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  1. So, hello everybody. This is it now! After i discussed the Pros and Cons with many of you people, i finally had the chance to play a tournament with 35 Soulstones. With me at the tournament were a friend (Markus) and my girlfriend, who are both also malifaux enthusiasts. We met at the location where another good friend of ours (the Tournament-Organizer) awaited us already. It was a small tournament with 10 people and 3 rounds, 2,5h per round. First of all i have to say there were only nice, open people and an absolutely great atmosphere across the board. Everyone was "chatty" and helpful and awesome! Everyone greeted and showed his/her Minis around. It was fabulous! I decided to play the list i tried for this tournament and for me it was fixed, because we also got only a 70 Soulstone pool and i had my crew pretty teched out. My crew was: Kirai - Absorb Spirit Datsue Ba - Spirit Whispers Izamu - Unnerving Aura Philip and the Nanny Chiaki My pool was a one-of of every spirit i can summon except the Goryos, which were exactly 35Stones. Markus played a Sandeep and my gf played a horror molly. So, lets go into the breach and lets see what we face! Round 1 on table 1 was Asami Tanaka. A master didn`t know at all before the tournament and was a bit frightful of what would face me. He told me that he didn`t fear the ressurectionists that much, except they had a chiaki, which was his absolute Horror. For my luck i had her main and she really impressed me here. His Crew was Asami and some upgrades (see picture), Ohaguro, Yokai, Monk of the low river and the Emmissary. Strategy: Extraction, Schemes: Claim Jump, Quick Murder, Dig their graves, Search the ruins, last stand(?) I picked dig their graves and search ruins, he picked dig their graves and quick murder. Turn 1: He started off getting everyone to the middle to get rdy for my approach after i was done summoning. The bad thing here was, that i had to use 2 Soulstones to summon anything which ended up to be a Hanged and a Drowned. I advanced a bit with Datsue and swirled Izamu and a frontline Seishin, so Izamu could go into the battle and keep some pressure up, but he summoned yokai a yokai and got into position. He then killed of a seishin and ended up all clustered in the middle of the map where the extraction point was. Turn 2: In Turn 2 we traded some resources before he summoned a BIG huge spider that got the focus +2 condition, which was bad enough, but added another monkey. I immediately removed the flicker condition with chiaki from the spider (which was a primary target here) and a Yokai. After that charged the other Yokai in LoS with Datsue and continued to summon some seishin. Izamu was taking hits after hits and even soaked up some of the Emmissaries Casts. Izamu on 1 wound left (after cheating for a good DF flip) was then swirled back again and the nanny was the other swirl, now standing inmidst of the battle. Spoiler: She didnt stand there a long time. But she did more card cycling. He cleared some more seishin and ended up with a bit less power on the board then before. Both score for Extraction. 1-1 Turn 3: I lose the initiative and he immediately activates his Emissary to wreck havoc upon me. Discarding a card to give him focus +2 sets him up to go for the casts and he flips pretty well, while i flip more average and want to spare some cards for summoning which leads to his emissary killing the Hanged, the Drowned, a Seishin and philip and the nanny, which essentially leaves me backbroken and open to his creatures. I try to negate some of that dmg and summon some more seishin another hanged and a shikome, also trying to heal up my izamu. He summons some more crazy apes and goes bonkers on me with many attacks while the low river monks heals her. I manage to kill those apes pretty quickly with Datsue and scoring for „dig their graves“ but unluckily not getting any more summons out of them. At this point, i feel a bit devastated and can equal on the extraction to score a point and letting it stay mid. Score: 3-2 Turn 4: I win initiative and summon some more seishin and after healing Izamu back up to 8 Wds i send him in again to charge into battle. He decides to go for kirai now and teleporting Ohaguro to a summon of mine and charging Kirai, denying all defensive trigger i have, Kirai is a pretty easy target to kill off. In response i hit her with everything i got left, also killing her and scoring a dig their graves from a scheme marker left over from philip and the nanny, she couldn`t cycle anymore. He then switched targets again to Izamu, hitting him with 2 more models. Again