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Found 9 results

  1. In honor of us switching our Malifaux days to Sundays at Bel Air Games, we'll be starting a growth league this coming Sunday. All levels of play are welcome both old and new players just getting into Malifaux. demos will be available on-site for those interested. League info: Time: Starts March 4th at Noon and continues every Sunday at Noon for the duration of the League. Starting SS: 25 (henchmen led for the first week) Growth: +5SS each week Lasts: 6 weeks of play Prizes: Best over all weekly score and Best painted Location: Bel Air Games 1202 Agora Dr, Ste B Bel Air, Maryland 21014
  2. This coming Sunday (Feb. 11th) we'll be doing a Henchmen Hardcore event at Bel Air Games in Bel Air Maryland. We'll be using the basic Henchmen Hardcore rules from Gaining Grounds, all comers welcome old and new. :-) Location: Bel Air Games 1202 Agora Dr, Ste B, Bel Air, Maryland 21014 Start Time: registration opens at noon, first round starts at 1pm.
  3. Seasons beatings one and all, this December 17th, Bel Air Games in Maryland will be holding an all day Enforcer brawl tournament. All are welcome, all will be thrown in the pit with some of the toughest and meanest Enforcers Malifaux has to offer. Come and enjoy the sport and seasons festivities with the rest of your fellow wyrdos. Time: noon Date: December 17th 2017 Location: Bel Air Games 1202 Agora Drive, Suite B, Bel Air, MD 21014
  4. Starting June 6th and ending July 18th, Bel Air Games will be running a "Starter box" Growth league. -$5 buy in -Event starts at 20ss and increases by 5ss each week. -Each week that you participate in a League match you will receive 1 Guilder and a 10% coupon for any Malifaux item in the store. -Each person must hire the entire contents of a Master's starting box before hiring additional models. (Summoning not limited) You can sign-up for the League in store, and can keep track of the weeks by joining the Facebook event here (https://www.facebook.com/events/791761077641988/) Location: Bel Air Games 1202 Agora Dr, Ste B Bel Air, Maryland 21014
  5. Bel Air Games (410) 776-3491 1202 Agora Dr, Ste B Bel Air, Maryland 21014 Sign-up Time: Noon Start Time: 1PM Type of event: 50ss Gaining Grounds Tournament Proxies and Painting: Proxies will be approved on a case by case basis. Painting requirements will be laxed to encourage new players to participate. For more information about the event please visit the link below. https://www.facebook.com/events/563971507126101/
  6. Hey all, just sending a reminder that Bel Air Games is having a tournament this Saturday. 50 SS lists, fixed faction.2 Hours per round, 4 rounds.Schemes will be as follows:Convict Labor will always be available.Round 1: Undercover Entourage, Leave your Mark, Hunting Party, and Detonate the ChargesRound 2: Hunting Party, Occupy their Turf, Set Up, Show of ForceRound 3: Inspection, Leave your Mark, Exhaust their Forces, Covert BreakthroughRound 4: Leave your Mark, Show of Force, Set Up, Frame for MurderStrategies and other rules will follow the 2016 Gaining Grounds Document, available at http://www.wyrd-games.net/s/Organized-Play-Formats-17km.zip .$10 Entry Fee, to all be returned as prize support. As well, one player will receive the updated 2016 Schemes and Strategies deck. https://www.facebook.com/events/837412946384408/ Bel Air Games 1202 Agora Dr, Ste B, Bel Air, Maryland 21014
  7. You can also find the strategies and schemes here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VEZ9BurWJuMYBOoUtIDa0lKYIrvLHooC_xjT1l4iSvE/edit?usp=sharing We have prizes for first, second, (possibly third depending on the tournament's size), best painted, and our Consolation Prize (the person in dead last gets their tournament fee back in store credit). Bel Air Games® is at: 1202 Agora Drive, Suite B, Bel Air, MD 21014 Our store phone number is: 410-776-3491 Please e-mail us at: info@belairgames.com or MalifauxMatt@gmail.com We hope to see you there!
  8. Bel Air Games is having its first Malifaux Tournament on 2/21/15 3/7/15, as a three round 50ss with Gaining Ground 2015 scenarios.Located north of Baltimore in Bel Air, MD, Bel Air Games is well stocked, brightly lit, and full of great terrain. Come sharpen your claws in prep for the coming Nova Open! We will be playing longer than normal rounds, at 2.5 hours, to fit with the Nova Round length. Prizes will be determined by the amount of entries, but the top Prize will contain a Miss Ery, Gencon 2014's limited edition alt Teddy. Games start at noon, when the store opens. Entry is only $10, and space is limited. Call the store to reserve your spot, or click through to the FB event page found here. Schemes will be distributed on the day of the event, but it will follow this rotation: Round 1 - Extraction, Standard Deployment Round 2 - Reckoning, Corner Deployment Round 3 - Headhunter, Standard Deployment Bel Air Games 1202 Agora Drive Bel Air, MD 21014 410-776-3491
  9. Will Hicks crept along the side of the town's hall, easing his thin frame from barrel to barrel, crate to crate, always seeking cover. The revolver in his rattled ever so softly as his hands trembled. The smoke from the town's barber shop stung his eyes, but the ashes and soot in the air gave him extra cover. "Some mayor I turned out to be," he thought. He took in the town's broken and burning buildings as he crouched behind a water trough. "More like it's chief pallbearer." The only building left whole stuck out like a sore thumb. The Guild's Bank. That's where they had brought those artifacts they found in Burk's field, the ones that started the whole town's ruin. "That's when they all started coming. All the masters and their henchman. They turned this place into a charnel pit. Well, time to end it," thought Will, as he steadied his pistol on the trough and took aim at the rough shapes outside the bank... We're starting a Growth League at Bel Air Games in Bel Air, MD! It starts 9/23/14. 25 Soul Stones to start, 10 additional stones per week, with a final story scenario to decide the fate of Last Hope. Prizes will be awarded for Top Player, possibly second place as well depending on how many enter. We will also award the player with the Best Painted single model and Best Painted Crew! You can play each player in the league once a week, and the more games you play, the better! Should six or more players enter, the top player prize will also include a brand new Vengeful Spirits (Kirai) crew box, fresh from Gencon! $10 entry, Fixed Faction, with a new set of Schemes and Strategies each week. http://belairgames.com/ 1202 Agora Drive Suite B Bel Air, MD 21014 410-776-3491 If you have any questions about the event, you can PM me here or email me at MalifauxMatt@gmail.com
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