the body. The Trimbles gifted a Eustolian heirloom to Charlotte to mark her coming of age. The simple necklace contains a sliver of inert soulstone encased in a drop of silver, which forms a single bead on a thin silver chain. Lady Margaret also taught Charlotte how to harness soulstones, should she ever require their use. She wears the heirloom abidingly beneath her collar, hoping one day to replace it with an active stone. Charlotte is well suited to social situations, and has learned the fine art of charming others. Though she is accustomed to certain courtesies afforded young ladies of circumstance, she has been adequately prepared for less cultured company in anticipation of her venture through the Breach.
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