at low health i let Izamu run away after he killed of another ape and hide him behind a thick house. From now on i just withstand his attacks and feel pretty safe thinking i would score form search the ruins...not knowing that all scheme markers within 2' dont count... which leaves me at exactly the points i have. He kills another summon of mine (Shikome) and reveals his dig their graves scheme. He scores. Score: 5-4 Turn 5 We trade some hits and i hide Izamu, thinking he still could have Quick Murder and i dont want to risk that. Is go full defense and only attack with my datsue to possibly get another summon. Chiaki is the last one activating, because i dont want to give him a spider or monkey. I barely survive his attacks from the emissary, but he also kills another Drowned i had left, so i drop another scheme marker (that will also deny the others). At this point he could have used a scheme marker to score dig, but didn`t which gives me the idea, that he has claim jump or also search the ruins. I have to risk it. I let everyone else walk forward and score another VP from Extraction. A turn later he blames himself for not scoring for Dig their graves and he shows me his last Scheme which was indeed Quick Murder on Izamu, whom i saved 2 times with 1 Wd left. We discussed possibly moves and then agreed that i will win with a whole VP. Score: 6-5 He was a very nice player and i had the perfect answer for his summons, which was chiaki. I was pretty happy about that and told him, that he probably had one of the strongest summoners in the room. His damage output with those summons was just insane compared to my spirits, that just have more resilience. If he hadn`t forgotten about the dig their graves, it would have ended in a draw, but that was just a mistake due to the pretty complicated situations we had even in a 35 Stones game. Round 2: Wong and his Swin-Cursed First of all this was an opponent i really admire and watched plenty of videos he put up on youtube and he was the reason why i started Kirai as a tournament master to play with. I was really hyped and he was a super nice guy with an absolute awesome job on painting and „scening“ his models. (Like a diorama of stuffed piggles that were on a race „). His crew was: Wong – oooh glowy McTavish with dirty cheater 2 Swine Cursed old cranky slop hauler My crew was the same i rolled with the whole torunament. Strategy: Guard the stash Schemes: Hunting Party, Frame for Murder, Mark for Death, dig their graves and claim jump. This was a very, very deadly scheme pool and i was aware that wong can blow stuff up, but i didn`t know what he would bring in as Henchman/Enforcer. I picked Izamu as sucker once again and went for the mark for death scheme. Due to more suspension i don`t write his schemes, but you can ask yourself what you would have picked at this point as Wong with that crew. Turn 1: We advance a bit and i call some seishin that immediately got killed by some wong action. I advanced Philipp and the Nanny and cycled some cards, which he didn`t want me to. He pulled old cranky forward in a „safe“ range. Datsue went through a wall into a house and stood there ready, while his Swne-Cursed advanced. Then he activated McTavish, ate a marker to get pushed forward and unleashed his gun at philipp and the nanny. He did quite some damage and i triggered my Kirai to get her angered ghost out. For my luck i placed her directly behind McTavish and in base contact with old cranky and McTavish, leaving me the opportunity to unleash the fury of the ghost on old cranky, which ended him pretty quickly. I ended the turn by activating kirai, getting a seishin and summoning a hanged from philipp and the Nanny (which was left on 2 Wds after that), because i really wanted that seishin to sacrifice him for immunity against blasts. A lesson i learned from my games i had before and sicussing with you guys in the forum. I the swirled nanny with izamu and let the Hanged advange in the direction of the Cursed and the slop hauler. Also Izamu was in position to fight some cursed or a McTavish. No score for anyone at the end of turn 1. Turn 2: He won initiative and instantly killed my Ikiryo with his McTavish scoring for Hunting Party. I charged his Swine-cursed with Izamu to take one down pretty fast and in response took a beating from a Swine-Cursed that left quite a heavy dent on Izamu. I then used the Hanged to weaken his Cursed, when he cleared some more spirits with wong, laying down scheme marker at the stash and guarding it. Nanny cycled cards, the slop healed up himself and the swincursed before datsue Ba charged in, removing a Swin-Cursed. I know how annoying