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Found 2 results

  1. I'm creating this thread to do a follow up of all the games and stats of the first Vassal World Cup, organized with a lot of effort by @dannydb! Thanks again buddy! I've been collected a lot of data and I hope to put everything properly structured here. So this post will have tons of changes in the following weeks. My idea is to collect also the lists played, so if you participated, please reach out to me by PM Context The Vassal World Cup 2020 is a team event run by @dannydb and designed to put together teams from different countries to play against each other and become the champions of the first Vassal World Cup. For those that don't know it, Vassal is a software that allows to play a long list of wargames online, between them, Malifaux (there is a subforum dedicated to it just here, so if you want to know more, pay it a visit ). Introduction (copy-paste from the player pack) The idea behind the Vassal World Cup is to showcase high level Malifaux play from various metas from around the world. Quite often a player might be at the top of their local meta or even a regional/national meta but will not be able to compete against players from other regions and nations. It is the aim of the Vassal World Cup aim to allow that. Other competitions I won’t limit the number of players in order to give opportunity to all level of players to play outside their meta however the Vassal World Cup I hope will be a showcase of high level play with the best players across the battling each other. I do recognise as well that Malifaux is a community and which is why I’ve chosen to run this as a team event to encourage players who may be competing against each other normally to work together in teams to battle others in other areas. While I’m aware that vassal is currently seeing an influx of use due to the corona virus limiting opportunities to play Malifaux I’m hoping that events like the Vassal World Cup will continue to run in coming years beyond the virus and it receives the same level of support it has so far once we have got though this difficult time. Schedule Round 1: 6th July - 19th July Group phase, round 1 Map: Desolate Wasteland Deployment: Flank Strategy: Public Enemies Schemes: Leave Your Mark Breakthrough Vendetta Runic Binding Assassinate Round 2: 20th July - 2nd August Group phase, round 2 Map: Crumbled Temple Deployment: Standard Strategy: Corrupted Leylines Schemes: Sabotage Take Prisoner Hidden Martyrs Spread Them Out Claim Jump Round 3: 3rd August - 16th August Group phase, round 3 Map: Welcome to the jungle Deployment: Wedge Strategy: Symbols of Authority Schemes: Catch and Release Let Them Bleed Research Mission Leave your Mark Sabotage Round 4: 17th August - 30th August Quarterfinals Map: Water works Deployment: Corner Strategy: Recover Evidence Schemes: Breakthrough Claim Jump Catch and Release Spread Them Out Leave Your Mark Round 5: 31st August - 13th September Semifinals Map: Lava lakes Deployment: Standard Strategy: Public Enemies Schemes: Assassinate Runic Binding Take Prisoner Research Mission Let Them Bleed Round 6: 14th September - 27th September Final Map: Misty hills Deployment: Flank Strategy: Corrupted Leylines Schemes: Breakthrough Vendetta Assassinate Claim Jump Hidden Martyrs List of participants Group structure Players per faction
  2. Hi, Wyrdos! !!! Tournament: "Hello 2020" !!! Data: 19th of January Contribution: 250 rubles Malifaux Edition: Third; Format: 50 ss (3 rounds); Round Time: 2 hour 30 minutes; Events Requirements At the end of the round time, the current turn ends and the results are calculated. Conversions must be recognizable. There are doubts on the topic of admission - write Henchman. Prints of character cards and models in high quality are allowed, "Crew Builder" allowed. A deck of Malifaux suits is required for use in a tournament. Full painted army is not required, but will please the eye. Encounters: Round 1 Deployment: Standard (Rams) Strategy: Reckoning (Crowns) Scheme: • Detonate Charges (1) • Harness the Ley Line (3) • Hold up Their Forces (6) • Take Prisoner (7) • Deliver a message (11) Round 2 Deployment: Corner (Crows) Strategy: Corrupted Idols (Masks) Scheme: • Detonate Charges (1) • Search the Ruins (4) • Take Prisoner (7) • Claim Jump (12) • Vendetta (13) Round 3 Deployment: Flank (Toms) Strategy: Turf War (Rams) Scheme: • Breakthrough (2) • Dig Their Graves (5) • Power Ritual (8) • Outflank (9) • Assassinate (10) Prizes: First place: Large Mystery box, First place Guilder, Certificates for 1st place; Second place: Small Mystery box, Guilder, Certificates for 2nd place; Third place: Small Mystery box, Guilder, Certificates for 3rd place; Event Timing Registration - 11:30-12:00 Round one - 12:00–14:30 Lunch break - 14:30–15:15 Round two - 15:15–17:45 Round three - 17:45–20:15 Rewarding - 20:30 Pre-registration: https://forms.gle/MbyHFwdwzWxYcyR38 ? Where are we ? "GeekOn" Store: Samara, Lenin Avenue 10 (https://vk.com/geekon_samara) Here link for wargame group of our community(https://vk.com/wargame_samara) We waiting for you! Malifaux waiting for you! P.S. Also we we lead demo-plays every week. Come and test yourself in the Malifaux. See ya!
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