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Found 11 results

  1. So there are several models that have triggers that push a model away. It is not clear to me if this is directly away from me in a straight line, or if the model just has to end up further away from me? On tooths card it says: pushed away. But on barbaros his card there is an effect that pushes the enemy directly away, and an attack that pushes the enemy away. I would then say based on these different wordings that there is a difference? I've been playing all of these pushes as directly away which is less flexible, so if I have been doing it wrong, please let me know.
  2. Hi guys, I'm looking for someone who has a spare barbaros model to sell. If anyone has the limited edition I'd be happy to swap it with nightmare Whiskey golem
  3. Ok, bear with me for a minute... I am looking to make an elite killing squad to run when I don't feel like unpacking a bunch of models (Collodi). Here are my thoughts so far... Lilith with Beckon Malifaux and Wicked Mistress Nekima Barbaros Mature Nephelim which leaves me with 13 points. I can either run Killjoy (nicely painted Carver) or Hooded Rider plus Fears Given Form on Nekima. Again, keep in mind that I am looking to drop an elite killing crew on the table, preferably keeping it at 5 models. Who would you run as your fifth model, and what upgrades would you toss in if extra points are available. Looking forward to hearing your answers. Thanks.
  4. I have a crazy question though I think I know the answer. I had a Barbaros take damage from misery for being with in 6 of 2 sorrows and Pandora, all of them where within 1 inch. My opponent claimed that it was 3 different damage sources and that so armor 1 did not matter, which I agree with. They were then horrified when I told him to take 3 damage on each for because of his 3 separate damage occurrence. To which they tried to argue it was only 1 happening of black blood. My response was that each time I am damage I reduce the damage by 1 for armor and I do a one pulse of black blood; so it is either 3 different damage occurrence with 3 black bloods or it is 1 and with 1 black blood and my armor 1 and prevention reduces the total. I am believe it is 3 different damage occurrence with 3 black bloods; but, what do you all think? By the end of Pandora’s turn, she had 8 damage on her from black blood and the sorrows where dead. Sarrows died after the second wp check. Also I love Barbaros as a black blood missile, and yes I sent Barbaros in because he can survive his own hit better than most.
  5. KML

    Light in the dark

    Hi this is the first time ever with the black/white style iam so be gentle, a quick paint job about 5h ihope you like it

    © Martin Lindblom (AmongTheWay Art Studio)

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