and good old cranky can be, so i decided i wanted to get rid of him as soon as possible, even if i couldn`t mark them before. Maybe this was a mistake, but i wanted to be sure. Kirai summoned an Onryo and advanced into position, so i could cover up most of the field with her malevolence trigger. Another Seishin entered the field, after wong killed the others. Chiaki removed slow and went forward to attack McTavish with her 0 but was not succesful. I also reached the stash in time and we scored. End of turn 2: he scored for guard the stash and hunting party. I only scored for stash 1:2 Turn 3: He won initiative again and activated the Swin-Cursed to kill off Izamu which scored me 2 points for the sucker. Later we had a discussion if you can deny the whole scheme of „Quick murder“ with izamu killed by a melee attack, because he is sacrificed and also if i could score here with the sucker. We were not clear about that and i would really like to know that from you guys possibly :). He scored again for dig their graves. I marked his Slop for death. He killed off my Datsue with McTavish scoring for Hunting Party and eating some corpse marker to get more attacks on my seishin that datsue summoned and that blocked him a little bit...well as much blocking as a spirit can do...I summoned another Hanged and a Shikome by sacrificing the summoned seishin to Kirai to safely guard the stash top. An Onryo was „battling“ Wong but lost on bottom. Nanny cycled more and more and i advanced with chiaki. Scores: Opp: 1 for hunting party, 1 for dig their graves, 1 for stash Me: 2 for Frame, 1 for stash, 1 for mark for death Score: 5-5 Turn 4: He won initiative :D. He activated McTavish, ate some corpse marker again to get extra attacks and started killing my Hanged scoring for another Hunting Party. I summoned another Hanged from Kirai and another Onryo after i cycled some cards with Philipp and the Nanny. He activated Wong to kill the Onryo and scoring for dig their graves. At this point ithink i made a crucial mistake and getting a little bit too hyped by my advantage in board presence, because i allowed him to score even though i could have denied it by killing some models off myself or sacrificing them with Kirai or just moving the away. Especially the Onryo on the bottom. Well, let's go on. I removed the slow with chiaki and healed a bunch, the Hanged whispered in McTavishs ear twice and shikome tried to kill him, but failed. Leaving McTavish at 1 Wd and him scoring for guard the stash again. Opp: 1 for Guard, 1 for dig, 1 for hunting party Me: 1 guard, 6-8 Turn 5: He won initiative which was quite crucial here. He activated Wong and killed of McTavishin an instant and began running away with Wong. I chased him with all i had and couldn`t mark or kill him in any way. I scored for Stash. End Result: 7-8 Loss It was absolutely hilarious to play against him and he is quite a nice guy. He even gave me a self made, high quality summoning card for Kirai, because he said „Well, looks like you are quite a fan of Kirai. Here take this.“. At this point i was reacting like a little fangirly and smiling all over the place! I instantly ran to my gf to tell her, but she shushed me away, because she was in the middle of a crucial turn. My bad! Oh btw, my gf played against my gremlin opponent in round 1 and it was a draw, but then it came to her mind, that she could have lured him away with a rotten belle and won the whole game with it. He said: „Well, jeah you are right. I think that would have been the case and you would have been successful with it. Well, you know what? I will cut that point off my score and you win the round!“ And that was one hell of a sportsmanlike move i wouldn't believe if i didn't see it myself! So, cudos to him for that! A small interludium: My gf won round 2 also and was 2-0, while Marcus lost against a dreamer crew with Sandeep and was also 1-1, while i was also 1-1. So, the last game of the day was against Parker Barrows, which i had no clue about what he could do. His crew: Parker, the Doc, Mad Dog, 3 Dead Outlaws My crew: All the same. Strategy: Reconnoiter Schemes: Recover Evidence, Dig their graves, Eliminate the leadership, Accusations and claim jump His were: Accusations and claim jump Mine: Recover Evidence and Accusations In this game i wanted to try out a new scheme i never played before and picked up recover evidence. What a fool i was thinking it was easy to do :D. But hey, you gotta do what you have in mind after 5h of playing malifaux :D. The first turn was pretty fun for me. I won initiative and prepared for the summoning. He adavanced and got into position. I then occasionaly walked up with Datsue and Weighing the sins of a dead outlaw. And, oh boy, what can i tell you. His sins weighed HEAVY! He picked up a black joker, while i picked up a 7,and cheated in a higher card to get a plus, which led me to a straight flip and i cheated in a severe, abandoning my high cards for the summoning, to get rid of the dead outlaw in a blink of an eye and adding a Onryo to the field. That was quite a nice turn for me and i summoned some lower models (a Drowned and a seishin) just because i spent 2 high cards for that move. I swirled in Izamu and let him charge in on Parker, faking an eliminate the leadership and effectively binding 3 of his models with an unnerving aura. The Goryo advanced to that bulk to spread adversary and slow if he dies. No scores. Turn 2: I won initiative. I placed some scheme markers down to get the card advantage rolling. He activated the mad Dog and pushed my Izamu away with a lit cigarette in his not existing eye. That push and a good barrage followed by him really made Izamus life miserable. Izamu ran in again and attacked Parker this time full on. He survived but spent 2 Soulstones for preventon. Flipping average and severe. And all of a sudden all of my models where in a hellfire. Parker activated switching upgrades around and getting Stones back when started activating and blowing all of my scheme markers up. I had 4-5 models in every marker and burned my cards lie hell, but even with that leaving chiaki, philipp datsue, izamu and kirai heavily wounded! All of them had like 4 dmg or more on them and my sheets were all blue dots everywhere. I healed up as much as i could with all the seishin i had left and tried to eat up markers as soon as they came up with dead outlaws. It was horrible for me. I continued to pressure him but had to take back Izamu and siwtched him with a seishin and summoned a low cost model to get reconniter. Score: 1 for me for reconnoiter 1-0 Turn 2: He killed off my Onryo and had to make some Duels due to his abilites. I tried to get things going again but izamu bit the dust after another barrage of mad dog. I left nearly no friendly scheme marker up and replaced my team so i wouldn`t get that hell of an experience again. His parker was healed up by Doc and i charged in with all my summons and datsue killing off mad dog and binding other models. He blew up some more stuff and i summoned a Hanged that took care of another outlaw in the back. Chiaki removing slow and healing him up. I score for reconnoiter. 2-0 Turn 3: This was essentially the last turn we really played out, because his field was pretty demolished and he couldn't really reach my injured backline which gave me card draw, heal and summons. I revealed recover evidence (because he had 4-5 models left) and he won initiative. He healed Parker up again and i had more and more summons coming his way. He managed to accuse Datsue and i managed to accuse Parker with Datsue. I just swarmed him with more summons like shikome and another Onryo (whom i really liked at this point!) and the hanged doing his terrify together with datsue left him burning cards and cheating, so he couldn`t hurt me that much any longer. We then discussed what the next round would look like and agreed on a 7-1 for me, because i would score for reconniter the rest of the game and managed to pick up 1 evidence and kill of my own accused onryo. That was a blast of a game and i was so confident after the black joker kill, before he turned things around and blasted me back to the stoneage! I have to admit this mechanic is hilarious and i just imagined how that would play out against a Colette or even better Titania :D. We talked a bit after all was set and waited for the prizes and just enjoyed ourselves. Markus won the last round in turn 1 after he managed to kill the opponents ten thunder emmissary and Yasounori and ended 10-1 . My gf lost in the final to a dreamer crew (the same which Markus lost against) and we all ended up in the top 5. Markus 2nd, me 3rd and my gf with Molly 4th. All in all we had a blast and it was just awesome to play in such a friendly and fun environment with opponents that were more like friendly Malifaux enthusiats than competitors at all. Every single of the participants was great and he talked a lot and looked at the crews and painting skills everyone has. All of the unique :). I would like to thank Ruzmazh for the organisation and we are lookinf forward for the next tournaments coming up :). Thx all and see you in the Bayou! PS: If some events happened other than i wrote it down i would like to apologize...my memory has a cap and that is reached wuite fast while writing on my Phd :).